Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 118: How does it feel?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 118: How does it feel?

Zhan Beitian sat on the arm of his chair, his eyelids hanging open, thinking the whole thing over.

Xiang Guo also said, “Ordinary people should be ruled out, it’s hard for ordinary people to have the ability to kill mutated people now but now is the time when mutated people are needed, why would someone want to kill them? Is it because some mutant humans want to become famous, so they want to kill mutant humans? Or is it for some other purpose?”

Zhan Beitian Eventually and said: “It shouldn’t be the mutant  zombies killing the mutant people.”

“What’s that?”

Zhan Beitian looked to Mu Yifan, who was contemplating and said, “A zombie, it should be a zombie that kills a mutated being.”

Mu Yifan raised his head abruptly and immediately met Zhan Beitian’s eyes.

If it’s really the work of a zombie like Zhan Beitian said, could it be Zheng Jiaming?

According to the novel’s plot, Zheng Jiaming is also in K-City at this time and he hates humans, so he not only eats live human flesh but also likes to dig the cores of mutant humans to improve his mutant level.

“A zombie?” Xiang Guo immediately thought of those zombies that were so slow as to be like a turtle, it was hard to imagine how much they were capable of killing the mutant and said: “This… This is impossible, right?”

“If it’s just burning the mutant, maybe not but if it’s gouging out the mutant’s head, it’s probably a zombie.”

Xiang Guo was still puzzled and said: “But why would a zombie want to gouge out a mutated being’s head? Don’t they only eat human flesh?”

“Because there are cores in the head of a mutated being, just as there are cores in the brain of a zombie, if we absorb a zombie core, we will advance in our mutant ability. As if you are fire, you can only absorb fire mutant cores, if you absorb other cores, can only grow insignificant cultivation, this will only be a great waste of cores.”

Xiang Guo giggled and said: “And… There’s still such a thing?”

No wonder the boss told them to kill zombies, mutant animals and plants with mutant powers and dig out the cores from their bodies during the mission.

Mu Yifan frowned.

In addition to what Zhan Beitian said, zombies and mutated people can also absorb the same kind of crystals, if it is to absorb their own supernormal ability outside of the core, there will be a certain chance to obtain the original supernormal ability of the frown core, to become dual mutant power people.

Of course, the chances of that are slim to none, otherwise, everyone would mutilate their own kind to increase the number of their abilities and become multi-talented.

Zhan Beitian warned and said: “Don’t spread this story for a while.”

“Yes.” Xiang Guo also knows the seriousness of this matter if it ever ends up getting out.

Since no one knows about the core yet, we should take this opportunity to collect more cores.

In the meantime, Zhan Beitian saw that he was still standing still and said, “Anything else?”

Xiang Guo was stunned and said: “No more.”

Zhan Beitian saw that he still didn’t move, his mouth slightly agape, “So you’re not going out yet?”

Why does he have such dumb men?

“Ohhh.” Xiang Guo, knowing that he had disturbed the boss, hurried out of the room, not forgetting to glare at Mu Yifan again as he closed the door.

After closing the door, Xiang Guo didn’t leave but wandered around outside the door, especially annoyed at the thought that the boss in the room would do something intimate to Mu Yifan.

He doesn’t know what the boss sees in Mu Yifan but he just doesn’t want them to be together.

Then, he thought of something and his eyes lit up.

In the room, Mu Yifan was stared at by Xiang Guo, who was baffled.

He hadn’t said a word the whole time, wondering where he’d offended Xiang Guo.

Mu Yifan turned around and saw Zhan Beitian staring at him, “Why are you staring at me? You can’t think I’m the one who killed the mutant, do you? I sleep with you every night, so I don’t have the chance to do that. Even if I did, with my ability, could I kill a mutated being? For a zombie with no powers, what’s the point of having a mutant crystal.”

Zhan Beitian was about to open his mouth to say no when a loud lion roar came from outside, “Boss, dinner’s ready.”

Then, the door was slammed open.

When Zhan Beitian heard the voice of Xiang Guo, he opened the door with a sullen face.

When Xiang Guo saw Zhan Beitian come out, he quickly said again, “Boss, dinner’s ready.”

