Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 120: You’ll be ’lucky’ later.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 120: You’ll be ’lucky’ later.

Zhan Beitian looked darkly at Mu Yifan, who was lying on top of him and warned quietly, “You can get off of me and go wash your pants.”

He was rubbing against him at first and then he just climbed on top of him and shot.

    Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian’s face for a long time and couldn’t recover, his mind filled with the dream he had just had.

    He dreamt today that he was having sex with a man and, in the dream, he came.

    That’s just as well!

    But when he woke up, he actually saw Zhan Beitian and immediately, the outline of the person in the dream overlapped with Zhan Beitian’s outline, which was obviously the same person.

    Oh, f-ck!

    What could be more creepy than that?

Zhan Beitian saw him staring at him stupidly, frowned and patted him again and said: “Aren’t you gonna get up yet.”

“Ohhh.” Mu Yifan rolled over, felt his pants getting wet and ran to the bathroom.

Then there was yelling and screaming in the bathroom.

Zhan Beitian, who was about to close his eyes, was shocked at the sound, jumped up abruptly and rushed to the bathroom with the speed of a rocket launcher and said: “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Mu Yifan excitedly held up his cum-stained panties to show Zhan Beitian and said: “Zhan Beitian, look, look, I’m c-mming, I’m c-mming, I’m c-mming, I’m c-mming.”

“…” Zhan Beitian saw the white liquid on his panties and smacked his eyes, relieved and at the same time wanting to rage at the man who had yelled at him.

    However, when he saw Mu Yifan’s happy face, he couldn’t get angry even though he wanted to and he suddenly felt that Mu Yifan was born to be his enemy.

    Zhan Beitian smiled sadly, leaning against the door and looking at his naked but aroused face.

    He thought something big had happened to Mu Yifan when he yelled just now but he was so excited about his own ejaculation.

    He thinks that if he gets together with Mu Yifan in the future, the first thing he should do is to exercise his heart more so that it won’t die one day.

    Can’t Mu Yifan be happy?

    His little brother hadn’t had a hard-on since he turned into a zombie.

    Now that he can ejaculate, he’s close to having s-xx.

“Do you know, I haven’t had a morning erection in two months since I turned into a zombie, it’s such a painful thing for a man to feel like a sexual impotent but now that I can get an erection and ejaculate, it means I can continue to enjoy manhood again, haha!”

Zhan Beitian smiled at the excitement as he waved his panties around and said with a deep smile, “Yes, you’ll be very sexual, I promise.”

With that, he turned around and left the bathroom.

Mu Yifan was so happy that he didn’t notice the hidden meaning of his words, holding his underpants and reluctantly washing off the semen, which was evidence that he could be aroused again and that he was one step closer to mankind.

When he came out of the laundry, Zhan Beitian was asleep on the bed.

When Mu Yifan saw the halo under Zhan Beitian’s eyes, his eyes flashed with complexity.

Last night, although he slept in the bathtub, he knew very well how Zhan Beitian was taking care of him but he still wondered about Zhan Beitian’s attitude towards him.

The male protagonist has really let go of his lifelong hatred, or was nice to him on purpose and then hurt him badly after gaining his trust.

Of course, with his knowledge of Zhan Beitian, Zhan Beitian wouldn’t do such a thing but is it really so easy for Zhan Beitian to let go of his hatred from his past life?

Are you sure you don’t want any more revenge?

Is it really so easy to let go of hatred when you know that in his last life, the original owner Mu Yifan did many cruel things to Zhan Beitian?

“Are you going to sleep some more?” Zhan Beitian, who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the man at the end of the bed and asked.

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “I’ve had enough sleep.”

Zhan Beitian patted the side of the bed and said: “Then lie with me for a while longer.”

Mu Yifan didn’t move and when he saw Zhan Beitian’s strong chest outside of his pajamas, he couldn’t help but think of the erotic dream he had just had.

As soon as he thought that Zhan Beitian had the same strong body as the man in the dream, his cheeks warmed up and he hurried to the bedside to change into his own clothes. “You sleep, I’m going to find food.”

That’s not a compliment to Zhan Beitian, he’s hungry.

His hunger was not the hunger he felt when he asked about the smell of human flesh but the hunger he felt when he was still human and wanted to eat.

This is the first time he wanted to eat human food since he went zombie

Zhan Beitian didn’t force him either and said: “Don’t leave the apartment complex.”

