Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 112: Palpitations

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 112: Palpitations

“The Mu family?”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes abruptly.

Mu Yifan was also stunned and said: “the Mu family? is it the Mu family of Mu-Shi?”

Zhan Beitian looked at him and saw that Mu Yifan was surprised too.

“I don’t know about that, I can only hear about it, I can’t know which Mu surname it is but I heard that the Mu family is headed by a general named Mu Yuecheng and that he has a son named Mu Yihang.”

Mu Yifan frowned.

Before the end of the world, Mu Yuecheng told them to sell the company’s stocks and buy supplies and now they’re the most powerful people in B City. What’s going on?

According to the content of the novel, the male protagonist is reborn back to the post-apocalyptic, the most powerful should be The Zhan family, the Mu family in the power ranking, can only barely squeeze into the top 20 but now suddenly jumped to the first place.

“Who else but the Mu family?” Zhan Beitian asked.

“The Zhan family and the Mu family had a good relationship in the beginning but later on, Zhan Nantian, the second grandson of Military Commissioner Lao Zhan, no one knows what happened between Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang, the Mu family’s son or what he did to him. The two of them got into a lot of fights and on several occasions Zhan Nantian almost killed Mu Yihang with a gun and that’s how the two families ended up in conflict altogether.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Zhan Nantian is Zhan Beitian’s cousin and has been close to Zhan Beitian since he was a child.

Moreover, the Zhan Nantian he wrote about was a gentle and courteous man, his principle is to try to minimize the big issues and not to argue with others, so it is hard for anyone to have a grudge against him.

And now he shot Mu Yihang. What has Mu Yihang done to anger the gentle Zhan Nantian?

Zhan Beitian frowned.

Can’t believe the relationship between the two families has come to this.

When the little old man saw that both of them were silent, he coughed and said, “I wonder what else the two gentlemen have to ask?”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyes to the little old man and asked, “Is there any team in K City that specializes in collecting supplies outside now and which team is stronger?”

The little old man thought that since Zhan Beitian gave him 20 pounds of rice he had to answer everything, so he said in detail and said: “Originally, we had a powerful team in K City but after the black rain, everyone’s body changed and some of the team members had mutant powers, so they were unwilling to obey the leader who had no mutant powers, so the team was disbanded. The team of mutant humans that came over stole the upper hand but, yesterday another powerful mutated being somehow escaped and subdued both of their groups, now they combined forming a large team.”

Mu Yifan asked curiously, “Who is their leader now?”

He was very curious about this mutated being who had just undergone a major mutation and had appeared so soon to take over other mutant humans.

“Someone surnamed Zhuang… Zhuang…” The little old man wiggled his eyebrows in thought for a moment before saying, “Zhuang Ziyue. Yes, his name is Zhuang Ziyue.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes narrowed abruptly and cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Zhuang Ziyue?” Mu Yifan looked at the little old man in a daze and said: “Is his name really Zhuang Ziyue?”

“Okay.” The little old man nodded affirmatively.

Mu Yifan was enthused, “Where does he live now?”

“The East End District’s villa block, full of people with powers.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he immediately ran out but Zhan Beitian grabbed him by the collar.

“What are you doing?”

As if he hadn’t heard, Zhan Beitian continued to ask the little old man for more information before leaving the little old man’s grocery store with Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan tugged at his clothes behind him and said angrily, “Zhan Beitian, let go of my clothes, it’s hard for you to hold me like this.”

Zhan Beitian asked quietly, “After releasing you so that you could go to Zhuang Ziyue?”

Mu Yifan was depressed and said: “Can’t I go to find him?”

“Do you think you can go to him as you are now? And, are you so sure that this Zhuang Ziyue is the one you’re looking for?”

At Zhan Beitian’s words, Mu Yifan calmed down.

Now that he was a zombie, it was really inconvenient for him to look for Zhuang Ziyue in a place full of mutant humans and the Zhuang Ziyue the little old man was talking about might not be the Zhuang Ziyue he knew.

If the other party is not the Zhuang Ziyue he knows, he will be sent to his death. After all, the one who can subdue so many mutant humans is not a vegetarian, he must have great skills.

Zhan Beitian, seeing that he had no desire to go back to Zhuang Ziyue, loosened his back collar and asked, “Shall we continue our stroll?”

Mu Yifan was busy nodding.

Can’t go back so soon after for a visit.

Mu Yifan no longer looked around curiously as he did when he first entered the temporary trading area but now he looks at and touches every booth.

And then, when they saw something suitable or strange, they would happily ask Zhan Beitian to come over and take a look.

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes grew soft.

