Little Poplar, Chapter 16: A kiss for a ciggie…FFS

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 16: A kiss for a ciggie…FFS

He was afraid that once he saw Yu Fengcheng’s penis, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about things he shouldn’t. He was a straight and upright man and couldn’t accept the evil spirits.

There were a lot of people in the shower that day and Bai Xinyu was lucky enough to be far away from Yu Fengcheng and felt he escaped.

   From that day on, he was forced to wash Yu Fengcheng’s underpants for a week and then he became numb to the washing and apart from stepping on them a few times a day as part of his routine, he was able to finish the laundry calmly. His progress in washing clothes was praised by Feng Dongyuan but he wasn’t happy at all.

   The first half of the month hadn’t involved any physical exercises, just basic marching and marching, so Bai Xinyu didn’t feel like it was too hard, except for the fact that he had to get up early in the morning and he even had a sneaking feeling that this was what the army was like.

   One day, after his life was getting better and better, Bai Xinyu suddenly misses the cigarette that Yu Fengcheng took away from him. He got addicted to smoking and couldn’t stand the cheap cigarettes at the commissary, so he remembered the good cigarettes he had brought with him.

Yu Fengcheng was reading a book, saw Bai Xinyu stopped talking and stood in front of him like a punishment and raised his eyebrows and said: “What’s going on?”

Bai Xinyu whispered, “That, my cigarette, did you throw it away?”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, knowingly asking and said: “No, what’s wrong.”

“Can… Can I have one pack back, just one pack, even if I have to quit smoking….step by step…step by step, right? You can’t cut it all at once, it’s killing you… It’s killing me.”

Yu Fengcheng said smilingly and said: “What if I don’t return it.”

Bai Xinyu gulped, resisting the urge to slap him to death and begged, “Just give me back one packet, it’s useless for you to keep it, isn’t it a waste.”

“I’m going to lend you some flowers, to pay my respects to the chief.”

Bai Xinyu pointed at him angrily, “You, why do you talk so rightfully, aren’t you ashamed.”

Yu Fengcheng shrugged, “Nope.”

Bai Xinyu thought about his cigarette, still not giving up and said with humiliation, “How about, I do your laundry for another week.”

Yu Fengcheng said coolly and said: “You can’t clean your clothes, so forget it.”

Bai Xinyu cursed in his heart, I’ve washed your clothes in the cold water of Xinjiang for a week and you still dare to say it’s not clean! He couldn’t help but picture himself grabbing Yu Fengcheng’s hair and slapping him in the mouth, then banging him against the wall but the reality was he could only imagine it… How about half a bag?”

Yu Fengcheng finally put the book down, smiling evilly at him, “So much for addiction, huh?”

“I’ve been smoking since high school, it’s been years but it’s not like I can quit right away….” Bai Xinyu whispered and said: “Give me back some, those cigarettes in the kiosk, they’re inferior, like burning leaves.” It’s not that there are no good cigarettes in the shop but the more expensive ones are not for sale, they are for serving the leaders from above, ordinary soldiers can’t buy them without an order for fear of bribery and the ones that are available are only worth a few dollars each, which Bai Xinyu is used to but doesn’t like.

Yu Fengcheng opened the cupboard, took out a box of cigarettes, shook them, “You mean this?”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes light up, he nods his head vigorously and his expression is like a puppy’s wagging tail at the sight of a meat bone, giving Yu Fengcheng the illusion that if he throws a cigarette out, Bai Xinyu will jump on it.

Yu Fengcheng looked at the box of cigarettes in his hand, smiled, “Come, come out with me.”

Bai Xinyu hadn’t completely lost his mind and immediately said alertly, “What are you doing?”

Yu Fengcheng said: “You’re right, quitting smoking should be gradual, so I’m watching you smoke.”

Bai Xinyu frowned at him for a long while and said doubtfully, “Really?”

“Really, do you want it or not.”

Bai Xinyu nodded, “Want.”

Yu Fengcheng put the cigarette in his pocket and headed for the door.

