Little Poplar, Chapter 4: Sells *ss to save *ss

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 4: Sells *ss to save *ss

Bai Xinyu stormed into the instructor’s office, not caring how badly he had impressed him on the train the day before when he was locked in the toilet instead of getting oxygen and said brazenly, “Instructor, please move me to another dormitory.”

Wang Shunwei’s eyebrows crossed, “What do you mean?”

Bai Xinyu was close to wiping tears from his eyes, “Give me another one!”

Wang Shunwei sneered and said: “The accommodation in the new company is a little tougher but any challenge can be overcome. When the new recruits finish their training, they’ll be transferred to a better dormitory. I know you had a better life before but when you’re in the army, you’re treated equally, no one is allowed to be treated special and I have no reason to change your quarters.”

“Instructor, I beg you, please give me another one, it’s not that I don’t like the dormitory conditions, no, the dormitory conditions are quite bad but that’s not the main reason….”

Wang Shunwei frowned and said: “What’s the matter with you little comrade, I’ve been leading soldiers for so many years, I’ve never heard of new recruits having to change quarters.”

Bai Xinyu saw no hope of changing dormitories and suddenly remembered what his mom had told him before he left, that his brother had given him a yearbook mate to take care of him, what’s his name? He hesitated and said: “Sir, do you know a guy named Yu…  Yu Fengcheng… Yu Fengcheng, which dorm he’s in? He’s from my hometown… (Chuckles)…my hometown… I’m looking out for him.”

Wang Shunwei smiled oddly, “You’re looking for him?”

Bai Xinyu nodded, looking at him with particular urgency.

Wang Shunwei suddenly warmed up, rubbing his hands and standing up, “Go, go, I’ll take you to him.”

Bai Xinyu followed him, uncomprehendingly, back and forth, back to his own dormitory. He was surprised and said: “He’s in my dorm?” Not only did he feel happy but he hoped that he was good enough to stop the devil.

Wang Shunwei, with a look on his face, shouted at the dormitory door, “Comrade Yu Fengcheng.”

Bai Xinyu glared at his savior searching his eyes.

Only to see the fury that he hated and feared turn his head, straighten his back and answer in a loud voice and said: “Here!”

Bai Xinyu just felt like his world had collapsed in an instant.

Wang Shunwei was full of derision, pushing Bai Xinyu, “He wants to see you.”

Yu Fengcheng gave a long” oh” and came over with a smile, “What do you want with me?”

Bai Xinyu looked at him with a pale, frightened face and couldn’t even cry.

Yu Fengcheng looked at him standing like a statue, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of the dormitory, turning into the quiet of the corridor, “Say, what do you want with me, are you itchy?”

Bai Xinyu’s lips were trembling but he couldn’t speak.

Yu Fengcheng had his hands on either side of his head, looking down at him condescendingly, “You’re Bai Xinyu, aren’t you.”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“I knew it by the way you were acting.”

Bai Xinyu raged, “Then why are you…?.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled badly, “How dare you come to the army. You want someone to take care of you? You think this is a nursery?”

Bai Xinyu sniffles, “If you don’t care, I won’t care, who asked you to care, just don’t make trouble for me. After all, my brother is your uncle’s friend, so please do me a favor.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled, “So what if I don’t agree?”


Yu Fengcheng lowered his head, his handsome face slowly approaching Bai Xinyu, “I get angry when I see you looking like this coward, how do you look like a man?”

Bai Xinyu plucked up the courage to talk back and said: “None of your business.”

As Yu Fengcheng’s face got closer and closer, Bai Xinyu felt that something was wrong but being a pure straight man, he couldn’t tell what it was. Until Yu Fengcheng said, “But, you’re not entirely without any good qualities, at least you’re not bad looking.” This weak chicken with red lips, white teeth and tender skin, is really a good dish.

Bai Xinyu frowned, savoring the words but still unable to respond.

Yu Fengcheng leaned close to his ear and whispered, “If you want me to cover you, it’s not impossible but, you’ll have to be mine.”

Bai Xinyu was struck by lightning! Bai Xinyu curses his ancestors. It’s not like he’s going to give up his ass to keep the peace, he’s not that sort of a man. He pushed Yu Fengcheng away, “Get lost, you f-ggot, leave me alone!”

