Little Poplar, Chapter 7: How do you scream on the bed?

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 7: How do you scream on the bed?

Bai Xinyu was sleepy and hungry, yawning several times without daring to make a sound, staring at the crude wall clock on the wall, longing for his breakfast.

After talking for an hour, Chen Jing looked at the time, “It’s 7:30, I’ll take you to breakfast now and come back to teach you how to fold your blankets, let’s go. Let’s go.”

Bai Xinyu almost cried tears of joy at the sound of dinner coming up and rushed out of the dormitory.

Chen Jing shouted, “Get back here!”

Bai Xinyu stiffened and retreated.

“Line up! At ease, attention.” Chen Jing pointed a warning finger at Bai Xinyu and led the twenty or so men out of the dormitory in an orderly fashion.

At the canteen, recruits from other squads were coming one after another, there were more than 200 of them in this camp and the canteen was so big that Bai Xinyu could smell the aroma emanating from the canteen from afar.

Bai Xinyu’s eyes were already blue with hunger, so he took four buns at once, found a seat, took a big bowl and drank the congee(rice porridge) but it was so hot that he threw up as soon as he put it in his mouth he spat out, even yelp on your tongue.

A hand snagged his chin at once, derisively, “You haven’t eaten in eight hundred years? what’s the hurry.”

Bai Xinyu grabbed Yu Fengcheng’s wrist, tried to scold him but his tongue burned numb and he couldn’t speak.

Yu Fengcheng sat across from Bai Xinyu and said with a sincere face and said: “I’m concerned about my comrades, why are you staring at me. Let me see, do you have blisters?”

Bai Xinyu said with a big tongue, “Let go.”

Yu Fengcheng leaned closer to him and said in a very low voice and said: “Do you want me to blow for you?”

Bai Xinyu’s face turned red, pushed his hand away with all his might and hurriedly looked around, he chose the table next to the small number of people, so he almost didn’t get overheard…. He gritted his teeth and said, “Are you done?”

Yu Fengcheng shrugged, “Nope we need at least two years as a conscript, today is only the second day, don’t you think about it.”

Bai Xinyu raged and said: “I’m telling you, I’m not going with you to  the same company.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled, “That’s right, with a guy like you, 90% of the time you’ll probably be in the cook company.”

Bai Xinyu froze, panicked, “No, no way.” this evil-jinx can’t be serious, why would he go to the kitchen, no way, the bastard is scaring him again.

Yu Fengcheng picked up a piece of radish and pickles, tossed it into his mouth and said with a smile, “There’s nothing wrong with the cook company, you’ll never be hungry again.”

Bai Xinyu stared at him until his eyes were about to cramp, so he grabbed a bun and took a big bite of it. The bun was thin and stuffed with pork, cabbage and noodles.

Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan sat down next to them with their plates, Bai Xinyu took a look at Qian Liang in the middle of nibbling on the buns and was immediately shocked, Qian Liang came over with a basin and the white buns were piled up like a mountain.

Bai Xinyu shouted and said: “Qian Liang, why are you taking so much?”

Qian Liang said as a matter of course and said: “Let’s eat.” Then he picked up a bun, the size of a grown man’s palm and finished it in three bites, saying as he chewed, “I’m a big eater.”

Qian Liang is the lean type but he thoroughly implemented the three words” big chewy appetite” with his actions, as he held a bun to the left and right and in no time he flattened the” tip of the mountain”.

Feng Dongyuan pushed the congee in front of him, “Qian Liang, you eat slowly, don’t choke.”

There’s a table full of Uyghur recruits, eating Muslim halal food, seeing as how Qian Liang eats so well, what are they looking at?

In the presence of such a person, the people around him were eating very well and Bai Xinyu was gorging himself.

In the middle of the meal, Xu Chuang suddenly came in, he rapped on the door, “Let’s take a break.”

Two hundred people in the cafeteria stopped to look at him.

Xu Chuang said: “I’m late for something, we have a dinner tradition here, let me share it with you.” He coughed, “Repeat after me, “The day is noon–”

The crowd froze for two seconds and the cafeteria was filled with uneven voices.

Xu Chuang clapped his hands, “Stop! Say it loudly and neatly, 1, 2, 3, hoe…”

The new recruits, with their bellies full of goods, shouted out, “The day is noon, the sweat falls on the soil, who knows how hard it is to get the food, the grain–”

“Good! Recite this poem to me as a group before every meal, it tells us not to waste food, not to waste the work of our cooks, not to take what we eat and to punish anyone I find wasting it! Come on, let’s eat!”

Bai Xinyu ate three buns in one go but the panic of hunger had passed and his speed had slowed down. When he looked up, he saw Yu the evil-jinx open his mouth and take a big bite out of the bun, chewing his cheeks with a bulge, looking at him as if nothing had happened, his eyes shining with amusement.

Bai Xinyu tried to pull his leg back but Yu Fengcheng was choking him hard, unable to move. All the new recruits eating and chatting around him didn’t notice the movement under their table but he was already so guilty that his face burned. This Yu Fengcheng is definitely sent by the heavens to kill him!

Bai Xinyu looked at him furiously and finally could not stand it any longer, so he backed up hard and tried to stand up all of a sudden but the moment he got up, Yu Fengcheng suddenly released his grip, causing him to lose his weight, his knee hit the tray and as he leaned back with the stool, half a bowl of congee and some pickles were pinned on him.

