Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 129: Who says I’m a zombie?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 129: Who says I’m a zombie?

The soldiers, Lu Lin and the others, as well as the survivors in the apartment building, were gasping for air.

    Mu Yifan was a zombie?

    Mu Yifan was really a zombie?

Zhan Beitian said firmly, “I’m really going to protect this man.”

“You…” The leader of the men stammered, fire powers coming out of his body.

But before he could do anything, he was suddenly immobilized, as if his whole body was in a plaster cast and not only did he stiffen up but he felt so cold that he couldn’t even open his mouth.

The other mutant humans were shocked to see the lead man frozen into a block of ice.

The man who headed them was the best and most powerful among the mutant powers but now he was instantly frozen into ice in the blink of an eye, which showed that the other party’s mutant powers had reached a realm that they couldn’t compare with.

Even the soldiers and Lu Lin and the survivors in the apartment building had never seen Zhan Beitian’s power before.

The two young men next to the leader saw the boss being turned into ice and immediately used their powers.

Zhan Beitian swept the two youths away and they immediately went with their boss.

The other mutant humans didn’t dare to move, they just shouted, “Major General Zhan, Mu Yifan is a zombie, if you keep him in your team, sooner or later you will harm the people in your team and they will end up like the mutant humans who die every night. Would you dare to keep someone like that around?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Lin and the others looked towards Zhan Beitian.

“Who said Mu Yifan was a zombie?” asked Zhan Beitian in a soft voice.

“The recording on the radio said.” Someone said.

Zhan Beitian looked at the man who spoke, “Just by radio? Is there any proof of that? If I say on the radio that you’re a zombie too and then, someone disguises your voice and admits they’re a zombie, does that make you a zombie? Can I take a team and kill you, too?”

The man was speechless.

The others said and said: “Major General Zhan, if Mu Yifan is not a zombie, then can you call him out and let us see him and after we are sure he is not a zombie, we will leave and after that, we will not be bothered again.”

“Yes, call Mu Yifan out.” Many echoed.

When Lu Lin saw the mutant powers surging up, she turned around quickly and asked, “Boss? What should we do?”

Zhan Beitian half-lidded his eyes, staring at these troublemakers, thinking about how to get rid of these mutant humans, when he heard a voice from the apartment building and said: “Who says I’m a zombie.”

Zhan Beitian was startled at the sound and turned around to see Mu Yifan walking out of the apartment building and stopping beside him.

“Why are you down here?”

Mu Yifan lifted his head and looked into Zhan Beitian’s dark eyes, seeing the worry revealed in his indifferent eyes, his heart was endlessly moved.

He was obviously this man’s mortal enemy and this man knew he was a zombie and he didn’t believe in him but when he came down just now, he heard this man’s firm words of protection in front of so many people.

“Don’t worry.”

Mu Yifan reassured and turned to the others, “Which one of you said that I am a zombie and how do you prove that I am a zombie?”

They stared at him for a while and shouted, “You have pale, colorless lips, which is one of the characteristics of a zombie and you have black eyes.”

Mu Yifan took a few steps forward, separated from the mutant humans by this human wall of soldiers and said, “My pale face and colorless lips are due to the fact that I suffer from bone cancer and have to suffer every night, which is what causes the dark circles under my eyes and as for the red circles you speak of, I don’t know if these blood filaments in my eyes count as the red circles you speak of.”

He pulled down the skin under his eyes so the mutant could see the inner orbits clearly.

The mutant saw that his inner eye wasn’t too red, just a few streaks of blood and that the black eye socket wasn’t very black.

Mu Yifan pulled up his wide trousers again.

He changed it just before he came down.

He pointed to his swollen thigh and said and said: “See? That’s where I’m sick.”

Many of the mutant humans saw the swollen thighs and made no more noise.

However, someone noticed that Mu Yifan was wearing gloves on all his hands and immediately said, “Mu Yifan, take off your gloves and show us.”

It was only after this man said that many saw the gloves on Mu Yifan’s hands and said: “Yes, take them off and show us, as long as your fingernails aren’t black, we’ll believe you’re not a zombie.”

