Little Poplar, Chapter 27: You son of a b-tch came to steal my people

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 27: You son of a b-tch came to steal my people

Bai Xinyu said frostily, “For what?”

“Come train with me.”

“I just had lunch. I’m exhausted. I’m not practicing.”

“I tell you to come.” Yu Fengcheng dragged him up.

Feng Dongyuan stood up, “I’ll go with you, just to digest and dissipate…”

“No.” Yu Fengcheng looked at Feng Dongyuan, “I’ll give him a small stove, what are you guys dabbling in.”

Feng Dongyuan was stunned, he remembered that Yu Fengcheng was usually quite polite to him, why did he seem to be a bit hostile today? He thought about it but he couldn’t remember when he had offended Yu Fengcheng.

Bai Xinyu was dragged to the playground by Yu Fengcheng, he muttered dissatisfied, “The Class Leader said not to exercise vigorously after eating, it’s easy to have a prolapsed stomach.”

“I didn’t ask you to do any strenuous exercise.” Yu Fengcheng pushed him to the edge of the bench, “sit down.” He said he’d sit down first.

Bai Xinyu sat down for no reason, looking around, “Why did you bring me here.”

Yu Fengcheng wasn’t thinking about what to do, he just didn’t want to see Bai Xinyu and Feng Dongyuan rolled into a ball, he looked at Bai Xinyu askance, “Talking.”

“Chatting?”  whispered Bai Xinyu, “Who wants to chat with you.”

“If you don’t want to talk, shut up and sit down.”

“No, you’re sick, you don’t rest in the middle of the day, you insist on making me sit here with you.”

Yu Fengcheng grinned, “Yeah, what can you do about it?”

Bai Xinyu shook his fist but in the end he didn’t dare to attack, he saw people coming and going in the playground, Yu Fengcheng didn’t dare to do anything to him, he slapped the stone table, “Okay, let’s chat, okay, let me ask you, when we were kids, what did we do at my cousin’s grandfather’s house? What did we do?”

Yu Fengcheng narrowed his eyes, “You’re three years older than me, you ask me?”

“But I don’t remember.”

“Why don’t you ask your brother, he’ll remember.” Yu Fengcheng glanced at Bai Xinyu, “I told you, you taught me a lot of fun games, I’ll tell you about them when I have the chance.”

“What chance? Isn’t there plenty of time for that now?”

Yu Fengcheng hooked his lips and smiled, “Some games don’t fit in here.”

“Don’t tell me what to do. I’m telling you, I…”

“Yu Fengcheng.” Liang Xiaomao came running from afar, “The captain asked you to come over.”

Yu Fengcheng was surprised, he stood up and left immediately.

Bai Xinyu was suspicious, I don’t know what Yu Fengcheng was trying to do by hanging on to people’s appetites but he could finally go back to his lunch break.

After Yu Fengcheng left, Liang Xiaomao looked at Bai Xinyu with a smile on his face.

Bai Xinyu stared at him, “What’s up, never seen a beautiful man before.”

Liang Xiaomao slowly pooh-poohed, “I’m just curious, how did you get in bed with Yu Fengcheng.” “

“What… When did I ever f-cking suck up to him? You’ve got eyes in your belly button?” He wanted to escape from Yu Fengcheng in a rocket and he’s sticking to him?

“Don’t pretend, you’ve been clamoring for him since your first day in the army and now you’re training with him all day, so don’t tell me, you’re not good at anything else but you’re good at finding your own way out.”

Bai Xinyu was confused, “What the hell are you talking about? Don’t be sarcastic, just say what you want.” He’s not afraid of Liang Xiaomao, firstly because he’s not as tall as him and secondly because he’s annoyed with this ass-kisser who’s always pestering the class president, who doesn’t belong to Liang Xiaomao alone but to all three classes.

Liang Xiaomao looked him up and down, “You really don’t know, why are you pretending? Not many people know the background of Yu Fengcheng’s family, I thought you knew.”

Bai Xinyu yawned, “What’s the big deal, I don’t suck up to the emperor’s grandson, you think everyone’s like you.” “

Liang Xiaomao’s face sank, “Don’t be so damn self-righteous, you’re just a family with a few stinking dollars, you’re just a piggy banker.” You’re just a family with a few bucks and you’re not washing pigs.”

“What did you say?”

Liang Xiaomao smiled evilly and said, “I say you wash the pigsty’s life, don’t believe me we’ll see in a month.”

Bai Xinyu wanted to hit him but he thought he might not be able to beat Liang Xiaomao and he didn’t dare to fight in the army, so he pointed at Liang Xiaomao and yelled at him: “Bullshit, we’ll see about that. Then he pointed at him and said, “F-ck you, we’ll see.

Liang Xiaomao waved his fist and left.

Bai Xinyu was so angry, he went to the dormitory.

As he passed by the office building, he saw a military Land Cruiser parked in front of the building and a tall man was getting out of it. The man’s back was to Bai Xinyu and he couldn’t see who he was but he knew he was a young man. He was about to go back to the dormitory but suddenly, he froze and saw the man reach out his hand and touch Yu Fengcheng’s head and Yu Fengcheng smiled a very sunny and handsome smile that Bai Xinyu had never seen before.

