Little Poplar, Chapter 9: Who is your man? you b-stard

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 9: Who is your man? you b-stard

Forced to study for two hours, Bai Xinyu finally did something he’d never done before… Tucking quilts and what he couldn’t understand even more, was that there was a competition for tucking quilts. The thought of waking up before dawn and spending time folding quilts made him feel that his life was no longer interesting.

Yu Fengcheng seemed to have forgotten the threatening incident in the washroom in the morning and acted as if he was a friendly fellow student, teaching him how to fold the quilt and make the bed. They simply thought that young people are quick to come and go, nothing to take to heart.

After housekeeping, Chen Jing told everyone to take a break for an hour and as lunch was about to start, Bai Xinyu wished for the clock to go faster as he thought he could rest in bed after lunch. He thought this might be the longest day of his life and after all that had happened, it was still morning.

During the break, Bai Xinyu once again went to the communication room, to make a phone call, because it was the first day of military service, there were too many new recruits rushing to report their safety, Bai Xinyu went there and saw, damn it, still a long line of 3-4 meters, Qian Liang who came with him complained for a long time, Feng Dongyuan comforted them,

“I called yesterday when you were on break, there were few people then, don’t worry, there won’t be so many tomorrow.”

Qian Liang said: “Go, go, go, go, go find a place to smoke.”

Bai Xinyu came to his senses, “Let’s go, have a smoke.”

Feng Dongyuan laughed and said: “You guys still smoke, I don’t.”

“We can teach you.”

Feng Dongyuan shook his head, “I don’t learn, smoking is bad for your health.”

They dragged him to a gazebo, Bai Xinyu pulled out a cigarette and handed one to Qian Liang, Qian Liang’s eyes lit up, “Wow, never seen that before, English brand, isn’t it extra expensive.”

“Not English brand, German brand.” Bai Xinyu said with some pride.

“I have to try it.” Qian Liang lit the fire, took a careful puff, made a face of enjoyment, “Mmm, good smoke.”

Feng Dongyuan giggled, “What’s so great about this.”

Bai Xinyu handed him one, “No, really you have to taste it.”

Feng Dongyuan shook his head.

Qian Liang said: “Dongyuan, you’re so honest, are you one of those… Three good students.”

Feng Dongyuan was embarrassed and said: “Yeah, I’m also a Class Leader, Student Council President.”

“Really, you got good grades then.”

Feng Dongyuan looked a little gloomy, “Did okay but I didn’t do well in the entrance exam, if I get into the top three in the school, I’ll get free tuition, I’m a few points behind.”

Bai Xinyu, who was born without a hardship a day, didn’t understand Feng Dongyuan’s sadness and said carelessly and said: “College is boring, I don’t think I can go.” His memories of college are of courting foreign girls, drinking foreign wine and racing all night.

Qian Liang shoved him, Bai Xinyu didn’t respond, “What’s wrong?”

Feng Dongyuan sighed, “The army is good and you can still get paid later.”

“Oh? And there is salary.”

“It depends, if I get promoted to sergeant, I’ll have it. I won’t spend much in the army, I’ll be able to send some money home, my sister has to go to school…

“Depends on the situation, if I can be promoted to sergeant there will be, I can’t spend much money in the army, I can still send some home, my sister still has to go to school…” Feng Dongyuan was thinking to himself.

Bai Xinyu finally realizes something and asked, somewhat innocently, “Is your family very poor?”

Qian Liang can’t stand it, giving him a desperate wink, “Xinyu!”

Feng Dongyuan smiled, “It’s okay and there is no shame, my family economy is in bad shape.”

Bai Xinyu said without thinking and said: “I’ll give you money, how much do you need? I can’t spend it at the moment anyway.”

Feng Dongyuan was stunned, “No, no, there’s enough pay for food and clothes.”

Bai Xinyu says with a big grin and said: “Gee, doesn’t your sister have to go to school? Come on, how much, you don’t have to pay me back.”

Feng Dongyuan blushed a bit, “Really no need.”

“Don’t be polite, I said I wouldn’t pay you back, so I won’t.” Bai Xinyu’s idea is simple, this Feng Dongyuan is nice to him, so he should be nice to him too.

Feng Dongyuan stood up, “Really no need, you guys smoke it, I’m leaving.” Then he turned around and left.

“Hey…” Bai Xinyu looked at him somehow, “really….”

Qian Liang sighed, frowning at him.

Bai Xinyu doesn’t understand, “What’s wrong? Why are you staring at me?”

“I said you… you’re a really prick.”

Bai Xinyu glared, he was baffled by the scolding, “What’s up, one by one.”

Qian Liang stubbed out her cigarette, “Everyone knows your family is rich, it’s written on your forehead but you don’t have to go around showing off, Feng Dongyuan is so honest, you can’t hurt people’s pride like that.”

Bai Xinyu was stunned, he reacted with anger and said: “Who’s showing off! I’m trying to help him but he’s too poor to pay tuition and there is no need for self-respect, so grow up!”

Qian Liang angrily pointed his finger at him for a few seconds, then dropped his hand in frustration, turned around and walked away as well.

Bai Xinyu was stunned and left in the gazebo, he didn’t move for a day. He couldn’t figure out what he did wrong. He had good intentions but he ended up offending someone? What’s this all about, is everyone in the army as abnormal as Yu Fengcheng? He smoked one cigarette after another, pent up grievances, he felt like he was going to explode.

