Little Poplar, Chapter 23: Don’t die of boredom

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 23: Don’t die of boredom

At first, he needed Yu Fengcheng to push him up and the last two times, Yu Fengcheng lifted him up, so he could climb the wall and climb over by his own strength, although it was very slow but at least he was able to climb over by himself and he was getting better.

After almost half an hour of practice, Bai Xinyu was completely exhausted. He stepped over the edge of the wall and lay down on it, panting from exhaustion. “F-ck, I can’t stand it.” He was so hungry, he couldn’t even bounce up the wall.

Yu Fengcheng was standing below, also slightly out of breath, “You’ve at least flipped me over once from beginning to end on your own.”

“I’m making good progress here, so you just push me through.”

“Crap, can someone push you down there during the assessment?”

Bai Xinyu coyly said, “Then take your time, I’m really exhausted right now, I want to eat.”

Yu Fengcheng gave him a blank stare, “Get off.”

Bai Xinyu supported himself, jumped down, I don’t know whether it was hungry or tired, suddenly felt a little blurred, his feet didn’t pedal the wall and fell straight down, Yu Fengcheng’s quick eyes and hands and got a hold of his waist, after all, Bai Xinyu is seventy kilograms and he jumped from a high place so the impact is really not small, Yu Fengcheng also didn’t shore up support in a hurry, both of them fell to the ground.

“Shit…” Yu Fengcheng, who was at the bottom, couldn’t help but curse.

There was a human cushion underneath, Bai Xinyu didn’t fall but his face hit Yu Fengcheng’s chin, causing him to wince in pain.

   In the panic, their chests pressed against each other, their thighs rubbing against each other, their heavy breaths spewing on each other’s faces, there was an unexplainable ambiguity between them.

   In the middle of the pushing and shoving, Bai Xinyu felt something bulging against his thigh, no, the opposite… something bulging against his thigh… When he realized what it was, his face turned green and he yelled out in pain to hide his embarrassment.

Yu Fengcheng still had one hand around his waist and the other hand slapped him hard on the buttocks, “Get off me!”

Bai Xinyu climbed up from Yu Fengcheng on his hands and knees, rubbing his cheeks and said, “You tell the truth whether your jaw is fixed or not, it’s so damn sharp.”

“Nonsense.” Yu Fengcheng rubbed his waist, “You want a punch, you fell on me.”

Bai Xinyu saw him frowning, maybe he was really hit quite lightly, in his heart he laughed at him deserved it while feeling a little bit guilty, he hesitated for a moment and reached out his hand to Yu Fengcheng, “Stop screaming, aren’t you very capable, what’s wrong with a little fall?”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, “You say that again.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked when he saw Yu Fengcheng’s expression and was about to recycle his hand but it was too late, Yu Fengcheng grabbed his hand and brought him with a force and his whole body fell towards Yu Fengcheng, Yu Fengcheng didn’t know why but he pinned his calf and then grabbed his waist and with a neat twist, he felt a blur before his eyes and was pressed down by Yu Fengcheng in a flash.

Bai Xinyu blinked hard, then realized that his situation was so dangerous.

Yu Fengcheng pressed his wrist against his head, coldly snorted: “You jumped on me from over two meters high and ‘what’s wrong with falling a little’, is your skin itching?”

Bai Xinyu trembled, “Big brother, I said the wrong thing, I’m starving and confused.”

Yu Fengcheng chuckled, eyeing him from his eyes all the way down to his lips, “Is that you being dishonest, or is that your mouth?”

From Bai Xinyu’s angle, he could see Yu Fengcheng’s long eyelashes and his nose was as sharp as a knife. Bai Xinyu was very sure that he was not gay, he liked big breasts and round -ss, he had never been interested in men’s hard bodies, he thought, maybe because Yu Fengcheng’s kissing skills were good, plus kissing with men was new, so he had some strange feelings in his heart.

Seeing his stupid appearance, Yu Feng Cheng said with a low smile: “Speak, are you honest or not honest. If you admit it is you, I will slap you, if you admit it is a mouth… I will kiss you.”

Bai Xinyu felt his face burning, he cursed Yu the evil-jinx for being such a slut, where did he learn these things at such a young age, if it were a woman or a gay man, he would not be able to stand it, he would have been f-cking dazed by this guy. Luckily, he was neither of those things, so he was able to keep his sanity and he shuddered and said, “Then you’d better hit me.”

“Why should I listen to you?” Yu Fengcheng laughed hard, his lips gently touched Bai Xinyu’s lips, the intensity is like a tickle, directly into the human heart. He said in a small voice that only two people could hear: “Bai Xinyu, do you know it’s very cool to do that with a man?”

“Don’t know, don’t want to know.” Bai Xinyu tried to push Yu Fengcheng away but both of his hands were pressed against him, so he couldn’t use any force at all.

