Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 132: Really Bent

   Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

   Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 132: Really Bent

   That evening, after Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian had eaten dinner, they scurried into Zheng Guozong’s room in a flash.

   When Zheng Guozong saw Mu Yifan enter, he immediately teased him: “You’re not having trouble with Major General Zhan again and have come to hide from him, are you?”

   “No.”  Mu Yifan smiled, sat down next to Zheng Guozong and asked: “Where is Qingtian?”

   “He’s playing in Mao Yu and Lu Lin’s room, he’ll be back later.”  Zheng Guozong looked at him and said: “Do you have something to ask me?”

   Mu Yifan scratched his head in embarrassment and coughed uncomfortably: “Well… You told me last time that when you are kissed, your chest jumps a lot and when you are kissed, you feel very happy, that’s called liking, right?”

   “Yes.”  Zheng Guozong smiled at him and said: “What? Have you found yourself liking Major General Zhan? If you’re not sure if you like him, just imagine this, would you feel this way if the kiss was on someone else?”

   Mu Yifan immediately thinks of himself kissing Rong Yan, there seems to be nothing to be happy about.

   Zheng Guozong, seeing that he was silent and thinking that he could not imagine it, added: “How about this, you look at me and think that it is me, you…”

   As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, the imaginary object in his mind immediately became Zheng Guozong’s image, he quickly shuddered and interrupted: “Stop, stop, stop, don’t disgust me.”

   When his imaginary partner was Rong Yan, he couldn’t even kiss him, if it had been Zheng Guozong, he wouldn’t have been able to kiss him, not to mention being happy or not.

   Zhan Guoxiong laughed and said: “This brat, I don’t even dislike you but you dislike me.”

   Mu Yifan laughed and got up and left Zheng Guozong’s room.

   His reason for looking for Zheng Guozong was simple, just to make sure that he really liked Zhan Beitian.

   Upon returning to his room, Mu Yifan hears the sound of water coming from the bathroom and his ears perk up like a puppy.

   When he saw that Zhan Beitian was not in his room, he thought that he must be in the bathroom taking a shower and, all of a sudden, he was itching.

   Especially when he suddenly thought of the erotic dream he had had some time ago, so, the desire to see the beauty inside, became even more intense.

   Mu Yifan saw that the bathroom door was ajar and after a moment’s hesitation, he gingerly reached out and pushed it open by a ten centimetre gap and then, peeked inside.

   The bath is behind the door, from the gap you can’t see where the bath is, luckily, there are mirrors on the wall, which reflect the view of the bathroom, including the person taking the bath, naturally.

   Because there is no running water and no shower head, so, Zhan Beitian has to sit on a small stool and use the two buckets of water in front of him to wash himself.

   Mu Yifan immediately notices that the spot between Zhan Beitian’s legs, which is very large, is very good for Zhan Beitian but, he somehow feels a pain in his asshole.

   He reached up and touched his ass, remembering what he had heard, gay men always stick it in the back, so when he was looking for supplies later, should he go to a sex shop and get the lube?

   Mu Yifan realised his action, he froze slightly, he withdrew his hand and said ‘blah blah blah’ three times in a row.


   Why did he think of that, it’s hard to tell who’s going to be sticking it in who and anyway, when he’s got his cock up, it’s pretty impressive.

   Just then, Zhan Beitian stands up, picks up the soap on the shelf and rubs it on his arms, immediately, revealing a tall body of over 5’9”.

   Moreover, the body is very well proportioned, in an inverted triangle, with six pack abs and curvy, the arms and thighs are particularly strong and powerful, thanks to long workouts.

   The crystalline droplets of water sliding down his abs, like touching a strong, powerful body, caught Mu Yifan’s eye and he swallowed unconsciously.

   He reached down and touched his already erect crotch and said angrily: “Dude, can you be a good boy?”

   Just looking at it and it’s working, I wonder how hard it would be if he’d pounced on someone.

   But, with Zhan Beitian’s tall and strong body, it seems impossible to take someone down.

   Mu Yifan found himself getting harder and harder as he looked down and withdrew his gaze, leaving the bathroom door.

