Little Poplar, Chapter 29: You kissed him

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 29: You kissed him

From their conversation, Bai Xinyu knew that Xu Chuang was Huo Qiao’s older brother in the military academy and later came to another regiment until Huo Qiao went to the Snow Leopard Brigade, they were all hard friends and comrades.

The two men chatted animatedly, reminiscing about their eventful days in the army with a certain pride.

After two glasses of alcohol, Xu Chuang’s mood not only soared, his voice soared, “Hey, Huo Qiao, do you still remember that time, that… Chen Jing, when you first arrived… Chen Jing, remember when Huo Qiao was still a platoon leader in the reconnaissance company and the first time he saw you, what did he say?”

Chen Jing laughed, “Saying I can act like a big girl with six months of vuloptous hair.”

“Hahahahaha right, we were laughing so hard.” Xu Chuang laughed so hard he clapped his thighs.

Huo Qiao takes a sip of alcohol, laughs twice.

Chen Jing helplessly said, “It’s not that funny, you’ve been laughing for how long.”

“Hahahaha, actually, there’s a deeper reason why we’re laughing at this and that reason is that Huo Qiao won’t let us tell you and Huo Qiao’s not in the scouting company today and you guys don’t see each other on a regular basis, so Huo Qiao, just tell him.”

Huo Qiao smothered the glass of alcohol into his mouth, he exhaled and smiled, “Okay, I’ll just say it. When I first went to the military academy, I was shorter than you are now and the first thing my instructor said to me on the training ground was, ‘How did you get into the military academy when you could have been a big girl in half a year? ‘.”

Chen Jing puffed out a laugh, half-joking, half-seriously saying, “It turns out that what you look like has nothing to do with being a good soldier.”

Huo Qiao narrowed his eyes and smiled slightly, raising his glass towards Chen Jing, “Of course, with me as a precedent, I didn’t mean to look down on you in the slightest at the time, I was just looking at you for fun and wanted to tease you.”

Xu Chuang was so happy, “You, obviously just want to find someone to take revenge, otherwise the first two years of military school always let people say that he looks like a woman, how suffocating, isn’t that right, old Huo, hahahahahaha.”

Huo Qiao blinked, “When have I ever held my tongue, from my superiors, to my comrades, to the lady who sweeps the school floor, to the man who fetches food in the cafeteria, there’s no one who doesn’t like me, how can this be holding my anger in check, I’m happy.”

Xu Chuang made a motion to whack him, “You’re shameless.”

Huo Qiao laughed loudly, “Come, come, drink.”

Yu Fengcheng looked at him with a smile, “Little Uncle, don’t blame me for not warning you, you don’t drink well.”

Huo Qiao blew into the cup, “Yeah, I’m not a very good drinker, am I.”

“I forgot you got drunk last New Year’s Eve and you had to do push-ups with  motheron your back.”

Huo Qiao tugged on his ear, “If it wasn’t you boy who irritated me, saying I must not have done as much as you when I was drunk.”

“You just didn’t do it as much as I did and you fell asleep on the floor.”

Huo Qiao trailed off, “Drinking too much to train, what a great drink this is.”

Xu Chuang scoffed: “You just brag, once when you were still in the company, you drank too much and insisted on kissing our company commander and the commander was so scared that he almost smacked you with the sole of his shoe, don’t you remember this?”

Huo Qiao laughed, “I guess I’m just more free-spirited when I’m drunk, so whoever dumps me today is responsible.”

Huo Qiao filled a cup of alcohol for him, “Drink yours, I’ll watch you.”

As Bai Xinyu listened, he tried his best to stuff food into his mouth. The food in the cafeteria wasn’t bad at all, the food standard was half a kilogram and six taels, the main food was enough, even if you let your stomach go, you wouldn’t be able to finish it but after all, a big pot of rice was a big pot of rice, the taste wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exquisite either, this small stove for the leaders was different, the food was well cooked and delicious, Bai Xinyu thought as he ate, I’ll make sure to eat his fill.

   No one at the table paid any attention to him, they were all talking about their common years, even Yu Fengcheng could interject a few words, so Bai Xinyu, who had been brought here because of his connections, seemed a bit redundant.

The more he eats and the more he felt weird, the slower his speed becomes. He looked up at Huo Qiao and Xu Chuang, who were laughing in a dashing manner. In the midst of the smoke and alcohol, the past, which sounded so dangerous, was brought up in the midst of laughter, full of heroic and heroic smells. Look, a bullet went in here and a bullet came out there but I’m still alive, I’m still repaired, I’m still alive, I’m so heroic, I’m so manly.

   Sitting opposite Yu Fengcheng, his eyes glowed, watching Huo Qiao’s eyes full of worship, Bai Xinyu saw Yu Fengcheng’s eyes glowing with admiration, the first time he saw Yu Fengcheng’s expression and eyes like that, it made him look like a young boy, it was different from the way he looked when he was facing him. ?

Huo Qiao two alcohol belly, his face a little red, Bai Xinyu knew at a glance that his drinking capacity was average, he thought to himself, at least his drinking capacity can spike many people, he coughed, poured himself a glass of alcohol, stood up, “Chief, I’ll toast to you, thank you for taking care of me.”

Huo Qiao froze, “Ha-ha, okay.” and he finished his drink.

Bai Xinyu moved to fill another glass, “This is for my brother, he’s far away, so I’ll do it for you.” Then I’ll drink it up.

Huo Qiao laughed, “I had to drink to get Suiying out of the room.” He shook his glass and drank it down.

“This third cup.” Bai Xinyu hiccuped, “to you… To the defense of our country, for your hard work.”

Huo Qiao giggled, he stroked his chin, “And a third cup?”

