Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 131: The plot is all messed up

   Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

   Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 131: The plot is all messed up

   Mu Yifan stared in amazement at the charming smile, his heart beat faster than he could control, the beautiful laugh was like notes from a piano, a beautiful piece of music, it tugged at his heart, he couldn’t help but get lost in it.

   Suddenly, the words of Zheng Guozong flashed through his mind, ‘The expression of heartbeat you just described, is called like’.

   The expression of a heartbeat, it’s called liking…

   It’s called liking…


   The word ‘like’ kept reverberating in his mind, for a long time.

   Mu Yifan unconsciously compares his reaction to Rong Yan’s when he saw him.

   He had never really had such a heartbeat for Rong Yan, simply admiring her beautiful face, wanting to go deeper and nothing more.

   In other words, does he really like Zhan Beitian?

   What about Zhan Beitian?

   Does he like himself too?

   Otherwise, why did he kiss him?

   Zhan Beitian thought of the escaped alien, stopped laughing and said with a frown: “Let’s go back to Li’s shop first, so he can hear who tried to take you away.”

   Mu Yifan snapped back to his senses and with a soft mumble, put back on the gloves he had taken off.

   The two returned to Li Tianqing’s grocery shop, Li Tianqing was anxiously walking around the shop and was relieved to see Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan back safe and sound.

   “Mr Mu, are you all right?”

   Mu Yifan smiled: “Yes, luckily Beitian came to my rescue just in time.”

   Zhan Beitian said: “We just let a man go so he could report back to the mastermind, so that Li could help us hear who was trying to take Mu Mu.”

   “Okay.”  Li Tianqing invited them into his room again, then, asked: “Which way did the man probably escape?”

   “To the west.”  said Zhan Beitian.

   Mu Yifan, however, said: “The man ran west but not necessarily to the west, Li Lao, please listen to the villa area to the north.”

   Li Tianqing asked: “Is that the villa area you’re talking about, the one full of mutants?”


   At that, Zhan Beitian couldn’t help but look at Mu Yifan.

   Isn’t the villa area to the north where Zhuang Ziyue manages?

   “All right then, I’ll try to listen.”

   Li Tianqing used his clairaudient powers and tries to listen in the direction of the villa to the north.

   Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan are silent, fearing they might disturb Li Tianqing.

   This is a long way from the northern villa, even by car, it takes half an hour.

   During this time, Li Tianqing did not hear any mention of the failed attempt to take Mu Yifan and had to listen to the north with her right ear and the north west with her left.

   After about fifteen minutes, Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan saw Li Tianqing suddenly look shaken, as if he had heard something and his brow grew furrowed.

   Soon, he withdrew his powers and said to Zhan Beitian: “I heard it, it did come from the north side of the villa, it was…”

   Li Tianqing’s brow tightened a little more and he said: “It’s Boss Zhuang who wants to kidnap Mr Mu.”

   Zhan Beitian’s eyes snapped.

   Mu Yifan looked as if he already knew that Zhuang Ziyue had sent someone, he asked calmly: “Did he say what he wanted to arrest me for?”

   Li Tianqing shook his head and said: “No, when the man returned, he reported to Boss Zhuang what had happened to you, after that, Boss Zhuang let the man go.”

   Mu Yifan lowered his eyes and said nothing more.

   Zhan Beitian looked at Mu Yifan, got up and said: “Now that we know who wanted to take Mu Mu, we will go back but, I hope that Li will think about what I said before.”


   Li Tianqing got up and saw them out of the grocery shop.

   Zhan Beitian pulled Mu Yifan along, away from the temporary trading area, when there was no one around and asked: “Did you already know that Zhuang Ziyue had sent someone to arrest you?”

   Mu Yifan, who was thinking about losing his mind, came back to his senses and shook his head: “I didn’t know that for a long time, it was just that when I was caught, my first thought was that Zhuang Ziyue had done it. However, I still didn’t believe it could be done to me and it was only after Li Lao confirmed it, that I was sure it was him.”

   Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow and said: “When you were arrested, why did you think it was Zhuang Ziyue? Why did you suspect him?”

