Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 110: Don’t be upset

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 110: Don’t suffocate.

When Mu Yifan saw that Sun Zihao and the others didn’t look at him in a different way, he assumed that they hadn’t realized that he was a zombie yet and sat down in the car.

Once the convoy has departed, it’s moving neither fast nor slow.

In the middle of the journey, Zhan Beitian also let the mutant humans out of the car to learn how to fight zombies with their powers, so that they would no longer have to rely on weapons to deal with the zombie problem.

It made those without mutant powers look envious and jealous, especially Mu Yifan.

The alienated zombie king Mu Yifan had two powerful abilities after he absorbed the crystals, why did he have no abilities at all after he absorbed them?

Does he not know how to use it? Or is it that he doesn’t have any powers in him at all?

Or is it true that he can’t generate powers in this body because of a new soul?

Mu Yifan looked at his hands, then, sighed with a great sigh.

Zheng Guozong, who was sitting beside him watching the mutated people practicing zombie fighting outside the car, heard a sigh and turned around and asked: “What are you sighing for? It’s not because you feel uncomfortable seeing Major General Zhan and his men beating your kind, is it?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “No.”

How could anyone else know how he felt at that moment?

    God only knows what he’s been thinking since the beginning. If he can’t kill the male protagonist, at least he’ll become a better zombie and stop people from bullying him but now what?

“Then why are you sighing? If you say it, don’t get upset.”

“There are days in the month when a man is irritable for no reason, you know that. You know that.”

Zheng Guozong: “…”

That is a woman’s thing.

Mu Yifan saw the child sitting in Zheng Guozong’s arms, quickly hugged him, moved to the right corner and asked in a low voice, “Qingtian, do you know why I don’t have powers?”

Mu Qingtian shook his head in bewilderment, which showed that he really didn’t know what was going on.

Mu Yifan sighed again helplessly, while the person next to him also sighed.

He turned back to Zheng Guozong and said: “What are you sighing about again?”

Zheng Guozong raised an eyebrow and said, “I was wondering when I would meet Jiaming on this trip north.”

The person he cares about most is his son and he can’t sleep every night when he thinks that his son might be hunted by these powerful mutant humans.

Mu Yifan thought about the novel, the original Mu Yifan met Zheng Guozong and Zheng Jiaming father and son in the zombie wave after the Great Burning.

It’s been half a month since the burning, so we’re a month away from the zombie wave and we’ll probably run into Jiaming by then.

As Mu Yifan recalled the plot, he said, counting the time, “Maybe you’ll meet Jiaming in a month.”

Of course, it all depends on where Zhan Beitian chooses to set camp and if there’s an influx of zombies.


The novel plot’s so twisted now, he’s not sure if he’ll meet Jiaming.

Zheng Guozong looked at him strangely, “Mumu, do you have the ability to see things before they happen? I’ve noticed that you have the ability to predict many things before they even happen.”

“Can you believe if I said yes? Oh, my son peed his pants. You have to change his diaper.”

Mu Yifan quickly changed the subject and put the child back into Zheng Guozong’s arms.

“…” Mu Qingtian pouted and said, “Daddy, that’s so evil.”

  Just because you want to change the subject?. Why use the poor excuse that he peed his pants? He doesn’t even pee his pants, okay?

“You think I’m a babysitter, huh?”

Zheng Guozong said he was not happy but he was very happy to bring the baby back to his room to have a taste of being a grandpa.

Meanwhile, the people practicing their zombie fighting are getting back to their cars.

When the convoy set off again, Zhan Beitian didn’t choose to settle down in the safety zone.

Since the safety zone had now become unsafe after the black rain, the convoy, when passing through the safety zone, he took a detour and left to stay in a city 300 kilometers away from the safety zone.

As the car passed the K City toll booth, Mu Yifan stared at the letter K for a long time before saying, “K City.”

He found that the plot back on track, in the novel, as the safe zone is no longer safe after the black rain washes over it.

