Little Poplar, Chapter 26: Looking for you to play a game

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 26: Looking for you to play a game

Live fire training is the most anticipated project for the group of new recruits, men more or less have a natural worship and love of firearms, the kind of TV movies with real guns, the image of the tough guy, let this group of young people want to.

Their first training was with the 81-1 automatic rifle, which is also known as the “81-bar”, one of the most widely used of the Chinese standard rifles. He had played with a lot of real guns in Australia and in the United States since he was a kid and his extended family’s gun magazines were stacked higher than a person’s, so he was very good at talking about guns. He has a lot of experience with guns compared to the new recruits who are new to them and he is a bit proud that he is suddenly ahead of the competition.

After Chen Jing explained to them about the knowledge of firearms, shooting instructions and so on, he let them start target shooting. Bai Xin Yu’s shooting results were really good. Now he can’t look proudly, and intentionally or unintentionally heads towards Yu Fengcheng and winked, Yu Fengcheng glanced at him with a smile, and didn’t give him any response, which made Bai Xinyu depressed.

Luckily there was Feng Dongyuan little sweetheart trying hard to praise Bai Xinyu, “Xinyu, you’re amazing, this is not the first time you’re touching a gun.”

Bai Xinyu smiled broadly, “Of course, I’ve taken shooting lessons in the US before, I’ve used more than a dozen guns but this is the first time I’ve used a Chinese gun and it feels pretty good.”

“Wow, more than a dozen types of guns…” Feng Dongyuan said enviously, “I just want to touch the 95-sniper, 84 is not bad either, I wonder what kind of soldiers will be assigned to me then, I hope I can use guns more often in the future.”

Bai Xinyu laughed and said, “A shooting talent like me should… Ouch!” He looked back and saw Chen Jing kicking his -ss, looking down at him with condescension.”

Chen Jing said, “You’re so talkative, you’ll die if you don’t talk for a while.”

Bai Xinyu was stunned with his mouth open.

Chen Jing looked at Feng Dongyuan, “You too, is the shooting range a place for you to chat.”

Feng Dongyuan blushed.

“Give me twenty on the ground.”

They lay down on the floor, started doing push-ups and Qian Liang was laughing.

After the first day of training, Bai Xinyu’s marksmanship score could be ranked in the top three of the class, which made him happy, he had been in the army for more than two months, this was the first time he tasted the feeling of being superior to others, his self-esteem was greatly encouraged, he began to walk with his head held high.

After having breakfast and rest, he couldn’t help but ran to the delivery room to call his mother. This time his father was also at home. He was bragging about his achievements and his parents were very happy for him but he felt a little distracted, as if he had something to say but didn’t really listen to him. Bai Xinyu asked her, “Mom, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with you?”

Li Weizhi sighed lightly, “Xinyu, you were so far away, it’s useless to talk to you but I still feel… Hey…”

“What’s going on Mom?”

“It’s about your brother.”

Bai Xinyu gulped, since the last time he confessed to Jian Suiying, he didn’t dare to think about the consequences, Little Lin-zi would be beaten to death by his brother, he didn’t care if Little Lin-zi lived or died, he didn’t have any love for that kid but when he thought that his brother knew that he was betrayed by his two brothers… he felt so guilty that he didn’t dare to think about it. He was too guilty to think about it. He thought his brother was too powerful to worry about this and since he’d been sent to the frontier, Jian Suiying wouldn’t be able to take his revenge. But now, listening to his mother’s tone, as if his brother is not so good, he felt a bit uncomfortable, he cautiously asked: “What’s wrong with my brother?”

“I don’t know the details yet but I do know that Suilin is behind your brother’s getting scammed and they’ve argued and now the company is in turmoil. Mom can’t sleep at all these two days, I just think about my poor sister, so beautiful, so kind, who gave birth to such a promising son but her legacy was ruined by a bitch, why their lives are so miserable, Suilin and his mother are victimized and my brother-in-law is such a bastard, he’s causing me chest pains…”  Li Weizhi burst into tears as she said, “Mommy misses you so much, it makes my heart ache for Suiying when I think of how bad you’ll feel if I’m gone.”

Bai Xinyu’s heart clenched and he clenched his fist, “Suilin is a f-cking asshole…” But when he cursed, he couldn’t go on, because Suilin had also contributed to his brother’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans but even though his brother was angry, he hadn’t told his parents the truth and when he thought about it, he felt so sorry for his brother that he wanted to kill himself.

