Little Poplar, Chapter 24: Let’s study that ‘game’.

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 24: Let’s study that ‘game’.

After such a shameful event, even such a heartless guy like Bai Xinyu had his moments of tossing and turning and sleepless nights but when he woke up, the wake-up call rang, he was so sleepy he wanted to die but he still managed to get up.

As soon as he got up, he felt two hot eyes staring at him, he turned his head shakily and saw Yu Fengcheng looking at him with a smile rather than a smile and asked with special concern: “Did you not sleep well last night, your eyes were swollen like a toad?” Bai Xinyu’s face burned, remembering what that hand had done to him last night, he wanted to hit his head against the wall.

   Yu Fengcheng admired the changing expression on Bai Xinyu’s face, holding back laughter so much that his heart and lungs would explode.

   Bai Xinyu turned his head and dressed quickly.

Feng Dongyuan jumped down from the bed, looked down at him, “Really hey Xinyu, did you not sleep well last night or did you drink too much water, your eyes are so swollen.”

“Too much water, too much water.”

“Look at you, I told you not to drink too much water, it’s so cold to go to the bathroom at night.”

Bai Xinyu yawned loudly, the intense training every day has almost drained his energy, now he didn’t sleep for a whole night, he don’t know if he can make it through today, it’s all because of Yu Fengcheng, this evil star was sent to kill him! It’s all because of Yu Fengcheng’s bad luck. He’s sent it to kill him. He still remembers the ecstasy he felt last night…

   In the morning, Bai Xinyu felt that Yu Fengcheng was watching him, so he made several mistakes and was punished by the angry Chen Jing.

   During the meal, Bai Xinyu especially wanted to sit far away from Yu Fengcheng but Yu Fengcheng still did not feel comfortable to sit opposite him, Bai Xinyu’s head was almost lowered into the food.

Qian Liang came over with a plate and said happily, “Wow, there’s yogurt today, the second time I’ve had yogurt in two months.”

Feng Dongyuan smiled: “You remember it so clearly.”

“It was.”

Yu Fengcheng kicked Bai Xinyu, “How are you eating, lift your head up.”

Qian Liang looked at Bai Xinyu, giggled, “That’s right, why are you like my cat.”

Bai Xinyu coughed, straightened his back, raised his head and after a quick glance at Yu Fengcheng, started to pick rice with his eyelids hanging down.

Feng Dongyuan: “Xinyu, are you not feeling well today, you’ve been in your soul all day.”

Bai Xinyu was stuffing his mouth full of rice, quickly shaking his head.

Feng Dongyuan thought, “Do you have something on your mind?”

Qian Liang laughed, “Why do you have to ask? He’s got his heart written all over his face, he just doesn’t know which girl he’s thinking of.”

Bai Xinyu swallowed his rice, “I miss my mom.”

Feng Dongyuan laughed: “No wonder, you actually cried last night.”

Bai Xinyu stared straight in the eyes, “Bullshit”

Feng Dongyuan smiled quietly.

Yu Fengcheng opened the lid of the yogurt, took a sip, “Mmm, not bad.”

Qian Liang also tasted a mouthful and exclaimed: “This yogurt is so pure, the ones on the market can’t compare to the good stuff fermented by the locals.” When he talked about food, he was always on the ball.

Yu Fengcheng was holding the yogurt container but his hand was tilted, so he spilled a puddle on his hand and the milky, sticky liquid trickled down his fingertips.

Qian Liang said sadly, “You’re so wasteful.”

   The rice in Bai Xinyu’s mouth had not yet been swallowed and when he saw the yogurt flowing between Yu Fengcheng’s fingers, a mouthful of rice was almost spewed out and he quickly covered his mouth, resulting in a severe choking and coughing, spewing rice grains in his mouth everywhere and people around him screamed and ducked back.

   He was so red in the face that he couldn’t breathe and he almost got killed.

   Feng Dongyuan patted him on the back and handed him water and he didn’t forget to chide him for not eating properly.

Yu Fengcheng smiled without saying a word, elegantly took a napkin and wiped his hands and said, “Hey, too bad, this is a good yogurt, I spilled half the bottle.”

