Little Poplar, Chapter 21: I’m so perverted but you caused it.

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 21: I’m so perverted but you caused it.

“Next, Bai Xinyu!” Chen Jing shouted.

Bai Xinyu jumped towards the wall with an assisted run, his hands just managed to grab the edge of the wall but his body couldn’t make it up.

“I told you, you have to keep the momentum from jumping up and you have to use your hands to hold it up and if you can’t use that energy, you can’t go over.”

Bai Xinyu cried, “I really can’t go through this.”

Chen Jing said, “Stand aside, the next one… Yu Fengcheng, you demonstrate.”

Yu Fengcheng ran quickly, reached the high wall, jumped up nimbly, climbed the wall with both hands, kicked his feet and got up at once, immediately hugged the wall, tumbled over with his whole body and landed on the ground from the other side.

Chen Jing said, “Did you see that? That foot booster must be timed well, just in time to get up by using this booster strength, Yu Fengcheng, you team up with Bai Xinyu and be in charge of teaching him.”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

Bai Xinyu’s face immediately fell, begging, “Class Leader…”

“It’s no use calling your ancestors. Go practice.” Chen Jing knows they’re at odds, so he’s looking for someone who can stop Bai Xinyu, or else he’ll be lazy.

“Handsome Class Leader…”

Chen Jing posed a kick at his -ss and yelled, “Go practice!”

Yu Fengcheng grabbed Bai Xinyu’s collar and dragged him away.

Bai Xinyu said urgently, “I’m telling you, so many people are watching, I’ll tell the squad leader if you dare to start your evil ways.”

Yu Fengcheng sneered, “I was just instructed by my squad leader to accompany you to practice climbing over the wall, why are you nervous.”

Bai Xinyu looked at him guardedly, “You are a pervert.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed, “I’m a pervert, what are you going to do about it?”  He stretched his muscles, “I’m so perverted but you caused it.”

“What do you mean? I’m telling you I am a good person inside.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled evilly, “I’ll let you know about it later.”

Bai Xinyu frowned at him, sighing in his heart.

“Come here.” Yu Fengcheng stood by the high wall and gave Bai Xinyu a few pointers on how to use his strength and showed him a few times that he was really teaching him.

Bai Xinyu was also anxious, seeing more and more people passing in his class, he didn’t want to be the last one again, so he studied very seriously. He didn’t believe he was any less fit than the others, he was 182 cm and half of the class was no taller than him.

But he tried several times and as soon as he grabbed the edge of the wall, he started to lose strength, he couldn’t hold himself up and he was so frustrated.

Yu Fengcheng shook his head, saying word for word: “How the f-ck are you so stupid.”

Bai Xinyu’s heart was not happy and he said back, “You’re not exactly the smart one.”

“Anyway, I’m much better than you.” Yu Fengcheng slapped him on the shoulder, “You can’t pass the test like this, you still haven’t grasped the main idea, you don’t feel where to put your strength, you can step on my hand later, try to flip it.”


“Ah what ah.”

Bai Xinyu was startled: “You want me to… Step on your hand?”

Yu Fengcheng raised an eyebrow, “Or should I carry you there? Or should I fly you over there?”

Bai Xinyu stroked his head, a little uncertain how Yu Fengcheng wants to damage him again, will he let go in the middle of his flip and let himself fall on the ground?

Just as Yu Fengcheng said, Bai Xinyu wanted to go up in his heart, he wrote in block letters on his face, Yu Fengcheng snorted out of his nose, “If I want to get back at you, there are many ways, don’t worry about it, you can’t hide from me anyway.”

Bai Xinyu gritted his teeth, “You’re so… You’re so damned bad.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled, “It’s better to be bad than to be devoid of heart.” He squatted down, folded his fingers and said to Bai Xinyu, “Come on.”

Bai Xinyu hesitated, not because he was narrow-minded but because Yu Fengcheng was really something.

Yu Fengcheng said, “I’m warning you, not everyone can step on my hand, this step, if you can’t pass, I won’t spare you.”

Bai Xinyu took a step back, “Who would dare to go up there if you said that.”

“If you don’t, I’ll kill you.”

Bai Xinyu was so angry that he gave him a middle finger.

Yu Fengcheng squinted his eyes, laughing, “You’ve got guts, I’ll count one, two, three, one…”

The other foot pedaled on the wall and his elbow climbed to the edge of the wall at once, Bai Xinyu said excitedly, “I will come up I will come up.”

“Hurry up and step over.”

Bai Xinyu put his legs over the wall and struggled to get his body up. He sat down on the wall and laughed, “I’m finally up here!” In the middle of the laugh, he looked down, his eyes were dizzy, why the f-ck does it look so high!

Yu Fengcheng went to the other side, clapping his hands, “Come down.”

