Little Poplar, Chapter 20: Bu-tt smack

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 20: Bu-tt smack

If his parents and his brother knew that he was facing sexual harassment in the army, he doesn’t know if they would have sent him back. But… he doesn’t have the face to say it, even if he did, no one would believe him, he’s blamed for his nonsense, even his parents took it as bullshit.

Bai Xinyu was frustrated, since he opened his eyes, he hasn’t felt comfortable for even a minute.

When the time came, everyone went to breakfast, ate and then began the day’s training.

Chen Jing started to train them on the most difficult tactical move – crawling forward.

According to Chen Jing, his body was as dumb as a bear’s and he was a live target when he entered the battlefield, he don’t know if the clothes will hold up.

Chen Jing stood up from the ground and said as he patted the dust, “This crawl is divided into low crawl, high crawl, side crawl and high side crawl, of which the low crawl is the most difficult in my opinion, requiring greater body coordination, stronger hips and more strength. Let’s start with the hardest one.” He started by explaining the movements, then shows the group and finally he asks them to practice in pairs, one to crawl, one to watch and learn the lesson and then exchange.

Bai Xinyu wants to practice with Feng Dongyuan and Feng Dongyuan readily agrees. Bai Xinyu is a bit dependent on Feng Dongyuan because Feng Dongyuan is good-tempered, warm-hearted and most importantly, he is friendly to everyone, so even if everyone is pushing him around, Feng Dongyuan will not.

The new soldier, Xiaomao, who had just sarcastically attacked Bai Xinyu in the morning, was right next to them and when he saw that, he whispered, “Pestering Dongyuan all the time, not afraid of being annoyed.”

Feng Dongyuan gave Xiaomao a wink, telling him not to say anything.

Bai Xinyu was not in the mood so he did not answer, even now he was a bit running out of patience, he is also a loose cannon, how can he stand the jeering he yelled back: “You pestered him all day Class Leader didn’t you?” he said. He added: “You’re an ass-kisser.

Liang Xiaomao glared, “You have the nerve to mention the squad leader too, always dragging the squad leader down.”

Feng Dongyuan whispered: “Xiaomao…”

“What are you talking about? Where’s your discipline!” Chen Jing shouted at the end of the line.

A few people are silent.

Chen Jing said: “Bai Xinyu, Liang Xiaomao, step out!”

The two of them got up from the ground and ran to Chen Jing.

Chen Jing said: “Get down.”

The two men laid on the floor.

Chen Jing crouched down, “Crawl forward, one, two, three, go!”

The two of them started to crawl forward on their hands and knees, as they started practicing and had to be unsure of what to do, Xiaomao was a little better, Bai Xinyu was totally leaning on his -ss to arch forward, Chen Jing slapped Bai Xinyu’s -ss, “With your -ss sticking up so high, two miles away, a sniper could kill you with one shot.”

The crowd roared with laughter.

Bai Xinyu fell to the ground in defeat.

Chen Jing Dao: “I just said, don’t arch forward with your buttocks, use your inner thighs, your body must be below 40 cm, in this case, also take into account the speed, Bai Xinyu, climb again.”

He tried to push forward by his inner thighs but he couldn’t help pouting his buttocks, it was more natural. After a few slaps, Bai Xinyu felt a burning pain in one side of his buttocks and finally he couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Squad Leader, please switch sides.”

Even Chen Jing laughed this time, so he left him alone and went to instruct others.

The new recruits were crawling around on the grass, so Chen Jing squatted down and watched their asses, to see whose asses were pouting too much and then he stomped on them.

When taking a bath, the whole bathhouse was a bunch of monkey -ss, pointing at each other laughing, Bai Xinyu’s especially embarrassing, half of his buttocks were swollen and the other side is still white and tender, Yu Fengcheng passed by him, looked at him unkindly, Bai Xinyu that angry.

After returning to the dormitory, Bai Xinyu felt that half of his buttocks were still hot, lying uncomfortable, he complained to Feng Dongyuan and Feng Dongyuan couldn’t help but laugh, “The squad leader is doing this for your own good, the next assessment is crawling through barbed wire above and mud bubbles below, and we are going to crawl 500 meters, if you don’t meet the norms, you won’t be able to keep the skin on your back.”

Bai Xinyu soared up from the bed, shuddering, “You’re kidding.”

“No, I saw it on TV.” Feng Dongyuan shrugged his shoulders, “It’s scary to watch but I think if we train hard, if others can do it, we can do it too.”

Bai Xinyu went back under the covers, just wanted to bite the corner of the blanket and cry.

