Little Poplar, Chapter 5: You ate my food you B-stard

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 5: You ate my food you B-stard

After unpacking, it’s dark and everyone’s going to the cafeteria for dinner.

Bai Xinyu was so sleepy, that the 1.2-meter humble plank bed was a huge temptation in his eyes and since he hadn’t slept flat on his back for three days, he didn’t want to, he wanted to go straight to sleep.

After everyone had left, he got under the covers and the moment he lay flat on his back, he felt his back so sore that he couldn’t stretch out at all, so he had to lie on his side and he fell asleep in a daze.

I don’t know how long he slept but someone came back to the dormitory, the lights were on, Bai Xinyu muttered something discontented, covered his head with a blanket and turned over to go back to sleep.

Qian Liang patted his blanket, “Hey, aren’t you going to eat, too?”

Bai Xinyu muttered and said: “No food, sleepy.”

A new recruit spoke with a Shandong accent excitedly said: “The white steamed buns in the canteen are so delicious, I ate five of them in one sitting.”

“Look at the way your belly is holding up, ha ha ha ha.”

“That roast pork really doesn’t have oil in it, tsk, tsk, it smells good, if I knew the army food was so good, my god I wouldn’t have cried so much.”

Bai Xinyu listened to them discussing dinner, his stomach grumbled and he was hungry… He was going to get up and look for something to eat.

As soon as he got out of the blanket, he saw Yu Fengcheng’s eyes staring at him at once, he was so shocked that he covered his head with the blanket like a mouse seeing a cat.

Yu Fengcheng lost his smile, lifted his blanket, “What are you doing.”

Bai Xinyu clutched the corner of the blanket, desperately trying to hide in the bed but he sadly found Yu Fengcheng in the bed next to him, the kid stretched out his arms, hooking him in any way he could, he said guardedly: “I want to sleep.”

“You’re not hungry without food?”

“I’ve got a lot of goodies in my bag and I don’t need you.”

Yu Fengcheng nodded, smiling wryly, “You’ve got a bunch of goodies in your bag.”

Bai Xinyu can’t wait to slap himself, that’s how you dig your own grave.

A few of the recruits came over, “Hey, what’s good, let’s try some.”

Bai Xinyu pouted, “It’s all from my mom, no give.”

“Stingy, my mom brought some pickles, so we’ll share them later.”

“I still have the salami from home.”

Yu Fengcheng stood up, dragged his bags out of Bai Xinyu’s locker, dumped the pile of snacks in his bag onto his bed, “Come on, guys split it.”

Bai Xinyu jumped up from the bed, “What are you doing!”

Yu Fengcheng picked up a packet of bear biscuits, gave them a little shake, “You eat this stuff?”

Bai Xinyu righteously said: “This is not human food?”

Yu Fengcheng ripped open the package, opened his mouth, dumped half the bag of cookies into his mouth, then nodded as he chewed, “Yeah, I tested it for you, it’s not poisonous, it’s human food.”

A bunch of smiling recruits came over to divide up the snacks, Bai Xinyu was in tears, “My mom got this for me….”

The man standing beside Bai Xinyu’s bed, apparently in Bai Xinyu’s bunk, bowed his head and said meekly, “It’s all of our first time away from home, so let’s not tease him.”

That’s when the jokes stopped.

Bai Xinyu turned his head and saw a pair of very soft and bright eyes. The boy was a simple-looking boy, not very tall, a bit thin, with well-shaped eyebrows and eyes, handsome, not bad-looking but a bit rustic. The boy saw Bai Xinyu looking at him, smiled and said: “My name is Feng Dongyuan, from Xi’an, I’ll sleep on your top bunk.”

Bai Xinyu nodded blankly, “Oh, my name is Bai Xinyu.” This Feng Dongyuan is a bit better than the loud-mouthed Qian Liang.

Yu Fengcheng wasn’t shy about picking out a few snacks, all meat and then pushing the others out, “Hey, take it back.”

Bai Xinyu tugged at the luggage, stuffing all those snacks into his bag with a grumpy face, he thought about it but took out two bags and handed them to Qian Liang, “Qian Liang, this one is for you.”

Qian Liang smiled, “Oh, really.” and then happily took it over.

Bai Xinyu was a bit embarrassed, how much are these things worth, he’s never been stingy, he just doesn’t want Yu Fengcheng to succeed.

Yu Fengcheng looked at him with a smirk, “Why don’t you eat yet.”

Bai Xinyu whispered and said: “I can’t eat looking at you.”

“Yeah, well, you’ll be hungry.”  Yu Fengcheng said smilingly and said: “Tomorrow morning, wake up at 5:30, and we start training officially, see if you can handle it.”

Bai Xinyu, who has not yet woken up from his paper-thin life and can’t imagine waking up at five o’clock for a day of training, retorts and said: “I’ll just have breakfast tomorrow.”

