Little Poplar, Chapter 11: are you trying to seduce me!

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 11: Are you trying to seduce me!

  Yu Fengcheng’s thing, which was the exact size of a European or American bear, wobbled between his legs as he moved around and the dressing room, which had been a bit noisy, was suddenly quiet, with people sneaking glances at his lower body. The scene was very funny

   Bai Xinyu was jealous and hateful. Yu Fengcheng’s looks, Yu Fengcheng’s head to toe, his handsome face, his beautiful pecs and abs, his long, straight legs, even that thing looks superior to others, Bai Xinyu wonders what happened to him as a child to make him so vicious.

Looking at the entire locker room, only Big-bear could fight Yu Fengcheng, Big-bear smiled stupidly and said: “Okay brother, I didn’t see that coming.”

Yu Fengcheng hammered him on the shoulder, smiling and said: “Wash up.”

As Yu Fengcheng passed by Bai Xinyu, Bai Xinyu turned around, facing the locker, pretending to organize his things. He was confident of his size, having slept with so many beautiful women and he was at least a golden gun but when Yu Fengcheng walked by, he was compared to nothing. That’s the bad thing about group showers, men’s most important parts are always blocked by their pants, when they’re exposed they’re bound to compare, some are proud of themselves, others want to face the wall.

Suddenly, a large hand slammed on the locker door, the hand was well-defined, the fingers were long and beautiful and the tendons of the fingers were protruding under the skin, giving people a feeling of exertion; the neatly trimmed nails revealed a full and healthy color.

Bai Xinyu’s peripheral vision caught sight of the arm stretched out from the side of his head, he didn’t have to look back, he knew it was Yu Fengcheng. He didn’t dare to move, he was afraid that he might accidentally touch something he shouldn’t, the last time his buttocks were on Yu Fengcheng’s thing, at least it was through his pants, if this was a” skin to skin” encounter, how could he live his life in the future?

Yu Fengcheng bent down slightly and whispered in his ear and said: “You’re complaining about the short bath time but still dawdling here, do you want to be thrown out with foam all over your body later?”

“Go now, now.” Bai Xinyu didn’t even dare to turn his head.

Yu Fengcheng took the shampoo from his hand, smiled lowly and said: “Lend it to me.” Then he played with the shampoo with his hand and went to the bathhouse.

Bai Xinyu felt like he could breathe all of a sudden.

Feng Dongyuan whispered and said: “Xinyu, are you afraid of him?”

Bai Xinyu stared, “Nonsense, why should I be afraid of him.”

Feng Dongyuan nodded, “He probably didn’t do it on purpose this morning either, you don’t have to be afraid of him, I feel like people are reasonable and he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.”

Bai Xinyu looks at Feng Dongyuan, suddenly feels that this child is so innocent, he doesn’t feel Yu Fengcheng’s energy that is directed at him?

Qian Liang grinned and said: “Go, go, go, there’s really not much time.”

A bunch of naked half-boys burst into the bathhouse, quickly forcing their way into the lotus head and as soon as they turned on the water, they heard several of them screaming, “Oh, shit, cold water!”

“Damn it’s cold!”

Bai Xinyu shuddered, “Coldwater?”

Chen Jing looked at him calmly, moved his Lotus head (army haircut)  and after carrying the initial shiver, opened his mouth, “It’s summer.”

“But the water is still cold.”

“It’s part of your training.”

Bai Xinyu thought, isn’t it because you cheapskates don’t want to spend money.

Batur stood right next to them, washing up leisurely, batting his long, water-soaked eyelashes and said sincerely, “It’s not cold.”

Someone shouted and said: “You’re used to being cold.”

Qian Liang gave Bai Xinyu a shove, “Already guessed it was cold water, wash it, don’t be picky.”

Bai Xinyu gulped.

Qian Liang opened up the next few Lotus heads, then hooked Feng Dongyuan and Bai Xinyu with his left and right hands, “I’ll count to three.”

The three of them gritted their teeth, “One, two…”

Qian Liang pushed the two of them over.

Bai Xinyu cried out, jumping to his left and right to hide but his body was already wet, so he couldn’t get warm.

Qian Liang laughed out loud and then Feng Dongyuan dragged him in.

The whole bathhouse was howling and laughing.

I don’t know who shouted, “Five minutes left, come on!”

Bai Xinyu was shivering and shivering from the lather, so when he hears this, he starts rinsing.

