Little Poplar, Chapter 22: Practice

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 22: Practice

   That night, Xu Chuang, who had disappeared for half a month, returned and called another emergency meeting to rally the anger of the people. Thinking of his last experience, Bai Xinyu wanted to kneel down to Xu Chuang.

   Same as last time, 5km in half an hour, Bai Xinyu thought he couldn’t finish it from the beginning but Chen Jing told him to run. If Bai Xinyu dared to show the slightest sign of giving up, Chen Jing’s eyes would kill him.

When he followed the group back to the playground, Chen Jing hammered him on the shoulder, an excited smile appearing on his always expressionless face. “Look at the time!” Chen Jing returned the watch to Bai Xinyu.

Bai Xinyu said excitedly, “30 minutes, Imanaged to be back in 30 minutes! No need to be punished! Hahahaha haha, I really got back!”

Qian Liang laughed: “Great, you’ve finally made it.”

Feng Dongyuan also patted him on the shoulder, “Xinyu, you see, somehow you’ve improved a lot.”

Xu Chuang shouted, “What’s all the noise? 30 minutes makes you so proud? Regular army can run 5km cross-country for 23 minutes with light load, 20 minutes is the excellent time used, 26 minutes for fully armed and heavy loaded, 23 minutes for excellent in that run, look around you, how many of you can pass, how many of you can excel? Stop laughing!”

The new recruits gathered their ranks quickly and didn’t dare to speak.

“You’ve been training for two months now but I’m not satisfied with your results. You’re the worst I’ve ever seen. What can I say about you? You’re just a bunch of spoiled brats!” Everyone was in a bad mood after being dragged out of their bunks for five kilometers in the middle of the night, sleepy, hungry, tired and cold and now they’re scolded so badly, their faces are black.

Xu Chuang continued to grill them: “You guys are about to get a feel for your guns and I feel bad for all the bullets you’re going to waste. In a month’s time, we’ll test the new recruits and those who don’t pass will be fed to my f-cking pigs, in my company, they’re all hard-working soldiers, so if one defective one ruins the whole bunch, don’t think you can hang around my place just because your family has connections and background, I’m telling you, no way, I’ll see you at the test. Dismissed!”

They went back to their dormitories and they started complaining.

Big-Bear muttered, “Is the company commander on fire today, digging us up in the middle of the night and yelling at us.”

Qian Liang laughed evilly, “I guess he was kicked out of bed by his wife in the middle of the night, hahahaha.”

Chen Jing’s eyes glared, “You can’t keep your mouth shut, so go back to your orders.”

“Class Leader…”

“Stand in the corner and memorize it, then I’ll test you.”

Qian Liang cryptically took a small notebook and went to recite the book.

Liang Xiaomao leaned over to Chen Jing, “What’s wrong with the Captain today? Usually he has a good reason to scold us but today he seems to be taking it out on us.”

Chen Jing said, “It’s only right to take it out on you guys, who made you not to fight.”

“Class leader, I think we’re training well.”  Liang Xiaomao glanced at Bai Xinyu, “It’s just that some of the others keep dragging their feet but most of the class can keep up with the training and there’s no problem with the tests.”

Bai Xinyu gave him a look but didn’t dare to argue, because he was indeed the one who was dragging his feet.

“All right? There are only three of you in the class who can finish the 400m in the time allotted and you don’t have much time left if you give it an hour.”

Bai Xinyu’s heart was trembling. He’s one of the ones that the Squad Leader said couldn’t finish no matter how long it took. Although Xu Gang is fierce, what he said was true. Bai Xinyu howled in his heart, he doesn’t want to go to the farm to feed the pigs! It was hard training but if people knew he was in the army, he’d be ashamed of himself!

After Chen Jing said that, all the new recruits in the dormitory were a bit dangerous, especially the ones with low to middle grades.

Feng Dongyuan sighed, “From what the company commander and class leader said, the assessment must be quite difficult.”

Bai Xinyu Dao: “What are you worried about, you’re practicing pretty well.”

“I want to get better.” Feng Dongyuan whispered: “Didn’t I tell you before, if I can move up, the treatment from the higher ups will be good and when I retire from the army, the benefits will be good, so I have to try to do well in everything.”

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years and is now in the process of developing the new product.”

Feng Dongyuan smiled apologetically, “That’s my personality, I’m more serious.”

