Little Poplar, Chapter 19: Pervert and Perversion

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 19: Pervert and Perversion

When the room is empty, Bai Xinyu picks up the phone, dials the f-cking phone.

The phone was answered quickly and his mother, apparently still asleep, spoke in a vague voice, “Hello?”

Bai Xinyu’s nose was sore and he whispered and said: “Mom.” It sounded like a cat’s cry, distressed and pitiful.

“Xinyu? Baby is that you?”

“Mom, it’s me.”

“Xinyu.”  Li Weizhi started crying at once, “Why haven’t you called for more than a month, mom misses you so much.”

Bai Xinyu resisted the urge to cry, choking on her sobs, “I… I’m busy with training.”

“How are you, how are you in the army? How’s life?”

Bai Xinyu flattened his lips, “No, Mom, I’m so tired, I can’t get up every day, I’m so homesick.”

Li Weizhi cried louder.

Bai Xinyu immediately regretted complaining to his mother, so he had to say and said: “Mom, don’t cry, at first I was tired but now… Now it’s better. I’m getting used to it.”

Li Weizhi choked with sobs and said: “When you leave, I’ll… I often watch those military documentaries, one of them talks about Xinjiang, it’s so hard to be a soldier in Xinjiang, it’s so cold, I always have dreams, dreams that you’re freezing cold and tired, I really want to see you, I don’t know if you’re used to eating, if the blanket is thick enough, who will take care of you if you get sick.”

Bai Xinyu has a big head and two big feet, trying to comfort, “Mom, I’m not sick, I’m in good health, that…  That… It’s not as bad as you think. The food is okay. There is a heater in the dormitory. It will come on when it gets cold…” He’s been patient but he hasn’t said anything about going home, he knows he’s not going back and he’s not going to waste any more time talking about it, so he’s better off letting his mother worry about it…

Li Weizhi was silent for a moment, “Oh baby, how you have learned to comfort your mother.”

“What to learn, what can one learn here.”

Li Weizhi sniffed, “You were… Hey, forget it, Xinyu. No matter how hard it is in the army, you have to be strong, okay? We all want the best for you. Mom misses you every day. But you’re so young. There’s still a long way to go. Parents can’t always be with you.”

Bai Xinyu sighed, reluctantly” hmmm”, “You wouldn’t have gotten me to come back if I said ‘no’.”

“Trust us, trust your brother, it’s for your future. By the way, is that old Yu’s kid with you?”

At the mention of Yu Fengcheng, Bai Xinyu was a wimp, muttering and said: “Yeah, a class.”

“Oh, that’s good. He takes care of you, right? Don’t look at him as young, I heard from Suiying that their family is very interesting, no matter how old the child is, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl, they are under the military management since they are young, the family is very strict, the training he receives is not inferior to the veterans, with him to take care of you, no one can bully you, if you can stay in the army, you have to rely on their family to help you, you and him. Get along, ah.”

Bai Xinyu feels that his mom’s words have slapped him across the face, what is he going to tell her that this Yu the evil-jinx, who his brother specifically asked to take care of him, is the one who bullied him the most? Wait, is this his brother’s doing this on purpose?

“Xinyu? Are you listening?”

“Ahhh, listening.”

“How are you getting along with him?”

“It is quiet… okay.” Bai Xinyu said through gritted teeth.

Li Weizhi wasn’t stupid. His son couldn’t hide his feelings from anyone, least of all her. She asked and said: “What’s wrong? Don’t you get along well?”

“No, we… We’re so busy with training, we don’t have time to make friends.”

“Oh, it’s okay, take your time. By the way, you guys met when you were kids, you don’t remember.”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes almost popped out, “When?”

“One winter vacation, Suiying took you to Qinhuangdao, to Grandfather Jian’s place to play, Suiying was friends with the boy’s uncle, they came from Qinhuangdao, we met at that time, you were young, maybe eight or nine years old, you must not remember.”

Bai Xinyu tried to remember but he still couldn’t remember anything, when he was a kid, he would go on summer and winter vacations, he went to so many places, where would he remember every single one of them, “I really don’t remember, how do you know? How do you know?”

“Yeah, I remember this very clearly, Suiying was 14 or 15 at the time and you two kids went out on the train to play and the adults were so worried, Suiying got beaten up over it. Actually I forgot later, that day I was thinking about you, so I looked through your photo album and I found some photos from that time, so I remembered them right away.”

Bai Xinyu frowned, remembering that it did happen when he was a kid but the details had slipped his mind and he asked, “And did I see him again afterwards?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so but his father was transferred to the XX military zone, so he’s not in the north anymore, go ask him… Oh, no. He is younger than you. He doesn’t remember either. I’m sure he doesn’t remember…”

Bai Xinyu felt a chill down his back, something he couldn’t remember at 8 or 9 years old, Yu Fengcheng was only 5 or 6 at the time, he must have remembered even less but he felt a sense of caution, he was smart and pretty and loved by everyone, he couldn’t have made a grudge at that age. He thought, “Mom, what else do you know about Yu Fengcheng, tell me.”

If you know your enemy, you might be able to catch something on Yu Fengcheng.

“I’m not sure but if you want to know, I’ll ask your brother.”