Chen Jing had finished washing and walked out of the bath, slick and slick and the fast ones were out too.

Feng Dongyuan urged, “Xinyu, it’s almost time.”

“I know, I know.” Bai Xinyu’s head was full of foam, too and he couldn’t keep his eyes open, so he washed them off in a hurry, afraid, as Yu Fengcheng said, that the next one would come and throw him out.

Qian Liang picked up an inch with her hand, splashing, “I’m going to go get dressed first.”

Feng Dongyuan said: “I’m fine.”

Bai Xinyu shouted and said: “Don’t go, wait for me.”

Qian Liang harrumphed and said: “How old are you.”

Feng Dongyuan hesitated to stay with him but Qian Liang dragged him away.

Bai Xinyu was getting nervous, because he felt like there weren’t many people around.


Yu Fengcheng’s voice sounded behind Bai Xinyu and he stiffened, subconsciously saying and said: “What are you doing?”

“Giving you back your shampoo.”

“Can’t you see I used someone else’s, don’t give it back, just go.” Bai Xinyu quickly scrubbed the water off her face and turned her head to look at him warily.

At some point, the bathhouse was almost empty, so he was the slowest one again and unlucky enough to be blocked by Yu the evil-jinx again.

   Yu Fengcheng was looking at him a bit boldly, his eyes getting darker and darker.

   Being looked at by Yu Fengcheng, Bai Xinyu felt the shame of running naked in the street, he grabbed the bottle of shower gel in front of him and quickly ran to the dressing room, resulting in a pile of foam on the floor.

   Yu Fengcheng reached out to pull but couldn’t and watched as Bai Xinyu fell to the ground with a squeak, two pieces of full and perky buttocks trembled and water splashed all over his white -ss.

   Bai Xinyu was confused and the first thought in his mind was, why is he always embarrassing himself in front of Yu Fengcheng?

Yu Fengcheng went up and helped him up, mumbling, “You’re not deliberately trying to seduce me, are you?”

Bai Xinyu’s teeth hurt from the fall and when he recovered, he raged, “Bullshit….”

Hearing the commotion, Feng Dongyuan ran back, he was already dressed, seeing Bai Xinyu rickety and grimacing, he was surprised and said: “Xinyu, did you fall?”

Bai Xinyu nodded through gritted teeth.

“The ground is so slippery, be careful, hurry up, Fourth Class is coming.”

Bai Xinyu pushed Yu Fengcheng’s hand away and limped off to the dressing room.

Yu Fengcheng looked at his back and unconsciously made a swallowing motion.

Bai Xinyu didn’t break anything but his arms and legs are bruised. He is always angry when the wind blows, so if no one pays any attention to him, it’s fine but Feng Dongyuan, who is a mom, asked him where he fell, if it still hurts and if his activities are affected. Bai Xinyu said that his ankle and knee hurt too.

Bai Xinyu lies flat and gets ready, Chen Jing comes over, “What’s wrong?”

Feng Dongyuan said: “He fell in the bathroom.”

Chen Jing bent down and frowned at Bai Xinyu, Bai Xinyu met his eyes and immediately sat up, “Class Leader….”

“Where did you hurt?”


“Is it broken?”

Bai Xinyu gulped, whispering and said: “That’s not true.”

Chen Jing slapped him on the thigh, “What’s the point of rubbing oil when you fall, bumps and bruises will be commonplace from now on, don’t spoil him, sleep!”

Feng Dongyuan put the oil back into the cabinet and looked at Bai Xinyu helplessly.

Bai Xinyu fell back on the bed in frustration.

Feng Dongyuan pushed him, “Xinyu.”


“Don’t forget Company Commander told you to be there five minutes early tomorrow, so set an alarm.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked, “Oh my god, I almost forgot.” He remembered the fierce Xu Chuang and rushed to his phone to set the alarm for 5 o’clock, so he could get up half an hour earlier, so he wouldn’t be late.

Yu Fengcheng tucked himself in and said jokingly and said: “Tomorrow when the alarm goes off, if you don’t get up, I’ll kick you off and make sure you get up on time.” And then he added, with a pathetic smile, “Don’t thank me.”

Bai Xinyu glared at him and quickly covered his head with the blanket.

   Yu Fengcheng smiled, his throat tightens as he remembers what he saw in the bathroom. Bai Xinyu, smelling good after the shower, sleeping next to him, which he can reach with his hand, it’s a bit of a trial.

~Little Poplar~


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