Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 109: Your dad is nice to your dad

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 109: Your dad is nice to your dad

No one was seen in the corridor outside the door and no one has been down the corridor in the past year.

Mu Yifan, thinking that the man had probably left the house, quickly returned to the room with the child in his arms and looked down from the windowsill.

There’s a crowd of people standing on the street and it’s possible that the man from earlier has gotten into the crowd, so finding him is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Mu Yifan’s eyes darted around the crowd and finally landed on Zhan Beitian, who was standing in the crowd.

Wondering if that could be Zhan Beitian.

However, it looks too much like Zhan Beitian because Zhan Beitian is now standing in the crowd talking to Mao Yu, not like someone who just ran down the stairs.

Mu Yifan was extremely annoyed that he didn’t close the door and ask about the baby.

However, he only heard the sound of footsteps leaving in a hurry, the other party may not be standing at the door of the room to eavesdrop on him, it’s very likely that he was walking downstairs from another room.

In this way, Mu Yifan is no longer wondering if he overheard him or not, because even if he did, he might not understand what he was saying.

The mood downstairs was heavy, even sad.

It was only after everyone panicked that they realized that many of their team had turned into zombies, which meant that many of their team members had died.

Moreover, the dead have their companions, comrades and relatives, how can they not feel sad, especially when one of them was about to settle down this day but suddenly this kind of sad thing happened, it is hard to accept.

But life goes on, no matter how unacceptable.

The atmosphere was depressed for six or seven days and after the water receded, they burned the bodies ashes and took them to be buried, placing a wooden plaque in front of each grave with the name of the person who had died engraved on it, so that they could come back to pay homage to them when they had the chance.

After the burial of the ashes, the team was reorganized into two groups of people with and without mutant powers and those with mutant powers had to follow the team out for supplies.

It was up to those without powers to decide whether they wanted to go with the group to collect supplies or stay where they were staying and do logistics.

After all the distribution, the team had to leave as a group again, after all, the small village was not the right place for a stable shelter, not to mention that the village could not withstand the tide of zombies but also, the proximity of the village to the city made it easy to be attacked by a large number of zombies when the tide came.

This time the whole team left the atmosphere deserted, not a few people to talk, unlike in the villa area, back then when the days were hot and lively, we were laughing to move things on the bus to leave.

While getting everything together and getting ready to get into the car, Zhan Beitian took one look at the crowd, noticed that Mu Yifan hadn’t come downstairs yet, turned around and went back inside to call someone.

When Xiang Guo saw Zhan Beitian walking back into the house, he said to Lu Lin, Mao Yu and Sun Zihao and said: “That Mu Yifan wouldn’t leave secretly with his kids again like last time, will he? Damn, if he dares to leave again this time, I’ll break his legs and see if he dares to leave again.”

Sun Zihao teased him, “Don’t you never want to see Mu Yifan? Wouldn’t it be better if he left then?”

“It’s true that it’s better but the boss cares about him. Last time, he even risked his life to find him.”  Xiang Guo couldn’t figure out how that whole thing came about and said: “I wanna ask you all… this Mu Yi Fan does no one know how many stumbling blocks he created to cause us to fail to complete the task several times, and even nearly lost our lives, now take Zhang Yue, Zhang Le’s brother, as an example, he died because of Mu Yifan’s trickery, didn’t he? After that, the boss went to Shui village every year to pay his respects to Zhang Yue but now, the boss seems to have forgotten all these things and keeps on being nice to Mu Yifan…”

“Ahem!” Mao Yu suddenly interrupted him with a heavy cough, then, snapping at the woman standing a short distance away, “What are you standing there for?”

Xiang Guo, Lu Lin and Sun Zihao turned around and saw that the person walking towards them was Rong Xue, they all lowered their faces and did not speak.

Everyone knows that Rong Xue likes their boss but, except for the first few days when she was a bit of a criminal, she became more peaceful afterward, especially after sending her home.

Rong Xue smiled gently, “Sorry to bother you all, I’m just here to say that everyone from our side has moved their stuff to the car and is ready to go.”

