Little Poplar, Chapter 30: Why are you taking off my pants?

Little Poplar《小白楊》Xiao Bai Yang

Little Poplar, Chapter 30: Why are you taking off my pants?

Chen Jing frowned, “Lieutenant, can you let go of me first? You’re too heavy.”

Huo Qiao chuckled, “So you’ll say yes first?”

Xu Gang came and picked up Huo Qiao, “Don’t play a rascal with me, Chen Jing still wants to go to military school.”

Huo Qiao froze, “You want to go to military school?”

Chen Jing seemed a bit embarrassed, “Mm.”

Xu Chuang added in: “The regiment has only two recommended bailout spots this year, although it hasn’t been announced yet but there’s already a built-in one for him and when this batch of recruits’ training is over, he’s going there.”

Bai Xinyu said, “Class Leader, you’re going to military school, what are we going to do?” “

Yu Fengcheng took him by the collar, rudely said: “Class Leader is not your mother, what to do.”

Chen Jing said, “It’s not finalized yet and I’m only leading you in boot camp. You’ll have a new Class Leader from now on… Platoon Leader, can you let go of me first?”

Huo Qiao stood up straighter with resentment, “Little Chen, it’s a good thing you’re going to military school, I know it’s what you’ve always dreamed of, I can only wish you the best.”

Chen Jing smiled, “Thank you Platoon Leader.”

Xu Chuang added in: “Hey, he’s not a platoon leader anymore.”

Huo Qiao said, “It’s okay, I can always be his platoon leader.”  He banged on Chen Jing’s shoulder, “Little Chen, when you graduate from the military academy, maybe we’ll still have a chance to go to war together.”

Chen Jing: “There will definitely be.”

Yu Fengcheng said, “Little Uncle, I know how you are short of people, wait for me, I will come to you soon.”

Huo Qiao narrowed his eyes, “Gee, if you really joined the Snow Leopard Brigade, my sister could strangle me…”

Yu Fengcheng laughed, “Sure as hell not telling her.”

Huo Qiao squeezed the back of his neck, almost hung on to him, “Don’t think that far ahead, just have a good… hard training.”

“Good. Little Uncle, let me help you to sleep.”

“No, don’t help me.”  Huo Qiao stretched out his finger, turned it around, pointed at Bai Xinyu, “You, you hold, I’ve had three drinks with you, your responsibility, you hold.”

Bai Xinyu’s scalp went numb, “Ah… Chief…”

“Come here.”

Bai Xinyu had to go over, Huo Qiao rudely climbed onto the shoulder, vaguely said: “Say it, whoever poured for me, whoever is responsible, you carry me.”

Bai Xinyu cried in his heart, “Who said that to you? Under the stares of Yu Fengcheng and Xu Chuang, he had no choice but to carry Huo Qiao on his back. It wasn’t easy to carry someone who weighed more than himself, so Bai Xinyu resigned himself and walked to Xu Chuang’s dormitory.

When he carried him to the entrance of the dormitory, Bai Xinyu was already panting and sweating, he not only remembered the time when he ran and fainted but also the time when Yu Fengcheng carried him from the playground to the canteen, he was so tired. At least… at least he had good stamina?

Huo Qiao had fallen asleep at some point and Bai Xinyu gasped, “I really can’t carry it, I’m going to lie on the floor.”

Yu Fengcheng gave him a blank look, “Useless. Give it to me.” He took Huo Qiao from Bai Xinyu’s back, helped Huo Qiao in with Xu Chuang and put him on Xu Chuang’s bed.

Having just put the man down, Huo Qiao grabbed Xu Chuang’s arm and rubbed it hard against him, “Lao Xu, I kind of missed you.”

Xu Chuang was laughing and crying, “Oh, okay, there are many people who miss me, you have the time to wait, why don’t you get some sleep.”

Wang Shunwei shook his head and laughed.

After Huo Qiao settled down, it was already past lights out, so Xu Chuang sent Yu Fengcheng and Bai Xinyu back to talk to Chen Jing.

As soon as the two of them left the office building, Yu Fengcheng suddenly grabbed the back of Bai Xinyu’s neck and said in a malicious voice: “Who the hell let you pour for my uncle?”

Bai Xinyu only felt the pain of the neck pinch, he said, “I, how I poured? I was toasting! Toast!”

“I told you my uncle can’t hold his liquor. You’ve gave three drinks for him. How much pride do you think you have? What the hell do you think you’re doing?” What the f-ck do you think you’re doing?”

“The company commander poured for him more than I did!”

