Little Poplar, Chapter 25: So it really was me you were thinking of

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 25: So it really was me you were thinking of

He finally got the chance to drag Bai Xinyu to the playground after his morning run.

As autumn began, the day dawned later and later and the early morning was just like late at night, with no one around and a cold wind gusting, Bai Xinyu’s little heart was pounding, wondering if Yu Fengcheng would do something to make people blush.

Yu Fengcheng said: “Today is the day to touch the gun, you still can’t get over this obstacle, do you want to feed the pigs.”

When it came to feeding the pigs, Bai Xinyu shivered, “I can almost make it.”

Yu Fengcheng said coolly: “It’s no big deal if you can’t pass, if you go down to the company like this, you’re just a drag on the others, it’s better to stay in the Cook Class and make some real use of it.”

Bai Xinyu sneered, “I’m sure I can make it!” With Yu Fengcheng’s coaxing and scaring, he can now complete all the obstacles on his own, the only thing he still needs to train is his speed.

Yu Fengcheng was timing the time, watching Bai Xinyu jump up and down over the obstacles, his heavy breathing echoing far out on the quiet playground.

After running completely three times, Bai Xinyu was really exhausted, ran back to Yu Fengcheng, panting and said, “How about it, did you reach the standard in the last round?”

Yu Fengcheng looked at the stopwatch, “37 seconds more than the prescribed time.”

Bai Xinyu rolled his eyes, sat his butt on the floor, “I haven’t eaten, I’m sure it’s okay if I’m full.” He just took a breath, then suddenly realized something and looked up, “What are you timing!”

Yu Fengcheng shook the fruit phone in his hand, “Your phone.”

Bai Xinyu jumped up from the ground and reached out for him but Yu Fengcheng grabbed his wrist and twisted it, Bai Xinyu shouted “Oops” and was restrained by Yu Fengcheng again.

Yu Fengcheng pushed him far away, grinning, “Next time, learn grappling well and perhaps you can have a go at me.”

Bai Xinyu raged, “You give me back my phone.”

“The sergeant gave it to me, if you want to go back, you can talk to the sergeant.”

“I’m not playing a f-cking game, you guys are framing me!”

Yu Fengcheng raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh, so what are you doing?”

Bai Xinyu was speechless, his expression became uncomfortable, “I… I miss my parents. Look at the pictures.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed lightly, “Your mother looks like this?” he pointed his phone screen at Bai Xinyu, a big-eyed cone-faced beauty was smiling at Bai Xinyu with a pout, he swiped his finger on the screen, replacing it with a more heavily made up one, “Still like this?”

Bai Xinyu was annoyed, “Who told you to peek at what’s in my phone!”

“I didn’t peek.” Yu Fengcheng flicked his phone, “I was looking openly.”

Bai Xinyu wanted to jump on him again but Yu Fengcheng lifted his foot slightly, in the attitude that if Bai Xinyu dared to go up, he could kick him out. Bai Xinyu was so angry that he jumped to his feet, “You still f-cking look, you, you invade my privacy!”

Yu Fengcheng looked at him askance, “Where is your ‘privacy’?” He looked down, staring at Bai Xinyu’s crotch.” His eyes went down, staring at Bai Xinyu’s crotch, laughing shamefully, “Is it there? Then it’s considered an ‘invasion’ by me but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Bai Xinyu said, “That night was purely… You, you put your hand in, I’m not f-cking impotent, of course, it was.”

“Yeah.”  Yu Fengcheng chuckled lowly, “So, did you enjoy it?”

Bai Xinyu gulped, didn’t know how to answer. Did he say no? He sprayed someone with evidence… To say yes, he can’t afford it.

Yu Fengcheng was really unforgiving, “Say something, is it good enough?”

“I… I told you, I’m a normal man…”

“Oh.”  Yu Fengcheng stretched the end out, “normal men can cum after a few touches by a man?”

“Did you just touch it a few times, you know…”

“I’m obviously how?”

Bai Xinyu stammered: “I’ll fight with you if you do this kind of unethical thing again.”

Yu Fengcheng laughed, “If you want to deny it after the pleasure, I don’t know who was holding my hand that night, it’s hard for me to smack it back.”

Bai Xinyu was annoyed, “You farted, it was you, you stuck it in!”

Yu Fengcheng smiled: “Why are you nervous, I won’t tell anyone, I just saw you hiding and mastur-bating by yourself, it’s hard, as your comrade in the next bed, I’m willing to help you out. But… I don’t know… Is this how you like it?” Yu Fengcheng tapped the half-naked photo on the screen, not a smile in his eyes.

Bai Xinyu actually couldn’t remember what the woman’s name was in the photo and he shouted, “Yes, I like that.”

Yu Fengcheng sneered, “Terrible taste, can’t get a feel of a real breast?”

“A fake breast is a breast and you don’t even have a fake one!” Bai Xinyu said righteously.

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, “That night, when you shot out in my hand, were you thinking of me, or her?”

Bai Xinyu was stunned, he thought he would say “her” without hesitation but he choked. He was not without self-awareness, he had chased after countless women since he was a child but the really good ones didn’t look down on him and those who traded money and sex couldn’t enter his heart. Perhaps it was just one of the many sexual encounters he had but all of them together, he was not as impressed as Yu Fengcheng. That night, when he was curled up under the blanket, with his body curled up and his legs clamped tightly together, he was thinking about Yu Fengcheng’s desperate hand, which was the most exciting and tense moment.

Yu Fengcheng caught his hesitation, leaned in and cupped his chin, smiling lowly, “So it really was me you were thinking of.”

Bai Xinyu slapped his hand away, “Who was thinking of you, I was watching something good.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled, “Those ‘good things’ of yours, I’ve helped you look at them, they’re kind of interesting, I’ll recreate the plot for you when I have the chance but… You must be the one who got f-cked.”

Bai Xinyu took a step back, pointed at him and cursed: “You peeked at people’s privacy and… You’re so f-cking not something!”

“I’m not finished yet.” Yu Fengcheng licked his lips, smiling wickedly, “and then, I’ll record something even better than this, to make sure you’ll be satisfied every time you savor it.”

Bai Xinyu glared at him, “You give me back my phone, I want to set a password!”

Yu Fengcheng put the phone into his pocket in front of him, smiling and saying, “When I record what I want to see, I will definitely return it to you.”

~Little Poplar~


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