“Got it.”

Rong Xue saw their impatience and didn’t stay long.

Sun Zihao snorted, “This woman is not a good bird(woman) either.”

Xiang Guo said and said: “Who cares, as long as she doesn’t bother us and doesn’t make any trouble, I don’t care about her but her sister is a nice woman, the rumor is that she is the boss’s girlfriend. The boss is interested in Rong Xue’s sister right?”

Mao Yu gave him a blank look and said: “Don’t need to guess and don’t let the boss hear that.”

Xiang Guo smirked and said: “Heard she… better than Mu Yifan, I really wish Boss could be with Rong Xue’s sister.”

Sun Zihao laughed and said: “Then that hope of yours is about to be dashed, don’t forget that Mu Yifan and Big Brother already have a child between them and now, Big Brother just hasn’t ordered us to call Mu Yifan his sister-in-law.”

“I say have you guys noticed…” Lu Lin, who had been silent, suddenly said, “Have you noticed that Mu Yifan is different from before?”

Xiang Guo said angrily, “Lu Lin, you’re not going to put in a good word for Mu Yifan just because he saved your life once, are you? You know, even if he saves your life ten times, it’s still no match for the mistakes he made before.”

Lu Lin raised an eyebrow and said: “Xiang Guo, don’t get excited, I’m just stating the facts, in all fairness, is he different from the old Mu Yifan?”

Sun Zihao said and said: “It’s really different. The previous Mu Yifan was always gloomy and dark, he didn’t even bother to talk to us and no matter how much we tried to provoke him, he always looked unperturbed, as if he wasn’t interested in anything. But now this Mu Yifan, both temperament and character are more pleasing, if not for the face similar to the previous Mu Yifan similar looks, I have to suspect that they are not the same person.”

Mao Yu nodded and said: “I feel the same way.”

Lu Lin said, “There is one thing you don’t know, last time when we encountered the zombies in the grain store, I threw a gun to Mu Yifan but he didn’t even turn on the safety, he just shot at the zombies, you know, he wasn’t like a person who is used to holding a gun, even if he hasn’t touched a gun for a year, he wouldn’t forget how to shoot so quickly, right? And he’s holding it in the wrong position, like a newbie.”

Xiang Guo sneered and said: “Faking it.”

Lu Lin shook his head and said: “Not quite like pretending and besides, that Mu Yifan guy doesn’t care to pretend in front of us and we all know he used to be Special Forces, does he have to pretend he can’t shoot in front of us?”

Xiang Guo remained silent.

In his heart, he also felt that Mu Yifan was very different from before.

Just then, there was a shout from upstairs, “Ah, I’m not going.”

Xiang Guo and the others looked up at the window and saw Mu Yifan’s two hands firmly gripping the window.

Zhan Beitian looked dark and said: “You give a reason why you don’t want to leave.”

Mu Yifan looked down at Xiang Guo and the others below and whispered, “There are so many mutant humans here now, they will definitely find out that I’m a zombie and if I continue like this, they will definitely kill me.”

“Is that why you’re here?” Zhan Beitian’s forehead is throbbing with veins.

Mu Yifan nodded vigorously.

“What if they don’t find out you’re a zombie? Are you just willing to go?”

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up and said: “Do you have a way they don’t sense it?”

“Then don’t worry, they’ll never find out and even if they do, I won’t let them hurt you one bit.”

Zhan Beitian wasn’t going to tell him that after absorbing the energy from the core, the mutant men wouldn’t be able to detect that he was a zombie.

Mu Yifan was a little disbelieving and said: “Really?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t want to talk nonsense with him, directly carried him out of the room, to the one old man and one young man who had been watching the show, namely Zheng Guozong and Mu Qingtian, said and said: “Let’s go.”

Zheng Guozong quickly picked up the child and smiled, “Look, your dad is nice to your dad.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

Zhan Beitian stepped out of the house, went to the SUV, threw the man on his shoulder into the back seat and then, to the others, said, “Let’s go.”


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