Bai Xinyu looked at Yu Fengcheng’s back, he hesitated for a moment but he couldn’t really rape himself, so what’s the big deal, he’ll just wash his underwear for a week, he’s already done that. He gave himself courage and went out with Yu Fengcheng.

The rest area at the back of the playground, this spot was empty, hidden because of the trees planted, Yu Fengcheng brought Bai Xinyu over, sat down on a chair, crossed his legs and pointed with his chin to the seat next to him, “Come here.”

Bai Xinyu sat down somewhat guardedly.

Yu Fengcheng said smilingly and said: “Are you quite afraid of me?”

Bai Xinyu feels ashamed to say it, says it’s not a guilty conscience and doesn’t know how to answer.

Yu Fengcheng cupped his chin, whispered and said: “If you’re afraid, you’re right.”

Bai Xinyu had already decided that Yu Fengcheng was a pervert and didn’t care why he was so” perverted”, just wanted to get his own cigarettes and leave, so he urged him with his eyes.

Yu Fengcheng pulled a cigarette from the pack, teasingly dangling it in front of Bai Xinyu’s eyes, “Just one.”

Bai Xinyu nodded and reached for it.

Yu Fengcheng grabbed him by the wrist, narrowing his eyes and said: “Hey, I didn’t say I’d give it to you just like that.”

Bai Xinyu was sick of it, “What more do you want.”

Yu Fengcheng said like a puppy, “Give me a kiss.”

Bai Xinyu stared straight in the eye and angrily got out, “You’re so shameless!”

Yu Fengcheng wasn’t annoyed.” Do you want more cigarettes?”

“They were mine and you took them from me! You f-cking….” Bai Xinyu threatened and said: “I’ll tell Class Leader, I’ll tell the instructor.” I’m going to tell Class Leader, I’m going to tell the instructor.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said: “Go ahead.”

“You…” Bai Xinyu pointed at his nose, his hand was shaking, probably because Yu Fengcheng didn’t scare him these days, he was so impulsive that he reached out to grab it. In the end, Yu Fengcheng stopped him before his hand even touched the cigarette.

When his arm was twisted back behind his back, he cried out and before he could say a word, hot lips were on it.

   Bai Xinyu was suddenly confused.

   Yu Fengcheng kissed him in a very domineering way, even kissing and biting, his hot soft lips rubbed and abused his lips, intense emotions came from the violent action, along with Yu Fengcheng’s pure male scent, he had never been kissed like this in his life, he was at a loss for words.

   When he regained his strength, he pushed against Yu Fengcheng’s chest but Yu Fengcheng didn’t move at all, instead he held the back of his head and gently pinched his neck, he felt a sudden numbness in his jugular. At that moment, he realized that Yu Fengcheng this kid is not easy, if the situation is not right, really should exchange skills with this kid but….  But… He can’t be the one to practice with!

   Yu Fengcheng tasted those lips all over, before letting go with pleasure.

   Bai Xinyu’s face was flushed red, his eyes were watering and he didn’t know what to say to express his emotions.

Yu Fengcheng licked the corners of his mouth, “Yeah, the taste is barely there.” He put the thin cigarette in Bai Xinyu’s hand and said very gently and said: “Be good, save your smoke, next time it won’t be as simple as a kiss.” Then he said, “I’ll leave with a smile on my face.

Bai Xinyu was holding that cigarette and hasn’t recovered from it for a while.

   So he gave away his first kiss to a man for a cigarette? He’s so cheap! It’s no big deal to kiss him, it doesn’t hurt…  It doesn’t hurt… No, it’s too f-cking low self-esteem to think that way! Yu Fengcheng is such a perverted bastard, how dare he kiss him! But…. Compared to washing clothes in ice water for a week, this seems a lot easier, right? No, this should be a matter of f-cking principle.

   Young Master Bai struggled for half a day, finally indignantly took out his lighter, lit the cigarette and took a puff, then remembered Yu Fengcheng’s words before he left and smoked slowly and painfully.

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