Little Poplar, Chapter 14: Hey I want to learn massaging

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 14: Hey I want to learn massaging

Bai Xinyu finally realized that his brother hung up on him and told him to stay in the army for the rest of his life and he had the urge to tear his throat out and cry but he still managed to hold on. With his brother’s ruthlessness, if they were face to face, he could have knelt down on the spot…

The big brother on duty looked at him like he was nuts, “Comrade, are you okay?”

Bai Xinyu wiped his snotty tears, “Do I look alright to you.”

“Yeah, you keep crying, I’m going out for a cigarette.” Big brother finally got fed up with a man’s crying, got up and left.

Bai Xinyu was holding the microphone, his home phone in his head but his fingers are rusty and he can’t press the numbers. If he hears a f-cking voice, he’ll lose control……but what’s the use of not being able to control it? But what’s the point, his parents have thrown him into the army, they won’t let him go back, this call, it’s the same thing whether he calls or not, if he calls, he won’t be able to sleep tonight.

   He hesitated but he put the microphone back. From this moment on, he decided to keep a low profile for the next two years, to stay disciplined and avoid evil-jinx. If he could just get out of here, he’d be able to go back to Beijing and become a dragon again, for the good old days, he’s got to hang on!

   After making the call, Bai Xinyu rushed to the cafeteria at breakfast time and ate his food in a corner. The people in the cafeteria were all new recruits who had just marched out on the playground and they were all familiar with him, the unlucky guy who ran around the playground in circles, so as he ate, he could feel people whispering and laughing at him. He tried to turn a deaf ear to the lectures of his elders.

   After breakfast, he went back to the dormitory.

He was so lost in thought, he had almost written everything on his face and Qian Liang said as soon as she saw him, “Did you get through to the family?”

Bai Xinyu nodded.

Qian Liang stroked his head like a soothing puppy, “Aww, look at your red eyes, are you okay?”

Bai Xinyu shook his head, “That what, I figured it out, I’ll never be late again.”

Feng Dongyuan laughed and said: “Not only are you not late but you also follow other rules.”

Yu Fengcheng said coolly, “Why did you suddenly figure it out? Did you call and cry for your savior cousin and get rejected?”

That hit Bai Xinyu right where it hurts, he argued forcefully, “I’m going to stay here, what’s the big deal, it’s just the army.”

Yu Fengcheng’s tone went even colder when he heard this, “Do you think anyone can be a soldier?”

Bai Xinyu saw that the dormitory was crowded and Yu Fengcheng couldn’t do anything to himself, so he stuck his neck out and said: “I can’t be the one, so what can you do to me.”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, then smiled, “Good for you for realizing that, we’ll all help you be a good soldier together.”

The smile was so piquant, Bai Xinyu felt numb and didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

Feng Dongyuan simply smiled and said: “Yes, we are a group, everyone will help you.”

Bai Xinyu thought, compared to Yu the evil-jinx, Feng Dongyuan is an angel.

At that moment, Chen Jing came in, “Half an hour break is almost over, I’ll go over your housekeeping, then we’ll go to the yard for marching.”

“Class Leader, Class Leader.” Big-bear leaned in, eyes shining brightly, “When can we touch the gun.”

Chen Jing looked at him skeptically, “You want to touch the gun?”

Big-bear nodded vigorously, expectantly.

“Later in the Recruit Training.”

“A month?”

“Pretty much, depending on your progress but Company Commander’s always strict with recruits, so maybe early.”

Big-bear said excitedly and said: “Great, when I touch the gun, I’ll take a picture and send it home.”

Chen Jing’s face darkened, “Did you listen to the instructor’s lesson last night?”

Big-bear realized something was wrong, blinked and said, guilty, “Listen.ed”

Chen Jing punched Big-bear on the shoulder, “Copy for me the entire code of confidentiality.”

Big-bear’s face fell, “Class Leader, I was wrong.”

“If you’re wrong, correct it and I’ll check it.”

There was laughter in the dormitory.

Chen Jing walked over to Bai Xinyu’s bedside, pointing to his bed, “This is the blanket you folded this morning, it was left intact for you.”

Bai Xinyu took one look at the blanket and he thought it was folded pretty well.

Chen Jing looks at him, pulls out a ruler from the drawer, goes up and measures, “See for yourself, how much is the difference.”

Bai Xinyu was in tears.

“I’m going to give you a chance to show the class, refold it.”