Li Weizhi sobbed, “Xinyu, I’m sending you away with all my heart, because I want you to grow up quickly and help your brother. Suiying is like my own son, so be strong and help him, don’t let those bastards bully him, if you don’t help him, who else will your brother trust?”

Bai Xinyu choked, “Mom, I know, I will become very powerful, go back and help my brother.”

Li Weizhi gave a few more instructions, then hung up the phone.

   Bai Xinyu hesitated for a long time but he didn’t have the courage to dial his brother’s phone number. He didn’t have the face to call his brother at this time, like his mother said, unless he became strong enough to help him, how could he have the face to show up in front of his brother?

   For the first time in more than two months since joining the army, Bai Xinyu had another motive for his efforts other than “not to be punished” and that was to one day go back and help his brother.

   In the last month of training, Bai Xinyu only had some advantage in target shooting but his physical fitness was still a mess.

   As the final examination approached, the new recruits who had been under the same roof for almost three months were nervous and a little despondent at the same time. In less than two weeks, the two hundred recruits of this new battalion would be assigned to different companies based on their performance in the assessment and even if they went to the same company, they might not be in the same squad.

Feng Dongyuan said sadly: “I don’t know if we’ll be able to share a company by then.”

Qian Liang laughed: “It’s not like we’re parting in life or death, we’re in the same camp, we can almost meet up after a drill or a meal, why are you so sad?”

“That’s not the same as bunk beds.”

Bai Xinyu also sighed: “I also want to be in the same class as you guys…” It was hard for him to make two friends in this class who didn’t dislike him, if they were separated and moved to a new class, they might not meet someone as unconventional as Qian Liang, or someone as gentle as Feng Dongyuan, if most of the people in the class were like Liang Xiaomao and Da Xiong, who either had a hard time with him, or looked down on him, then how hard would his life be? But… It would be a good thing if he could be separated from Yu Fengcheng, so he wouldn’t have to see Yu the evil-jinx and without the threat, he might be able to get along just fine. In short, Bai Xinyu is both worried and excited about the next company.

Qian Liang said: “Dongyuan, you are so good, I guess you can’t be in the same company as us, I heard that the top recruits from the new battalion will be released to our regiment’s armed reconnaissance company, the reconnaissance company is the place where the regiment recommends candidates to the military district, our company commander and Class Leader are from the reconnaissance company, I’m not good enough, it’s hard to say.”

Feng Dongyuan said: “Not necessarily, the assignment of the company is based on your ability to see which part of the company you favor, not necessarily which company you go to if you have good grades.”

Qian Liang smiled and whispered, “Why are you so stubborn? Think about it, this year’s new recruits are led by Xu Chuang, so he must have picked good recruits for himself.”

Feng Dongyuan thought about it, nodding his head, “Yeah.”

Bai Xinyu blinked, “That means, Yu Fengcheng will also go to Xu Chuang’s place?”

“Nonsense, don’t you see how much Xu Chuang likes Yu Fengcheng, can he give him to another company? He’s not that stupid.”

Bai Xinyu had mixed feelings of sadness and joy. The happy part was that Xu would definitely not want him, so he wouldn’t have to go to a company with Yu Fengcheng. The sad part was that he would definitely be separated from Feng Dongyuan and Qian Liang’s grades were in the upper middle class, so he might be picked by Xu and then he would be the only one left.

Feng Dongyuan saw what Bai Xinyu was thinking, patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “Xinyu, everything hasn’t decided yet, don’t think too much, even if we’re not in the same company, we’re still friends, I’ll often go to find you to play.”

Bai Xinyu tilted her head to his shoulder and said at the top of her voice, “Master, don’t forget me.”

The three of them were laughing and joking.

Just as Yu Fengcheng was returning to the dormitory, he saw Bai Xinyu sitting on Feng Dongyuan’s body, tickling him, hugging him, laughing until his face turned red. Yu Fengcheng raised his eyebrows, walked over and grabbed Bai Xinyu’s collar.

Bai Xinyu was laughing so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth, as soon as he saw Yu Fengcheng, his expression changed 180 degrees in one second, his face immediately collapsed, “What are you doing.”

Yu Fengcheng got upset in his heart, bared his teeth and smiled, “Looking for you to play a game.”

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