Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 115: You’re pretty cruel.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 115: You’re pretty cruel.


Zhan Beitian didn’t know what Mu Yifan had dreamed but from what he said, he could guess that the content of the dream was more or less related to himself.

Thinking of Mu Yifan dreaming of himself, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, raising his hand to look at his wrist watch, saying, “It’s only 5:30, do you want to sleep some more and continue to reverse your plot?”

Mu Yifan gave him a blank look and said: “No sleep then.”

He is afraid that if he continues to twist the story, he will run away with Zhan Beitian from the wedding hall and then, they will elope to the hotel and have a cooked meal.

“You sleep alone.”

Mu Yifan got up and went to the window, opened it and let the cool morning breeze clear his mind.

Outside the window, as the sky gradually dawned, there were sounds of people getting up one after another and even the logistics team had already started to cook breakfast for everyone in the first floor cafeteria.

Zhan Beitian saw that he was not sleeping and he himself was not sleepy, got up with his backpack and sat in front of Mu Yifan and said and said: “Today’s mission team, you are with Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao.”

Mu Yifan frowned and said: “They’re all mutants, will they find out who I am?”


Zhan Beitian took a black pistol from his backpack and a silver spear and placed it in front of Mu Yifan and said: “Choose a weapon.”

Mu Yifan looked at the two weapons, thinking that he couldn’t use a gun and couldn’t hit his opponent, he just picked up the silver short spear and said, “Let’s use this one.”

He’s not afraid of biters anyway, so it doesn’t matter if he’s armed or not.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes moved, he put away the black pistol, picked up the silver spear, pointed to a small raised spot on the handle of the spear and said and said: “See this raised dot? This is a mechanism to extend the short spear.”

He pressed it gently and with a swish, the short spear, one meter long, became nearly two meters long and said: “To retrieve it, just pull it back with your hand.”

Mu Yifan took the silver spear and looked at it, it was very well crafted and had a long dragon carved into the body of the spear, which was very lifelike and impressive but it was also very sharp.

Seeing this, he pulled a hair down and put it on the blade of the spear and the short black hair came off the blade.

“Tsk, that’s not a good spear, it can’t even hold a hair.”

He thought it was a good spear, thought he could blow his hair off.

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan looked up at Zhan Beitian, disgruntled, “Zhan Beitian, I find you quite cruel to ask me to kill my own kind.”

Zhan Beitian blandly said, “It’s just a mission, it doesn’t have to kill zombies.”

“What if too many of my buddies come? Do I have to stand still and wait for Xiang Guo and the others to scold me?”

Zhan Beitian deep in thought and said: “You should be able to talk your little friends out of it, shouldn’t you?”

Mu Yifan sneered, stopped talking to him and picked up his short spear and played with it.

When he felt more comfortable, he washed his face and brushed his teeth and then I changed and went downstairs to have breakfast with Zhan Beitian.

After breakfast, Mao Yu started assigning tasks.

Those with mutant powers were required to go on missions, while those without, except for a few who also had to go on missions, went to the east gate to install a fence, sharing the task of installing the fence for two hours with those who went on missions.

Make your arrangements and assemble outside the building.

Before leaving, Mu Yifan hugged Mu Qingtian and said, “You have to be good today and go outside the city with Grandpa Zheng to fix the fence, you can’t run around and you can’t use your powers anymore, okay?”

Mu Qingtian hooked his neck and said: “Dad, I want to go on a mission too.”

“Your father cannot make any decision, ask Zhan Beitian.”

Mu Qingtian pursed his lips and didn’t make any further requests to go.

Because he knew Zhan Beitian would never agree to let the boy drag his feet in such a dangerous mission.

“I’m wondering why Major General Zhan isn’t on your team,” he asked.” Zheng Guozong, who was standing on the side looking at the big truck, asked in wonder.

“I don’t know.”

Zheng Guozong turned around and said, “I said, can’t you take the initiative to join his team? You see, he’s on a team with Rong Yan and Rong Xue.”


Mu Yifan glanced over at Zhan Beitian, remained silent and handed the child back to Zheng Guozong’s hand and said: “I’m getting in the car.”

“Go ahead. Be careful when you’re looking for supplies, okay?”

Mu Yifan nodded and turned to walk out to the side of the truck where Sun Zihao and the others were sitting.

