Little Poplar, Chapter 15: Washing the b-stard underwear

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 15: Washing the b-stard underwear

Bai Xinyu stared straight at him, warning him with his eyes to behave himself.

Yu Fengcheng came over as if he hadn’t seen it, he rubbed his hands and like Feng Dongyuan, he squeezed Bai Xinyu’s thighs.

“Ah-” Bai Xinyu cried out, it didn’t really hurt, it usually did, he just wanted to scare Yu Fengcheng away.

Yu Fengcheng, however, didn’t let go of his hand as thoughtfully as Feng Dongyuan did, instead he kept squeezing it vigorously and looking like he was humbly seeking to learn, “Is that so?”

Feng Dongyuan nodded, “Yes, I studied it and then I scraped my fist along the bile meridian like this and then I knocked.”

Yu Fengcheng quirked his lips at Bai Xinyu, scraping his hard fist bone down the outside of his thigh, Bai Xinyu owed, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Yu Fengcheng said innocently and said: “Bear with it, didn’t you hear what Dongyuan said, no pain, no effect.”

Bai Xinyu raged and said: “You did it on purpose, ouch….”

Chen Jing came in through the door at that moment, “What are you guys doing, ghostly wailing?”

Feng Dongyuan laughed and said: “Class Leader, Xinyu’s leg hurts, let’s give him a massage.”

Chen Jing came over to take a look, “This is no good, he’s got a pulled muscle, not a rheumatic leg, get up, I’ll do it.”

As they moved out of the way, Chen Jing jerked up, went up and grabbed Bai Xinyu by one leg, folded it over and pressed it hard against his chest.

Bai Xinyu continued to howl, “I’m not f-cking pressing I’m not pressing!”

Chen Jing said: “You haven’t exercised for a long time, when you exercise, you tend to strain your muscles, it’s time to stretch your muscles, I guarantee your legs won’t hurt too much tomorrow.”

Bai Xinyu cried and said: “I don’t want to hurt today either.”

Not only does it hurt, it’s humiliating, and can’t everyone see how f-cking obscene this position is? What a bunch of naive and stupid little virgins!

“Bear with me.” Chen Jing gave him a new leg and pressed down hard.

After torturing Bai Xinyu into all sorts of strange poses and making him cry, Chen Jing finally clapped his hands grimly, pushed up his glasses and stood up, “Come on, let’s see if it’s better.”

Bai Xinyu got up and moved around a bit, the soreness actually went down quite a bit and he said in amazement, “Hey, it really doesn’t hurt much anymore?”

Chen Jing snorted, “I’ll teach you all this slowly, from now on I’ll listen carefully to what I say, got it.”

Big-bear shouted and said: “Class Leader is awesome.”

The crowd was shouting along.

Qian Liang was laughing next to him and he didn’t stop laughing.

Chen Jing frowned and said: “Qian Liang, what are you doing, twisted the hairpin?”

Qian Liang harrumphed and said: “No, Class Leader, those are some really good moves but but there are a few poses, hahahaha, that too, hahaha.”

Bai Xinyu looked at Qian Liang depressingly and it really didn’t look right to anyone with any insight.

Some of the younger recruits looked confused, a few had already reacted and were snickering.

Chen Jing squinted his eyes, hugged his chest and looked at Qian Liang. Qian Liang winked at Chen Jing but when she saw the momentum was not right, she laughed two times and closed his voice, laughing at Chen Jing.

Chen Jing smacked him upside the head, “You’re not too young to think.”

Batur blinked his big eyes and asked simply and said: “Which one, which one?”

The crowd was laughing.

When Bai Xinyu used to hang out with his friends, he used to tell dirty jokes but he couldn’t bring himself to tell them to a group of virgins who were generally less than 20 years old, especially when he was surrounded by this serious Class Leader.

Yu Fengcheng, with his hands in his pockets and his long legs overlapping, leaned lightly on the bedpost and looked at Bai Xinyu with a smirk rather than a smile. He sighed in his heart, with this face and body, it would be a great face to take out to pick up girls, those arrogant little starlets would be easily won but Yu Fengcheng likes men, so God is fair, this kind of good skinned but full of mischief. Son of a bitch, you deserve to die.

After the lunch break, they were dragged out to the playground, where they continued their training.

After dinner, Bai Xinyu came back to the dormitory, he was almost paralyzed. What’s even more depressing is that Feng Dongyuan told him that there is a water shortage in Xinjiang, so they can’t wash every day but every other day. Bai Xinyu felt uncomfortable sweating at first but when he got into bed, he realized he didn’t want to get up anymore.

Before going to bed, he set the alarm clock and vowed not to be late tomorrow. He also asked Feng Dongyuan to come down and slap him if he was late again tomorrow.

Yu Fengcheng said slowly and said: “I can do that for you.”

Bai Xinyu’s shoulders trembled and he hid his head under the covers, pretending Yu Fengcheng wasn’t next to him and to be honest, he was afraid Yu Fengcheng would roll over on his bed in the middle of the night.

The next morning, when the alarm went off, Bai Xinyu jumped out of the bed as if he had been electrocuted and didn’t dare to delay a minute.

When he was done, the wake-up call went off. Bai Xinyu smiled broadly, grabbed his skincare products, slathered them on his bedside table and applied a special layer of sunscreen before following the others down the stairs with ease.