“The company commander is his comrade in arms, who are you!” Yu Fengcheng grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall, “My uncle was looking for you to have a meal because of your brother(Jian Suiying)’s respect, otherwise you’re such a coward, my uncle won’t give you a second glance, even if you’re stupid, you’re not even worth anyhting, my uncle…”

“Your uncle, your uncle is your ancestor.” Bai Xinyu was furious for no reason, he remembered how Yu Fengcheng always scolded him for bringing out his brother whenever there was something wrong and how he ended up talking about his uncle, so how could he be ashamed to talk about him?

   Yu Fengcheng slowly narrowed his eyes, as if he did not expect Bai Xinyu dared to talk back, Bai Xinyu slowly shrank his neck, his body became shorter and shorter, he really wanted to disappear in front of Yu Fengcheng.

Yu Fengcheng leaned closer to him, “What did you say about me?”

“Ah… Nothing…”

“Is it the new attitude, is it for me, or is it for my uncle?”

Bai Xinyu whispered, “All… I won’t dare.”

“What do you mean, you poured it for him? Explain it to me.”

“I just… I just drink what was on the table, just…”

Yu Fengcheng’s high nose was almost in Bai Xinyu’s face and he said fiercely, “You’re not qualified to drink with my uncle.”

Bai Xinyu was so angry that he wanted to open his mouth and bite off Yu Fengcheng’s nose. Yu Fengcheng has been a bad man for many days but today he looked particularly bad. He had thought that Yu Fengcheng was proud and arrogant and that he didn’t think highly of anyone and that he was polite to everyone but he was a pain in the -ss to him, the answer to this question was self-evident, so he couldn’t help but feel like he wanted to compete with Huo Qiao, even if it was just over drinks. Even if he won, he wouldn’t feel good and he’d get a good beating from Yu Fengcheng, so he’d be damned.

Bai Xinyu gave Yu Fengcheng a hard shove, “No qualification is no qualification, I won’t drink with him later anyway, I can go back to sleep now!”

“Oh, you’re still mad?” Yu Fengcheng stopped him from leaving, grabbed his chin and pulled his face, “I’m asking you, do you remember anything from when you were little?”

Bai Xinyu said, “It seems… I remember a little.” He vaguely remembered, when he was little, he did force a boy to admit that he was a girl, because it was so much fun to see the child crying when he didn’t know whether he was a boy or a girl. Is that Yu Fengcheng…

Yu Fengcheng smiled gloomily, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you remember slowly.”

“No, I didn’t hurt your little heart, so why do you remember so much about your childhood?”

“It’s just that I have a good memory.”

“You’re just small-minded.”

Yu Fengcheng slapped him on the head, “I already want to smack you tonight, say one more thing I don’t like and I’ll really beat you up.”

Bai Xinyu kept his mouth shut.

Yu Fengcheng hooked his neck, dragging him towards the dormitory, “The only thing I’m satisfied with today, is that you didn’t talk nonsense in front of my uncle.”

Bai Xinyu blurted out, “You’re not going to military school, is it for him?”

Yu Fengcheng paused, “Who told you this?”

“From what I heard.”

Yu Fengcheng flicked his forehead, “Mind your own business.”

Bai Xinyu left his mouth, a face of displeasure.

The two of them quietly went back to the dormitory, everyone in the dormitory was lying down, Qian Liang whispered, “Hey, where did you two go to meet up.”

Bai Xinyu scolded: “Damn you, hurry up and go to sleep.”

After lying on the bed, Bai Xinyu thought about what happened today, the more he thought, the more depressed he became.

The next morning, Yu Fengcheng took the day off to see Huo Qiao off but Bai Xinyu didn’t go, although he should have but he felt a little conflicted.

The morning training was not smooth. When he was practicing throwing grenades, he was distracted for two seconds while practicing throwing a grenade and the grenade exploded too close to the target to hurt anyone but it still raised a layer of dust, causing those close to him to cough.He was scolded and scolded by Chen Jing, and he was fined five kilometers, and he counted them all on Yu Fengcheng’s head.

The last half of the three months of training was abandoned and the examinations have begun. The new recruits were exhausted every day and had to find time to memorize, the final examinations decided what kind of soldiers they would be assigned, although as a soldier, they had to obey orders but everyone still wanted to go to the company that sounded awesome and if they could become an artilleryman, a tankman, a scout or even a demolisher or a sniper, then one day they could go home and not be a soldier but a soldier in the army. It’s a good way to show off. They will not disappoint the old days, they will have a good reputation with others, if It is the communication soldiers, engineering soldiers and the like. Although there is no distinction between arms and teams, teamwork is the most important. For these young people, it doesn’t always sound cool. Therefore, what kind of company you can go to depends on the assessment, so Everyone is struggling, hoping to perform well in front of the leaders.

At the last moment, Bai Xinyu also made some efforts. After all, the tense atmosphere can infect people. He knew that among all the items in the assessment, only the shooting was something he was a little better at, the military knowledge was a mess and the physical fitness he was the worst basically in the tail, so he thought that he could just get by, at least this way he didn’t have to be in the same company as Yu Fengcheng.

