Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 124: It’s no wonder.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 124: It’s no wonder.

When Mu Yifan woke up in the morning, Zhan Beitian was no longer in the room.

He washed up in a hurry and went across the street to find Zheng Guozong.

Zheng Guozong, who was in his room dressing his child, heard a knock on the door and immediately opened it to let someone in.

As soon as Mu Yifan entered the room, he said, “Quack, I saw Jiaming.”

Zheng Guozong was startled, grabbed Mu Yifan’s arm excitedly and asked, “Really? When did you see him? Where did you see him?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “Why would I lie to you about this? If you don’t believe me, ask Zhan Beitian, who also saw Jiaming last night in the alley opposite our apartment complex.”

In retrospect, he thought he’d given Zhan Beitian a hard time last night.

In the last life, Zheng Jiaming was also Zhan Beitian’s enemy, last night, Zhan Beitian did not kill Zheng Jiaming immediately, it was already the biggest concession.

“If you saw him, then why didn’t you bring him to meet me?” Zheng Guozong thought, “Is it because I’m following the team, so, it’s inconvenient for him to come see me, then I can go see him.”

“It’s not that, he’s just unavailable for a while, why exactly, I don’t know and he wouldn’t tell me and told me to tell you that if I ever saw him again, to pretend I didn’t know him.”

“Pretending not to know him?” Zheng Guozong can’t help but raise his voice and said: “Let me, as a father, pretend not to know my son, what the hell is he doing?”

“I’d like to know too but he just won’t talk.”

Zheng Guozong suddenly looked at Mu Yifan with a suspicious face and said: “You just said that you saw Jiaming last night in the alley opposite the apartment complex? Then that means you went out last night?”

Mu Yifan couldn’t possibly tell him that he went out to look for Zheng Jiaming, so he said and said: “I went out with the patrol and then, I met him. Anyway, since Jiaming has told us so, let’s do as he says, so as not to spoil his good fortune, right?”

Zheng Guozong snorted and said: “That brat, when he comes back, I’m going to give him a good scolding.”

“Good, good, good, we’ll talk when he gets back, what’s important now is that we go downstairs and have breakfast, you’ll be on a mission to the East Gate later.”

Zheng Guozong sighed, turned around and continued to dress the child.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

Mu Yifan quickly took over the job.

By the way, he hadn’t been close to the baby since it was born, not even doing little things like dressing it.

“Daddy.” Mu Qingtian happily kissed Mu Yifan on the cheek.

Mu Yifan’s heart melted at the sound of the voice and he quickly dressed up the little boy in a handsome dress and then carried him downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, Mu Yifan, who was going to follow Sun Zihao and the others to the car to look for supplies, was stopped by Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan asked with a frown, “Something up?”

“Do you remember that you owe Zhuang Ziyue a bag of rice?” Zhan Beitian asked.

Mu Yifan remembered that he still owed a bag of rice to Zhuang Ziyue after he said that. At that time, I had to go out to look for supplies the next day, so I forgot about the rice.

He slapped his head, “How could I have forgotten about this, Ziyue will surely cite me as someone who doesn’t keep his word.”

Zhan Beitian said, “I’ll come with you to return this bag of rice.”

“You’re coming with me?” Mu Yifan looked at him suspiciously, “You’re not going to pick a fight with him when you get there, are you?”

If there was a fight, he wouldn’t know how to stop them. Both of them are mutant humans and he who doesn’t have mutant powers to stop them would be looking for death.

Zhan Beitian didn’t bullshit him and just pushed him and said: “Get in the car.”

Mu Yifan had to get into an SUV and leave the apartment complex with Zhan Beitian.

On the way, Mu Yifan asked about last night’s events and said: “Last night, did Lu Lin and the others catch the people who killed the mutant?”

Zhan Beitian asked rhetorically, “How do you know that Lu Lin is going to catch and kill the power men tomorrow?”

“I saw Lieutenant Colonel Zhou from K City looking for you, so I figured he was looking for your help in catching that guy, so just tell me, did they ever catch the guy who killed the power men?”