Bai Xinyu stood in the distance for half a day, he couldn’t get back to his senses. In his memory, when Yu Fengcheng smiled, it was either a sneer, or a sinister smile, or a smile full of ridicule, the kind of smile that was genuine and happy from the bottom of his heart. Bai Xinyu’s heart was not in the right place to think about it but it turned out that Yu Fengcheng was not as bad to everyone as he was to him.

When we got back to the dormitory, Feng Dongyuan immediately came over and asked him, “Hey, are you okay? Why did Yu Fengcheng ask you to go out?”

“Training.” Bai Xinyu said absent-mindedly.

“What training, huh? Why are you back so soon?”

“He’s been called away by the company commander.”

“Oh, Xinyu, let’s take a nap, or you’ll doze off again this afternoon.”

Bai Xinyu didn’t fall asleep on the bed, so he closed his eyes and thought about what he just saw… who is that man? He seems to be familiar with the captain and the others, he even knows Yu Fengcheng, Yu Fengcheng is a soldier’s family, it’s not surprising that he knows some officers but the level of intimacy…

“Brother Xinyu.” Someone at the door suddenly called out to him.

Bai Xinyu sat up sharply, the voice he knew was Batur.

Batur stood by the bed looking at him, “Class Leader told me to call you over.”

“Where to?”

“Go to the instructor’s office.”

Bai Xinyu wondered, “Why did you call me?”

Batur shook his head, “not a few courses.”

Bai Xinyu patted Batur on the head and went out. He could probably guess who that man was, probably Yu Fengcheng’s uncle, or else he wouldn’t have wanted to see him. In his mind, he wondered if he should tell Yu Fengcheng’s uncle. For the sake of his uncle, maybe Yu Fengcheng will be a little more restrained.

Before he got to the director’s office, he heard Xu’s laughter from afar and that loud voice resounded throughout the office building.

Bai Xinyu was inexplicably nervous, he set his mind, quickly walked to the office, a salute, “Report!”

The eyes of the people in the house turned to him.

Bai Xinyu saw the man sitting next to Yu Fengcheng at once, he was a young man of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old at the most, his eyebrows were saber-browed and starry-eyed, his eyes were like falcons, his appearance was similar to Yu Fengcheng’s, he was also tall and handsome, his shoulder badge was one bar and three stars. Bai Xinyu looked at that man but he hesitated, Yu Fengcheng’s uncle is not that young, is he?

Xu Chuang into a glance at him, “Little bai, do you recognize who this is?”

Bai Xinyu shook his head.

Xu Chuang in with a snort, “Look, I told you he didn’t know you.”

The man stood up, smiled and walked over to Bai Xinyu, looked him up and down, “Well, he is grown so big.”

In the meantime, Bai Xinyu thought that this person is only five or six years older than him, why is he talking like an elder?

The man held out his hand towards him, “Bai Xinyu right, my name is Huo Qiao, I’m Fengcheng’s uncle and a friend of your brother Suiying, we met when we were kids but it seems you don’t remember that.”

He reached out his hand and shook it with Huo Qiao, feeling nervous for some reason.

Huo Qiao smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Why are you nervous, Suiying asked me to ask someone to take care of you, I was passing through here on business and thought I’d come over anyway, how about it, you’re the same age as Fengcheng, you get along well, right?”

When Bai Xinyu looked at Yu Fengcheng, he saw that Yu Fengcheng was smiling at him and his eyes were shining sharply, Bai Xinyu felt that if he dared to say “no”, Yu Fengcheng would eat him. He could only say slowly, “Not bad.”

Huo Qiao narrowed his eyes and laughed, “Time really flies, look when you were little, you were a head taller than Fengcheng, picking people’s clothes off when we had a fight, Fengcheng had dozens of mosquito bites that day and cried so hard he didn’t sleep all night, hahaha, look, now Fengcheng is taller than you.”

Bai Xinyu shuddered at the sound and said shakily, “Is there such a thing, I don’t remember…”

“You were young, so you don’t remember.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled and said, “Uncle, I still remember some of it.”

Bai Xinyu was too scared to look at Yu Fengcheng, damn it, why doesn’t he remember anything? But when he was a kid, he used to bully kids all over the place because of his brother’s authority, he can’t remember every single thing. That must be very narrow-minded of him.

Huo Qiao: “You two are kind of meant to be, looking out for each other in the army, ah.”

Yu Fengcheng said with particular seriousness: “Little Uncle, don’t worry, I will take care of him.”

If he and Huo Qiao had a chance to be alone, he might have dared to say that this house…

Huo Qiao: “Hey, how’s your brother doing? I haven’t talked to him in months.”

Bai Xinyu thought of his brother, his heart was in pain, he avoided the important things and said: “I haven’t contacted him for a long time, it should be okay.”

Huo Qiao asked him another casual question about his time in the army.

By this time, the lunch break was almost over, they had to go to the range and Huo Qiao waved his hand, “I’m still here for your company commander’s dinner, you guys go to training, you stay here, Chen Jing. You stay here.”

Chen Jing was startled.

As Yu Fengcheng and Bai Xinyu walked out the door, he heard Huo Qiao say half-jokingly, half-seriously said, “Chen Jing, have you thought about it yet, do you want to come to my place?”

Xu Chuang in and shouted, “You son of a b-tch came to steal my people…”

~Little Poplar~


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