Yu Fengcheng nodded, “Yes, have breakfast.” and then smiled in a meaningless way.

Bai Xinyu was sick of his weird smile, like he’s going to have bad luck next, no, he’s already had bad luck with this bully.

Lights out at 9:30 p.m. sharp, Bai Xinyu was too tired to wash his face, so he fell asleep again with the blanket on.

Just as Young Master Bai was sleeping soundly, dreaming of a good night’s sleep, the sound of a trumpet suddenly rang out in his ears.

The lighter ones in the dormitory all got up and began to dress in a panic, Bai Xinyu covered his ears, irritated by the disturbance of his dreams.

Feng Dongyuan jumped down from the top bunk, pushed Bai Xinyu as he pulled on his pants, “Hey, get up, get dressed.”

Bai Xinyu doesn’t listen, he’s up, he’s angry, he’s asleep, he’s not angry, he’s clutching the covers, he’s covering his head, he’s trying to escape from reality.

“Xinyu, get up now!”  Qian Liang’s loud voice sounded in his ear.

Bai Xinyu muttered in a jar from under the covers, “Sorry, leave me alone!”

In the next second, his blanket was lifted with such force that he almost rolled out of bed. Although it’s summer, the temperature difference in Xinjiang is great and the mornings and nights are cold. Bai Xinyu curls up, shivering and opens his puffy eyes, looking at Yu Fengcheng with hatred.

Yu Fengcheng kicked him, “Get up now.”

Bai Xinyu cried and said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I haven’t slept enough, it’s not even dawn yet.” It’s been years since he’s woken up early. He’s always woken up in the middle of the night, it’s cold and dark outside and his bed is the only place he’s ever been and getting him up now is worse than killing him.

Qian Liang patted him on the back, “Brother, get up quickly, Instructor Xu is known as the devil instructor, you want to be punished to death by him.”

Bai Xinyu didn’t listen, rolled all over the bed hugging the back corner, cried like a repeater, “I’m sorry….”

Yu Fengcheng put on his uniform, put on his gun belt, straightened his collar, then pounced on the bed and started tearing Bai Xinyu’s pajamas.

Bai Xinyu’s eyes snapped open in shock, shouting, “What are you doing! Playing hooligan!”

Qian Liang came to her senses.” Come on, two of you, help!” she said.”  and jumped on him, grabbing Bai Xinyu’s hand, while the recruit on the other side of the bed came over and grabbed Bai Xinyu’s feet and as he screamed, the men quickly stripped him of his pajamas.

Bai Xinyu came to his senses, because Yu Fengcheng was teasingly on top of him, pulling at his clothes and his hands were like electricity, caressing his skin, making the places he touched hot and his face flushed red. Even though there were many people in the room, when he looked into Yu Fengcheng’s eyes, he felt that all those people around him were just for show, the two of them were enclosed in a twisted space, Yu Fengcheng stripped him naked in a hunting manner and no one could come to save him… He felt numb, took a deep breath and yelled and said: “I’m up! I’m up! I’m up!”

After he yelled twice, Yu Fengcheng let go of him, hugging his chest and looking at him, “Don’t wear pajamas when you go to bed, it’ll slow you down when it comes to taking it off.”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes were red, his clothes were disheveled and his hair was disheveled. He crawled out of bed, sniffing his nose and putting on his clothes.

Xu Chuang yelled from downstairs, “Thirty seconds left!”

Everyone stopped talking to Bai Xinyu and rushed downstairs, leaving Bai Xinyu alone in the blink of an eye in a dormitory of twenty people. He also felt the need to hurry up, because it was quite scary to think about Xu Chuang’s fierce demeanor. After a few seconds of hesitation, he rushed back to the dormitory, took out the moisturizer from his bag and put it on before going downstairs.

Xu Chuang and Wang Shunwei were standing on the podium and there was a class leader in front of each squad. Bai Xinyu cautiously walked over to them, causing all the new recruits to look at him. Wang Shunwei also turned his head, looking at the new recruit who arrived late.

All of a sudden, Bai Xinyu shivered and froze in his tracks and it didn’t seem right to take a step back, or to keep walking.

Xu Chuang’s stern eyes fixed on Bai Xinyu, he slowly lifted his wrist, checking the time, “What time is the assembly?”

Bai Xinyu thought for a while, “6:00?”

Xu Chuang yelled, “5:35!”

Bai Xinyu cringed, thinking 5:30 a.m., five-minute early for a run, that’s just sickening.

Xu Chuang shouted and said: “You’re new recruits on your first day, I’ll allow you to spend five minutes in the assembly but in a week, I want you in front of me in three minutes from your bunks, running, crawling, jumping down from buildings, any way you can, I don’t care, in my barracks, there will be no dawdling act. You!” Xu Chuang pointed at Bai Xinyu, “Come here!”

Bai Xinyu’s legs were shaking now and this instructor is really f-cking scary.

~Little Poplar~


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