Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 126: Who is this child with?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 126: Who is this child with?

For the next few days, Mu Yifan was in a state of total disorientation.

Even when he was looking for supplies, he was so distracted that Xiang Guo asked him to carry the buckets of rice with him.

He had to take a bucket lid and leave and then he went back to his room in the apartment building with the lid in his hand and sat on his bed, staring.

In fact, this is just a small thing, what is even more annoying is that when he encountered the mutant plant, he was distracted and the whole person suddenly fell into the mutant plant side.

If it wasn’t for Sun Zihao’s quick eyes, he might have been injured by a mutant plant.

Sun Zihao was so angry that he almost took out his gun and shot Mu Yifan’s head off and said: “Mu Yifan, if you want to die, die far away but don’t get into trouble while you are in my team, I can’t answer this to the boss.”

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and quickly apologized and said: “I’m sorry, it will never happen again.”

Sun Zihao saw his apologetic and sincere face and even a bit of remorse in his eyes, which made Sun Zihao unable to get angry even if he wanted to.

“Never mind, you’ll be more careful next time and remember, you mustn’t get distracted when looking for supplies, if you get distracted you’ll die, I can save you this time, next time you may not be so lucky.”

“Yes, yes.”

Mu Yifan nodded his head and then, his eyes flashed with confusion.

Although he was distracted just now, he knew very well that when the mutant plant attacked their team, someone suddenly pushed him hard, which caused him to fall to the side of the mutant plant.

Of course, it’s also possible that someone else bumped into him while he was dodging.

“Mr. Mu, are you okay?”

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and saw Zhang Le looking at him with a worried look on his face, busy saying, “Nothing, nothing.”

Sun Zihao saw that the mutant plants were so many and fierce today, so he shouted, “Let’s call it a day.”

“Yes.” Everyone got into the big truck with a small amount of supplies.

After returning to the apartment complex, Sun Zihao immediately went to look for Zhan Beitian and immediately said when he saw someone, “Boss, I suggest that Mu Yifan is better off not going on missions for a few days.”

Zhan Beitian, who was discussing things with Mao Yu, immediately stopped the discussion as soon as he heard that it was about Mu Yifan, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“He’s been distracted for the last few days. I asked him to carry a bucket of water and he brought back someone else’s disposable cup. I gave him a bag and let him put all the edible food in, but in the end, he just came back with an empty bag. These were nothing. The most annoying thing was that he was distracted when he encountered a mutant plant. If it weren’t for my hand and pulled him, he would be carried back in a stretcher now.”

Zhan Beitian’s face was very unpleasant after hearing these words.

Mao Yu asked, “Where is he? Is he okay now?”

“All right, he’s probably back in his room now.”

Zhan Beitian paled and asked Sun Zihao, “How is your team’s training these days? Are they able to cope in a critical situation?”

Sun Zihao reported the situation in their team and said: “Now that everyone is familiar with their own abilities and has adapted to their current living environment, they can react as quickly as possible to the slightest movement or irregularity, however, some of them think they are ordinary people after all, how long will it take them to train.”

Zhan Beitian nodded and said: “What about Mu Yifan’s performance?”

Sun Zihao was silent.

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow, “Why isn’t he talking? What’s wrong with him?”

Sun Zihao shook his head quickly, “No problem, just wondering what aspect of his performance the boss wanted to ask him about.”

“Either way it is not my problem.”

Sun Zihao said with some embarrassment, “He’s pretty active when it comes to moving supplies.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mao Yu asked with a frown, “Doesn’t he do anything else, like kill zombies or something?”

“Xiang Guo and I didn’t ask him to fight zombies.” Sun Zihao whispered.

Mao Yu: “…”

He could understand why they were doing this but he was worried that Mu Yifan was up to something.

Zhan Beitian said, “Mao Yu, you tell the others to get ready, we will leave K City in two days.”

Sun Zihao said in surprise, “Leaving K City so soon? But, our people aren’t trained yet.”

“You can walk, fight zombies, collect supplies, do training. You don’t have to stay in K City. It’s best to be back in B City in a month.” Zhan Beitian.


Zhan Beitian then asked Mao Yu, “What happened to the fact that I asked Wu Jingheng and Yu He to spy on Rong Xue?”

Mao Yu replied and said: “It’s been quite peaceful lately but a young woman has been coming to see her a lot these days, supposedly from her hometown, however, Xia Xiaoxiao say they haven’t seen the young woman before.”