He noticed that Mu Yifan’s eyes would light up when he saw something he liked and like a little mouse, he found something new and quickly dug in looking at it.

In addition, he noticed that Mu Yifan no longer called him Zhan Beitian with his name when he was happy but called him Beitian or Tian intimately, as if they were back before the end of the world when they spent time together.

And, he also noticed that Mu Yifan had a habit of saying, “Beitian, this is perfect for you,” whether he saw something he liked or something new.”

“Beitian, you’ll look great with this.”

“Beitian, do you like this one?”

He had never heard Mu Yifan pick out a single thing for himself from the beginning to the end, it was all about him Zhan Beitian first, as if he was very important in Mu Yifan’s heart, so how could such a person not make him throb.

Zhan Beitian gazed at Mu Yifan, who was picking out something for him, his mouth curling upwards little by little, his eyes full of Mu Yifan’s image.

In fact, Mu Yifan doesn’t even realize that he has a habit of putting Zhan Beitian first in everything, because it’s just a habit he’s developed since he was a child.

No matter what he sees, he will think about Zhan Beitian or not and only after he buys something from Zhan Beitian will I think about himself and then he will just buy something to make up for it.

“Ah, Beitian, Beitian, come quickly.”

Mu Yifan saw two shiny stones in front of one of the stalls, similar in shape to the crystals he had found in the junkyard, both diamond-shaped.

However, it was only one-fifth the size of the crystal core he found and it wasn’t colorful, it was very single-colored, one of them was like a transparent crystal and the other one was a red crystal, which shined under the sunlight and it was especially beautiful.

He thinks it’s probably a core from a zombie, so get Zhan Beitian over here and take a look.

Zhan Beitian, who was watching him intently, heard his anxious and excited cries and quickly came back to his senses, coming over and asking, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yifan pointed to a small stall not far ahead and whispered, “Look at the two crystals on top of that stall, do they look like the crystal cores I found?”

Zhan Beitian followed the direction of his finger and looked over, his eyes suddenly narrowed, the two crystals placed on the stand are indeed crystal cores and they are dug out from the zombie brain.

“It’s the crystals.”

He walked over with Mu Yifan.

The two men pretended to take a few random items from the vendor’s stall, then Mu Yifan pretended to find something new, picked up the crystal core and asked, “What’s this? Why is it like crystal?”

The peddler first sized up Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian and felt that they were not easy people to fool or provoke, so he said honestly and said: “This is a crystal that our team found in their brains when we were killing zombies and I thought it looked nice, so I put it out on display to see if anyone would trade food for it.”

A few couples had already asked about the crystals but were scared off when they heard they were dug out of a zombie’s brain.

So, he didn’t want to tell the truth but he thought that two grown men wouldn’t like women’s things, so he told the truth.

“It’s really pretty.” Mu Yifan held the red one to the sunlight and said: “Too bad it was plucked from a zombie’s brain, it’s disgusting.”

When the vendor saw him put the red crystal back on the table, he sighed in his heart and knew that the crystal would not be traded, so he didn’t care.

Mu Yifan picked up the transparent crystal and looked at it, pretending to casually ask, “Brother, how many pounds of rice are you going to exchange this crystal for?”

The peddler didn’t think he could sell it, so he casually said, “Two crystals for a pound of rice.”

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow, “Too expensive? If it’s half a kilo of rice, I might be able to consider it, after all, it’s a bit ominous being dug out of a corpse.”

The peddler heard that the crystal might be able to be exchanged for rice and quickly said, “Half a kilo is half a kilo, if you like it, take it.”

There’s a fool who’d trade rice for useless things. He’d trade it for half as much.

Mu Yifan looked to Zhan Beitian and said: “How about it? Buy it?”

“It’s good that you like it.” Zhan Beitian took half a kilo of rice out of his backpack and handed it to the vendor.

The vendor, as if afraid that Zhan Beitian would go back on his word, quickly put the rice away and smiled, “Two, would you like to buy something else?”

Mu Yifan looked at the items on the table, shook his head and took the two crystals and left.

After walking away, he immediately smiled and whispered in Zhan Beitian’s ear, “Beitian, can’t you use your ice ability? I think these two crystals should be able to raise your ability level, so, when you go back, you can absorb the energy of the crystals, after that, you will be able to deal with more powerful zombies.”

    His eyes were full of joy and his mouth was full of concern for Zhan Beitian.

    Zhan Beitian’s eyes grew hotter and softer as he saw how much this man was looking out for himself.

    Mu Yifan could not wait for a response from the person next to him and looked up in confusion, only to see the person suddenly lower his head towards him and his warm, thin lips printed on his lips.



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