“Xinyu.” Feng Dongyuan patted Bai Xinyu’s shoulder from behind and they were on their way to the cafeteria.

Bai Xinyu looked at him sullenly.

Feng Dongyuan wondered: “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’ve got a test this afternoon on army regulations and I’m sick of it.” Bai Xinyu pulled his hair hard.

“It’s always easier to memorize than to train, did you use the memorization method I taught you last time?”

Bai Xinyu nodded, “Used, it seems useless, I get sleepy when I look at those rules, how can I remember.”

Feng Dongyuan sighed, “You still don’t want to memorize it, as long as you really put your mind to it, what’s so hard about it.”

“That’s because you’re good at your studies, so of course it’s easy to say.”

Feng Dongyuan frowned: “It’s not like that, normal people’s memories aren’t that bad, Xinyu, don’t you want to go with me and Qian Liang to a company.”

Bai Xinyu sighed: “I would like to but… Well, let’s just leave it to fate.”

Feng Dongyuan pursed his lips, couldn’t help but say: “Xinyu, in fact, your physique isn’t bad, nor are you stupider than others but you’re just lazy, unwilling to work hard, everyone is using 80-90% of their energy to do things, you’re only willing to pay 50-60%, of course, your results are not as good as others. Haven’t you ever had a time in your life when you had to work your -ss off for something?”

Bai Xinyu was not used to him being so serious all of a sudden, so he smiled and said, “Yes, last year I got up at 5 am to deliver breakfast to an actress on the set…”

Feng Dongyuan bumped his arm, “I’m serious with you.”

Bai Xinyu wilted, “I think I’m trying quite hard.”

“I didn’t see it, no one else did. You have time to observe how others work hard. Yu Fengcheng is so good, he’s never late for workouts, he always exceeds his training quota and he’s always serious about every project. I think all you think about every day is to get through the day, eat and sleep well and you have never thought that today I must break through and improve myself.”

Bai Xinyu sighed irritably, “What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s early in the morning and you’re educating me.”

Feng Dongyuan said helplessly: “I’m doing this for your own good, it’s a pity you can’t even hear me go…”

Bai Xinyu hugged his shoulders, “Dongyuan, I know you’re a nice guy but I think laziness is a problem that can’t be changed, besides I don’t plan to stay in the army for the rest of my life, once the two years are up, I’ll immediately apply for retirement and go home, who do you think I’m trying to show to, what’s the use.”

Feng Dongyuan nodded, “You’re right.”

“Yeah, well, the only thing I regret is that I might not be in your squad but we’re still in the same regiment, still in the same camp, so I could just walk a few extra feet to play with you.”

Feng Dongyuan forced a smile, “Alright.”

In the last days of boot camp, the squad became extremely close and after all, they were about to be separated, so even if there had been minor conflicts during these three months, they could be forgiven at this point.

Yu Fengcheng has been busy with training and memorization recently, so he didn’t have much time to give him a hard time. It seems that everyone’s hands have been moved faster overnight and Bai Xinyu also felt a little bit of panic, he has finally adjusted to the life in this squad and doesn’t know what kind of comrades he will face next.

After the last shooting test, Xu Chuang gave the whole company half a day off, asked them to prepare a bonfire, get a few roast goats, get a few cases of white alcohol and beer, in short, by this time tomorrow, if the company was split up, many of them would have to go their separate ways and this party would be a break-up dinner.

When Bai Xinyu followed his class to the playground from the kitchen, he saw Xu Chuang and Chen Jing standing under the tree, arguing heatedly. It was the first time in such a long time that Bai saw Chen Jing and Xu Chuang out into a frenzy but he didn’t dare to be curious, so he carried the barbecue grill away.

When it got dark, the bonfires were set up on the playground and the cooks had all the tools they needed to roast seven sheep, plus some roast meat and vegetables. Some cooks from Xinjiang rolled up their sleeves and threw food on the sheep and the smell was so good that it drifted for miles and made the new recruits’ mouths water.

Xu Chuang out on the podium with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and made a few amiable remarks and even a little stirring but of course, he ended with “Eat well, drink well” in his personal style.

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd eagerly tore into the fatty lamb, which was still covered with a piece of white suet, dipped it in cumin and chili powder and bit into it hotly. In addition to the heavy training every day, the need to eat some high-calorie food to be able to afford the body’s consumption, somehow, Bai Xinyu also became focused on the meat.

Qian Liang said as he nibbled on it, “It smells good.”

Feng Dongyuan ate two bites, “Huh”, “Where’s Class Leader?”

