Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 121: Happy

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 121: Happy

When Zhuang Ziyue came, Mu Yifan had just had his lunch when the soldier at the gate reported that a gentleman named Zhuang Ziyue was looking for him.

Mu Yifan heard this and ran out of the cafeteria excitedly.

The moment he left, the temperature in the cafeteria changed from stifling hot to cold and everyone shivered.

When Mao Yu saw Zhan Beitian’s face, even the chopsticks in his hand froze with a thin sheet of ice.

He hurried up and said: “Boss, you’ve been in K City for so many days and you’ve never taken the kid out, so why don’t you take them for a walk in the garden while you’re full and have an after-dinner exercise.”

Xiang Guo looked out into the bright sunshine and said: “Taking the kids for a walk at this time of the day will give you heatstroke.”

Mao Yu didn’t give him a good look.

    This idiot.

    Don’t you know that the boss is very eager to go out and keep an eye on Mu Yifan and Zhuang Ziyue?

Lu Lin saw Mao Yu’s intention and said: “Yes, boss, just take the kid out for a walk and cultivate more of a father-son relationship.”

He thinks if the boss doesn’t go out, the whole cafeteria will smell of sour vinegar.

Zhan Beitian put down his chopsticks without saying a word, picked up Mu Qingtian who had only eaten a few bites and left the cafeteria.

Mu Qingtian: “…”

He hasn’t had enough to eat yet.

Rong Xue, who was eating several tables away from them, saw Zhan Beitian carrying the child and left and asked Mother Rong in a low voice, “Mom, didn’t you say that Major General Zhan has a newborn child? Why is it that since the child was born, we haven’t seen it once, only this three-year-old child who looks like Major General Zhan but has the same surname as Mu Yifan?”

Mother Rong was also very confused and said: “I think the boy probably died and went with his mother.”

She thought it was the only explanation that could explain why she hadn’t seen the baby or the baby’s mother.

Rong Xue didn’t ask any more questions and continued to eat with his head down.

Mother Rong however couldn’t eat any more and turned to Rong Yan on the other side and said: “Yan-Yan, you…”

Rong Yan seemed to know what Mother Rong was going to say, quickly put the food into Mother Rong’s bowl and said, “Mom, you should eat.”

Mother Rong saw that her daughter didn’t want to talk about Zhan Beitian and that this wasn’t a convenient place to talk, so she didn’t say anything.

Outside the apartment building, Mu Yifan saw Zhuang Ziyue and ran over immediately and said: “Ziyue, what are you doing here? Have you had lunch yet?”

Zhuang Ziyue handed Mu Yifan the fruit basket in her hand and smiled slightly, “Well, I came here on a full stomach.”

Mu Yifan didn’t pick up the fruit basket and said: “Ziyue, you’ll have to stop bringing fruit next time.”

Fruits are so precious these days that it’s a luxury to eat them fresh.

Zhuang Ziyue shoved the fruit directly into his hand and said: “You’ll be a polite man this time and from now on, I won’t send any more fruit over.”

“OK.” Mu Yifan smiled and took the fruit.

It was nice to see that Zhuang Ziyue didn’t mind the fact that he was a zombie.

“Yifan…” Zhuang Ziyue suddenly raised her eyebrows, hesitated and whispered, “Who’s the man over there with the baby in his arms?”

From the moment that man came out, he kept staring at them with a cold stare, especially when his eyes fell on him, it was so cold that it gave people the feeling that they could freeze to death with their eyes.

Mu Yifan turned around and saw Zhan Beitian walking out of the apartment building with the child in his arms and then, putting the child on the ground, walking slowly down the stairs with the child in his arms but the cold eyes kept shooting over to them.

He was nervous, really worried that Zhan Beitian wouldn’t be able to restrain himself and go ahead and extinguish Zhuang Ziyue, busy whispering back, “He’s the captain of our team.”

Zhuang Ziyue asked curiously, “I see a lot of people in your team are wearing military uniforms, many of your team members are not soldiers, right?”

“Well, most of them were soldiers and, all of them were special forces, most of the others were family members of soldiers and only a very small percentage of the survivors were rescued from outside.”

Mu Yifan specifically stressed that he was a special forces soldier, that is, he wanted Zhuang Ziyue or Zhuang Ziyue’s people not to mess with this group of people.

Zhuang Ziyue narrowed her eyes when she heard it was a special forces soldier and said: “Is the captain of your team always so cold and icy? I noticed that he looked at me in a very unfriendly way.”