Arriving on time for the first time, Bai Xinyu looked at Xu Chuang with great pride.

Xu Chuang wandered between a few shifts, nodded and headed toward Bai Xinyu and said: “Remember to make up the 500 meters you missed yesterday.”

Bai Xinyu thought to himself, I’ve survived 7km, 500m is nothing. Bai Xinyu’s heart was filled with joy at the thought that he hadn’t been punished or scolded today. Although he is a shameless man, he felt his pride was hurt by being punished in front of so many strangers and today’s safe crossing was the most successful one since he arrived in the army three days ago.

Xu Chuang supervised for a while and then left, with Class Leader leading them on their regular run.

Chen Jing wasn’t as tough as Xu Chuang but Bai Xinyu was lazy a few times during training and when he caught him, he only showed him a few more times. Gradually, Bai Xinyu felt embarrassed and started training seriously. Hang in there.

When he started to actively cooperate with the training, even Yu Fengcheng harassed him less and things seemed to be getting better.

In the evening, before taking a bath, Feng Dongyuan invited Bai Xinyu to wash his clothes. Bai Xinyu is lazy and doesn’t want to move.

Yu Fengcheng kicked him, threw his clothes, socks and underwear into the Bai Xinyu basin, “Go wash.”

Bai Xinyu remembered as if he had been forced to promise to do his laundry for a week and he gave Yu Fengcheng an indignant look.

Yu Fengcheng glared, “Go ahead.”

Feng Dongyuan can’t stand it, “Fengcheng, don’t bully him, no good.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled particularly gently, “He lost the bet to me, didn’t he, Xinyu?”

Bai Xinyu dared not say anything but nodded. Humiliated, he took Yu Fengcheng’s clothes and left.

Yu Fengcheng said coolly behind his back and said: “I won’t accept it if it’s not clean.”

Bai Xinyu wanted to bite him to death.

Bai Xinyu threw Yu Fengcheng’s clothes on the floor and trampled on them several times before picking them up and throwing them into the water basin.

Feng Dongyuan cried and smiled, “What’s going on between you two, we’re all comrades, we can’t hold a grudge for what happened on the train.”

Bai Xinyu whispered and said: “I’m telling you, Yu Fengcheng is a pervert who likes to torment people, he just likes to see me miserable.”

Feng Dongyuan hesitated and said: “Yeah, he usually seems…. quite normal.”

“Faking, you better watch out for him.”

“What do I watch out for?”

Bai Xinyu was lost for words, “Anyway… Stay away from him, he’s a psycho.”

Feng Dongyuan shook his head helplessly, “If he really bullied you, you can go and talk to Class Leader, Class Leader will administer justice.”

Bai Xinyu sighed, how was he going to tell anyone that Yu Fengcheng wanted to f-ck him?

“Xinyu, why are you spilling so much laundry again, it hurts your body, especially in intimate clothing, you can’t put so much in.”

Bai Xinyu smirked and said: “It’s Yu Fengcheng’s clothes, I’ll give him a ‘good’ wash.”

Feng Dongyuan is speechless.

“What happened to my clothes?”

Yu Fengcheng’s voice resounded sorrowfully behind him.

Bai Xinyu shook, turns back, he doesn’t know how long Yu Fengcheng’s been standing there, it’s f-cking creepy.

Yu Fengcheng came over, took one look at his shirt and immediately saw the big shoe print on it. He pointed, smiled and said: “Did you step on it?”

That smile made Bai Xinyu cringe and he immediately defended, “I dropped it on the floor by accident.”

“Wash it off.” Yu Fengcheng leaned over the sink and stared at him.

Bai Xinyu treats the clothes like Yu Fengcheng’s head, rubbing and scrubbing, venting his anger and frustration but Feng Dongyuan is still nagging at him, constantly correcting him on how to save energy and how to clean the clothes.

   After washing the clothes and socks, there was a pair of black underwear, Yu Fengcheng’s, floating lonely in the sink.

Bai Xinyu gulped, looking at Yu Fengcheng, Yu Fengcheng raised an eyebrow, “It’s less than ten minutes before you have to take a bath, if you can’t finish it, take it to the bathhouse.”

Bai Xinyu has never washed his own underpants, not to mention other people’s underpants, except for his mother and the maid and his girlfriend.

Yu Fengcheng seems to be enjoying Bai Xinyu’s struggle, looking at him with a smile on his face.

Bai Xinyu thought about the consequences if he didn’t do as he was told and finally picked up his underwear and rubbed them. As soon as he touched the underwear, he replayed Yu Fengcheng’s masculine thong in his mind and felt his face burning at the thought of his jealous baby wrapped in this little piece of cotton. How can he look at Yu Fengcheng standing naked in front of him in the shower later? Washing underwear isn’t that the same as… Indirectly… (LAUGHS)…touching… Encounter…  (GASPS) Did he… (GASPS). He did wonder, actually, what it was like to hold that big thing in a hand.

   What’s he thinking? What’s he thinking! Bai Xinyu is going crazy inside, wanting to buckle the whole wash basin on Yu Fengcheng’s head.

   Yu Fengcheng saw the expression on Bai Xinyu’s face and couldn’t help but laugh.

   The author has this to say and said: “Little Bai’s camp life is full of pitfalls.

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