Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 113: Do you have to show affection like this?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 113: Do you ever show affection like this?

Mu Yifan suddenly stared at the face with wide eyes and was startled by the close proximity of the face.

Even the crystals in his hand fell to the ground and he didn’t even notice.

However, he could clearly feel Zhan Beitian’s hot nose on his face and his heartbeat was thumping like a deer in the headlights.

Zhan Beitian didn’t go deeper, just sucked on Mu Yifan’s lips like a dragonfly, very gently.

Before the passersby noticed, he quickly let go of Mu Yifan and looked at the silly Mu Yifan with an amused smile in his eyes.

He bent down and picked up the crystals from the ground, then took Mu Yifan’s hand and left the temporary trading area.

Mu Yifan still can’t believe that the male protagonist kissed him?

The male protagonist must have eaten something wrong. Otherwise, why would he kiss a man who was once his enemy?

Or did the male protagonist just want to kiss him on the forehead but he suddenly raised his head and kissed him on the mouth?

Mu Yifan’s mind was in turmoil as he looked at the man walking in front of him, his heart still beating as fast as before.

He didn’t return to his senses until he was back in the apartment building and while Zhan Beitian was explaining things to Mao Yu, he raced to Zheng Guozong’s room and closed the door with a bang.

Zheng Guozong and Mu Qingtian, who were in the room, were startled by the sound of the door. When they saw Mu Yifan, who looked like he was being chased by a ghost, they asked, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s going on? Did a zombie come?”

Mu Yifan sat his butt on the bed, then, looking at Zheng Guozong with a wry face and said: “Quack!”

When Zheng Guozong saw him like this, he was very worried and said: “Is there something wrong? Or did someone bully you?”

Mu Qingtian was also very worried, quickly got up and jumped on Mu Yifan’s lap, tilted his head up and asked: “Daddy, did someone bully you, then I’ll teach him a lesson for you.”

When Mu Yifan saw the similarity between Mu Qingtian’s face and Zhan Beitian’s, he immediately recalled the kiss and his heart beat faster.

He lay down quickly and pulled up the blanket to cover his face.

“Eh!” Zheng Guozong patted Mu Yifan under the blanket and said: “Say something, if you don’t say anything, how will we know what’s going on? You are intentionally making us anxious, aren’t you?”

Mu Yifan hid under the quilt and when he felt more or less calm, he pulled back the quilt and looked at Zheng Guozong with one eye and whispered and said: “Just now… just now, Zhan Beitian kissed me on the mouth. Just now, Zhan Beitian kissed me on the mouth.”


Due to the low voice, neither Zheng Guozong nor Mu Qingtian could hear what he was saying.

Mu Yifan whispered again in frustration because it was so hard to talk about it.

Zheng Guozong said, “You haven’t eaten today, why are you whispering?”

Mu Yifan: “…”

It’s true he hasn’t eaten for days.

“Are you going to say it or not? If you don’t say it, I won’t listen to you later.” Zheng Guozong’s patience is wearing thin.

He was so worried about Mu Yifan but he didn’t say anything, which made him anxious.

But, by the looks of him, nothing serious happened.

Mu Yifan was a man who can’t hold back and really wants to talk to someone about it, so he said it again.

This time it was much louder than before and said: “Just now, in the street, Zhan Beitian kissed me on the mouth.”

Zheng Guozong: “…”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

A little one and a grown one stared at him in disbelief.

Zheng Guozong took a few deep breaths and told himself in his heart that he should never get angry but in the end, he couldn’t help but slap Mu Yifan on the head and said angrily, “Damn it, do you have to show your love like this?”

He thought something big had happened but it was just a kiss from my man.

    Oh, f-ck!

    It’s just a way to piss off a man who lost his wife.

    He can’t!

    I’ve spent so much time with this guy, I can’t believe I’ve even picked up the foul language he uses.

Mu Yifan held himself up to listen to the aggrieved and said: “How did I show affection.”

Zheng Guozong gave him a glare and said: “It’s not a show of affection, you even had a baby with the man and you are still shy of being kissed on the mouth.”

Mu Yifan sat up depressed and said: “Quack, me and Zhan Beitian, it’s really not what you think, alas!”

He scratched his head in annoyance, “Not about that.”