Bai Xinyu sat dumbfounded on the floor, looking at the porridge and soy sauce puddling on his body, not knowing what to do.

Yu Fengcheng looked at Bai Xinyu’s mess and felt a thrill in his heart, he lowered his head and smiled, his shoulders shrugged.

Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan immediately came over to help him, “Hey, what’s wrong with you, you fell from a chair when you’re sitting properly.”

Bai Xinyu pointed at Yu Fengcheng, her hands trembling… You… you… You…” His eyes were red with rage.

Yu Fengcheng looked at him innocently, “What’s wrong with me.”

Feng Dongyuan looked at Yu Fengcheng, there was some blame in his eyes, although he didn’t watch anything but Bai Xinyu fell, he thought it was mostly Yu Fengcheng who kicked him, he helped Bai Xinyu up, “Go back to the dormitory, change your clothes.”

Yu Fengcheng was holding his chin, looking at Feng Dongyuan’s hands on Bai Xinyu’s arms and waist, narrowing his eyes.

Except for Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan, the others didn’t react at all. Some of them even snickered. Bai Xinyu wasn’t very popular. He was annoying enough on the train and he was late on his first day of training. I’m sorry.

Bai Xinyu was so angry that tears welled up in his eyes, he hadn’t had much luck since he was a kid, even if someone messed with him, his brother stood up for him. He felt isolated and alone, he was a joker who took pleasure in making fun of him. He knew a lot of the recruits didn’t like him either, he was like an extra here, he didn’t belong here, he wasn’t welcome here.

Coming to this place had been a total mistake and he wanted to go home.

Chen Jing came over, looked over at Bai Xinyu, “Have you had enough?”

Bai Xinyu nodded.

“You two go back with him and get dressed.”

Bai Xinyu shook his head, pushed away Feng Dongyuan and Qian Liang and whispered and said: “I’ll go back by myself.” And then, with his head down, he left the cafeteria quickly and ran to the dormitory.

His stomach felt hot and wet on the way, his lapels were dripping with soup and he wept as he walked, his heart overflowing with grievances.

When he got back to the dormitory, he took a set of clothes and went to the common washroom, took off his dirty clothes and wiped his belly and thighs with a wet towel.

When Bai Xinyu turned around, Yu Fengcheng was leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets, looking at him with unblinking eyes.

Bai Xinyu clutched his chest, he was now in a pitiful pair of underpants but what was it covering up, Bai Xinyu shuddered under the scowl in his eyes, “What are you doing?” Old hatreds make new enemies, Bai Xinyu now sees Yu Fengcheng and he’s jealous.

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said: “Come to see if you need any help.” As he spoke, his eyes darted over Bai Xinyu’s body, from his rabbit-red eyes, to his long, thin neck, then to his pale upper body, then to his gray, tuggable underwear and finally to his long, straight legs.” He tsked twice, “Not bad but I’ve got a bit of a belly, I need to work on it.”

Bai Xinyu was creeped out by Yu Fengcheng, he grabbed the clean clothes and hugged him, “I’m telling you, if you try to be a punk, I….”

“How are you?” Yu Fengcheng’s thin lips quirked a faint smile, he stepped into the washroom and closed the door lightly.

Bai Xinyu yelled, “Don’t you come over here, damn it, if you do, I’ll call it rape, I’ll call it molestation!”

Yu Fengcheng said” Oh”, “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Bai Xinyu was shivering, he hated and feared Yu the evil-jinx and it was awful to feel like he couldn’t fight back.

Yu Fengcheng jumped in front of Bai Xinyu, covered Bai Xinyu’s mouth as he opened his mouth to scream and clamped down on Bai Xinyu’s waist with his big hand, pinning him between his body and the sink, unable to move.

Bai Xinyu glared, swung his fist and tried to hit him, Yu Fengcheng grabbed his wrist, pressed it against the washbasin and chuckled softly and said: “You can scream now.”

Bai Xinyu took a deep breath but couldn’t say anything, he never minded his affair being known, it was a symbol of wealth and charm for a man but when the object became another man, it was a completely different f-cking nature! It’s not over with you.”

Yu Fengcheng nodded, “It’s not over. Look at you, you say you’re going to scream but you don’t and now I’m really curious, how do you scream in bed?”

Bai Xinyu’s face turned red, “F-ck you.”

“I want to hear it.”  Yu Fengcheng sighed softly, sliding his hand down Bai Xinyu’s spine and finally to the edge of his briefs, where a long, slender finger, teasingly slipped into them, tickling the flesh of his tender buttocks.

A shudder ran through Bai Xinyu’s body. For years, he had flirted with and been seduced by all sorts of beautiful women but never before had his body trembled and his heart pounded like crazy and he wanted to yell at them but his childhood experience of being a bully and a coward had taught him that he was only asking for trouble if he wanted to be strong for his” virginity” he said: “Brother, please don’t joke around, what have I done to you, please let me go.”

Yu Fengcheng licked his lips, his eyes twinkling with amusement and he smiled evilly and said: “Maybe it’s your -ss.” And with that, Bai Xinyu’s underwear were yanked down.

The T/N has something to say and said: is this the first time I’ve ever written a CP where the seme and the seme are both unruly?

~Little Poplar~


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