Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 111: Which is the most powerful family in B City?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 111: Which is the most powerful family in B City?

After they cleaned up the room, Zhan Beitian mentioned a walk around the neighborhood and asked around for news.

Mu Yifan, who had been cooped up in his room in the small village for half a month, followed Zhan Beitian out of the apartment complex without saying a word when he heard he could go for a walk.

Looking out at the scenery outside the neighborhood, he realized that K City had become like an old city after hundreds of years because of the dark rain.

It was pitch black everywhere, in buildings and apartments and on the lawns and floors, covered in black dirt.

Even so, no one was going to clean the ground and now everyone was focused on finding food to feed their bellies.

Zhan Beitian looked to the left and right of the street, then, in the direction of the crowd.

Mu Yifan hurried to follow but his eyes kept looking curiously.

The people around them were all in a hurry, with no expression on their faces, no interest in the people around them and even when they approached each other, they would reflexively move away from each other, as if they were worried that the person walking across the street would suddenly turn into a zombie and jump at them.

Seeing this scene, Mu Yifan suddenly felt that humans were getting colder and colder and even for a moment, he felt that the whole world had lost its humanity.

When Zhan Beitian saw that Mu Yifan did not follow, he stopped and turned around to see Mu Yifan staring at the people around him, with a sadness in his eyes, like a puppy that had been abandoned by its owner.

He frowned and said: “What are you looking at, come over here.”

When Mu Yifan came back to his senses, he saw Zhan Beitian was standing ten paces away, waiting for him and ran over to him.

Zhan Beitian looked at his face, said nothing, took his hand and walked on.

Mu Yifan, who is often held by his childhood friend Zhan Beitian in reality, didn’t feel anything wrong, so when Zhan Beitian took his hand, he also held it back.

Zhan Beitian swept the smiling Mu Yifan with his eyes and led him to the temporary trading area with his cold and hard mouth.

The trading area was extremely crowded and at a glance, it looked like a bustling bazaar, with a sea of people exchanging their goods for what they needed.

It’s as if the end times had never come.

However, Mu Yifan’s illusions were immediately shattered when he saw others trading goods.

“Is there anything you want?” Zhan Beitian asked in a faint voice.

Mu Yifan looked to the right and to the left, trading only household goods, nothing that he needed.

Besides, now that he’s hanging out with the male protagonist, good food, good clothes, there’s no need to buy anything.

Mu Yifan was about to shake his head but was distracted by a couple of white teenagers in front of him.

Each of the teenagers are very pretty and if you don’t look closely, you might think they are little girls and they are also very short and slender, which makes them look even thinner because they are wearing tight T-shirts.

Of course, it wasn’t just the teenagers that attracted him but also the middle-aged men who were picking them out like they were commodities.

They look at the eyes of teenagers either lust, or very dirty and even a middle-aged man tries to squeeze the teenager’s buttocks hard to satisfy their own desires.

And there were people who wanted to test the commodity, grabbed the boy and kissed him, not hiding the fact that there were many people watching.

The youngsters’ eyes flashed with disgust but they couldn’t resist, so they kept their heads down and said nothing.

“Is that a business deal too?” Mu Yifan asked frostily.

Zhan Beitian glanced coldly at the man and hastened his steps to lead him away so as not to spoil the lives of those around him.

Mu Yifan looked back a couple of times and suddenly remembered a scene he had written about in a book in the trading district, where people sold teenagers in exchange for food.

In the post-apocalyptic world, women are already fewer in number than men and after the end of the world, it is more difficult for delicate women to survive than men, so women become more and more precious and this is why the female antagonist Rong Xue feels even more superior, thinking that all men should worship her.

The male protagonist liked her sister but she didn’t like her, so she lost face and joined forces with the zombie king to kill the male protagonist.

Mu Yifan sighed in his heart and wrote, “This is really happening on the trading floor and it’s killing a lot of good boys.

“Is it that pretty?” Zhan Beitian snapped.