Qian Liang echoed: “That’s right, I guess it’s not cheap, with our standard of food, we only get to try it once a month.”

Yu Fengcheng picked up Bai Xinyu’s yogurt, smilingly said: “Xinyu, I see you haven’t moved for half a day, do you not want to drink it, give it to me.”

Bai Xinyu waved his hand at him, blushing and saying, “Take it.” He couldn’t wait to kneel down to Yu Fengcheng and begged Yu the evil-jinx to stop playing with him.

Yu Fengcheng happily finished off Bai Xinyu’s yoghurt, wiped his mouth and left in a big swing.

That whole day, Bai Xinyu had a very uncomfortable life. He hardly dared to look into Yu Fengcheng’s eyes and was afraid that he might catch them alone together.

At night when he was washing clothes in the water room, Yu Fengcheng was next to him and his elbow could touch him from time to time, Bai Xinyu always thought he did it on purpose but he couldn’t take his eyes off Yu Fengcheng’s hand.

Yu Fengcheng suddenly turned his head, right in front of his dumbfounded gaze, almost laughed out, he took his wet hand out of the water basin, snapped his fingers in front of Bai Xinyu’s eyes and laughed lowly: “I know what you are thinking right now.”

Bai Xinyu was embarrassed and retorted particularly pale, “You, you don’t know.”

Yu Fengcheng stopped smiling and said, “Oh? Are you sure?”

Feng Dongyuan said curiously, “Where are you guys guessing riddles?”

Bai Xinyu poured the water, twisted a few times, “I’ve finished washing.” And then he took his clothes and left.

“Hey.” Feng Dongyuan called out to him, “You really, it’s obviously not clean, you’re lazy again.”

Bai Xinyu ignored him, hung up his clothes and ran away, followed by Yu Fengcheng.

Bai Xinyu was getting ready to take a shower, Yu Fengcheng was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at him with unblinking eyes, Bai Xinyu was creeped out by him and lowered his voice: “What are you doing.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled slightly, deliberately raising the volume, “Were you playing with your phone under the covers last night.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked, thought you know damn well what’s going on.

Chen Jing turned his head, “You didn’t sleep last night playing with your phone?”

Bai Xinyu was nervous and he said: “No, no.”

“The camp only blocked the signal, didn’t confiscate your cell phones, just in case you recruits were homesick, so you could see a picture or something but if you’re missing your rest to play a game and you can’t keep up with daytime training, that’s not allowed at all.”

“No Class Leader, I wasn’t playing with my phone, really.” Bai Xinyu looked at Chen Jing with a particularly innocent look.

Chen Jing didn’t take this at all, walked over with a cold face, a hand outstretched, “Give me your phone.”

Bai Xinyu cryptically handed the phone to him, he looked at the battery, coldly grunted: “No wonder you have no spirit all day today and always make mistakes, I confiscated the phone, when your behavior to my satisfaction, I will return you.”

“Class Leader, no, I won’t do it again, really!” He doesn’t even have a lock code on that phone, what if someone sees something untoward on it.

Chen Jing ignored him and was about to put the phone away, when Yu Fengcheng spoke up, saying with a straight face, “Class Leader, I’ll take care of it, it just so happens that I’m helping him train for the 400m obstacle course, this will serve as a motivator for him.”

Bai Xinyu stared straight, if he wasn’t the unlucky victim, he really wanted to give a thumbs up to Yu Fengcheng, praising him for his level of damage and his level of badness.

He thought about it and thought that Yu Fengcheng had a point, so he threw his cell phone to Yu Fengcheng, “Then you take care of it for me and return it to him when he passes the 400 meters obstacle course.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled and showed a mouthful of small white teeth, “Yes.”

Bai Xinyu glared at Yu Fengcheng viciously, Yu Fengcheng shook his phone, put it in his bedside table in front of him and said with a smile, “Actually, it’s not like you can’t have entertainment activities on a regular basis but you have to pay attention to the reasonable allocation of time, Class Leader, am I right?”

Chen Jing: “Well, quite right.”

“So the next time we take a break, let’s study that ‘game’.” Yu Fengcheng said with a smile.

  Bai Xinyu was so sad that he wants to cry.

~Little Poplar~


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