Mu Yifan was curious as to which one of the zombies was so ferocious that it killed so many mutated people.

“No but the other man was wounded and after that, he ran away.”

Mu Yifan was a little disappointed that after sending so many people out, he didn’t even catch the other guy and said: “So did you see that guy’s face?”

“No, that guy had a black mask on his face, so we couldn’t see his face at all.” Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes, “And yes, that man has speed powers, Lu Lin and the others can’t catch up.”

“It’s no wonder.”

When Mu Yifan didn’t catch the man, he didn’t mention it again. When he arrived at the East End villa, he poked his head out of the window curiously.

The villa was very crowded, even more so than the temporary trading area and the people walking along the road were all smiling and well-dressed, not at all like people in the last days.

They saw the car pull in, looked curiously at it and then quickly looked away.

“Everyone here isn’t a mutated being, is it?” asked Mu Yifan looking out the window.

Zhan Beitian glanced out the window and said indifferently, “Not all of them, you can tell which ones are mutants and which ones are just ordinary people by looking at their clothes and faces.”

Mu Yifan’s closer inspection reveals that there are different people, with thin faces and ordinary clothes, who can be seen as people who are not well off.

In other words, these people are not mutated people and therefore cannot find food and clothing in the terrible and dangerous conditions that mutated people can.

“It turns out that there is a distinction.”

When Mu Yifan saw this, he suddenly felt that it was still their apartment building, no one was dressed in bright clothes, no one was dressed in rags, they were all treated equally, without any discrimination.


And no!

His son was different, he wore new clothes every day and he was so cute in them.

At this point, the soldier driving in front stopped the car, asked a passer-by about Zhuang Ziyue’s residence and then continued on his way.

Near the villa where Zhuang Ziyue lived, Mu Yifan saw many people with mutant powers practicing their abilities in the large garden but also many people without mutant powers doing physical training.

On the whole, everyone’s training is decent but a serious look will find that a lot of people are lazy, no appearance, unlike Lu Lin their training is very strict, absolutely not the slightest hint of slowness.

Or they’d get punished, like doubling up or not eating.

Zhuang Ziyue’s villa is the biggest one in the villa district and once you’re there, you’ll be able to recognize which one is Zhuang Ziyue’s villa.

When the car stopped in front of the villa, Mu Yifan excitedly got out of the car and shouted inside the villa and said: “Ziyue, Zhuang Ziyue.”

This voice attracted the attention of many people, because, the people who live here usually call Zhuang Ziyue as Boss Zhuang, will never call him by his name, so, everyone is very curious about the identity of the visitor.

“Who is it? Who calls our boss by his first name?”

The person inside heard the shouting outside and said angrily, then, opened the door and saw the unfamiliar face of Mu Yifan and raised an eyebrow and said: “Who are you?”

Mu Yifan explained, “I’m a friend of Zhuang Ziyue’s named Mu Yifan and I’m here to see Zhuang Ziyue.”

As soon as the man heard that the other party was Mu Yifan, he immediately thought that the boss had told him that if a Mu Yifan came to him, he would bring him in.

He smiled and said, “So it’s Mr. Mu, come in, come in, our boss is inside.”

Zhan Beitian, coming down from the back, signalled for the soldiers to take a sack of 100 kg of rice and several sacks of fruit out of the trunk.

Mu Yifan saw this and said, “You have fruits with you?”

He suddenly didn’t understand the purpose of Zhan Beitian’s visit here, which was to return a bag of rice, so he could send someone to bring it over.

However, he was confused as to what Zhan Beitian wanted when he insisted on coming in person and brought fruit with him, as if the visit was serious.

Zhan Beitian said quietly, “It’s only right that we  should return the gifts after Zhuang Ziyu sent you so many fruits.”

    Mu Yifan has a point when he thinks about it but isn’t that too polite?

    Zhuang Ziyue’s men saw Mu Yifan’s men, some of them were soldiers in uniform and they didn’t dare to slow down, so they ran into the hall to inform the boss.





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