Little Poplar, Chapter 3: This is Hell, son

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 3: This is Hell, son

Bai Xinyu didn’t think they’d really just sit there all night.

In the middle of the night, the whole wagon full of recruits asleep, some of them snoring loudly, he’s starving, he thinks there’s food in his luggage prepared by his mother but his back is sore, his legs are cramped, he’s too lazy to get up and the two guys next to him are sleeping like pigs, so he can’t get out. He had never been so miserable in his life and felt like his whole lower body was out of control, he leaned his head against the window and tried to sleep for a while but his neck couldn’t take it anymore, he was so hungry that night and every second of the long night was accompanied by Bai Xinyu’s pain and tears.

He was in a daze, thinking about how he had ended up in this situation and couldn’t help but start to resent Jian Suiying but when he thought about it, it wasn’t all his brother’s fault….if he hadn’t done it. If he hadn’t done that, if he hadn’t paid his gambling debts, he would have been killed by a loan shark. And at that thought, he couldn’t stop crying. He cried out in his heart and said: “Brother, I know I was wrong, please let me go back.”

Too sleepy, Bai Xinyu eventually fell asleep.

The next day at dawn, the men in the wagons woke up and started to eat their breakfast.

When Bai Xinyu woke up, he was so sick that he was sprawled out on the seat whining and feeling like his body was going to fall apart.

He arrived in Urumqi in agony and they moved en masse to a more dilapidated train, heading for the Karakorum Mountains, on the border with the motherland, where, because of the altitude, the recruits in the wagons began to suffer from varying degrees of oxygen deprivation.

Bai Xinyu never left his seat except to go to the bathroom. His phone, computer, and iPad were all dead and he felt like a desperate zombie piled half-dead in his seat. Bai Xinyu’s eyes were red and he was sobbing quietly.

Qian Liang and the other recruits around him were so used to his self-pity that no one paid any attention to him.

As time went by, many of them felt less able to breathe but the new recruits were young and fit and could take it for a while.

At that moment, Bai Xinyu heard yelling coming from the front of the car and he carefully identified it as if it was asking if anyone needed oxygen.

Do you have to ask? This wagonload of fresh meat is from the plains and nobody needs it.

So when the carriage sliding doors opened, Wang Shunwei walked in with a man and asked, “What’s up, everybody?”, he immediately shouted and said: “I want, I want… I can’t breathe!”

The whole carriage turned to Bai Xinyu, looking at him with derisive eyes as he huddled in his seat, ignoring everyone on the way to the car but crying in secret at night.

A tall man who was walking in front of Wang Shunwei also turned his face to Bai Xinyu in response and Bai Xinyu looked up just in time to make eye contact with him.

The man in front of him has deep features, sword eyebrows, handsome as if from a movie, skin so delicate that no blemish can be found, short hair sticking straight up, looking handsome, clean and neat, a camouflage uniform wrapped around his long and strong body, not to mention how strong.

Bai Xinyu can’t explain what’s going on but he can’t breathe and this man’s eyes are too sharp and provocative.

He felt the hot stares around him. He felt uncomfortable. What’s the point of not asking for oxygen when so many people are already having trouble breathing? Stamina?

The man lifted his chin slightly and said: “Is there a comrade in this car who needs oxygen? The equipment is limited, so if you’re young and strong, do what you can and save it for those who need it most.” Although he was speaking to the whole carriage, he was staring at Bai Xinyu with a look of contempt and disdain.

Many people laughed quietly and Bai Xinyu’s face turned hot.

Behind the man was Wang Shunwei, who said, “Go ahead, out of the way and go to the next carriage.”

The man tore his eyes away from Bai Xinyu and continued on his way.

Bai Xinyu couldn’t swallow his anger at being humiliated in front of so many people and he found an outlet for all his frustration, anger and anger because of that man’s sarcastic remark. As the man approached him, Bai Xinyu stood up, arrogantly shouting and said: “How much is one device, can I donate a hundred to you? If you’re not going to use the oxygen, why are you asking?”

The whole carriage is quiet.

The man narrowed his eyes, sizing him up.

Bai Xinyu was 1.82 meters tall but he was still a few centimeters shorter in front of this man and he felt the pressure again, unlike his brother who he was afraid of, who wouldn’t really do anything to him no matter how angry he was but this man in front of him, as if he could really strangle him, it was f-cking scary.

Bai Xinyu cringed but he was already on his feet, so he couldn’t just sit down and it looked like this guy wasn’t going to leave him alone.

In the next second, Bai Xinyu felt a flash before his eyes, the man was already two steps in front of him, picked him up from his seat with one hand, he felt his head hit the man’s face and his nose was hit by the scent of pure masculinity. Before he knew it, he felt a pain in his arm, both arms were twisted behind his back and his wrist was clamped down by one hand, holding it in place.

Bai Xinyu shouted and said: “What are you doing!” he struggled but his grip on his wrist was like an iron claw.” The more he struggled, the more his wrist hurt and the more he screamed in pain.

   The man ignored him, dragged him and pushed him to the end of the car, kicked in the bathroom door and shoved him in.

   The stench hit his nose and Bai Xinyu almost threw up. As he scrambled to steady himself so as not to kiss the toilet wall, the toilet door slammed shut behind him. He lunged back to find the door handle had gotten caught on the broom.

