Little Poplar, Chapter 8: I can’t live in this ghostly place

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 8: I can’t live in this ghostly place

Bai Xinyu shouted, “Oh shit, get the f-ck off me!” He was frantically pulling on his underwear, pushing on Yu Fengcheng but neither side was strong enough and he was about to cry as he saw his poor little brother(d-ck) exposed to the air.

Yu Fengcheng took one look at Little Brother Bai and smiled lowly and said: “Not much spirit, do you want me to help you?”

Bai Xinyu hushed and said: “You’re a f-cking pervert, you’re crazy, you’re sick in the head, don’t you dare touch me again….”

Yu Fengcheng suddenly grabbed him by the neck, his teasing expression changed, his gaze became fierce and he said in a chilling voice and said: “If you’re bullied, you only know how to find your brother. How old are you? How old are you?”

Bai Xinyu was shocked by his sudden change of face and looked at him in horror.

Yu Fengcheng leaned in close to his ear and whispered and said: “Downstairs in the instructor’s office, there’s a pay phone, call your savior cousin and tell him to get you back, the army is not a place for losers like you to hang around, get as far away from here as you can, don’t stay here and drag your feet.”

Bai Xinyu’s face turned red, because Yu Fengcheng deliberately pressed his artery with the tiger’s mouth, although the force wasn’t enough to suffocate him but it was already difficult to breathe, although he had only known Yu Fengcheng for a few days but his fear of this man was already deeply rooted in his heart, especially now with this fierce look, his legs became weak.

Yu Fengcheng let go of Bai Xinyu, scowling at him from head to toe, taking in his trembling face, Yu Fengcheng pointed at him, “Whatever method you want to use, go back.” and opened the door and walked away without looking back.

A gust of wind from the open door sent Bai Xinyu shivering, he sniffed his nose, hurriedly put on his clothes and ran to the instructor’s office while wiping his tears.

It’s even worse than Yu Fengcheng who teases him, who shows his disgust for him, so what if he’s a loser, he’s still a baby to his mother, he didn’t come to this hellhole because he wanted to, why does he have to go through all this nonsense!

Bai Xinyu found a few phones stands in the mail room but many new recruits who had just eaten were already swarming over and there was a three-meter long line behind all five phones.

At this rate, the line might not last an hour, so he hesitated but turned around and went back to the dorm, planning to come back when there were fewer people, mainly because he’d hear the f-cking noise, he’d cry, he didn’t want to cry in front of all these people.

   When he came back to the dormitory, the others came back and when he entered the room, the people who had been chatting loudly quieted down and stared at him.

   Bai Xinyu walked back to his bed with his head down, doesn’t look at anyone, lies down on the bed with his head down and doesn’t want to move.

Suddenly, someone tapped him on the head, “Get up, as I just told you an hour ago, as part of dormitory discipline, no lying in bed at any other time except during lunch break and at night.”

Bai Xinyu muffled and said: “I’m undisciplined, you can fire me and expel me from here.”

Chen Jing was silent for two seconds, tugging Bai Xinyu by the arm and dragging him off the bed, “Stand up straight.”

Bai Xinyu ducked his head in resistance.

Chen Jing raised the volume, “Stand up straight!”

Bai Xinyu remembered the” stretching exercise” in the morning, still a little scared and straightened his back. When he looked up, he saw Yu Fengcheng sitting on a stool not far away, holding a book in his hand but his eyes were staring at him, eyes still full of sarcasm.

Chen Jing looked at him, “You want to go home?”

Bai Xinyu nodded.

“Who doesn’t want to go home here? Batur’s house is the nearest to the camp, 220 km and the nearest road is 80 km away, 80 km on a dirt road. Do you know how long it takes? A whole day. He doesn’t have a phone at home, you can call his family if you want, can’t he? Unless it’s an emergency, the army won’t send a special car to take him home, even on holidays, the 220 km is only three or four hours drive from the city, it’s so close but he can’t come home for two or three years, he can’t hear his family, ask him if he wants to go home. You ask him if he wants to go home.”

Batur scratched his hair, his long eyelashes fluttering, his eyes a little red.

Bai Xinyu doesn’t understand why Class Leader is saying this but he feels uncomfortable about it.

“Bai Xinyu what were you doing when you were 16? You are 6 years older than Batur… I have seen all of you… you are the oldest in this class… you are 6 years too older… that’s why you woke up once, ran once, suffered once and cried out to go home?”

Bai Xinyu, according to his own father, is a lousy dude who can’t help himself. He’s always had a muddle-headed attitude towards himself, since his family doesn’t worry about money, he enjoys his life every day. Although his parents and brother often scolded him, he had already developed an iron wall, so he could do whatever he wanted when harsh words went in his ears. He was so embarrassed that his face burned when he heard the words of this cold-skinned Class Leader, who was a year younger than him. The eyes of the people in the dormitory who were staring at him made his back sweat.

Chen Jing pushed up his glasses, “I want to go home too and when my parents ask what I did in the army, I can count one, two, three of the things I did, instead of acting rudely so as to get someone to ‘discharge’ me!”

Bai Xinyu pursed his lips, not saying a word. He was both annoyed and displeased and was filled with anger at Chen Jing for not giving him face. This is his first day in the army and he was threatened by Yu Fengcheng and then criticized by Class Leader when he returned to the dormitory. Backlash! If he stays here any longer, he’ll be half dead.

Chen Jing sighed at Bai Xinyu’s apparently still indignant look, “Think about it. Everyone stand in line and I’ll teach you how to fold your blankets.”

Bai Xinyu was in a depressed state, having spent the entire morning muddling around, not really listening, thinking about his own tragic origins and worrying about the rest of his life.

After Chen Jing’s lesson, have everyone practice in groups.

Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan rushed to Bai Xinyu’s side, Qian Liang pushed Bai Xinyu who was hanging his head down, “Hey, are you okay?”

Bai Xinyu shook his head and nobody wants to talk to him.

Feng Dongyuan whispered and said: “Don’t be sad, Class Leader is also for your own good, in fact… In fact Class Leader is right, if you are too spoiled, you won’t have an easy time here.”

Bai Xinyu raised his head and said angrily and said: “You think I’m spoiled too!” He thought Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan were the only ones who didn’t look down on him but who knows what they were thinking.

Feng Dongyuan busy and said: “I didn’t mean that, don’t be angry. I just… I want everyone to be well, if you hate it here, how can you live, you might as well change your attitude.”

Bai Xinyu grumbled and said: “Unless possessed, there’s no way I’d like this hellhole.”

Qian Liang frowned, “You know what, you’re just messing with yourself, no one can help you.”

Bai Xinyu lowered his head indignantly, shaking the quilt with all his might, as if the quilt had a grudge against him. When he looked around, he saw Yu Fengcheng in the bed next to him, neatly tucking the quilt and his heart was overwhelmed with hatred and he felt that he was so unlucky, half of it was because of this bad luck.

Yu Fengcheng seemed to have felt the hot sight behind him and turned back sharply.

Bai Xinyu was shocked and lowered his head, he was afraid that this evil-jinx, was incurable.

Yu Fengcheng quirked a smile, “What are you looking at?”

Bai Xinyu pretended not to hear and folded his head.

“Wrong.” Yu Fengcheng held his hand down, “You didn’t see the demonstration, did you?”

Bai Xinyu gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t bother.”

Yu Fengcheng lowered his voice and said: “Too bad, if you had stayed, I would have had plenty of opportunities to ‘control’ you.”

Bai Xinyu’s body trembled, weeping without tears.

Yu Fengcheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder, saying warmly and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to fold.”

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