Yu Fengcheng didn’t get annoyed but smiled in a way that scared him, “You’re the only one I’m interested in and you don’t want to? Then get ready, I’m waiting for you to cry out and beg me to f-ck you.” And with a pinch of Bai Xinyu’s cheek, he whistled and left.

   Bai Xinyu’s body was too cold to cry and the dark, unseen corridor seemed to foreshadow the rest of his army life.

   Yu Fengcheng, just wait, I will never give in to you!

   Bai Xinyu went back to the dormitory after a long mental preparation. As soon as he entered the room, Yu Fengcheng raised his head and gave him a slow, methodical glance that gave him goose bumps. He pretended he didn’t see it and reluctantly returned to his bed and began to pack his things.

Suddenly, he heard the click, click, click of the scissors behind him, a noise that seemed deliberate and the next thing he knew, the hat was off his head. He snapped back, saw Yu Fengcheng gesturing at him with the rusty scissors and said in horror and said: “What are you doing now?”

Yu Fengcheng took off his hat, revealing his short, round cut and shiny forehead, a head with almost no hair hairstyle but instead his face shape and features, his bright eyes and high nose were incredibly circumscribed, the whole person just looked smart and neat. He pointed to his head, “See, standard hairstyle, if you leave that hairy head until tomorrow, Officer Xu will shave your face into the ground.” He flicked the scissors, smiled wickedly and said: “Don’t say I don’t take care of you, I’ll take care of a problem for you now.”

Bai Xinyu covers his hair at once, staring at him with wide eyes, “Oh shit, you, you stay back.”

Yu Fengcheng wanted to laugh at Bai Xinyu’s blank stare, like a frightened little hamster.

Qian Liang leaned in at some point, “Brother, what he said is true, your haircut is no good, cut it, man, why bother with that hair.”

“No, no, I won’t cut it!” Bai Xinyu saw that Yu Fengcheng had leaned over, he turned over to escape from the other side of the bed but he forgot that the space between the beds was very narrow, as soon as his foot landed on the ground, he was about to get up, his knee hit the other side of the bed so hard that he cried out in pain, covered his leg and sat back down.

Yu Fengcheng’s big paws grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back, pushed him down on the bed in one fell swoop and then pressed his knee against his chest.

Bai Xinyu was holding her hair and screaming, “I won’t cut it! Let go of me, you molest… No, shit, help…”

The recruits in the quarters laughed.

Yu Fengcheng covered Bai Xinyu’s mouth with one hand, he lowered his head and gave a smile that made Bai Xinyu tremble, “If you move again, I’ll really molest you.”

Everyone else thought Yu Fengcheng was joking, only Bai Xinyu knew the bastard could be serious, he looked at Yu Fengcheng with tears in his eyes, considered a little between turning bald and dignity and finally softened his voice, “Brother, can I cut it myself?”

Yu Fengcheng flicked his forehead with his finger, “No way. You can either untie your hands now, or I’ll tie you up and cut you, your choice.”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes burst with resentment, he held his head for a moment and hesitated, finally sucking in his nose and releasing his hand, because Yu Fengcheng’s knees were already crushing his chest and he couldn’t breathe, he tugged at Yu Fengcheng’s pants, “Get up now.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed and said: “You want to pull it off? Just say the word and I’ll take it off for you.”

Bai Xinyu raged and said: “You’re insane.”

Yu Fengcheng got up, dragged him out of bed too, “Sit still, if you move, I don’t care if I cut your ears and nose.”

Bai Xinyu was grief-stricken, “Those clippers are dirty.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed and said: “I know.” He lifted up a section of Bai Xinyu’s hair and mercilessly cut it off.

“Ah!” Bai Xinyu screamed, “mirror… mirror, what the f-ck did you cut my ahir like a bear? Qian Liang, give me a mirror.”

Qian Liang searched for a mirror, “Oh, there’s no mirror in the house.” and then looked at his head and giggled.

Yu Fengcheng squeezed his shoulders a little harder, “Sit your ass down.”