Mu Yifan turned back and said: “I just feel sorry for those teenagers.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t make a sound but, however, speed his walking.

Mu Yifan put the teenage trafficking behind him and immediately afterwards, several pairs of men were seen walking down the street, holding hands and being very intimate.

It’s nothing. In reality, there are plenty of gay men but they still feel good about it and get into it…just not by force.

Mu Yifan looked down at himself and Zhan Beitian holding hands but he didn’t think it was weird, he thought it was very normal and he even liked it somehow.

Zhan Beitian took Mu Yifan to a small grocery store, which was empty, with no more than a few items in the glass counter, all of which were ordinary household items.

The owner of the shop was a hunchbacked little old man with a head full of white hair and a very thin body, as if he hadn’t eaten for half a month, the bones in his skin visible.

He has a strange-looking face with a pointed forehead, a large round jaw and a large black mole at the corner of his wide mouth.

When the little old man saw Zhan Beitian come in, he raised his thick black eyebrows and said, “I don’t have anything to trade here, just the few things on the counter, if you need them, you can trade them for the rice.”

 Zhan Beitian walked up to the counter and took out a five-pound bag of rice from inside his backpack and placed it on the table and said: “I wanted to ask you some information.”

    The little old man stared at the rice on the table, his eyes gluttonous.

    He really needed the rice now but he didn’t know what the man was asking.

    Mu Yifan quickly found out who the little old man was from the novel in his head, based on his appearance.

    The old man’s name is Li Tianqing. The neighbors call him Lao Li.

    Because he was so ugly, he never got a wife and lived alone.

    After the end of the world, he was too old and too small to go out for food, so he ate only the rice he bought before the end of the world.

    Later, because of the Great Mutation, he became a mutated being but instead of getting any attacking power, he had a pair of clairvoyant ears that could hear from a thousand miles away.

    So, you can’t go wrong by asking him for information.

“What do you want to know?” the little old man asked.

Zhan Beitian said and said: “I want to know what’s going on in B City now.”

The little old man’s eyes narrowed abruptly and said: “K-city is thousands of kilometers away from B-city, how would I know the news there.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything, he just took the rice back into his bag.

The little old man saw the situation was not in his favor and quickly said and said: “Wait.”

Zhan Beitian looked at him.

The little old man hesitated and said, “If you want to inquire about B City, you can but the rice you gave is too little.”

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow, “How about twenty pounds of rice for you and you let me ask the questions?”

When the little old man heard twenty pounds of rice, his eyes flashed and he stood up and said, “Come in with me.”

Zhan Beitian dragged Mu Yifan into the grocery store with the little old man.

The little old man asked as he walked along, “Gentleman, I’m curious how you know that I know about B City?”

Zhan Beitian was silent.

The little old man didn’t ask too many questions.

He can hear things from a thousand miles away and the others may have the ability to know that he now has a pair of clairvoyant ears.

The little old man took them to his room, closed the door and said, “What do you want to know?”

Zhan Beitian asked directly, “I want to know the current situation in B City and also, which is the most powerful family in B City right now?”

Mu Yifan already knew that the male protagonist would ask these questions, so he didn’t find it strange at all.

The little old man stretched out his hand, gesturing for him to hand over the rice first.

Zhan Beitian unzipped his backpack and took out four bags of rice and placed them on the table and said: “Here’s twenty pounds, would you like to weigh them.”

The little old man looked at him and shook his head, “No, I believe in you as a person.”

He put away the four bags of rice before saying, “You want to know which family has the most power in B City right now?”

Zhan Beitian nodded.

The little old man said honestly and said: “Young man, I’m not afraid to tell you that I haven’t heard much for the time being and I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, so if it’s wrong, you can’t come back to cause me issues.”


The little old man is quite accurate, knowing that Zhan Beitian is an honest and trustworthy person, so he spilled the beans and said: “The Mu family is the most powerful in B City now.”



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