As soon as he said that, everyone stretched their necks to look around, Bai Xinyu has good eyesight, the first to find the Class Leader standing behind the campfire drinking, “where is the Class Leader”, he immediately stood up, took a piece of lamb chops and ran over, “Class Leader Class Leader, what are you doing here? Cooking the fire.”

The moment Chen Jing saw him, his expression was a bit uncomfortable, “Oh, um, it’s a bit cold.”

“Oh, it’s not cold after one bottle of alcohol. Everyone’s looking for you.” Bai Xinyu smiled and put the lamb chops in Chen Jing’s hand, “eat it while it’s hot, it smells good.”

Ever since Chen Jing ran for Bai Xinyu, Bai Xinyu was thankful to Chen Jing and although Chen Jing often punished him, he was also a person who did not show favoritism.

Chen Jing took the lamb chops, sighed imperceptibly, “Let’s go, let’s drink.”

Bai Xinyu cheerfully led him back to the table, yelling, “Come on, come on, let’s drink.” Although he didn’t know which company he’d be assigned to tomorrow, it was a pleasure to have completed his training and to have completed a mission.

Everyone was eating, drinking, laughing and releasing all the stress they had gathered in the past three months. Chen Jing was the only one who was a bit depressed during the whole party but he was usually a bit humorless, so many people didn’t notice.

There was no lights out today either, they kept it up till after 11 pm, many of them drunk and went back to their dormitory with the help of their comrades.

Although Bai Xinyu didn’t drink badly, he walked straight and drank. He wanted to go back to the dormitory with Feng Dongyuan and Qian Liang but they had gone somewhere long ago, so he stood up unsteadily and a bottle rolled to his feet and he stepped on it and threw his body forward uncontrollably but he didn’t fall into the dormitory as expected, instead he fell into a broad chest. He didn’t even need to look, he knew that the person holding him was Yu Fengcheng and his scent was purely masculine, even the strong smell of alcohol couldn’t cover it up.

Bai Xinyu raised his head, smiling stupidly, “Hey, you’ve had too much to drink too.”

Yu Fengcheng’s eyes were bloodshot, he had indeed drunk a lot, he helped Bai Xinyu up, “At least it’s more sober than you.”

Bai Xinyu was drunk, pointed to the lighted dormitory and said, “Help… No, let’s go… Back to the palace.”

Yu Fengcheng gave him a blank look, “Believe it or not I’ll stuff you in the bushes and you will sleep there for the night.”

“Class Leader said, it’s so cold at night, if you… If you sleep outside for one night, you will be disabled.”

“It won’t leave you disabled, frozen stupid at best and oh, you couldn’t be more stupid than you are now.”

Bai Xinyu’s entire body was bent over Yu Fengcheng, hearing this, he laughed and didn’t know what he was laughing at, he now knew what he was saying and who was around him but his mind was too excited and his boldness became incomparably greater, he just couldn’t control his mouth and behavior.

Yu Fengcheng snapped, “Stand up straight yourself.”

Bai Xinyu played coy: “No, you carry me.”

“What the hell.” Yu Fengcheng put his arm around him, grabbed him by the waist and took him to the dormitory.

“Wait, I need to pee.” Bai Xinyu pointed to the grass behind the cafeteria, “can’t hold it in…”

Yu Fengcheng looked at him with slanted eyes, “You’re looking for f-cking death.”

“Ah… You’re not letting anyone pee…” Bai Xinyu pulled on his pants, “Then I’ll take care of it here.”

When Yu Fengcheng let go, Bai Xinyu slid down his body and finally hugged his waist, looking at him in a daze.

Yu Fengcheng kicked him, “Get up.”

Bai Xinyu simply hugged Yu Fengcheng’s leg and shook his head vigorously, his rascal look really made people want to slap him.

Yu Fengcheng had no choice but to pick him up and walk to the back of the canteen, where the slop and garbage were drained, although it was cleaned up every day, the smell was still quite unpleasant, usually no one came, the two of them were probably drunk, their noses were not too good and they did not feel the stench.

Yu Fengcheng helped Bai Xinyu to the wall, Bai Xinyu leaned over in his arms, fumbling for the zipper of his pants in the darkness but he couldn’t find it.

Yu Fengcheng grabbed his hand and whispered: “Do you need help.” Although the tone of his mouth was inquiring, his hand consciously touched Bai Xinyu’s crotch and gently tugged down the zipper.

Bai Xinyu looked at him like he was crazy, “Why are you taking off my pants?”

Yu Fengcheng’s icy hand probed into Bai Xinyu’s underpants, Bai Xinyu was shaken by the ice and his brain seemed to clear up a few points, shrieking: “Why are you taking off my pants?”

Yu Fengcheng covered his ears, “Is it too late for you to ask that now.” His hand has already reached in, helping Bai Xinyu to pull out his limp little brother.

~Little Poplar~


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