Bai Xinyu’s thoughts were the same as Qian Liang’s. He used to think that his grades were bad and that those with good grades were all nerds and that he despised them all. He was righteous, humble, sincere and serious. He worked meticulously and diligently for a goal. If he hadn’t come here, if he hadn’t known this man, he would never have thought of it this way. He patted Feng Dongyuan on the shoulder, “You can do it, you’ll be good at anything.”

Feng Dongyuan laughed, “I’ll lend you guys a hand.”

Bai Xinyu was inexplicably inspired by Feng Dongyuan. Feng Dongyuan’s goal was not very big, he just wanted to be promoted to sergeant and get a better salary to subsidize his family. When he remembered his poorly trained 400m obstacle course, he felt anxious, so he secretly looked at Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng was sitting on a stool reading a detective novel, chin in one hand, legs folded casually, the lines of his side face as rigid and perfect as if drawn and his skin exuding a youthful, translucent luster.

Bai Xinyu gulped, gathering the courage to walk over.

Yu Fengcheng looked at him with slanted eyes, obviously he was surprised, “Hmm?”

“You… I… I… I… I… I can’t get over the barrier.” Bai Xinyu’s heart beat as fast as a drum, he was just stimulated by Feng Dongyuan, he came to Yu Fengcheng on impulse, he doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing.

In the meantime, Yu Fengcheng’s sword brows, “Is that mosquito buzzing voice of yours, speaking to me?”

Bai Xinyu said with difficulty, “I still can’t pass the 400m obstacle, can you help me?” One of them is Yu Fengcheng, the other one is Liang Xiaomao, although he likes to flatter, his training performance is great but it’s a pity that he won’t be able to find him. It’s obvious to everyone that Yu Fengcheng is the most outstanding recruit in this year’s class and Bai thought about it but he had to go to Yu Fengcheng because he didn’t have enough time.

Yu Fengcheng grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth as neat as scallops, Bai Xinyu shivered, feeling that the teeth could suck blood, he regretted a bit but thinking of feeding pigs…

Chen Jing was not far away from them, echoing, “Xinyu, it’s good that you have this realization, Fengcheng, if you have time, help your comrades.”

Yu Fengcheng said, “Yes, Squad Leader.” After saying that, he said ambiguously to Bai Xinyu: “Since you have begged me, how can I not help you.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked by that evil smile, he immediately regretted it and couldn’t help but take a step back, “That… How about tomorrow…”

“Not tomorrow.”  Yu Fengcheng stood up, hooked a hand on his shoulder, “There’s still an hour before breakfast, I’ll take you to have an appetite.”

“No, well, I’m hungry now, I’m bored…”

“You can’t practice on a full stomach, it’s an empty stomach, let’s go.” Yu Fengcheng said and dragged Bai Xinyu out of the dormitory.

As soon as Bai Xinyu left the dormitory, he whispered, “I regret it, forget it.”

Yu Fengcheng clamped his arms around his neck, “It’s too late for you to regret it now.”

Bai Xinyu wept, “I think it’s late too.”

“What are you afraid of, that I’ll rape you in the playground.”

“Wouldn’t… I guess…” Bai Xinyu begged, “Can we just train, brother, I’m begging you.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed: “What else do you want to do?”

Bai Xinyu was suddenly speechless.

When the two of them arrived at the drill ground, Yu Fengcheng said: “Those four obstacles you can’t get over, one by one, my requirement for you is to pass one a day, training at this rate is the only way you can pass the test, otherwise you will have even less time after you start training with firearms.”

Bai Xinyu was surprised: “How do you know which four of me can’t pass.”

Yu Fengcheng was startled, the expression on his face was somewhat unnatural and his voice was elevated, “Nonsense, I saw that, are you practicing or not.”


Yu Fengcheng pinched his neck and said viciously, “I agreed that a day is a day, since you took the initiative to ask me to help you, if you don’t finish the mission, see how I’ll deal with you.”

Bai Xinyu cringed, cluelessly saying, “What were you like as a child?”

Yu Fengcheng frowned: “What?”

“When you were a kid, it wasn’t like this, if you were this obnoxious as a kid, I’d remember you.”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, a storm brewing in them.

Bai Xinyu look at the big event is not good and immediately yielded, “I… that… what, this is going to practice!”

Yu Fengcheng kicked him out.

   The author has something to say: after the training is over, the life in the company will be more exciting and there will be more exciting characters, spoilers, such as little fish’s uncle ~~~.

   And the little fish (Yu) and the little white (Bai) will grow to impressive levels~~!

~Little Poplar~


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