Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 133: What do you want to do?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 133: What do you want to do?

After the night, Mu Yifan realised his feelings.

At breakfast in the morning, no longer sitting far away from Zhan Beitian as he always did but instead, taking the place of Mao Yu who usually sat next to Zhan Beitian, happily eating breakfast with the male protagonist.

Mao Yu is not unhappy either, it’s just a place to eat anyway, it’s the same wherever you sit.

After breakfast, Zhan Beitian tells Mao Yu to bring Wu Jingheng, then, takes Mu Yifan to the hall where they usually discuss things.

Mu Yifan wondered: “Why have you brought me here?”

Zhan Beitian pondered, did not answer him and soon, Mao Yu and Wu Jingheng also came into the hall.

The two men saluted Zhan Beitian and said: “Major General.”

Zhan Beitian gestures for them to sit down and gets straight to the point: “Did Rong Xue go out yesterday, after everyone was allowed to leave the apartment complex and go for a walk?”

“Yes.” Wu Jingheng said: “She went to see the female mutant who usually came to see her and then, the female mutant treated her to a big meal at her house and then sent her back with a bag of fruit and a lot of cosmetics and several sets of branded clothes.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he suddenly thought that Zhan Beitian had an ulterior motive for giving everyone a break yesterday, so that Rong Xue could go out and meet the female alien.

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes and said: “Who is this female psychic working for?”

“Just the leader of a small team, not very capable.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes snapped: “Since she’s not very capable but has so many supplies to give away, don’t you find it suspicious?”

Wu Jingheng, worried that Zhan Beitian might think he was doing something wrong, said: “Suspicious, so, after Rong Xue came back yesterday, I checked the background of the female alien, the reason she had so many She has so much stuff, because someone sends her stuff from time to time.”

“Who is it from?”

“It’s a male psychic from the villa, they seem to be in a relationship.”

Zhan Beitian said with a cold look in his eyes: “The villa?”

Wu Jingheng looked at Mu Yifan beside Zhan Beitian and said: “It’s the villa area managed by Mr. Zhuang Ziyue, that male psychic is Zhuang Ziyue’s right hand man.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he immediately guessed the story of the recorder and, at the same time, understood why Zhan Beitian had brought him here.

Zhan Beitian asked again: “What else did you find out?”


Zhan Beitian instructed Wu Jingheng to leave, then, to Mu Yifan: “What do you think?”

Mu Yifan wrinkled his brow and said: “Zhuang Ziyue must have given the recorder to his men and asked his men’s lovers to pass it on to Rong Xue, who then had the opportunity to release the recorder.”

And Rong Xue was always jealous of Rong Yan, so, she quietly put the recorder on Rong Yan, to kill two birds with one stone.


Zhan Beitian was so calm, he must have guessed that it was Rong Xue, after all, only Rong Xue would have had the chance to slip the tape recorder into Rong Yan’s trouser pocket.

Zhan Beitian, on the other hand, did not deal with yesterday’s incident until today, presumably because he wanted to wait until Wu Jingheng reported definite information, before he was sure.

Mao Yu knew they were talking about yesterday and frowned: “So, the recorder was not Rong Yan’s but Rong Xue’s from someone else to frame Rong Yan? This woman’s heart is too malicious, Rong Yan is her own sister, what good would it do her to frame Rong Yan like this.”

Zhan Beitian looked at Mao Yu and asked Mu Yifan: “What do you want to do next?”

Mu Yifan did not say anything.

   In fact, he had thought about this yesterday, how he should treat Zhuang Ziyue in the future, after all, this is his best friend, both in reality and in fiction.

   But, now that this friend had made him an enemy and recorded their conversation to kill him and, without sending anyone or coming to explain the recording in person, there was no longer any intention to cover it up.

   As for Rong Xue, the last time he was at the grain depot, he pushed him.

   At the time, he didn’t take it personally, just because Rong Xue looked like her sister and because he hadn’t been hurt in any way, so, he thought he’d just keep his contact with her to a minimum but he didn’t expect her to do it again.

Mao Yu said: “Boss, Rong Xue can’t stay on the team any longer, if this goes on, she might join forces with someone outside and cause the team to lose unity, that would be bad for our team.”

Zhan Beitian gave a faint hoot.

She was supposed to stay with the team, to torture her a little and then when he got to B City, to make her feel like she’d fallen from grace.

But now, this one can’t stay on the team.

Mao Yu added: “But, we’re just guessing that the recorder belongs to her, without any concrete evidence, it’s hard to convince people to expel her from the team and, it’ll make the team fearful that we’ll find an excuse to expel them at any time and, in the long run, people will easily become disillusioned. in the long run, people will easily become disaffected.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes and was thinking of a way to teach Rong Xue a lesson, when Mu Yifan suddenly said: “I have a way to get Rong Xue to admit that the recorder belongs to her.”

Zhan Beitian and Mao Yu looked at Mu Yifan.

Half an hour later, Mao Yu appeared at the door of the room where Rong Yan Rong Xue and Mother Rong were staying and said: “Miss Rong Yan.”

Mother Rong turned her head at the sound of her voice and seeing that it was Mao Yu, she greeted him with a smile and said: “Captain Mao, I wonder what you want with Yan Yan?”

Rong Yan and Rong Xue, who were sitting on the bed, both stood up.

Mao Yu, with a cold face and no smile, said in a light voice: “What happened yesterday, I’m sure you know all about it, so, we at Major General think that our team should not keep people who spread rumours in the team, to avoid spoiling the team’s morale.”