Bai Xinyu nodded his head, said sincerely: “Do not toast three full cups like words.”

Yu Fengcheng glared at him with a warning meaning in his eyes, Chen Jing looked at Bai Xinyu with puzzlement and Xu Chuang looked like he was watching a good show.

Bai Xinyu was threatened by Yu Fengcheng, his brain cleared up a bit and when he saw Huo Qiao smiling, he broke out in a cold sweat. Why would he want to fight with Huo Qiao?

Fortunately, Huo Qiao didn’t give him a hard time. He slapped the table and said, “Okay, I’ll drink from my stomach today but again, whoever pours it on me is responsible.” He winked at Bai Xinyu and drank the pot of alcohol in one gulp.

Bai Xinyu was relieved, toasted three glasses of alcohol, honestly sat back in his seat, Chen Jing indistinctly whispered, “You brat looking for death.”

Bai Xinyu was shocked, “Class Leader, what’s wrong?”

Chen Jing pushed his head back, “Eat your food.”

Bai Xinyu touched his head and saw that Huo Qiao was quite normal, why are these people staring at each other?

After three rounds of drinking, Bai finally saw something wrong. Huo Qiao spoke clearly but his body looked like it had no bones. He touched Xu Chuang’s face and said, “Lao Xu, you are so old, you should see yourself…”

Xu Chuang into a fright, slapped away his hand, shouted: “Again and again, I say how come you kid every time you get mad with alcohol you go on yapping without repeating yourself!”

Wang Shunwei sighed and said, “No, at least give us something to prepare for.”

After Huo Qiao was pushed away by Xu Chuang, he went to hug Wang Shunwei, “Brother Wang, Brother Wang, do you remember, we used to make dumplings together.”

“That’s flapjacks you’re wrapping.”

“Ha-ha-ha.” Huo Qiao stood up shakily and came over to Bai Xinyu.

Bai Xinyu was stunned and looked at Chen Jing in a panic. Chen Jing looked at him with a look on his face, so he stood up and pretended to pour water.

Huo Qiao suddenly jumped over and sat directly on Bai Xinyu’s lap, Bai Xinyu was too scared to move, Huo Qiao was half a head taller than him, his weight was no joke, he was sitting on one leg, I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional, Bai Xinyu immediately felt his legs go numb, “Chief… Chief…”

“What’s your name, Chief…” Huo Qiao cupped his chin and laughed, “You kid, your memory is even worse than my Fengcheng, you really have forgotten, haven’t you, you took off Fengcheng’s clothes and pushed him into the vegetable garden and your brother beat him up. You’re forgetting that your brother beat you up when you stripped him and pushed him into the garden and then you got beaten by your cousin.”

Bai Xinyu laughed dryly, “I was beaten up by my brother, i can’t quite remember.”

“And, you know, you… You kissed him, remember?”

Bai Xinyu stared, “What?”

Huo Qiao stumbled and fell on his back, Yu Fengcheng lifted him up, “Uncle, you’ve had too much to drink, let’s go to sleep.”

“No, no, no, no, no. I’m drunk.” Huo Qiao’s upper body was picked up by Yu Fengcheng, he simply hooked his leg around Bai Xinyu’s waist, “Put it down, I’ll talk to him…”

Yu Fengcheng glared viciously at Bai Xinyu.

Bai Xinyu blinked his eyes and now he really regrets it.

“Put me down, boy, put me down.”

Yu Fengcheng simply let go, Huo Qiao sat back on Bai Xinyu’s lap, rambling, “Where was I, yes, you kissed him, on the mouth, don’t you remember that?”

Bai Xinyu turned his neck stiffly and looked at Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng smiled and gave him the middle finger.

Huo Qiao laughed, “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. The most annoying thing about you is, you insisted on saying that my nephew Fengcheng is a girl but Fengcheng doesn’t agree, so you say that he remembered his gender wrongly, his whole family is wrong, he is a girl and you made him cry, hahahahaha, I’m laughing to death, you are such a funny kid, why do you think your brother beat you up, hahahahaha.”

Yu Fengcheng took a deep breath and simply turned his head away.

The corner of Bai Xinyu’s mouth is twitching, “What else? What else did I do?”

“And… I don’t remember much but after three days on Qinhuangdao, you made  Fengcheng cry a few times.” Huo Qiao said and then he laughed again.

Yu Fengcheng smiled, raised his empty cup and made a toast to Bai Xinyu, his smile was so evil. Bai Xinyu’s face was crooked, he felt Yu Fengcheng’s eyes sweeping at him like a laser, his whole body became a sieve.

Huo Qiao had had enough of laughing, so he stood up on top of him and wandered off to find Chen Jing, who was about to go to the bathroom but he jumped on him and as soon as his hand touched Chen Jing’s shoulder, Chen Jing grabbed his wrist, spun around and tried to twist Huo Qiao’s arm.

Bai Xinyu was stunned, wasn’t that the move that Yu Fengcheng always used against him? But what he didn’t expect was that Huo Qiao, instead of being controlled by Chen Jing’s twisting arm like he was, would follow Chen Jing’s strength and turn his waist, unloading Chen Jing’s strength in one fell swoop, grabbing Chen Jing’s arm and twisting it behind his back.

The whole thing only happened in a second or two and before Bai Xinyu knew it, the two of them were already fighting.

Huo Qiao chuckled: “What for, to test me.”

Chen Jing rolled his eyes, “Platoon leader…”

Huo Qiao suddenly fell on top of Chen Jing like he had no bones and said in a petulant tone, “Little Chen, come to my place(the Snow Leopard Brigade), it’s a lot of fun.”

   Bai Xinyu felt like he was a bit struck by lightning.

~Little Poplar~


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