After saying that, he rushed to the stairs in a few steps and ran to the first floor cafeteria.

Sun Zihao, who was watching the logistics team cooking, saw him panting and said, “Why are you running so fast? It’s not open yet.”

Xiang Guo let out a big sigh of relief and said: “If you don’t run faster, I’m afraid the boss will break my legs.”

“Why would the boss hit you?”

Xiang Guo: “…”

He interrupting the boss’s sex life. He’d like to shoot himself right now.

How could Zhan Beitian upstairs not be aware of Xiang Guo’s intentions, returned to the room with a black face and said to Mu Yifan and said: “Go downstairs and eat first.”

Mu Yifan got up and walked out of the room, just in time to see Zheng Guozong coming out of the opposite door with a child in his arms.

Zheng Guozong knitted his eyebrows in a frown and said, “What is that guy Xiang Guo doing, calling people to eat how is it like cursing, that voice pulling as high as it can.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan explained and said: “People with fire powers are usually a little more temperamental.”

Three adults and a child came to the first floor cafeteria.

However, the food is not ready yet, so Mu Yifan and Zheng Guozong have to take the kids for a walk in the garden.

Zhan Beitian approached Mao Yu to discuss extra men for the night patrol.

After dinner, Mu Yifan went to his room to take a shower.

He has so much water to bathe thanks to Mao Yu, because Mao Yu is water mutant, so he prepared a bath for him and Zhan Beitian in the morning.

When he came out of the bathroom, he saw Zhan Beitian coming back with a kettle and then, picking up a cup from the table, he poured Mu Yifan a cup of water.

Mu Yifan took the cup in confusion and said: “For me to drink?”


Mu Yifan tried to take a sip and found that the water was very sweet and after drinking it, he felt comfortable all over his body.

He quickly realized that this must be the water from the male protagonist’s spiritual spring and drank it down.

 This is a rare spring in the male protagonist’s space, so if you don’t drink it quickly, how can you live up to yourself?

    Besides, it’s not like before he turned into a zombie, he’s not worried that drinking the spring water will speed up his transformation into a zombie.

    Nowadays, he can’t wait to make himself more powerful and he doesn’t know how he will react after drinking it.

Zhan Beitian watched him finish his drink and asked, “Want some more?”

“Yeah?” Mu Yifan’s eyes light up.

Zhan Beitian poured him another cup and said: “How did it feel after you drank it?”

“I don’t feel so hungry.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan drank a second glass into his stomach and said: “Any more? One more cup.”

 Zhan Beitian thought that Mu Yifan hadn’t eaten anything properly for some days and didn’t stop him, immediately pouring him another glass of spring water.

    After Mu Yifan finished his third cup, he didn’t ask Zhan Beitian for more.

    He knew that the more he drank, the more powerful he would become and that some things had to be done gradually, slowly.

    But he doesn’t have any mutant powers. How powerful can he become after drinking the spring water?

    And why did the male protagonist suddenly give him a drink from the fountain?

    Aren’t you afraid he’ll get so powerful that the male protagonist won’t be able to control him anymore?

    Zhan Beitian kept staring at him, trying to see a change in him.

    If it were a normal human being, after drinking the spring water, he would not only get a stomach ache but also get rid of dirt but Mu Yifan didn’t react at all after drinking it.

    Is it because he drank a little of the spring water, or because Mu Yifan is a zombie, so he can’t get rid of dirt?

“How does it feel, other than not being hungry?”

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “Nothing at the moment.”

He sneaked a glance at his body but was puzzled when he didn’t see any dirt coming out of it.

In his novels, Zhan Beitian never gave the spring water to the zombies to drink, so he didn’t know what they would become after drinking it.

Zhan Beitian asked again, “Ever feel n energy moving through your body?”

Mu Yifan shook his head.

Zhan Beitian watched him for a few more minutes but when he didn’t change, he got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When he came out of the shower, Mu Yifan was already asleep on the bed.

Zhan Beitian stood at the window, blew in the cool air, let his hair dry and then fell into bed.

Then, Mu Yifan leaned towards him.


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