Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 119: Let me die.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 119: Let me die.

     Zhan Beitian’s eyes were startled as he watched the man in his arms.

    Since he found out that Mumu is Mu Yifan, Mu Yifan hasn’t approached him like this but now that he’s approaching him, does it mean he’s forgiven him for the misunderstanding at the grain depot?

    Zhan Beitian took Mu Yifan in his arms, kissed his forehead and closed his eyes.

    However, the person in his arms was so restless that he kept rubbing his lower body against his lower body and after rubbing his front, he turned around and rubbed his lower body against his buttocks.

Zhan Beitian felt that something was wrong, opened his dark eyes abruptly and asked in a mute voice, “What are you doing?”

Mu Yifan, who was sleeping in a daze, heard a voice, opened his eyes and shivered, “I’m cold.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

    Shouldn’t only cold people be shivering all over?

    Why do you keep rubbing yourself?

He raised an eyebrow, “Are you cold?”

A zombie shouldn’t have much sense of heat or cold. Why would it be cold?

“I don’t know what’s going on. Anyway, my -ss is cold and…” Mu Yifan turned around and rubbed his front against Zhan Beitian and said: “It’s like my little brother down there is standing naked on the highest mountain in the world, being blown around by the cold wind and then, forming icicles.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

That made him think directly of Mu Yifan standing naked in the snow and ice.

Mu Yifan looked up at Zhan Beitian and said: “You should be able to feel how cold and uncomfortable I am when I describe it like that, right?”

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow, “Are those the only two areas that are cold?”


“How did that happen?”

Zhan Beitian could only think of drinking the spring water.

Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian thinking about things, depressed and said: “You do not just stay in a daze ah, quickly give me a cover.”

Zhan Beitian wondered and said: “How do you cover it?”

“Use your hands.”

“…” Zhan Beitian mouthed, “I’ll go get you a hot water bag.”

He was about to get up when he saw Mu Yifan holding his head and shouting, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes flashed with anxiety and said: “What now?”

He asked Mu Yifan to drink the spring water, the intention was just to make Mu Yifan a little stronger, to be able to defend himself but never thought that such a thing would happen.

Mu Yifan’s whole face contorted in pain and struggled to say, “I don’t know what’s going on, my hair hurts…”

Zhan Beitian was slightly stunned, “Hair pain? Shouldn’t it be a headache or back headache?”

“No, it’s the hair. I can feel it hurting and the hair in my armpits and… And my little brother’s hair hurts too…”

Zhan Beitian’s face had a black line across his forehead and said: “You need only say that the hairs all over your body are hurting too, without describing it so clearly.”

Mu Yifan endured the pain of being stabbed by thousands of needles and said, “If I don’t describe it clearly, how do you know where I’m in pain? The most uncomfortable part of me is down there, it’s cold and painful, what’s going on?”

He suddenly thought about the spring water, “Did I become like this because I drank the water you gave me? Ahhhhh, it tickles…”

Zhan Beitian, who didn’t know how to help him anymore, heard him cry out in pain and quickly asked, “Pain? Where does it hurt?”

“The nails hurt and the teeth too.” Mu Yifan wanted Zhan Beitian to just shoot him and said: “I feel so bad, I want to bite and grind my teeth and nails.”

Zhan Beitian saw him trying to reach for his teeth and stopped him, then took a stone from the space and gave it to him.

He pulled off his gloves to reveal his sharp black fingernails so he could polish them with a stone but Mu Yifan only scratched the stone and it broke into several pieces.

Zhan Beitian: “…”

He had to give Mu Yifan a steel rod instead.

Immediately, the room was filled with squeaking, grinding claws.

A moment later, Mu Yifan started screaming heat again and said: “I’m so hot.”

Zhan Beitian’s heart lifted again and said: “Where’s the heat?”

“My bones are so hot, it’s like I’ve fallen into a volcano. It’s so hot, it’s unbearable. It’s so hot, it hurts.”

“…” Zhan Beitian was going crazy, cold, hot, painful, itchy, it was nothing but the cold, heat, pain, pain was so strange that he could barely find a solution except for his bottom, teeth and nails but what about hair and bones?

