Little Poplar, Chapter 1: Crying won’t save you

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 1: Crying won’t save you

The boisterous music, gaudy lights and frantically writhing young men and women made this recent hottest bar in the capital an extraordinarily paper-drunken affair. The bar was clearly fully air-conditioned but because of the heat wave of too many people, Bai Xinyu cowered in the corner of the sofa, still sweating because of the heat. He ripped his shirt open two buttons and slammed his glass down on the marble table.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’re on the rag, you wouldn’t want to be a spoilsport?” Zou Xing grabbed the back of his neck and squeezed it and said smilingly and said: “Is there no girl you like?”


“Oh come on, I don’t know you yet, what else can you have in that head of yours, don’t see a buddy giving you another batch, I’m the host today, you don’t have to save me money.”

Bai Xinyu pushed his hand away, “Who’s trying to save you money, I’m really not in the mood.”

Zou Xing slapped him on the thigh, “What the hell is going on?”

Bai Xinyu picked at her freshly dyed chestnut hair, “I ran into my brother the other day.”

“Your brother? Which one is your brother? Jian Suiying?”


Zou Xing grinned, “Gee, did he hit you again?”

“No, he must have wanted to hit me but I was in the car and I just drove off.” I was in the car and I just drove off.

“What did you do to him again? But that brother of yours, he’s so tough, I’m a little scared of him to be honest.”

Bai Xinyu heard Zou Xing say bad things about the arrow Suiying, he was not happy but he couldn’t argue, because Zou Xing was right…”

Zou Xing patted him on the back, “You’re used to being abused.”

Bai Xinyu gulped down his drink, “No more, you guys get high, I’m going home.”

“Hey? Really? It’s only a little late.”

Bai Xinyu kicked him in the face, “I’ll hang out with you some other time.” Then he grabbed his keys and wallet and left.

When he got out of the bar, the air wasn’t so cloudy but it was damn hot and his body was still sticky and his brain was dizzy, so he walked to the parking lot, got in the car, turned the air conditioner on as low as it would go and then collapsed on the back of the seat and sighed heavily.

   Ever since that day he had met his brother, his heart had been in suspense and his hands trembled at the thought of his brother’s fierce demeanor.

   His cousin, Jian Suiying, is the only son of his mother’s sister and his sister-in-law was killed by a mistress, leaving his brother without a mother in his teens, That’s why his brother is nice to him, although he’s a bit tough. He’s always been afraid of his brother, his parents can’t control him, he’s always quiet when he’s on the take but he’s really scared, when he stares at him, he feels like his ears are going to come off. That’s why he doesn’t know where he got the nerve six months ago to screw his brother.

   Remembering the incident from six months ago, Bai Xinyu looked annoyed, grabbed the steering wheel and banged his head a few times, the car horn screaming.

   At that time he gambled owed more than three million loan sharks, did not dare to tell his father, so he went to his brother to borrow money, the results of his brother was also furious, threw him a scolding out and said he never cared about him, he really wanted to die at the time. But then his brother’s half-brother, the son of that mistress, approached him and said he could help him. He was desperate, so he teamed up with that guy and cheated his brother out of three houses and sold them to pay off his gambling debts. After he did this, he regretted it, felt guilty and scared, so he went to Australia to hide out with his aunt for six months.

   But that shithole country, all they do is speak in the language of birds (weird language), he doesn’t have any friends, he’s been walking his dog around his aunt’s manor, he almost went crazy, finally he couldn’t resist and came back. He didn’t dare to tell anyone but a few days after he came back, he took a new model out to a party and as soon as he got to the parking lot, he bumped into his brother and ran away.

   He thinks he’s screwed, he’s really screwed, his brother doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him, he’s too scared to go home. And his brother hasn’t called him or his parents so far, there’s some kind of storm brewing, he’s shaking with worry and almost crying at the thought of his brother’s tricks.

He’d been in the car for almost an hour and he’d almost sobered up, so he thought, “I don’t have much money left, I have to go home sooner or later. Young Master Bai was so impressed by his wit that he started the car and went home.

It’s already past one o’clock. Bai Xinyu parked his car in the garage, quietly opened the door and walked upstairs in the dark. After a few steps, the light in the living room suddenly turns on and Bai Xinyu is startled to see his parents sitting on the couch with serious faces.

Bai Xinyu’s heart went cold, he hurriedly looked around the living room, there was no sign of his brother but he didn’t let his guard down, he’d only been back for a few days and his mom was still missing him, so he couldn’t just snap out of it. He thought to himself, this is it, his brother must have come to see his parents. He said in a frightened voice and said: “Hey, Dad, Mom, why aren’t you in bed at this time of night and why don’t you turn on the lights?”

Bai Qingmin pointed to the couch, “You come and sit down.”

Bai Xinyu’s legs and stomach were a little weak and he whispered, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

“Come here!”

Bai Xinyu looks to his mother for help and she turns her head away. He swallows, walks over and sits down.

Bai Qingmin looked at him angrily, “You say, did you come back to gamble again?”