“Wu Jingheng did they ever find out who the young woman was?”

“Checked. A survivor with psychic powers, nothing suspicious, brings Rong Xue a fruit or a bag of snacks every time he comes to see her.”

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow and said: “Keep an eye on her.”

“Yes, well, I’ll go tell the others now and get them ready to leave.”


As soon as Mao Yu and Sun Zihao left, Zhan Beitian also got up and left the hall to meet Mu Yifan in his room.

Mu Yifan was sitting on the bed looking at the puzzles and when he saw Zhan Beitian coming back, he immediately beckoned Zhan Beitian over to help him assemble the puzzles.

Zhan Beitian’s heart finally settled down when he saw that he was back to his usual mood and the fact that he wanted to reprimand him for his distracted behavior today made him put it behind him.

“Zhan Beitian, when do we leave K City?” Mu Yifan asked after assembling the puzzle.

Zhan Beitian looked at him, “Why do you ask this all of a sudden?”

“I want to go back to B City and see my dad.” Mu Yifan said here and then laughed again and said: “I’ll bring a grandson back to scare him.”

Zhan Beitian was infected by his smile and raised his lips, “What will you say if your father asks how the child doesn’t look like you? Your father has met me and he’ll know it’s not yours as soon as he sees it.”

Mu Yifan was in a bit of a quandary and thought, “Do you think I should make him take some blood pressure medicine or something before I tell him he has a grandson?”

To tell you the truth, he’s afraid his father won’t be able to stand it if he tells him he had the baby.

Zhan Beitian got a good laugh out of him.

Mu Yifan gave him a furious look, “Why are you laughing? You think you’re any better than me? You know my dad is only about fifty now. He can handle the excitement, what about you? You’ve got a grandfather who loves you. He’s at least 80? Are you sure you don’t want a bunch of heart attack pills at the ready?”

Zhan Beitian hit him on the forehead in a bad way.

Mu Yifan quickly avoided his hand and said, “Zhan Beitian, I’m telling you, if you dare to tell anyone else that Qingtian is yours or anyone else’s, I’ll be the first to leave you alone.”

Oh, shit!

He had been pregnant for almost two months before he gave birth to the child and if it turned out to be Zhan Beitian’s child with someone else, he wouldn’t be able to swallow it.

Zhan Beitian looked at him with a smile in his eyes, “And what do you want me to tell my grandfather, who this child was born to?”

“Of course with me…”

Mu Yifan suddenly shut up.

You can’t say that. If word gets out that he had a baby, he’ll be ashamed to stay in B City.

But if you don’t say that, people won’t believe that the child is related to him, even if the child’s surname is Mu, everyone will think that Zhan Beitian had the child with someone else.

Mu Yifan feels uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Zhan Beitian looked at his sad face and raised his hand to rub his head and said: “Don’t think too much, wait until we get back to B city to think about this matter, now let’s go downstairs to eat.”

Mu Yifan sighed, stood up and followed Zhan Beitian out of the room.

When they reached the sixth floor, they saw Rong Xue walking out of the room with his arm around Rong Yan and Mother Rong’s shoulders.

Mother Rong smiled even more when she saw Zhan Beitian and immediately pulled Rong Yan over to her, “Major General Zhan.”

Rong Xue behind her left her mouth open.

Zhan Beitian saw them, nodded and said quietly, “Go downstairs and eat.”

Mother Rong wanted to say something but when she saw that Mu Yifan was there, she felt embarrassed, which would remind her of what her youngest daughter had done, so she didn’t say anything and went downstairs with her two daughters.

At the cafeteria, the five of them meet Xiang Guo, who is returning from outside.

“Boss, I’ve got big news for you.”

Zhan Beitian had to come to the corner with Xiang Guo and ask, “What is it?”

“I heard from Lao Li that there are rumors out there that mutant humans were killed by zombies.”

Zhan Beitian frowned and said: “Does Lao Li know who spread this story?”

“He didn’t know. Anyway, it was all over very suddenly.”

Zhan Beitian saw more and more people coming to eat and said, “We’ll talk about this after dinner.”


They walked into the cafeteria to get some food, when Rong Yan was suddenly bumped into and a pen fell out of his pants pocket.

Rong Xue, who was behind me, picked it up, “Sis, did you drop something? Hey, sis, is this a recorder? Why do you have this thing.”

She pressed the button at random and then, a man’s voice came out of the recorder, “Yifan, there’s something I don’t know whether to ask you or not.”





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