   The moment he leaves, Zhan Beitian in the bathroom looks into the mirror opposite and sees through the mirror that the man who was peeping through the door is no longer there and hooks the corner of his mouth into a sly smile.

   Mu Yifan threw himself on the bed, covering his erect penis and cried out in frustration: “I am bent, I’m bent, I am really bent.”

   His reaction to Zhan Beitian, which means, he really likes Zhan Beitian.

   “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry, I can’t give the Mu family any more children, if you want to have grandchildren again, go to my big brother.”

   Mu Yifan said, releasing his hand from his crotch and wrinkling his brow.

   By the way, can he come back to reality?

   No, he can’t come back to reality, so what’s he got to worry about not being able to carry on the family tradition?

   Doesn’t he have a ready made son now? And, with his Zhan Beitian resemblance, the Zhan family wouldn’t have to worry about the Zhan Beitian line being broken.

   But, does Zhan Beitian like him?

   After all, in the book, Zhan Beitian and the heroine are the only couple.

   Mu Yifan thought about it and felt very uncomfortable.

   Especially since Zhan Beitian and the heroine had been teaming up on missions for some time, maybe they had developed a relationship.

   Also, now that he’s a zombie, he can pass the virus to Zhan Beitian with a kiss, so how will he ever be with Zhan Beitian?

   But, he’s thinking too much.

   He’s still not sure if the male protagonist likes him or not.

   At that moment, Zhan Beitian came out of the bathroom and said: “Go and take a shower before it gets dark.”

   Mu Yifan sighs, gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

   A short while later, there is a rasping sound from the bathroom.

   Zhan Beitian: “…”

   He thinks the person in the bathroom did it on purpose, to jerk off without closing the bathroom door.

   Mu Yifan relaxes and after a shower, he is refreshed, his depressed mood is gone.

   When he comes out of the bathroom, he sees Zhan Beitian reading a book by torchlight.

   Mu Yifan saw how hard he was reading, his eyes twitched, he put the towel he was using to wipe his hair on the back of the chair, then, flinging himself onto the bed, he crawled over to Zhan Beitian and asked: “Beitian, I’ve noticed that you love to read, so, let me ask you a question, I don’t know if you can answer me.”

   Zhan Beitian looked at him and said: “First tell me what the question is.”

   “Let me ask you, a researcher who wears gloves while working on a virus, do you think he can still be infected by the virus?”

   “It depends on whether the gloves are pierced or not, or whether the virus is very virulent, whether it can get infected by direct contact with the skin.”

   Mu Yifan muttered sullenly: “Wouldn’t I have to blow a condom before each one?”

   His voice was a little too low, Zhan Beitian didn’t hear what he was saying and asked: “What are you talking about?”

   “Nothing, so if the glove is not pierced and the virus is strong, can it be infected?”

   “It shouldn’t be that easy to get infected, otherwise, how many people at the Institute would dare to do virus research.”

   Mu Yifan said with relief: “That’s good, that’s good.”

   Zhan Beitian looked at him suspiciously and said: “Why do you ask? Are you looking for someone to study the virus in you?”

   “No, no, you go on reading your book.”

   Mu Yifan quickly turned his back to him, to avoid the question Zhan Beitian asked.

   Zhan Beitian had to keep looking at his book but, within seconds, the man next to him turned around again.

   Mu Yifan did not raise his eyes to look at Zhan Beitian, nor did he close them, he just kept staring at one part of Zhan Beitian’s body.

   “Beitian, are you not wearing any underwear?”

   He asked out of the blue, as he saw no sign of pants through his pajama trousers.

   Zhan Beitian: “…”

   Where the hell is this guy looking at him?

   Mu Yifan added: “Actually, it’s good not to wear pants, it gives your dick some air, it’ll be happier later.”

   Zhan Beitian: “…”

   Was he overstimulated today?

   Disturbed by Mu Yifan, Zhan Beitian can’t be bothered to read any more, turns off the torch, lies down to sleep.

   Mu Yifan smiles, immediately jumps on him, hugs Zhan Beitian.

   Zhan Beitian sees him hugging him, in the dark, hooks the corner of his mouth, turns to his side, takes him into his arms, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

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