Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 127: It’s not good

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 127: It’s not good

The voice from the recorder was quite loud, so even though the cafeteria was in a frenzy, people around could still hear it clearly but most of them didn’t really care about it.

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow, the voice coming out of the recorder seemed to be Zhuang Ziyue’s.

Immediately after, the recorder came out with Mu Yifan’s confused voice, “What is it?”

“You…” The voice of the man from before was heard again with the recorder but there was a long pause after the word ’you’.

Just when everyone thought there was nothing more to be said, the man’s voice rang out again, “Are you a zombie.”

 It was like a bomb. The people around us were shocked at the sound of the tape recorder.


    Mu Yifan was a zombie?

Other people, who did not hear the recording but heard the buzz of surprise and turned their heads to look at the people who heard the recording and said: “What’s that noise over there? Is there something going on?”

Zhan Beitian abruptly lowered to Rong Xue’s face and took the boss in Rong Xue’s hand, then, turning off the recorder, chillingly said, “What’s wrong with this recorder?”

Xiang Guo suppressed his surprise and followed Zhan Beitian over.

Rong Xue looked innocently at Zhan Beitian and said: “This recorder isn’t mine, how would I know what’s going on.”


Rong Xue looks to Rong Yan.

Zhan Beitian’s icy gaze turned to Rong Yan.

Rong Yan looked bewildered and said: “This recorder isn’t mine either.”

The man who saw this recorder fall off Rong Yan said, “If it’s not yours, why did this recorder fall out of your pants pocket.”

“This… this…” Rong Yan said anxiously, “I don’t know what’s going on but this recorder really isn’t mine.”

The others who were eating noticed the noise from Zhan Beitian’s side and quietly asked what was going on.

“Mu Yifan is a zombie?” Someone asked with a frown, “Is that possible? If he was a zombie, he would have bitten us.”

“I don’t think he’s a zombie either, if he was, everyone in our team would be a zombie already but so far, no one’s become one from being scratched by a zombie.”

Mu Yifan, who was in the cooking hall, didn’t know what was going on but when he came back from cooking, he found that everyone jumped five steps away from him as soon as they saw him, making him confused.

The next thing he saw was Zhan Beitian’s group standing in the middle of the cafeteria, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you getting your food?”

The team members surrounding Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan approaching and pushed him away a few steps away.

People don’t believe Mu Yifan is a zombie but they don’t want to get too close to him for safety reasons.

Zhan Beitian’s face softened the moment he saw Mu Yifan and said: “Nothing, you go eat first.”

Mu Yifan looked around at the people in confusion and took his rice to his usual seat.

As soon as he left, Zhan Beitian’s stern gaze swiftly swept over everyone and said in a cold voice, “Anyone who spreads the news about what just happened in the team from now on, pack up and leave by yourself.”

Everyone’s too scared to say anything.

Xiang Guo waved them off.” Let’s all go eat.”

Everyone scattered.

Rong Yan was still standing, pale as he said, “Major General Zhan, I…”

Zhan Beitian gave her an icy glance and without saying a word, he followed Xiang Guo to get dinner.

Mother Rong, who had come back from fetching food, looked at her daughter standing in the middle of the cafeteria with an ugly face and asked, “Yan-Yan, why aren’t you going to fetch food?”

When Rong Yan saw his mother’s concerned face, his eyes suddenly turned red and he choked out, “Mom!”

When Mother Rong saw her daughter, who was always very strong, crying, she asked, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

She quickly put the rice on the table and hugged her daughter, “Yan-Yan, why are you crying? Who bullied you? Tell mom and I’ll help you get justice.”

Rong Yan sniffed her nose, lamented, “Mom, that recorder really isn’t mine.”

Mother Rong was foggy and said: “What recorder?”

Rong Yan saw Mother Rong didn’t know anything and wiped her eyes busy and said: “No…it’s okay, Mom, I’m not feeling well, go back to my room and rest first.”

“Eh? Rong Yan!” Mother Rong saw Rong Yan turn her head and leave the cafeteria and anxiously chased after her with her rice.

Xiang Guo, who was eating, saw Rong Yan running away from the cafeteria and knitted his eyebrows in a frown and said: “Boss, that recorder might not really be Rong Yan’s.”

