Little Poplar, Chapter 28: The Little Uncle

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 28: The Little Uncle

After they walked out of the office building, Bai Xinyu jumped out far away, pointed at Yu Fengcheng and shouted: “You are really narrow-minded, just because I let you get bitten by a mosquito when you were a child and you are taking revenge on me like this? I wasn’t even ten years old at the time, so what do I know?”

Yu Fengcheng raised his eyebrows at him, “I am so narrow-minded, is this the first day you knowing this?”

Bai Xinyu was dumbfounded, this answer is really impeccable, remembering the sunny appearance of Yu Fengcheng in front of Huo Qiao and now this rascal appearance is just like two different things. Bai Xinyu gulped, “I’m… Is it too late for me to apologize to you?”

Yu Fengcheng patted him on the cheek, smiling, “It’s too late.”

Bai Xinyu said indignantly, “Just you wait, I’ll find a chance to talk to your uncle today.”

Yu Fengcheng said smilingly, “Go ahead, just don’t forget that I’m sleeping in the bed next to yours.”

Bai Xinyu stared at him sadly.

Yu Fengcheng stretched his back, looking like he was in a good mood and said proudly, “Isn’t my uncle handsome.”

“Well, handsome.” Bai Xinyu said sullenly.

“A soldier should be like him, not like you.” Yu Fengcheng flirtatiously lifted his collar, “For a soldier like you to be a soldier, is a joke.”

Bai Xinyu slapped his hand away, skulking, “as if I’d come here willingly.”

“Since you’re not going anywhere, train hard and don’t lower the overall level of our unit.”

Bai Xinyu snorted lightly, turning to ask, “How come your uncle is so young, I thought he would be at least thirty years old.”

“The youngest son on my mother’s side, what’s so strange about that.”

“What company is he with?”

“He’s not with a company, he’s directly under the military district.”


“He’s from our military’s Special Forces Unit.”

Bai Xinyu said in surprise, “Snow Leopard Battalion?” Ever since he came to the army, he had heard all kinds of legends about the Snow Leopard Brigade, a fierce and invincible beast in the Kunlun Mountains and it was said that the people inside were all amazing and any one of them was a super killing machine.

Yu Fengcheng’s eyes shone brightly, “One day I’ll be one of those inside.”

Bai Xinyu scratched his hair, “Your uncle… He doesn’t look like much.”

Yu Fengcheng glared at him, “What do you mean?”

“They say the Snow Leopard Brigade are extraordinarily secretive and undergo extreme training in non-human ways, so your uncle seems pretty normal.”

Yu Fengcheng sneered, “What you see isn’t the real him, no, it’s hard to say which is the real him, rather it’s because he has better interpersonal skills, or rather, he’s more able to act like a normal person, so he’s the one handling a lot of the outreach stuff for the Snow Leopard Brigade.”

Bai Xinyu nodded, his heart filled with curiosity and respect for Huo Qiao as well, admiration and fear of the strong was a human instinct. He remembered what he had heard before he left, “So your uncle is trying to get Class Leader to go to the Snow Leopard Brigade?”

“They wanted men up from the ground every now and then, most of them nominated by the regiment and when the Class Leader did well, he was naturally favored.”

“Wow, isn’t that Class Leader going to be a Snow Leopard Brigade soon?”

“It’s not that simple, my uncle said that over sixty top soldiers were sent up in the last six months and after many layers of testing, only two of them passed and the Class Leader’s qualifications aren’t particularly good, so even if he goes, he may not stay.”

“I think the Class Leader is great.” Although Chen Jing was long-winded and serious, he was really good to them. Even Bai Xinyu, who was often punished, didn’t hate Chen Jing but found him quite cute.

“It’s better than anyone you’ve ever met.”

“I shot in the top three in my class!”

Yu Fengcheng gave him a blank stare, “Just a few days of training, most of them will be able to reach that level of yours and then what advantage will you still have left.”

“I’m training too, you’ll see, I’ll get high marks in the shooting test.”

Yu Fengcheng urged, “Then can you hurry up and leave, wanting me to be punished for being late along with you.”

Bai Xinyu replied back, “Who told you to wait for me.”

Yu Fengcheng slapped him on the head, “Talking back?”

Bai Xinyu was too angry to say anything, so he’s hurt inside.

Yu Fengcheng hooked his neck and said fiercely in his ear: “My uncle will definitely call you for dinner tonight, so keep your mouth shut, or your life won’t be so easy from now on.”

Bai Xinyu was cursing in his heart, now where is the ease.

After the afternoon training, Yu Fengcheng and Bai Xinyu went directly to the canteen, the canteen is in the office building, it is the place where the leaders invite people to eat.

Chen Jing was the only one waiting for them. Bai Xinyu complained as soon as he entered the room, “How come you didn’t come all afternoon, I played so well this afternoon.”

Chen Jing said: “I’m busy.”

Bai Xinyu leaned over to Chen Jing and said with a squeeze of an eyebrow, “Class Leader, are you going to the Snow Leopard Brigade?”

Chen Jing frowned, “Who told you that.”

“Him.” Bai Xinyu pointed at Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng gave him a blank stare, “I didn’t say that, you guessed it yourself.”

Bai Xinyu glared at him and quietly said, “Class Leader, isn’t it?”

Chen Jing pinched his face, “It’s you, I haven’t brought you out yet, how can you leave, don’t worry about it.”

Bai Xinyu was a little disappointed.

After a while, Xu Chong, Wang Shunwei and Huo Qiao came in and Huo Qiao smiled and said, “It’s been two years since I’ve been here and it’s changed so much.”

Xu Chuang in, “Yeah, it’s not like when we first got here, now the bathing is straight out of the tap water, these new recruits, the conditions are too good.”

Bai Xinyu felt like he was on ice water.

Huo Qiao saw them and said, “Yo, all here, you’ve been training all afternoon, aren’t you starving.”

Bai Xinyu nodded, “I’m starving.” He thought this canteen is for the leaders after all, so there must be something good to eat.

Huo Qiao smiled, “Here, let them serve the food, Lao Xu, we agreed not to drink today.”

Xu Chuang tsked, “If you’re not drinking, what are you doing here, entertaining me?”

“We’ll have to drive back tonight, the roads are bad early, I’ll have to swap with the driver, I can’t drink.”

“Why don’t you leave tomorrow?” Xu Chuang smashed a bottle of white alcohol on the table, “And I’ll finish the bottle.”

Yu Fengcheng also said, “Uncle, you stay here tonight, it’s a good time for me to talk to you.”

Huo Qiao laughed loudly, “Okay, okay, I’ll leave in the morning.”

When Bai Xinyu saw Yu Fengcheng’s face towards Huo Qiao, he couldn’t eat any more, because he looked like a well-rounded student.

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