A teasing voice came from outside the door, “There’s plenty of oxygen in here, so take your time.”

There was laughter in the train carriage.

Where has Bai Xinyu ever been treated like this, angry straight to tears, slapping desperately at the door, “You f-cking bastard, let me out!”

He heard Wang Shunwei’s voice drifting slowly from outside, “Oh, stop it, Little Yu you’re not acting like a gentleman, let him out now.”

And then Xu Chuang’s loud voice, “Don’t put it down, keep it down, this kid needs to be educated. Don’t laugh, all of you, sit still and don’t look!”

After Xu Chuang’s yell, there was no sound outside, Bai Xinyu banged on the door, yelled at his mother but no one paid any attention to him, remembering that bastard’s sarcastic face, Bai Xinyu wanted to bite him to death!

He was locked up in that stinking toilet for an hour, before someone let him out.

Bai Xinyu was now completely calm, sitting back down and not saying a word, just cursing the idiot who locked him in the toilet.

Qian Liang pushed him with concern, “Hey, are you okay?”

Bai Xinyu shook his head, not wanting to look at his face, he felt like the whole carriage was laughing at him.

Qian Liang said: “Who are you not to mess with him.”

Bai Xinyu had just finished crying, her voice was still mute and when she opened her mouth it was heavily nasal and sounded particularly distressed, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I heard that guy has a great background but he didn’t want to go to military school, so he came with us to Kunlun Mountain to suffer, what do you think? What do you think he’s thinking?”

Bai Xinyu gritted his teeth and said, “That’s insane.” Or else he would have done something so beastly.

The next day, they finally got off the train and were put into a military truck instead. By now they were in the Kunlun Mountains, even though it was still summer, the temperature was low and dry, Bai Xinyu felt like every breath took a lot of effort, his altitude sickness wasn’t as bad as yesterday but it wasn’t much better. There were a lot of stronger guys on the bus who were throwing up and diarrhea but he was lucky.

After another eight hours of trucking, Bai Xinyu felt like an animal that had been sent to the slaughterhouse in a half-dead state.

The campsite was built in the middle of nowhere and there was no cell phone reception. Bai Xinyu’s legs were shaking and he thought he should cry but he didn’t have enough tears.

The instructor had finished his instructions on the long drive, he saw that the recruits were tired, so he assigned them to quarters and sent them to rest.

Bai Xinyu was walking to the dormitory with his luggage in his arms, dragging his feet. He wanted to go to bed early, so he could get some sleep but he had no energy, no place on his body didn’t hurt and the luggage in his hands was so damn heavy, Young Master Bai had never worked as a kid and he couldn’t even lift a broom when it fell on the floor, so how could he carry such a heavy suitcase.

He got to the door of the dorm and was just about to step in when someone bumped him on the shoulder, causing his face to nearly smashing against the wall.

Even though he was slow, he knew the force was intentional. He turned back angrily and saw a pair of derisive and disdainful eyes, which were long and narrow and bright and wavering and full of indefinable charm but although the face looked like a dog, the man was immoral. This is the same bastard who locked him in the toilet on the train and left him without food all day.

Bai Xinyu hates him so much he wants to bite him but he’s also afraid of him. He’s always been this cowardly, bullying and afraid to let out a fart when he’s in a bad situation.

The man snorted out of his nose, “Pussy.”

Bai Xinyu gave him a resentful look but didn’t dare to say anything back. He thought, “What can he do if a bully shows up so quickly and he’s being watched? What’s worse, the guy turns into his dorm room and Bai Xinyu nearly sits down on the floor in a black flash. It’s bad luck for him to be in the same room as this guy, he’s going to kill him!

Bai Xinyu stood at the door for a long, sad day, before resigning himself to the fact that he was going to have to go to his advisor to get him a new dormitory.

When the man saw him come in, he smiled at him, showing his white teeth.

Bai Xinyu shuddered and turned his head away.

The dormitory was just like what he’d seen on TV, a large bunkhouse that could sleep dozens of people, with four rows of beds, aisles in the middle and all the beds in the same row very close together. The thought of twenty or so people sleeping in one room made Bai Xinyu sick to his stomach.

Bai Xinyu saw that the guy had picked out a bed, so he rushed to the one furthest away from him and dumped his luggage on the bed.

He’d just put his bags down, unzipped himself to get something to eat, when someone grabbed him by the back of the neck. A teasing voice sounded above him, “Who told you to sleep here?”

Bai Xinyu turned back, frightened and looked at the evil-jinx.

The evil-jinx pointed to a bed inside, “Go sleeps there.”

Bai Xinyu looks at it, f-ck, it’s right next to his bed, or to put it bluntly, he could roll over on top of him. If he sleeps there, he’s gonna lose ten years of his life and he shook his head. I’ll sleep here… I’m fine.”

The evil-jinx tugged a smirk at the corners of his mouth, gave an evil smile, unceremoniously picked up his luggage, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to his own bed, threw the luggage away and said without a word and said: “You sleep here.”

Bai Xinyu looked around him and saw that all the people around him looked like they were watching a good show but no one offered him a helping hand.

When the evil-jinx let go of his hand, Bai Xinyu crawled out.

~Little Poplar~


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