Bai Xinyu looked at the half-length stubble of hair that had fallen on his bed and knew that it was irrevocably need to be cut, he was like clockwork, he wilted, his well-groomed hairstyle was gone, he hated hair without bangs, because his forehead was a bit big, it certainly wasn’t handsome enough. But then he thought, in a place where only pigs are female, who will he look good for? If he was ugly, he wouldn’t have been missed by the guy behind him.

It’s all my fault for being so handsome… Master Bai was so self-absorbed but at the same time, he felt a little bit proud.

Yu Fengcheng wasn’t shy about it at all but with a few cuts, Bai Xinyu’s newly dyed, fashionable chestnut hair fell out and shattered like his little heart.

After the cut, Yu Fengcheng brushed the stray hairs from his head and said with satisfaction and said: “Not bad.”

Qian Liang giggled and his shoulders shook with laughter.

Bai Xinyu stroked his prickly hair and had a bad feeling in his heart, he jumped out of the bed and crawled towards the toilet, he looked in the mirror and screamed, who the f-ck is that idiot in the mirror with hair like a dog’s gnaw!

Yu Fengcheng leaned against the doorframe, smiling harmlessly and said: “How are you, in good spirits.”

Bai Xinyu pointed at him with a trembling finger, “You…. You….”

Qian Liang and the new recruits from his dorm room came over, blocking the doorway, 18 or 19 years olds, all laughing their heads off.

Bai Xinyu was so furious that he couldn’t control his hatred, he pounced on Yu Fengcheng and threw his fist in the air.

Qian Liang shrieked, “Bai Xinyu!”

Yu Fengcheng grabbed his wrist, using the same trick he did on the train and twisted it backwards, Bai Xinyu cried out in pain, his arm was twisted behind his back and his body was turned around, he reached out his other hand to grab Yu Fengcheng’s face but Yu Fengcheng clamped down on it at the same time.

“Ouch, you let go of me!”

Yu Fengcheng grinned and said: “How dare you provoke me when you know my punishment hurts.”

“Who the f-ck provoked you, you provoke me, you psycho! You’re crazy!”

Yu Fengcheng pushed Bai Xinyu into the washroom, closes the door and shuts out Qian Liang and the others who are watching.

It’s not allowed to fight in the army, Qian Liang saw something wrong and rushed to the door, “Hey you two stop it, Yu Fengcheng you let him go, don’t cause any trouble.”

Yu Fengcheng pressed his back against the door, not letting them in and said briskly and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll just have a chat with him.”

Bai Xinyu opened his mouth to cry out but then he felt Yu Fengcheng grab him by the waist and lean against his body and he froze, not daring to move, because his ass was now against Yu Fengcheng’s bottom and he could feel the bulge stirring.

Yu Fengcheng put his lips to his ear and whispered and said: “If you move again, it’s not going to be easy.”

Bai Xinyu’s body was covered in goosebumps, he never dreamed that he would be sexually harassed by a man one day, he thought he would be the king of the world without shame but this Yu was even more shameless than him! He shuddered, “What do you want?”

Yu Fengcheng chuckled and said: “Wanting to f-ck you, can’t you see that?”

Bai Xinyu shuddered, threatening without breath, “Don’t you dare.”

“If I dare, you’ll find out.”

Bai Xinyu with a cryptic voice and said: “I’m not gay, don’t you hit on me, I, my brother is awesome, he’ll kill you!”

Yu Fengcheng said” oh”, “didn’t your brother throw you in the army? If you’d waited for your brother to rescue you, you’d have been knocked out several times.”

Bai Xinyu was so angry and frustrated, he wanted to bite someone.

Yu Fengcheng chuckled lowly and said: “You don’t have to be so burdened, after three months when you realize you can’t even remember what a woman looks like, you’ll realize that I’m fine too.”


“We’ll see about that”, Yu Fengcheng kissed him on the ear, then let go of his hand.

Bai Xinyu took a few steps back, looking at Yu Fengcheng in shock and fear, just like a good girl who has been bullied by a bully.

Yu Fengcheng laughed cheerfully, shaking his head as he smiled, “Not bad, you can play for a long time.” Then he opened the door, whistled and left.

Qian Liang ran in, eyeing him, “Hey, are you okay.”

Bai Xinyu had tears in his eyes, thinking he was in such a trouble.

~Little Poplar~


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