The humans who were living in the safe zone were forced to move north and chose K City as their temporary home, so the eastern part of K City was populated by humans and mutated people.

The male protagonist is one of those who went to K City to train his team and he often takes his men to the south, west and north of K City to look for supplies and kill zombies, which is why the male protagonist didn’t go back to B City right away.

Because the male protagonist was looking for supplies and killing zombies, he caught the attention of the zombie king Mu Yifan, who summoned a large number of zombies to besiege K City, triggering the first zombie wave since the end of time.

Of course, they didn’t meet and after the failure of the zombie wave, the zombie king quickly left K City and headed north, thus growing his hatred for the male protagonist.

the male protagonist doesn’t know that the zombie wave was brought on by the zombie king Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan asked Zhan Beitian, “Are we staying in K City next?”

“Yeah.” Zhan Beitian calculated in his mind before saying, “We’ve been living in a small village for half a month without going out to look for supplies and now that we’re running low on ingredients, we’re going to starve if we don’t find something to eat.”

Mu Yifan sighed many ohh.

He really wants to live in K-city, so there is a good chance that I will meet Zheng Jiaming, which is good for Zheng Guozong.

However, he doesn’t know if a month later, things will develop like the story, there will be a tidal wave of zombies, after all, he has now occupied the body of the zombie king, it is impossible to attract a large number of zombies to attack the human race and put the human race in danger.

Zheng Guozong asked with concern, “Major General Zhan, how long will we be living in K City and approximately when will we settle down?”

    When I have to move away from my home every now and then, I feel a bit depressed, so I hope that I can settle down as soon as possible.

“I’d like to stay in K for a month, then, while we’re at it, train more of my men and after that, head north to B City and we’ll settle down.”

Zhan Beitian wanted to familiarize his people with his powers before the zombies became violent, otherwise it would be too late to train them when the zombies, mutant plants and mutant animals were on the loose.

Zheng Guozong thought that he might stay here for a month until his son came to him, so he didn’t say anything more.

Outside the gates of K City, soldiers from many countries and some survivors are trying to enclose the eastern part of K City with a wire fence.

Since they’re new to K City, they can let people in by simply checking in.

Next, a soldier and his men will pick the house they like in the East End district.

Pick a house and the soldiers will come and register them so they can find someone later.

Also, everyone who lives in K City is required to help build a fence around the gate for two hours a day until the fence is complete.

Zhan Beitian and his team, after registering all the men in the group, led a group to pick out rooms with a soldier in the east area and then, selected a ten-storey apartment building as the group’s home.

After checking in, Mu Yifan realizes the question, why is he sharing a room with Zhan Beitian again?

    In his novels, the male protagonist always sleeps alone in a room, even if he is in love with his female protagonists, he never sleeps in the same room with her before he gets married, so why does he like to share a room with him?

    And then there’s Zheng Guozong, who is treated even better than the male protagonist was in the novel, because he has to help out with the kids and can’t let them interfere with their love for each other.

    It’s as absurd as it sounds and yet, it’s what happened.

    Mao Yu, who was assigned the room, gave Zheng Guozong a room to use without saying a word. Zheng Guozong happily took the baby and went to the room assigned to him with his things.

Mu Yifan carried his backpack to the room that Mao Yu had assigned to him and Zhan Beitian in frustration.

Zhan Beitian came in behind him and said, “Tomorrow, you’re going on a mission with him.”

“On a mission again?” Mu Yifan felt uncomfortable thinking that the last time Zhan Beitian put him on a mission, it was to test him.

“Zhan Beitian, you’re not going to test me again like last time, are you? I told you that I would never hurt your men, so it’s no fun for you to keep testing me.”

Zhan Beitian, who was putting the clothes in the closet, paused in his movements and said quietly, “I just want them to change their minds about you.”

Mu Yifan didn’t understand and said: “What do you mean?”

    Without explaining, Zhan Beitian continued to hang the clothes from his bag in the closet.



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