“Mmm-hmm.” After Mu Yifan changed his clothes, he left the room in a hurry.

Then, he went to Zheng Guozong’s room to look for Zheng Guozong and the child but he didn’t see anyone. Then, he thought that Zheng Guozong had to build a fence outside the east gate every day, so he left Zheng Guozong’s room and went to the first floor to look for food.

It’s already past breakfast time and it’s not time for lunch, so there’s only a few logisticians preparing the lunch dishes in the first floor cafeteria.

“Excuse me, is there any food left?” Mu Yifan asked out loud.

When the men heard the voices, they looked up and returned politely, “I’m so sorry but it’s past breakfast time and there’s nothing left to eat, so you’d better wait two hours and come back for lunch.”

Mu Yifan sighed, turned to leave and suddenly, ran into someone coming his way.

He quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice anyone behind me.”

After Mu Yifan apologized, he noticed that the person he hit was Zhang Le and immediately smiled, “Little Zhang, it’s you.”

Zhang Le stared at him intently, without making a sound.

When Mu Yifan saw the anger and hatred in Zhang Le’s eyes, he asked with a frown, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you want to go put some medicine on it?”

Zhang Le saw that he looked concerned, took a deep breath and forced a smile, “You didn’t hurt me, by the way, Mr. Mu, I heard that you used to be teammates with Major General Zhan and the others, right?”

Mu Yifan smiled a little awkwardly as he thought about what had happened between the original owner and Xiang Guo and the others, “Yes, that was before and now he’s long since retired.”

Zhang Le’s eyes grew cold and said: “Then Mr. Mu should know about my brother Zhang Yue, right?”

Mu Yifan’s face changed for a moment and nodded, “Know a little, not much.”

He only knew a little, because the original owner had little contact with Zhang Yue.

“So, does Mr. Mu know how my brother died? I’ve asked Major General Zhan and the others before and they all said that he died heroically, how exactly did he die, they didn’t tell me, I’d love to know my brother’s heroic deeds, I wonder if Mr. Mu can tell me?”

Mu Yifan thought Zhang Le already knew about Zhang Yue’s death when he heard Zhang Le’s inquiry about the cause of his death and immediately looked at Zhang Le nervously.

Zhang Le looked at him with a curious face, as if he really wanted to know how his brother died a hero.

“Well… I’m sorry but there is certain information in the army that we can’t reveal to anyone, even if the mission is complete and we’re not allowed to say a word about it.”

Mu Yifan can’t say that Zhang Yue’s death has anything to do with the original owner of his body, can he?

Zhang Le and said: “But, you’re no longer on the team, so it shouldn’t matter if you talk about it, right?”

“Even if I am not on the team, I can’t give out any information about the army.”

Zhang Le was a little lost and said: “Since you can’t talk about it, I’m going to train.”

Mu Yifan asked with a frown, “Training? What training?”

“It’s the training of the mutant and I won’t have to tell you, I’ll be punished if I’m late.”

Zhang Le waved his hand and ran out of the apartment building.

Mu Yifan also got bored and followed him out of the building, wanting to see what Zhang Le said about the training of the mutant.

“Gentleman, wait a minute.”

When Mu Yifan heard the shouting, he turned around and saw a man dressed in a very fashionable way, carrying a basket of fruits, walking towards him.

“Sir, I’d like to ask, do you know Mu Yifan?”

Mu Yifan was stunned when he saw that the other party was looking for him and made sure he didn’t know the other party before saying, “I am Mu Yifan and you are…”

“Are you really Mu Yifan?” the man looked Mu Yifan up and down and said: “Then do you know Zhuang Ziyue?”

“Ziyue, of course, why? Why?”

The man immediately smiled when he heard Mu Yifan call Zhuang Ziyue in a familiar tone and said: “I’m the man boss Zhuang Ziyue Zhuang sent to deliver you fruit.”

He immediately handed the fruit basket to Mu Yifan and said: “Our boss said, I’m really sorry about yesterday, I hope you can forgive me, when he’s free in a few days, he’ll come over again to catch up with you.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up and said: “Ziyue really told you that?”

 So Zhuang Ziyue doesn’t mind that he’s a zombie?

The man nodded, “Of course, Mr. Mu, I have work to do, so I won’t chat with you any more.”


 For the next few days, the man would bring Mu Yifan blue fruit, right after lunch, until Zhuang Ziyue came to the door again.





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