But how does anyone explain why this recorder fell out of Rong Yan’s pants pocket?

Zhan Beitian glanced at him and walked towards Mu Yifan with the fetched rice.

Mu Yifan, who was sitting at the table eating, noticed that the people around him were strange, sitting far away from him and, moreover, looking at him strangely.

But as soon as he looked over at them, they bowed their heads and ate, which he found strange.

At that moment, Zhan Beitian came and sat down beside him.

Mu Yifan even whispered, “What’s wrong today, I think something is wrong with the atmosphere.”

“What’s wrong with it? Just eat.” Zhan Beitian put a piece of meat from his bowl into his bowl.

When Mu Yifan saw that no one was looking at him, he didn’t say anything else, put his head down and finished the rice in his bowl.

After eating, Zhan Beitian sent Mu Yifan back to his room and then went downstairs to Xiang Guo’s room.

When Xiang Guo saw Zhan Beitian, he immediately brought a chair and put it in front of Zhan Beitian and said: “Boss, sit down.”

“Tell me more about what you’ve heard.” Zhan Beitian sat down and went straight to the point.

He didn’t continue because the cafeteria was too crowded to talk to.

Xiang Guo sat on the end of the bed and said and said: “In addition to the rumors that the mutant were killed by zombies, the man in black clothes said that the zombies now have their own consciousness and that they no longer move as slowly as before and their gait is no longer staggering and they can refrain from eating human flesh, similar to ordinary humans. zombies.”

“The difference between a zombie and a human is that the face and lips are bloodless, the eyes are black as if they were wearing smoky makeup, the inner orbits are very red, like a red line, which is very bizarre and finally, the nails are black, which is the most striking feature of a zombie.”

“Boss, that’s all I’ve heard.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

Xiang Guo looked hesitant and asked carefully, “Boss, Mu Yifan he…”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes were stern, staring at him coldly.

Xiang Guo had shut up.

He was also suspicious of Mu Yifan after listening to the recording in the cafeteria, because Mu Yifan had all the characteristics of the advanced zombies he just mentioned.

At first, he thought Mu Yifan’s face and lips were discolored because he had bone cancer but later, he thought Mu Yifan’s eyes were black and red because he didn’t sleep well.

By the way, Mu Yifan always wears gloves. Is he really…?

Zhan Beitian suddenly got up and left the room.


Xiang Guo wanted to chase after him to warn Zhan Beitian but then he thought, the boss is smarter than him, he can see through things, how can the boss not see through things.

As soon as Zhan Beitian returned to the floor where they were staying, he heard footsteps coming from below.

When he looked down, he saw Zheng Guozong running up, panting.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with doubt.

Zheng Guozong should be building a fence outside the East Side this time of year and there’s food there, too but why did he come back all of a sudden?

“Dr. Zheng, why are you back?”

Zheng Guozong heard Zhan Beitian’s voice, quickly raised his head and saw that the person standing upstairs was really Zhan Beitian, immediately said and said: “Zhan… Major General Zhan, no…no!. no… it is not good.”

“Don’t worry, speak slowly.” Zhan Beitian walked down to help Zheng Guozong, who was a little unsteady on his feet and didn’t see the police car following Zheng Guozong’s side, Mu Qingtian, who raised his eyebrows abruptly and said: “Is the child in trouble?”

Zheng Guozong busily waved his hand and said: “Child…child… downstairs.”

When Zhan Beitian heard that the child was all right, he helped him back to his room.

Zheng Guozong waited until he was almost out of breath and quickly said, “I just heard a broadcast outside the East Side of the city, no, not really a broadcast, anyway, it came from the radio.”

Zhan Beitian saw that his words were confused and did not interrupt, listening to him quietly.

“And the radio came out with Mumu and Mr. Zhuang’s voices and the worst part was that Mr. Zhuang asked Mumu if he was a zombie and Mumu even admitted it and now everyone outside the East End knows about it.”

Zhan Beitian’s face changed slightly, quickly closed the door, then, took out the previous recorder and played the recording for Zheng Guozong to listen to and said: “The conversation you heard between Mumu and Zhuang Ziyue, is it this one?”

Zheng Guozong nodded his head after hearing a few words, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s it! That’s it!”





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