“Really don’t want to know?” Yu Fengcheng continued to lick Bai Xinyu’s lips one by one but also improper kiss, just on the corner of that mouth to provoke as much as possible, Bai Xinyu how to hide cannot escape, head is almost dizzy, finally he cannot stand, gritted teeth and shouted: “You f-cking… thats enough!”

Yu Fengcheng laughed sulkily, probably because he had had enough and released his grip on Bai Xinyu, pulling him up from the ground.

Bai Xinyu blushed as if he had drunk too much and the way he looked at Yu Fengcheng was like looking at a flooded beast. If he had been at home before, he would have learned more from his friends and he wouldn’t have been so embarrassed by Yu Fengcheng, he really regretted it!

Yu Fengcheng smiled: “Aren’t you hungry, don’t you want to go eat yet.”

Bai Xinyu kept a distance of two meters from him and quickly walked towards the canteen.

That whole day Bai Xinyu was a bit out of shape but no one noticed, because he is usually half-toned and today was not much worse than usual. But after a whole day of practice, Bai finally managed to climb over the wall on his own, only at a slow pace and with a low success rate but at least he saw a glimmer of hope. Whenever he was too tired to move, he thought about the pigsties and immediately felt motivated.

   When he went to bed at night, Bai Xinyu tossed and turned until late at night, he couldn’t sleep, his mind was a mess, his body was a bit hot, all men are familiar with this feeling, to put it bluntly, he was in heat. He’s been in the army for two months, he’s never seen a woman, not to mention a sow, he practices during the day and sleeps at night, there’s no privacy, so if you think about it, he’s been a bit pent up these past two months, especially this morning when Yu Fengcheng teased him… What does this have to do with Yu the evil-jinx, he is a young man with healthy limbs and strong blood, it’s normal for him to be impulsive.

He sat up quietly, went to the bedside table drawer and took out his cell phone. He wanted to show his comrades pictures of his mistress that day but was stopped by Chen Jing.

He plugged in his headphones and covered himself in the blanket, flipped out the “little movie (po-rn)” he had made on his phone and pressed the play button. He felt a sudden sensation when he saw the white blossom body on the screen and his heart was suddenly relieved as a burst of heat flowed in his lower abdomen.

He didn’t dare to make a sound and he didn’t even dare to caress too much, so he didn’t even feel the urge to touch.

Suddenly, Bai Xinyu felt an ice-cold hand creep into his blanket! He let out a short, low cry of shock but he covered his mouth in time and broke out in a cold sweat.

   He immediately realized that the hand was Yu Fengcheng’s but he didn’t dare to move, in order to hear the surrounding noise clearly, he could only take off his earphones and listened frantically to see if any of his comrades noticed the noise.

   Yu Fengcheng’s hand boldly dug into his pants, accurately grasping his baby, Bai Xinyu couldn’t help but clench his thighs, he really wanted to jump up and fight with Yu Fengcheng now but he didn’t dare!

   But Yu Fengcheng put his hand between his legs and used his fingers to tease the baby, Bai Xinyu was so hot and bothered by the fingers that he unconsciously let go of his legs.

   He opened his mouth and bit down on the blanket to keep his voice under control, men are most familiar with men’s needs, Bai Xinyu was made comfortable by Yu Fengcheng’s one hand and his body was as numb as electricity, the two months of abstinence from sex made his desire rise steadily. The night released all at once, naturally unstoppable. In addition to the fact that Yu Fengcheng was really good at it, the criminal-like excitement of being discovered at any time, the freshness and shame of being masturbated by a man all merged together to create the complex emotions of excitement, fear, shame and hunger that he was feeling,  The pleasure that pushed his flesh to heat up, Bai Xinyu finally shuddered and ejaculated in Yu Fengcheng’s hand, at that moment he really felt like he was drunk and dreaming of death.

   After venting, Yu Fengcheng deliberately wiped his wet hands on the inner and outer thighs of Bai Xinyu slowly and repeatedly, rubbing the sticky wet body fluids onto Bai Xinyu’s legs, Bai Xinyu calmed down, his face was burning with shame, he didn’t dare to lift the blanket, just clenched his legs again, trying to make Yu Fengcheng quickly pull his hands back but the evil hand touched him inside and out. After that, he drew back from the bed. The moment the hot hand left his skin, he felt an inexplicable sense of loss.

Then, the blanket that Bai Xinyu was wearing over his head was suddenly pulled off and Yu Fengcheng’s teasing voice sounded in his ears, “Don’t die of boredom, I don’t like raping corpses.” He licked his ear and then he went back to his bed as if nothing had happened and went to sleep.

   He just doesn’t know how he will face Yu Fengcheng tomorrow… Someone hurry up and kill him!

~Little Poplar~


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