   As far as he knew in his last life, Zhuang Ziyue was very close to Mu Yifan, just as he was to Shen Qinyang but, why did Zhuang Ziyue’s attitude suddenly change so much?

   Is it because Zhuang Ziyue is not a zombie in this life and Mu Yifan is a zombie?

   Mu Yifan’s eyes sank and he said: “Do you remember the dartboard that I tried to pick up in the recreation room of the villa the day we went to return the rice to Zhuang Ziyue?”


   How could Zhan Beitian not remember, after that day, Mu Yifan became distracted.

   At the time, he felt uncomfortable, that he was lost in thought for another man.

   “That day, what did you see?”

   Zhan Beitian remembers that after leaving the villa, Mu Yifan said ‘I saw it’ several times.

   Mu Yifan clenched his fists and said: “I saw the other side of the dartboard, on the other side was a black and white photograph of me and on the top of the photograph was the word ‘death’ written in red and, there were lots of little holes in it, obviously obviously pierced by darts.”

   Zhuang Ziyue was very careful when he picked up the dartboard and the moment he picked it up, he immediately turned the side with the photo on it towards himself, out of his sight.

   However, when Zhuang Ziyue put the dartboard in the cupboard, the side with the picture on it was down but because the cupboard was high and he was crouching, he could see clearly what was on the other side of the dartboard.

   Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow and said: “Is that why you suspect him?”

   “Sort of, after all, whoever it was, wouldn’t take a photo of a friend’s head and make it black and white and then, with red ink and pen, write the word ‘death’ on it and make it into a dartboard, would they? If he was just joking about it, why wouldn’t he dare show it to me, would he?”

   Mu Yifan still shivers when he thinks of the way Zhuang Ziyue looked at him from the pool table, it was so frightening it was like he was going to eat him.

   “About the recording, do you suspect him too?” Zhan Beitian asked.

   Mu Yifan didn’t deny it either: “Well, apart from him, I can’t think of anyone else who could have recorded my conversation with Zhuang Ziyue at close range, only, I still can’t figure out why he did it? Was it because I was a zombie that he wanted to get rid of me?”

   If so, why did he send fruit to him later and come to him personally to talk to him?

   Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes and said: “I think he’s doing this to you, there must be a reason. If it’s just because you’re a zombie, why does he have to play all these tricks, he might as well get rid of you when you’re not ready.”

   Mu Yifan nodded: “I thought so too but I couldn’t guess what it was, before the end of the world, I didn’t think I’d ever offended him.”

   Then, he thought of the last time he had seen Zhuang Ziyue in the last days, his nails had scratched Zhuang Ziyue.

   Could Zhuang Ziyue be…

   Mu Yifan thought about the first time he met Zhuang Ziyue when he came to K town, the smell coming from him made him feel strange.

   There was neither the smell of a zombie’s kind, nor the scent of living flesh, making it impossible for him to tell whether Zhuang Ziyue was a human or a zombie.

   Mu Yifan sighed.

   The plot was so out of his control, Zhuang Ziyue was clearly the right hand man of the zombie king but why did Zhuang Ziyue treat him as an enemy when it came to him?

   Is it because his personality is not as attractive as the original’s that he can’t attract help from his companions?

   Another thing is, it’s been more than two months since he entered the post apocalyptic world, apart from Zheng Jiaming, he hasn’t even met any of the zombie king’s companions, let alone found them.

   The saddest thing is, he’s obviously writing a science fiction novel, how come it’s trending in the direction of delay?


   The plot is all messed up!

   Zhan Beitian saw that he was lost in thought and didn’t bother him.

   Raises his right hand and puts it on his shoulder, leads the way back to the apartment building.

   The soldiers guarding the door of the flat noticed that their Major General was smiling, as if something good had happened to him and the corners of his mouth were curving upwards, even though he was trying to suppress it, so that the smile was very visible.

   The two soldiers watched Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan walk up the stairs, before they turned their heads and laughed: “Is it springtime for Major General Zhan?”

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