This is his first day in the army? The whole world is against him. It’s a wonderful first… Aah, half a day hasn’t passed yet!

Bai Xinyu suddenly remembered, the break is only for an hour, then we have to line up for lunch and we have to f-cking line up and read poetry for lunch, what a place!

When he got back to the dormitory, everyone was there and he was lucky not to be late. He stood next to Feng Dongyuan on purpose and looked at him with a guilty conscience.

When Feng Dongyuan smiled at him, he turned his head, Bai Xinyu was so depressed.

They marched to the canteen in single file and after they had finished their meal, they carried their hoes as usual and after that they ate.

Bai Xinyu waited for Yu Fengcheng to sit down and then picked a table far away from him. After eating a few bites, Bai Xinyu noticed Yu Fengcheng’s table and Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan were there, too. Yu the evil-jinx is normal to everyone else but he seems to have a grudge against him. Why?

The more Bai Xinyu eats, the more unhappy he gets, the more lonely he feels as there is no one around to talk to. He couldn’t stand to be alone, especially since Bai Xinyu was an independent and dependent child. He missed Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan and while he was eating, he thought about whether he really said the wrong thing.

But he meant well…

After a quick meal, Bai Xinyu went back to the dormitory alone, threw himself on the bed, closed his eyes and imagined he was at home but the hard board beneath him was a constant reminder of his situation.

The guys from the dorm were coming back, chatting away, as if everyone was new and interested in their first day of enlistment.

When Bai Xinyu heard the bed next to him, he opened his eyes and saw that Yu Fengcheng was back, looking at him with a smile on his face. He quickly turned around and turned his back to Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng crawled over unceremoniously, knee pressed against his side, “Hey, get up.”

Bai Xinyu covered his head for dear life, trying to escape from reality.

Yu Fengcheng pushed back the blanket, twisted his face over and smiled evilly and said: “Trying to suffocate yourself.”

Bai Xinyu said guardedly, “What are you doing?”

Yu Fengcheng pointed at him, “Did you not realize whose bed you were sleeping in?”

Bai Xinyu was stunned, he sat up, all the beds looked the same, he didn’t really notice, he just laid down by feel, he counted from the top of the wall, it should be the fifth last one…  (gasps) Damn it! He’s sleeping in Yu the evil-jinx’s bed!

He was about to get up but Yu Fengcheng held him by the shoulders and pointed to the bed, “You didn’t even take off your shoes on your lunch break, you got my sheets all dirty and you want to just leave?”

One of the recruits next to him sneered, “What’s that look in your eye, that you can get the bed wrong.”

Yu Fengcheng whispered in Bai Xinyu’s ear and said: “Are you implying something by yourself being so eager to send you to my bed?”

Bai Xinyu snapped and said: “Bullshit, I really didn’t notice, don’t you dare make anything out of this.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed lowly and said: “What was I thinking?”

Bai Xinyu really wanted to slap himself, for the first time he was angry at his own intelligence, he should have avoided it but instead he brought it on himself, how could he be so stupid!

Bai Xinyu patted the place that was scuffed by the sole of his own shoes, actually there is not much dust on it but Yu Fengcheng obviously did not intend to let him go easily, “How about…. I’ll give you my sheets.”

Yu Fengcheng raised an eyebrow, “Who wants your sheets.”

Bai Xinyu wept, “What do you want.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed and said: “What are you nervous about, it’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

That” I’ll eat you”, it sounded so flirtatious, Bai Xinyu turned green.

Yu Fengcheng dragged him out of bed, “Just give me a cigarette, let’s go.” Then he dragged Bai Xinyu away without a word.

Yu Fengcheng dragged the man to a quiet corner of the camp, Bai Xinyu saw that there was no one here and tried to run but Yu Fengcheng held him back, “Behave yourself, would I rape you here?”

Bai Xinyu looked at him shakily, thinking, “I don’t know.

Yu Fengcheng reached out, “Smoke.”

Bai Xinyu handed him the cigarettes from his pocket.

Yu Fengcheng looked at it and threw it in the trash.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He’s only got one good cigarette, the army’s commissary must have no good ciggies and he’s trying to save it!

Yu Fengcheng clapped his hands, “The cigarettes in your locker, they’re all mine too, from today onwards, you’re not allowed to smoke anymore, if I find out, I’ll beat you up, understand?”

“How dare you! I’m smoking and you care! It’s not against the law.”

Yu Fengcheng said as a matter of course and said: “I don’t like the smell of smoke on my people, so behave yourself.”

Bai Xinyu blushed furiously, “Who, who, who… Who the f-ck is your man.” He stammered with anger.

Yu Fengcheng squeezed his chin, “Soon. I told you, if you’re going to laze around like this, I’m going to f-ck you unconscious sooner or later and I’m going to do it.”

Bai Xinyu was so upset, “Do you think I want to stay here? I want to leave more than anyone, can I leave? My brother has left me……” He spoke from a broken heart, his voice was choked up.

Yu Fengcheng patted him on the cheek, smiled and said: “That can’t be helped. Quit smoking, you hear me?”

Bai Xinyu looked at him indignantly.

Yu Fengcheng said in a commanding tone and said: “Do you understand.”

Bai Xinyu nodded in frustration.

~Little Poplar~


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