Sun Zihao, who was pulling people into the truck, paused for a moment when he saw Mu Yifan but he still managed to pull Mu Yifan up.

Xiang Guo, who was leaning against the wall of the car, looked at Mu Yifan and snorted.

Mu Yifan knew that Xiang Guo hated him and ignored him. He leaned across from Xiang Guo and looked out of the carriage, just in time to see Zhan Beitian easily and neatly climb into the carriage and then pull Rong Yan up from below.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but remember last night’s dream, knitted his eyebrows in a frown,huffed and pulled back his gaze.

The huff was not big or small. Xiang Guo, who was standing opposite, just heard it, thinking that Mu Yi Fan was a disdain for him. He immediately straightened up and asked angrily, “Mu Yifan, what is it with your attitude?”

“…” Mu Yifan was baffled by Xiang Guo.

Sun Zihao was busy looking back and said: “What’s wrong?”

Xiang Guo glared angrily at Mu Yifan and said: “Look at him, with that scornful look on his face, he thought we’d be happy to be on the same team as him.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

He felt so wronged.

    When did he go and bother to be on their team?

Sun Zihao looked at Mu Yifan, who looked innocent and turned back, “Well, why bother with him.”

He knows that Xiang Guo is always looking at every one of Mu Yifan’s steps and whatever Mu Yifan does is wrong and he can only persuade Xiang Guo not to make any trouble.

“If it wasn’t for the boss assigning him to be in a group with us, we wouldn’t have gone on a mission with him, I think it’s more dangerous to do a mission with him than to kill a zombie, who knows what might have happened back there to hurt us. Who knows what might happen to us later.”

When the others heard this, they looked over.

Sun Zihao lowered and lowered his voice, “Xiang Guo, you’ve had enough too, look at how everyone’s hearts are disturbed.”

If this goes on, maybe something will happen and everyone will think it’s Mu Yifan.

Xiang Guo glances at the others and doesn’t say anything else.

Sun Zihao looked out of the car, “Is there anyone else who hasn’t gotten in?”

Soldier reported and said: “No more.”

“Then drive off.” Sun Zihao ordered.


The truck slowly drove out of the apartment complex, Zhan Beitian and Sun Zihao’s teams left the complex and went their separate ways, one team heading to the north, the other to the south.

    The journey was very peaceful but when Mu Yifan’s team drove down the main street, suddenly, several sports cars drove in front of the car from behind at a very fast speed.

    Then, the car deliberately slowed down in front of the truck so that the soldier driving the truck would be caught off guard and slam on the brakes.

    Immediately, a squeaking sound was heard, the people in the back of the truck did not expect the truck to brake, most of them were unsteady and they fell over.

    Mu Yifan was lucky that he was holding on to the carriage so that he didn’t fall.

Xiang Guo, who had fallen to his knees, was furious and said: “What’s going on?”

Sun Zihao poked his head out from the back of the truck and saw the soldier driving the truck poking his body out and said angrily to the person in front of him, “Damn it, how can you drive like that? Do you want to die?”

Immediately afterwards, he saw a big fire coming at the soldiers.

The long-trained soldier’s reflexes were so sharp that he drew back at the first sign of fire.

Sun Zihao’s eyes went cold and said: “Xiang Guo, it seems like some mutant humans are provoking us, let’s get out of the car and take a look.”

“Who is it? So unaware of death in front of them.”

Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao jumped out of the car, walked to the front of the car and saw the sports car that had just sped past the back of the car driving away.

The soldier angrily told us what had just happened and said: “Those people deliberately ran in front of us, trying to make us overturn the car when we braked, behind, I just cursed, they immediately used their powers on me, with a very arrogant attitude.”

While the soldier was talking about what happened, in the back of the car, Mu Yifan saw a convoy coming towards them from a distance.

The three cars in front of him were top-of-the-line sports cars and the two in the back were big trucks just like the one he was in and it looked as if they were going to collect supplies.

The car in front of me was going quite fast but for some reason, it suddenly picked up speed and drove towards Mu Yifan, stopping at the back of the car.

Immediately afterward, the door of the sports car was opened and an elegant figure came down from the car, smiling and waving to Mu Yifan on the carriage and said: “Yifan, long time no see.”


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