Bai Xinyu cried and said, “I’m innocent, dad, I’ve only been back for a few days, I didn’t go.” He didn’t lie this time but he didn’t go because he didn’t really want to but because he didn’t have any money and his dad’s been so strict with him lately that he can’t go out anymore.

Unfortunately, he used to lie too much, his dad didn’t believe him at all, his dad slapped the table, “Today Suiying came to the house, said you came back from Australia and didn’t study well and you fooled around with Zou Xing’s bunch of lazy rich kids, gambling and whoring, look at you now, what kind of virtue are you, dyed with yellow hair, all day long, no shape!”

Bai Xinyu cringed, “Dad, what did my brother say? What’s wrong with you today? You were fine during the day……”

   He knows that his brother must have come here to blow off some steam, otherwise his dad wouldn’t have changed his face so fast. His parents listened to his brother the most, because the family’s main business was run by his brother and they were very close, so basically when it came to his education, his brother was in charge whenever he wanted to be, that’s why he was afraid. He was afraid that if his brother told his parents that he had joined forces with Little cousin Lin-zi to cheat him out of his money, his father would beat him to death.

Bai Qingmin took a deep breath, “You lie all the time, who will believe you at home? Suiying is concerned about you, that’s why she told us about your situation outside. Otherwise, she’s such a big boss, who cares about this kind of crap all the time?”

Bai Xinyu was relieved that his brother hadn’t told him the worst of it but he still had a pretty bad feeling about it, so he looked at his mother again for help, desperately trying to wink.

Li Weizhi pushed her husband, sighed, and said: “Get to the point.”

Bai Qingmin gave Bai Xinyu a hateful look and Bai Xinyu sat up straight, too nervous to breathe.

Bai Qingmin said: “If Suiying hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have known that you’re so bad outside, you’re already 22 this year, how many more years do you want to hang around? You’ve been hanging out with Zou Xing’s gang all day. Can you afford it? Zou Xing’s family’s assets are over a billion dollars. How can we compete with them? If you keep this up, there will be no one left in the Bai family.”

Bai Xinyu said urgently and said: “Dad, don’t say that, I’ll change, I also want to do business, that business has profit and loss, I will….”

“You don’t make shit! You don’t lose money because Suiying is watching over you. How much money do you make yourself? All you do is eat, drink and party around. Do you want to be like this forever? Ten years, twenty years. Your mother and I are dead. Who’ll give you money to spend? How many years will it take you to loose our family’s money?”

Bai Xinyu was frustrated with the scolding but at the same time he was lucky. If his brother’s way of punishing him was to go to his house and tell him off, then his punishment would be too light and he should thank God for that, anyway, his father’s nagging words are out of his left ear and into his right ear, back to no money and his mother’s spoiled, his mother will not care about him.. So Bai Xinyu tried to lower his profile and said nicely, “Dad, I’m sorry, I won’t hang around anymore, I’ll study hard, I won’t be a bad boy, I won’t be a loser.”

“Bullshit!”  Bai Qingmin cursed angrily.

Bai Xinyu shivered in fear, thinking to himself, what’s wrong with him today? He’s always been so sweet, he’s always been so good at admitting when he’s done something, just so he doesn’t get beaten up or have to listen to nagging words and that’s always worked, so why is he so angry today?

“How dare you mention school? You’ve spent all your money on studying abroad and you’ve come back here with nothing to show for it and you can’t even get into a good university in China. do you think you’ve ever done anything that would make your parents lose face? There is none!”

Bai Xinyu kept his head down and didn’t say anything. Even though he’s trained himself to be shameless, sometimes his pride still feels a little battered. It’s not that he doesn’t want to study hard and do business like his brother, he’s just not cut out for it.

Li Weizhi pushed her husband again, “Come on, you don’t have to scold him, can he listen to all this talk if you go over and over it again.”

Bai Qingmin was irritated, “You have the nerve to say, you’re the one who made him into this!”

Li Weizhi’s face turned pale and she yelled.” I’m the only one who has a son? You don’t come home all the time. I used to take care of him myself when he was little so where were you? Now I’m the only one to blame?”

Bai Qingmin turned pale, Li Weizhi wanted to say something but her angry words didn’t come up and she finally swallowed it, her eyes were a bit red, “No use arguing about this, you should talk to him about business.”

When it comes to” business”, Bai Xinyu’s mind is in a whirl, what exactly is” business”? Is he going to cut his pocket money again?

Bai Qingmin cleared her throat, pushing down the rage a bit, “Xinyu, today Suiying came, the three of us had a good discussion about your future and now we have a plan.”

Bai Xinyu shuddered a little, thinking that what he was hearing couldn’t be good.

Bai Qingmin looks at his only son, he is really confused. He thought to himself that he was quite successful and his genes weren’t bad, so how could such a handsome son with a normal IQ and a good environment grow up to be such a sissy? He said, “We’ll send you to the army for a few years.”

Bai Xinyu, thunderstruck, almost knelt down to his dad on the spot, he cried out, “Dad…”

Bai Qingmin waved his hand, “It’s no use calling the ancestors, it’s settled.”