Mother Rong blushed and said: “Captain Mao, that’s… What does that mean?”

Rong Yan looked at Mao Yu in disbelief.

“Yesterday, Miss Rong Yan’s tape recorder recorded a fake recording that identified Mu Yifan as a zombie, leading the entire Eastern District to wrongly believe Mu Yifan was a zombie, nearly making others think we were harbouring a zombie who killed a mutant, so, Major General  decided to expel Miss Rong Yan from the team.”

“Huh?” Mother Rong froze and said excitedly: “But, the recorder was not our Yan Yan’s, it was planted by others to frame my Yan Yan.”

Rong Yan said anxiously: “Captain Mao, the tape recorder is not mine and, I don’t know where it came from and when it was put in my pocket, I am innocent.”

Mao Yu moved away from Mother Rong’s face, looked at Rong Yan and said: “Please ask Miss Rong Yan to pack up and leave within half an hour.”

With that, Mao Yu turned around and left.

“Captain Mao, Captain Mao.”  Mother Rong rushed out after him.

Rong Yan turned pale and fell onto the bed.

She thought that the pen recording was over, she didn’t expect to be disciplined until the next day.

Rong Xue smiled smugly under her eyes and then, in a false sense of comfort, said: “Sister, I believe you, the pen was never yours.”

Rong Yan laughed bitterly: “What’s the use of believing.”

Mother Rong, who failed to catch up with Mao Yu, came back and said comfortingly: “Yan Yan, don’t worry, I’m going to find Major General Zhan, let Major General Zhan find out what happened…”

With that, she ran out again but, ten minutes later, she returned to the room in a daze and said: “Major General Zhan is not in the apartment building, how can this be, how can he not believe you?”

Rong Yan, with a grimace on his face, said: “Mother, don’t look for Major General Zhan anymore, I’ll pack up and leave.”

Mother Rong, angry, anxious and worried, said: “You’re a girl, where can you go? Besides, there are zombies everywhere, if you leave the group, you might be eaten by them the next moment. And, what’s with this Major General Zhan? Why is he throwing people out without finding out what’s going on?”

“How can we find out; the recorder did fall out of my trouser pocket.”  Rong Yan smiled, knelt down, took the box from under the bed and put his clothes in the box.

Mother Rong stopped her and said: “Yan Yan, you can’t go, you have to wait until Major General Zhan comes back and tells us what happened.”

“Mum, soldiers are punctual, if I don’t leave in half an hour, I’ll probably be thrown out and then, it’ll look even worse.”

“But but…”  Mother Rong said through clenched teeth: “I’ll go with you.”

She immediately pulled another suitcase out from under the bed and put her clothes in it.

Rong Yan said anxiously: “Mum, what are you doing?”

“You’re my daughter, where you are, I’ll be there.”  Mother Rong gathered some clothes and, to Rong Xue, said: “Xue Xue, you pack your clothes too, we’ll go away together.”

“I don’t want to.”  Rong Xue blurted out without even thinking about it.

Mother Rong’s face changes slightly, stops moving, looks up, looks at Rong Xue with a chilling look.

Rong Xue knew she had said the wrong thing and corrected herself: “Mom, think about it, if Sis leaves, she can still find supplies in other teams but, you are not a psychic, if you go with Sis, they may not take Sis into their team and, it will be a drag on Sis, especially if you encounter zombies. If you stay, you won’t have to go out and find supplies and I’ll be able to look after you without worrying about your safety.”

Rong Yan nodded and said: “Mum, Rong Xue is right.”

“But…” Mother Rong really doesn’t feel comfortable with her daughter leaving but what her youngest daughter says is true, it’s a dilemma for her.

“Mum, no more buts, just stay here, that way I’ll be safe out there.”  Rong Yan thinks that she has her own powers, she is not afraid of not being able to support herself, so, she is not as upset as she was but, being misunderstood, she still feels bad.

I wish I could find the person who set her up, to clear her name.

Mother Rong wiped the tears from her eyes as she thought of her mother and daughter being separated and choked back a sob: “But, our team is going north to B City, what about you, how will we ever see each other again?”

Rong Yan said soothingly: “I’ll find a team to go to B City too.”

Mother Rong said nothing more, volunteered to collect her daughter’s things and when the time came, helped her downstairs with her luggage.

On the way, many people wondered why they had to leave with their luggage.

When they reached the ground floor of the flat, someone suddenly shouted: “Rong Xue, go and mop up the stairs, from the top, OK?”

A woman came with a bucket and a mop.

Rong Xue said angrily: “I’m not in the logistics department, why should I do this.”

“There’s a shortage of men, if you do the job, you’ll get a bonus, if not, I’ll have to report it to Captain Lu.”


Mother Rong was worried that her other daughter would be thrown out of the group, she said: “Xue Xue, you go, I’ll see your sister out.”

Rong Xue stomped her feet in anger and carried the bucket and mop up to the top floor.

   Then, finding a window in the hallway that looked out, she put the mop and bucket down next to her and went to the window to look down.

   From this angle she could see the entrance to the flat block and she could see Mother Rong dropping off Rong Yan.

   Rong Xue couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Rong Yan being thrown out of the queue, finally one less person to steal Zhan Beitian from.

“Isn’t it nice to see Rong Yan thrown out of the group?”

   Suddenly, a man’s voice sounded behind her.



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