Zheng Guozong saw that he was quite troubled and did not mind his show of affection, so he sat down and asked with concern, “Did something else happen after your husband kissed you on the mouth?”

Mu Yifan simply ignored the word ’husband ‘ and sat up, his legs on the bed and whispered, somewhat at a loss for words, “He may have accidentally kissed me wrong when he kissed me then but, after being kissed…”

He touched his chest, “It’s been pounding so hard here that it hasn’t calmed down yet and also, I don’t even find men kissing men disgusting, I’m even somehow happy about it.”

When Zheng Guozong heard this, he smirked at the corner of his mouth.

He bet this guy doesn’t know he likes Zhan Beitian.

No wonder he always says in front of him that he is not married to Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan even grabbed Zheng Guozong’s hand and said: “Quack doctor, am I sick, you quickly give me a checkup.”

Zheng Guozong pulled out his hand in anger and said: “Sick on your head, I’ve never seen anyone so dumb. Let me ask you, have you ever liked anyone before?”

“Yes?” Mu Yifan nodded vigorously, isn’t Rong Yan the woman he likes?

“So you’ve liked people, don’t you know that what you just called a heartbeat is called falling in love?”

“Falling in love?” Mu Yifan refuted incredulously, “How is that possible? How come I didn’t feel like I did before when I was faced with liking adults, you’re lying, right?”

Does he like Zhan Beitian?

How is that possible?

He’s a man? How can he like men? He’s not gay.

“I lied to you?” Zheng Guozong was almost exasperated by his words and said: “The one you used to like is not called like, the one you like now is called like, you…”

At this point, he didn’t even know how to explain, waving his hand and said: “Not to mention this, you can experience it by yourself, right?”

They’ve got a son anyway, so there’s no rush to find out what they love.

He wondered why Mumu was willing to give birth to Major General Zhan’s child, since he hadn’t felt a liking for each other before.

Mu Yifan didn’t want to listen to Zheng Guozong’s nonsense either and started staring at it himself.

Looking at the little baby lying at the end of the bed watching him, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, especially the little baby’s face, which will somehow make him think of Zhan Beitian.

Without thinking, he quickly picked up the blanket and put it over Mu Qingtian’s head.

Zheng Guozong, seeing this, quickly pulled off the blanket and said, “What are you doing? Don’t take your anger out on the child.”

Mu Yifan said in a twisted way and said: “I’m not angry, I just see Qingtian’s face and I feel embarrassed for no reason.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

Zheng Guozong: “…”

Zheng Guozong had a real urge to slap the man to death.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Zheng Guozong was worried that Mu Yifan would ’abuse’ the child, he quickly picked up the child to open the door and saw that it was Zhan Beitian who knocked on the door, busy said and said: “Your number one wife is crazy inside.”

Zhan Beitian knows why and doesn’t want to push too hard, or else it will backfire.

“Dr. Zheng, you can go down for dinner.”

Mu Yifan heard Zhan Beitian’s voice and quickly picked up the blanket and put it over his head.

“Okay, I’ll be right down.”

Zheng Guozong was about to carry the child down to the first floor lobby for dinner but was stopped by Zhan Beitian and said: “What?”

Zhan Beitian gestured with his eyes to Zheng Guozong to ask the people inside to eat and then, turned around and went downstairs.

Zheng Guozong returned to the room and called out to the man wrapped in the whole blanket, “Mumu, come downstairs for dinner.”

Mu Yifan quickly said, “I’m not hungry, you go ahead.”

“Even if you’re not hungry, you have to go down, or the others will think out you’re a zombie.”

Zheng Guozong pulled off his blanket and dragged his man out of bed.

Mu Yifan put on his shoes and went downstairs to eat with Zheng Guozong, then sat down at a seat far away from Zhan Beitian.

He thought he could avoid Zhan Beitian, avoid the embarrassment but he couldn’t stop his eyes from glancing over at Zhan Beitian.

Afterwards, Zhan Beitian could remember exactly what he had eaten or how many bites he had taken.

After the meal, he ran back upstairs.

He wanted to go into Zheng Guozong’s room but was kicked out by Zheng Guozong, so he  had nowhere to go but back to his Zhan Beitian room.



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