Mu Yifan turned on the bed in great agony and said in pain, “Zhan Beitian, just shoot me and let me die.”

He’s in more pain than the thought of death.

“Shut up.” Zhan Beitian stared at him with red eyes.

“But… But, I’m feeling really bad.”

How could Zhan Beitian not see that he was suffering and that his voice was getting weaker and weaker and yet he was helpless to do anything about it, making him feel impotent?

“I’ll ask Dr. Zheng to take a look at you, okay?”

Mu Yifan stopped him and said: “Don’t… don’t go. Don’t go, I’m afraid I’ll scratch him and… Also, he won’t know what to do now that I’m like this, call him over, Sail is making him anxious.”

Zhan Beitian’s heart clenched as he watched Mu Yifan twist into a ball with red eyes.

Then, thinking of something, he quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, put the spring water in the bathtub and then, holding Mu Yifan tightly in the bathroom, he put him in the bathtub.

The moment Mu Yifan soaked in the water, he felt much better.

Zhan Beitian saw that he wasn’t in so much pain and immediately asked, “How is it, is it better?”

“That’s better.” Mu Yifan was lying in the bathtub, as if he’d come back from the dead.

Zhan Beitian let out a sigh of relief and said: “So you’ll be here for a while.”

Fortunately, the water from the fountain works.

When Mu Yifan didn’t feel so bad, he drifted off to sleep.

Half an hour later, Zhan Beitian took the man out, dried him off, put him in his heart pajamas and put him to bed.

But, in less than 15 minutes, Mu Yifan had another seizure.

Zhan Beitian had to put the man back in the water.

This time, he didn’t take him out again but he was afraid Mu Yifan would slip and drown in the bathtub, so he sat by the bathtub and watched.

He waited half an hour, saw no more attacks and then lay down to rest again.

Then, as soon as he closed his eyes, there was a knock on the door.

Zhan Beitian got up to open the door and, seeing it was Mao Yu, asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mao Yu noticed the dark circles under his eyes and knew that he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep but of course, he could have been struggling with someone all night.

“Boss, breakfast is ready.”

Zhan Beitian said quietly, “I won’t eat and don’t bother us until noon, if it’s not very important.”

“So are we still going to get supplies today?” Mao Yu asked.

“Don’t go looking for supplies for the next few days but, intensify your training, especially for those who only have supernormal abilities and no other ability to defend themselves. By the way, if Rong Xue doesn’t want to participate in the training, ignore her but the others must intensify their training.”

Mao Yu can see that the boss doesn’t like Rong Xue and even finds ways to torment her by not letting Rong Xue train, seeing that the boss doesn’t want Rong Xue to use too much of her self-preservation.

“Okay. I’ll go down first then.”

Before leaving, Mao Yu took a look around the room and saw nothing, so he had to leave.

Zhan Beitian closed the door and returned to the bed, closing his eyes when he saw Mu Yifan still sleeping soundly.

Mu Yifan didn’t know how long he slept, he felt the person next to him started to move around again, suddenly, opened his eyes, turned his head and saw Mu Yifan started to hug him again and rub against him.

This time, there was no pain on Mu Yifan’s face but rather, a pleasant ’humming, humming, humming’ sound coming out of his mouth.

 Zhan Beitian felt something hard against his lower body and his head turned black.

    The sleeping Mu Yifan can’t see Zhan Beitian’s face, so he’s just enjoying an intoxicating dream.

    In his dream, he is following a person in bed, having a good time and then he does everything he can to make the other person reach orgasm.

    And he himself was also comfortable on the body of the person gasping for breath, this love, he was particularly satisfied, feeling that he and the other body is very compatible, this is the pleasure that he has never experienced before.

    He raised his head, trying to see who this person was but the other person’s face was white, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see the other person’s face, he could only tell from his body that the other person was a man and a man with a great body.

    Suddenly, he was slapped on the buttocks and then the man’s face became clearer and clearer in the dream and then he saw an incredibly handsome face.

Mu Yifan pops his eyes wide open and said: “F-ck.”

    It’s Zhan Beitian.




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