Bai Xinyu gulped, “Really, really high.”

“Two and a half meters, my -ss, get down.”

Bai Xinyu grabbed the edge of the wall with his hand, jumped off the wall and landed unsteadily, falling directly on top of Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng held him, because of the difference in height, Bai Xinyu felt that his ears touched something particularly soft and slightly moist, Yu Fengcheng’s magnetic voice sounded in his ears, “Oh, throwing arms?”

Bai Xinyu hurriedly stood up straight, saying awkwardly, “I’m coming over.”

“You’re relying on me to push you over, are you feeling anything?”


“Try again.”

Bai Xinyu tried again and again, more progress than the previous few times but it is still difficult to completely rely on his own over, how do you need Yu Fengcheng push, every time Bai Xinyu can not pass, he pushed Bai Xinyu’s -ss, originally everyone did this, it is a very common thing but as soon as his hand touched Bai Xinyu’s -ss, Bai Xinyu squealed like a little chicken, after landing on the ground and stared at him with his eyes wide open, as if he had been frightened and that unfortunate look of fear was really good food and Yu Fengcheng was very satisfied with it.

At the end of the day’s training, Bai Xinyu’s body was sore all over, when he returned to the dormitory, he and Feng Dongyuan massaged each other for a while. Bai Xinyu touched Feng Dongyuan’s arm, “Dongyuan, have you grown muscles?”

“I guess so, after all this training, it’s only right that you gain some muscle.”

“Have I grown then?”

“You must have grown, you look stronger than ever.”

“Really.”  Bai Xinyu joyfully said, “Sooner or later I’m going to build up my abs.”

Feng Dongyuan smiled: “Really, everyone has gotten stronger and tanned this time.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked, “Did I turn black?”

Qian Liang said with a big grin, “How can you not get a tan with this much sun? You think you’re Snow White?”

Bai Xinyu left Feng Dongyuan and ran to the washroom, then rushed back a short while later, crying out dejectedly, “I’m really black, my face and body are not the same color.”

Feng Dongyuan laughed, “It’s okay, men who are darker look more mature.”

Bai Xinyu sneered, “What do you know, nowadays girls like handsome guys with delicate skin, just like me, I won’t have this advantage if I’m tanned.”

Qian Liang poked his head out, “Bullshit, women like masculine.”

It’s been two months since they’ve seen a female creature. The Squad Leader doesn’t dare to say anything for fear of being laughed at by his classmates.

   He immediately found some confidence among the new recruits and danced around talking about his own history of hunting women, whether his story is true or not but the kids in the dormitory listened with great interest, of course, some of them thought that he bragged and bragged and did not care about this.

   Yu Fengcheng leaned against the head of the bed, looking at Bai Xinyu’s energetic appearance, smiling and silent but his eyes turned and turned, his gaze became deeper and deeper.

   Some people don’t believe that Bai Xinyu had so many girlfriends, Bai Xinyu was anxious, said he had a bunch of photos in his phone, said he was going to show them but the military blocked the phone signal, his phone has not been charged for a long time, he flipped his phone out to charge.

That’s when Chen Jing spoke up, “This kind of talk is just for fun, don’t bring any unhealthy practices into the army.”

Bai Xinyu wilted at the sound of the scolding, “Squad Leader, have you ever had a girlfriend either.”

Chen Jing pushed up his glasses, “Don’t mind your own business.”

And someone asked, “Hey, Fengcheng, you’re tall and handsome, you must have had quite a few.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said, “I am okay.”

“Yo, don’t want to talk about it, or are you afraid we’ll get greedy.”

Yu Fengcheng said, “My family is very strict, so I can’t talk much.” When he said this, his expression and tone were so innocent and pure that Bai Xinyu almost ran into a wall.

   Yu Fengcheng’s kissing skills, his hands that tease people, his mouth full of flirting words, Bai Xinyu can’t believe he hasn’t had a girl before… He is a backdoor man (gay), maybe he has never had a girlfriend before, he is just looking for a man’s -ss to practice. Thinking of this, Bai Xinyu had a bad chill in his heart.

Liang Xiaomao shouted, “I’ve decided, from now on, anyone who has a girlfriend is an enemy of our class.”

“Yes, we have to resolutely defeat the class enemy!”

Chen Jing knocked on the bedpost, “Bunch of bastards, still not going to sleep.”

“Strongly endorses the Squad Leader as president of our ‘No-Girlfriend’ coalition.”

“Hahahaha haha.”

Chen Jing was speechless, “You guys are so eager to draw a line, in the future when there is a task from above, I’ll arrange for you to stand guard and wash the toilets.”

“No, Master Class Leader-”

As soon as the lights went out, the whole building went dark and the young recruits, laughing and talking, fell asleep.

~Little Poplar~


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