“Dad!”  Bai Xinyu sprang to his feet and all at once threw himself in front of his father with tears in his eyes, “Dad, I’m not going, I’m begging you, I’m going to die!”

“Then you can go to hell!” Bai Qingmin was so angry and hateful when he saw how useless he was, he pushed Bai Xinyu away with all his heart.

“Dad, I’m begging you, I’ll really die if I go to the army, I haven’t been able to suffer since I was a kid, you know that, I don’t want to go, Dad, I’ll study hard from now on, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do, don’t let me go to the army, I’m begging you. I beg you.”

Bai Qingmin turned his head away from him.

Bai Xinyu’s tears weren’t fake, they were real. When he got kicked out of school in England and came back home, his parents wanted to send him to the army but he had to cry and roll on the floor before he could stay. What a joke, the army is not for people, the thought of having to get up early in the morning and practice all year round with a bunch of stinky old men, let’s just kill him. This time his parents brought it up again, they were very determined and he burst into tears when he thought about his fate. When he saw his father’s firm attitude, he immediately turned around, threw himself on his mother and cried out, “Mom, can you bear to see me go to the army? If I leave, who’s going to go shopping with you, who’s going to take you out to have fun? Mum, say something.”

Li Weizhi’s eyes were red. She looked at her son, who was so pure and white and felt so reluctant to give him up. In fact, her husband is right, he is her son, she can’t help it, he is her life, she has always let him do whatever he wants since he was little, she also knows that this is not good but as soon as he is spoiled, she can’t help it, she can’t wait to spoil him, as a result, he is so grown up, he doesn’t have the ability to stand on his own, on the contrary, he has gotten into a bad habit of being a loser. Today Suiying talked to her a lot, some of her words were quite heavy and it woke her up, she is also determined this time. She sniffed her nose, “Xinyu, you are really too much, this year you spent more than three million, although our family is not short of money but we are also not very rich, cannot afford to lose money like this, if mom can support you for the rest of your life, mom also admit it but mom cannot, your father and I will grow old one day, you cannot count on, you can’t be a loser. Suiying can take care of you for the rest of your life but if you keep on like this, how can we rest assured? This matter…  It’s settled. It’s decided, you just go. We’re all doing this for your own good, we won’t hurt you. Going to the army will help you learn to be more mature. Besides, you’re not cut out for business. Let your brother find some connections. You can stay in the army and get a job.”

Bai Xinyu bursts into tears, “Mom, I can’t stay, you really can’t. Mom, I don’t want to go, please talk to my dad, mom, mom, please.” Bai Xinyu clutched his mother’s waist and begged with all his might, his mother loved him the most, she was his only hope.

Bai Qingmin couldn’t resist kicking him, “You’re a good person, like this! Get up!”

Li Weizhi grumbled and said: “Come on, the kids are leaving, why are you still so angry, you may not see them for years, it’s not enough for you to think about.” As she said that, tears fell from her eyes.

Bai Qingmin sighed, turned his head to smoke.

Bai Xinyu cried even harder, “Mom, why do you want me to go? I don’t want to go. I’m your only son… don’t you feel sorry for me? The army is hard and tiring. I can’t stand it. Mom, I beg you… Please tell my dad… Tell my brother… Don’t make me go… Mom, please… Please…”

Li Weizhi stroked his hair and said quietly and said: “Son, I don’t want you to go but it’s not a question of reluctance. Look at you, you’re idle now. I’m worried. You really can’t go on like this. Don’t beg me, it’s no use begging me, I can’t make this decision and even if I could, you… You….you still have to go. You have to go, we’re only doing this for your own good, so just go and come back when you’re better.”

Bai Xinyu, seeing that petulant pleading wasn’t working, and so he cried out, “I won’t go, I won’t go, I won’t die!”

Bai Qingmin raged and said: “If you don’t go, you won’t get a penny from us in the future, your house, car, bank card, from now on I’ll take it all back, when I die I’ll donate all the money to the orphanage, you won’t get a penny of it, if you don’t go, I Bai Qingmin won’t have a wimp of a son like you I will disinherit you!”

Bai Xinyu’s cries stopped abruptly, her tears and snot were all over her face and her face looked like a wretched mess.

Bai Qingmin put out his cigarette in the ashtray after a few puffs, he stood up, “It’s settled, you’re not going to go out for the next few days, get ready, Suiying will send you away after we get your paperwork done.”

Bai Xinyu sat his ass on the floor, only to feel his sky go down.

The author has something to say and said: New novel-dang-dang-dang

The long-awaited Little Bai story of Suiying swindler is finally going to be written!!!! I will try my best to translate it well, so as not to let you down.

You may notice that the author changed the name of the seme, she had the two of these characters in one book and I had to change it because it was getting to be too many Tians in her novels, in the other novel the name is Cheng Tianbi, in this article the seme’s name is also X Tian X, she thinks it’s a bit repetitive, so she changed it to Yu Fengcheng, I think Yu Fengcheng sounds better~~~~.

Anyway, this novel will be a little different from that extra but the people will still be the same two people!

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