    Of course it’s not friendly.

    In his last life, he killed his brother’s enemy, how can he be friendly to him and now it’s good that he didn’t come straight to kill him.

Mu Yifan muttered in his mind, then, casually made an excuse and said: “He’s an ice power, so, looking at everyone is making them feel so cold.”


 Zhuang Ziyue thinks it’s not what Mu Yifan said.

    Because he found that Zhan Beitian’s cold eyes seemed to have a hint of hatred in them, which even made him feel that the other party was looking at him like a rival, which really made him feel weird.

    And, you know, he was walking around in circles with the kid, like you’re watching them.

    However, that man was really worthy of being an ice mutant and the distance of 20 to 30 meters could make him feel the cold of winter in the hot summer.

Zhuang Ziyue couldn’t help but shiver and couldn’t take the stares any longer, so she said to Mu Yifan, “Would you be interested in taking a walk outside the apartment complex?”

Of course Mu Yifan is interested, not to mention that he is suffocating in the apartment complex these days but right now, he is really worried about a fight between Zhuang Ziyue and Zhan Beitian, so he can’t wait for them to get as far away from each other as possible.


Mu Yifan hesitated again after answering, “I need to speak to our captain, wait here for a moment.”

He ran to Zhan Beitian and handed over the fruit that Zhuang Ziyue had brought, saying, “I’m going out with Zhuang Ziyue for a while and will be back before dinner.”

Zhan Beitian stared at him, silent.

Mu Yifan, sensing his unhappiness, asked cautiously, “Can’t I?”

When Zhan Beitian saw his sad face, he felt uncomfortable and took the fruit basket, saying, “Go ahead.”

Mu Yifan immediately broke into a smile that was brighter than the sun in the sky and said: “Then I’m off.”

He was afraid that Zhan Beitian would go back on his word and quickly ran back to Zhuang Ziyue’s side, pulling the other man’s arm, he quickly said, “Let’s go.”

Mu Qingtian didn’t raise his head until he couldn’t see Mu Yifan’s figure, then he silently looked up at Zhan Beitian and said, “Can I go back to dinner now?”

He’s already walked ten times around this little flower garden before he’s had enough to eat, poor thing.

Zhan Beitian returned to the apartment building’s cafeteria with a cold face and a child in his arms.

That afternoon, the entire apartment building was cold and some people were even shivering.

“It’s strange. It’s 37 degrees today but it’s so cold in the apartment, it’s like the central air conditioning is on.” Xiang Guo looked outside with a puzzled look on his face.

Mao Yu gave him an annoyed glance and ignored him, picking up the blanket and covering himself with it, while the artificial ’central air conditioning’ was on, he wanted to take a good nap, so as not to feel sleepless at night.

“Shit, the walls are freezing.”

Xiang Guo was staring at the wall with wide eyes and he’d be a fool not to know what’s going on by now.

“It’s so cold in here. Did the boss do that?”

“Who else has ice powers but the boss?” Lu Lin said and then, taking a jacket out of the closet, he sat back in his chair and read.

Some of the people in the apartment couldn’t stand the cold any longer, so they went out into the sunshine to keep warm.

The freezing temperatures lasted until Mu Yifan returned.

The moment Sun Zihao saw Mu Yifan, he immediately yelled upstairs in excitement, “The weather is going to warm up.”

   If this ’air conditioner remote’ didn’t come back, the canteen staff would have gone on strike and stopped cooking.

    Mu Yifan was confused by his words but he didn’t think too much about it and took the crystals he bought in the temporary trading area and hurried to Zhan Beitian.

“Zhan Beitian, Zhan Beitian, look what I’ve bought you.”

The moment Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan and the crystals he had bought to boost his powers, his heart was soothed and the cold air in the apartment building was returned to its previous state.

Lu Lin and the others downstairs breathed a sigh of relief.

Mu Yifan smiled hippily and said: “I bought all the crystals in the trading area.”

Zhan Beitian said, “Didn’t you go out empty-handed? What did you exchange it for?”

Mu Yifan confessed, “I borrowed a bag of rice from Zhuang Ziyue before he left and agreed to have someone return it to him tomorrow with a bag of rice and then, one person bought all the crystals in the trading area for you to improve your abilities, how about that, are you happy?”

“Yeah… happy.” Zhan Beitian’s heart warmed, even flamed, at his smile.

But it was the people downstairs who suffered and eventually, someone couldn’t stand it anymore and yelled, “F-ck, it’s getting hotter.”





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