Yu Fengcheng leaned over, smiling and said: “Where only, there will be coarse sand, mud lumps and stones in the muddy water, according to the time of our assessment, it was autumn, the water was cold, imagine for yourself.”

Bai Xinyu glared at him, “What are you laughing at, you’re going to crawl too.”

Yu Fengcheng nodded, “But I’m not afraid of pain, are you?”

Bai Xinyu said with a weak voice: “I’m not afraid either.”

Qian Liang said: “Alas, alas, alas, why do you two scare him and us, the good life is getting easier every day.”

Batur grumbled, “It’s not good day paper, it’s not good day paper.”

Big Big-Bear laughed, “Hey, kid, let me teach you Mandarin, you’re speaking so funny, if we go on a mission with you, we’ll all laugh when you open your mouth and we’ll be exposed.” Big-Bear was born and raised in Beijing and speaks Mandarin so well that he can’t stand to hear Batur speak.

Batur is a little annoyed, “No, I’ve learned it myself.”


Chen Jing knocked on the bedpost, “Don’t make fun of other people’s accents. When you’re in the company, you’ll have to learn Xinjiang dialect.”

Big Big-Bear wiggled his eyebrows and said, “Squad Leader, I wasn’t mocking, I was teasing him.”

“Don’t tease him but take care of your young comrades.”

Batur was smiling.

Big-Bear rubbed his hands, “Yes, I’ll take care of my little friend”, he said and jumped on Batur, tickling him as much as he could, Batur screamed and laughed, his long eyelashes were stained with drops of water, all the people around him started laughing, the dormitory was in an uproar… Delight.

Yu Fengcheng quickly pecked Bai Xinyu on the cheek while everyone’s attention was drawn to the person playing a joke.

Bai Xinyu was shocked, he looked at Yu Fengcheng with “You are crazy” eyes, if he was watched by others, what could he do? There is no “Inappropriate male conduct” in the regulations and he can’t be discharged with such a punishment! The more he thought about it, the angrier he got and in a very low voice he said fiercely: “You’re crazy not to drag me down.”

Yu Fengcheng looked at him with a smile and whispered, “Don’t you think it’s quite exciting.”

“Go irritate your grandfather!” Bai Xinyu kicked Yu Fengcheng through the blanket. Then he turned around and went to sleep.

He prayed that in a month or so, after the new recruits finished, he wouldn’t be assigned to the same company as Yu Fengcheng, so that he could still… Live a few more years.

The training in the boot camp was getting heavier and heavier and it took him a few days to master many of the events and then it was just repetitive, boring training. His ambition to earn a middle ranking was eroded by the daily drills and he had no desire to improve himself, only to suffer day by day.

It wasn’t long before Bai Xinyu faced the biggest crisis in his army training – the 400 obstacle. The 400 meters included sprinting, pole-vaulting, jumping over ditches, wooden bridges, climbing over walls and nearly 20 other difficult moves.

Chen Jing took them through the exercises one obstacle at a time, many of which are not difficult to pass once you have mastered the key techniques, the only difficulty is the time limit but there are some that require repetitive training to achieve, such as climbing over craters and walls.

The two and a half meters deep crater, Bai Xinyu looked at all shaking legs, in fact, that distance most grown men can jump over but the depth is still terrifying, this level alone Bai Xinyu repeatedly made countless psychological preparation and then barely passed.

He thought it was pretty easy but he tried several times but he couldn’t get over the wall and several of his comrades in the same squad couldn’t get over it either.” After one day’s training, many recruits found it fun and challenging, while Bai Xinyu was depressed and complained to Feng Dongyuan that it was too hard for him.

After this was heard by Yu Fengcheng, Yu Fengcheng said coldly, “Needless to say, what training can you pass with your cowardly appearance.”

Bai Xinyu said unconvincingly, “I’ve qualified like all the others.”

“The rest of you are just done and when you can pass the final test, then you can qualify yourself.” Yu Fengcheng gave him a dirty look, “Your grade, in the end, it is your fate to go to the Cook Class.”

Bai Xinyu stared at him, “You’re full of shit.”

Feng Dongyuan exclaimed: “You guys stop arguing, Fengcheng, why are you always talking down about Xinyu, you’re not right either.”

Yu Fengcheng shrugged his shoulders, “Comrade Bai Xinyu, when I go to the cafeteria to fetch food, you can remember to give me an extra two slice of meat.”

Bai Xinyu raged, “I’ll give you rat poison! Eat yourself to death!”

Yu Fengcheng laughed and walked away.


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