Zhan Beitian watched Mu Yifan closely, wanting to see what he would do, or how he would deal with the mutated people after others saw Mu Yifan’s black nails.

Mu Yifan looked embarrassed and said: “Do you really want me to take off my gloves?”

“Of course.”

“What if it doesn’t come off?”

“That means you’re guilty, that means your nails are black and you’re afraid to take off your gloves and show us.”

Mu Yifan was torn and tangled, hesitating again and again before slowly pulling off his left glove, slowly, like a turtle crawling, bit by bit, even giving the impression that he was afraid to take off his glove.

Finally, when he reached the nail, he stopped.

The mutant humans felt anxious and helpless as if they were being scratched by a cat and they wanted to curse.

As if unable to endure the anger and said: “Mu Yifan, can you take off faster, if you’re a zombie, it’s no use taking it off slower.”

Mu Yifan looked at them innocently and said: “I’m just trying to match the mood and take it off slowly to make you guys nervous.”

“…” The mutant man almost spat blood from his anger.

“…” Even Zhan Beitian had the urge to punch him, whether he knew it or not and there was someone behind him whose heart was hanging on for fear of what might happen to him.

“Then watch, the magic show is about to begin.”

Mu Yifan suddenly took off his gloves and presented his five fingers to the audience.

The five fingers were as long and beautiful as white jade and the color of the nails was like white jade, very lustrous but no bloody color.

Besides, the mutant didn’t see a single black dot.

Zhan Beitian let out a small sigh of relief and then, suspicion flashed in his eyes.

“Ah! I failed to turn my nails black.” Mu Yifan was crying.

“The nerve of you.”

Some cursed, turned around and left, while others rolled their eyes and left.

When the mutated people were almost gone, eight men came over and approached them, “Major General Zhan, I’m so sorry to bother you but could you thaw out our boss and the others.”

Zhan Beitian looked at the previous leader who had led the riot and quickly withdrew his powers.

Immediately, the ringleader and the two young men fell to the ground and shuddered.

Eight men quickly picked up the three men on the ground and left the apartment complex.

Mu Yifan brought the gloves back.

Xiang Guo, who had been silent, said angrily, “Mu Yifan, why are you wearing gloves on a hot day, isn’t this an intention to invite trouble?”

“I’m not well, I sweat, so I wear gloves.”

Mu Yifan simply explained, walked back to the apartment building, ignored everyone’s eyes, walked up the stairs with a calm face and touched his right hand with a great sigh of relief when he reached a deserted place.

Then, his eyes went dark.

Zhan Beitian, who came after him, quickly ran back to the room with Mu Yifan in tow, closed the door and immediately asked, “What’s wrong with your nails? Did you paint your nails?”

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “I didn’t wear nail polish because I didn’t know what was going on.”

He took off the black glove of his right hand, revealing the black sharp nails and said: “Look, this side of the nails is still black.”

    Before, because he didn’t want to see Zhan Beitian deal with so many mutant humans by himself, he thought of how to disguise his identity as a zombie to fool the mutant humans, so that they wouldn’t trouble the team.

    But how are his fingernails supposed to fool people if he can find an excuse to get away with it?

    Finally, he thought of painting his nails and dipping them in nail polish to trick the mutant but when he took off his gloves, he discovered that his fingernails had become as normal as those of a human.

    Thus, he quickly changed his clothes and went downstairs. Fortunately, the mutant men did not ask him to take off his right glove as well.

    Zhan Beitian quickly grabbed his hand and looked carefully at his fingernails, which were like those of a normal person, to make sure they weren’t indeed covered in nail polish.

    He thinks it’s probably because he drank from the spring that he’s changed.

Mu Yifan was anxious and said: “Don’t you touch my hand, I’m afraid that my nails might accidentally hurt you.”

Zhan Beitian lifted his eyes, looking deeply into the face at the increasingly faded zombie features of the trouble and asked mute, “Do you think you will one day turn back into a normal human.”




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