Bai Xinyu unrolled the blanket, refolded it.

Chen Jing looks at her watch, frowns, “Too slow, too low quality, start again.”

Bai Xinyu had to fold the quilt over and over again and since the bed was a bunk bed, he had to bend over when he folded the quilt and his back got sore after a while.

For the last time, Chen Jing was satisfied, “Good, you’ve improved.”

Bai Xinyu cursed in his heart, a broken blanket folded a dozen times, how can he not improve, it’s not like he’s mentally challenged.

Chen Jing looked at the time, “Okay, let’s go practice the right march.”

The weather in Xinjiang is cold in the morning, freezing at night and sunburned at noon, so you can experience the change of seasons in a day. It’s just warm, the sun is coming up, they kick around in the playground and towards noon, they get dry mouths and sunburned faces.

Bai Xinyu regrets not wearing sunscreen, his mom got him a big bottle, just in case he gets a sunburn.

Even during the military posture, Bai Xinyu was distracted and as long as Chen Jing didn’t focus on him, he slacked off for as long as he could and so the morning passed.

By the end of the morning, Bai Xinyu was feeling sunburnt and hot from the inside out, so he drank a large glass of water when he entered the cafeteria.

“Wow, there’s a big peach today.” Qian Liang shouted in surprise.

Feng Dongyuan said happily and said: “Really, Xinjiang’s peaches, I’ve heard they’re delicious.”

Bai Xinyu couldn’t understand how a peach could make him so happy. He felt that every day he was here, he couldn’t be happy.

Batur happened to be sitting next to them, the kid saw that everyone loved peaches, he was so excited to tell everyone about his peaches and how delicious they were, he was so excited, his big eyes were twinkling, with his awkward Mandarin, it was so cute, most of them weren’t listening to him, they were just watching him.

After lunch, Bai Xinyu went back to his dormitory and lay down on his bed. His legs are still weak from the 7km he ran in the morning and after lying flat on his back, he felt numb from the waist down, so he grunted unconsciously.

Feng Dongyuan was about to go up for a nap, when he saw him whining, he asked, “Xinyu, what’s wrong? Does your leg hurt?”

Bai Xinyu nodded, stifled, “I feel like both my legs aren’t my own anymore.”

“You’re prone to this if you don’t exercise for a long time, you’ll be in more pain tomorrow.”

“Ah…”  Bai Xinyu said dejectedly, “Let me just pass out.”

Feng Dongyuan said: “Let me give you a massage, when my dad was here, he used to have leg and foot pains, I’m good at massaging.”

“Really? Come on, come on.” Bai Xinyu said he moved to the bed but when he realized he was moving in the direction of Yu Fengcheng, he paused and looked back at Yu Fengcheng, who was resting on the bed and looked at him skeptically.

Feng Dongyuan sits on Bai Xinyu’s bed, rubbing his hands, “It might hurt a little, bear with it.”

Qian Liang and a few of the new recruits all came over, “Hey, let’s learn, everyone’s legs and feet are sore, let’s massage each other in the evening.”

Feng Dongyuan squeezed Bai Xinyu’s thigh. Feng Dongyuan looked quite thin but he didn’t expect his hand to be strong and with one squeeze, Bai Xinyu screamed in pain.

Feng Dongyuan giggled, “I told you it hurt a little, it won’t work if it doesn’t.”

Bai Xinyu shuddered and said: “I am in a bit of pain, brother, you light up on that pressing.”

“Okay, okay.” Feng Dongyuan lightened his grip, Bai Xinyu grimaced but barely tolerated it.

I don’t know who made the joke, “Dongyuan’s character, he’s suitable to be my wife.”

They all laughed out loud. Feng Dongyuan wasn’t angry, so he laughed and scolded, “You’re so beautiful.”

Bai Xinyu echoed the sentiment. He had never met a guy like Feng Dongyuan before, gentle and attentive but not too feminine, in short, he was very likable, he thought that meeting Qian Liang and Feng Dongyuan in the army was probably the only good thing so far.

Yu Fengcheng’s eyebrows furrowed lightly as he watched the two of them laughing and he leaned in, “Dongyuan, let me learn a few things from you.”

Bai Xinyu’s heart tightened and he stared at him with wide eyes.

Feng Dongyuan laughed and said: “Ok, it’s quite simple, you can practice with Xinyu’s other leg, don’t push too hard, he’s afraid of pain.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said: “No problem.”

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