Bai Xinyu remembered the last phone call, Jian Suiying’s roar still ringing in his ears, his features twisted a little, “Or… Come on, it’s no big deal.”

The two of them chatted for a while longer before Bai Xinyu reluctantly hung up the phone. As he listened to his mother’s gentle and loving voice, he felt like he was still the young master of a rich family who cared for him so much.

Bai Xinyu touched the microphone and whispered, “Mom…” He leaned against the phone for a moment, sighed deeply, then turned to leave but when he turned around, he saw Yu the evil-jinx leaning against the doorframe, looking at him.

“Oh, shit…” Bai Xinyu was shocked.

“What’s wrong with you? How long have you been standing there? Ah, you’ve been listening to my f-cking phone!” He was a little pissed off, he didn’t know how much Yu Fengcheng had heard of his conversation with his mother, if he’d heard it all, Yu the evil-jinx would have thought he cared about his situation, it was a big misunderstanding.

Yu Fengcheng laughed sarcastically, “Someone is standing behind you and you don’t even know it, you’re so poorly alert and you blame others for eavesdropping?”

Bai Xinyu gave him a hard time for his strong words, “Can you steal just because someone has their wallet on their shoulder and is too alert?”

Yu Fengcheng laughed and said: “That depends on whether I want to or not but fortunately I’m not interested in wallets.”

Bai Xinyu rushed and said: “What the hell are you listening to!”

Yu Fengcheng slowly walked over, “Listen, I heard you talking to your mom like a little girl and I heard you asking your mom about me.” Yu Fengcheng squeezed his chin, teasingly said: “Why are you so meandering, if you want to know about me, just ask, I can tell you anything.”

Bai Xinyu pushed his hand away, “I only asked because my mom mentioned it, who wants to know about you, don’t flatter yourself.”

Yu Fengcheng pressed his shoulders, so he couldn’t move.” Oh? Didn’t you just tell your mom that you wanted to know everything about me and now you don’t want to know?”

Bai Xinyu stared at him, “I… ask you, will you really talk?”

Yu Fengcheng said smilingly and said: “Just ask.”

“That… When we were kids, did we really meet?”

Yu Fengcheng’s eyes gleamed, “Yeah.”

“You remember?”

“Apparently I have a better memory than you.”

“And when I was there, I didn’t….. offend you, right? No, I was only a few years old at that time. I was a cute and bright kid. How could I have offended you, right? Right?”

Yu Fengcheng quirked a smile, “No, we had a good time, I can’t remember the details, I just remember, you taught me a few interesting games.”

“Yeah, I don’t remember.”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes and said in an ambiguous tone and said: “It’s okay, I’ll teach you how to play some day.”

Bai Xinyu had a feeling that the atmosphere wasn’t right.” That… We’ve got nothing against each other…you’ll let me go?…you’ll let me go?”

Yu Fengcheng’s fingertips gently slid over Bai Xinyu’s face, smiling and saying and said: “What are you talking about, I like you, let alone you, military life would be so boring.”

Bai Xinyu cursed in his heart, how the f-ck do you like me, he said indignantly, “Does your uncle know you’re doing this to me?”

Yu Fengcheng giggled, “Are you really stupid, my uncle isn’t here, where would he know to go.”

Bai Xinyu raged, “He… I’ll, I’ll tell my brother, your uncle will find out sooner or later!”

Yu Fengcheng’s fingertips moved to his lips, poking him lightly, “You have a terrible memory, I told you, by the time they all know, maybe you’ll be so addicted to f-cking me that you won’t be able to leave me.”

“Put your mother…” Bai Xinyu opened his mouth to curse, Yu Fengcheng’s finger dug into his mouth, Bai Xinyu tried to bite, Yu Fengcheng was ready for him, his other hand caught his jaw, so his mouth couldn’t close, his finger just swirled in his mouth, teasing… Bai Xinyu’s tongue, which has nowhere to hide. Bai Xinyu tilts his head as hard as he can but he can’t hide, so he’s blushing furiously.

Yu Fengcheng pulled his fingers out, rubbed his hand, which was covered in Bai Xinyu’s relish, against his collar and whispered with a smile and said: “Which hand do you like to jerk off with? I’m used to this one.”

Bai Xinyu stared, he had always boasted of his amorous nature but in the presence of a true pervert!

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said: “Don’t pretend, every time you look at my d-ck, you look like you’re hungry, are you jealous, or do you want to try it? Don’t worry, sooner or later I’ll give you a taste of the real thing.”

Bai Xinyu raged and said: “You’re full of shit, who’s f-cking horny, you’re the one getting naked and deliberately coming on to me!”

“Yes, I did it on purpose. Did it work well?”  Yu Fengcheng deliberately leaned against him, “Seriously, when you look at me, do you ever wonder, how does it feel to be this big?”

Bai Xinyu didn’t expect to be disemboweled, getting annoyed, “It’s not like I don’t have a f-cking one, I’m curious about yours, why don’t you lighten up a bit, thinking you’re a celestial immortal!”

Yu Fengcheng laughed so hard his shoulders were shaking, “You really don’t know, do you? You’ve got everything written on your face.”

Bai Xinyu couldn’t help but touch his face and while Yu Fengcheng was just laughing, he pushed the guy away, running out and screaming and said: “Pervert, get away from me!” and ran away in a flash.

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