Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 134: We’ve been fooled

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 134: We’ve been fooled

Rong Xue was startled and quickly put away his smile and turned around.

At the entrance to the staircase, stood a very thin man, only about 5’5 tall, very ordinary looking, in a crowd, one might not find this man and, dressed in crumpled clothes, like a refugee.

“Who are you?” Rong Xue looks at him warily, the man in front of him is unfamiliar, I don’t think I’ve seen him in the team before.

“Me? My name is Wang Jiu, I’m a survivor who was rescued only two days ago.”

Rong Xue picked up the mop and said: “What do you want? If not, don’t interfere with my mopping.”

“I’m standing here, I’m not going to stop you from mopping.”  laughed Wang Jiu.

Rong Xue ignored him, picked up the mop, dipped it in the water and, mopped at will.

Wang Jiu was silent for a moment and then said: “Yesterday morning, in the canteen, I noticed you.”

Rong Xue paused in her movements, without making a sound.

“Do you know why I noticed you?” Wang Jiu smiled and then, to himself, said: “Because the gleeful laughter inside you, while you were playing the tape recorder was so striking, that, that’s why I had to notice you.”

This drew Rong Xue’s attention: “Inner laughter?”

Wang Jiu raised his eyebrows, surprised: “Didn’t I tell you that when I was introduced? That I have the ability to read minds?”

Rong Xue was alarmed but didn’t show it and said with a calm face: “That’s a special ability but you misheard me, I’m not proud of it.”

She bowed her head and continued to mop the floor.

Wang Jiu smiled and said: “Really? So I misheard you. Then what is this fear you are showing in your heart? Did I mishear you again?”

“What am I afraid of?” Rong Xue stopped mopping again and glared at him: “And, will you please leave me alone?”

Wang Jiu leaned against the wall and said: “I’m not interfering with you by standing here, talking to you, just interested in what you got from Chen Yan.”

Rong Xue’s eyes glared at her, dead on.

“Yesterday, after you came back from Chen Yan’s, you were happy, not only did you get a good meal, you also got a bag of fresh fruit and some brand new clothes.”

Rong Xue said in a cold voice: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you? Then I’ll make it clear, you got the recorder from Chen Yan and you stuffed it down your own sister’s trousers, that way, not only did you get the supplies for the mission, you also framed your sister and got her expelled from the team, a double, or should I say triple, kill. By the way, the clothes you brought back, they’re all international brands, what’s their name?”

   Wang Jiu looks like he’s thinking hard.

   Rong Xue gripped the mop stick tightly.

   The clothes she’d brought back were indeed international, a brand called Anger but, she’d packed them in a black bag, so how did this man know?

   Is he really a mind reader?

“That’s right, it’s called Anger.”

Rong Xue’s face changed, panic flashed in her eyes but, she soon calmed down and laughed coldly: “Don’t talk nonsense here, you’re ruining our sisterhood, you said I put the recorder in, do you have proof?”

Wang Jiu looked at her with a smile and didn’t say anything.

Just then, someone came upstairs, saw Rong Xue and immediately shouted: “Rong Xue, there is a lady named Chen looking for you.”

The man said and went straight downstairs.

As soon as Rong Xue heard the name Chen, she threw away her mop and went downstairs.

As he passed Wang Jiu, Wang Jiu tugged on her shirt, went up to her and whispered in her ear: “If I tell Major General Zhan that I have the power to read people’s minds, that I can read anyone’s mind, do you think you will believe me? Do you think this could be evidence?”

Rong Xue said angrily: “Go ahead and say it then.”

Wang Jiu said nothing more, loosened his hold on her clothes and let her go.

Rong Xue scurried downstairs.

In her heart she was afraid, that Wang Jiu would tell on her but thinking that Wang Jiu had no proof, just her mind reading skills, what was the point.

When the time comes, she just has to deny it and say that Wang Jiu set her up.

Rong Xue thought this and felt much calmer.

She walked out of the apartment building and saw Chen Yan standing in front of a flower garden some thirty metres ahead.

Rong Xue looks around, noticing that no one else is around Chen Yan and rushes over, before Chen Yan can say anything and said angrily: “What are you doing here again? Do you know, someone already suspects me of putting the recorder in Rong Yan’s trouser pocket?”

Chen Yan wrinkled her brow and said: “Didn’t you say yesterday that it was foolproof? How could it be discovered?”

“There was a man who could read my mind, knew what I was thinking, so, I was the one who recovered and put the recorder in Rong Yan’s trousers.”

“Then you didn’t admit it, did you?”

“Do you think I’m that stupid?” Rong Xue sneered: “Even if he knew I put it there, what could he do? Without proof, how can he turn me in?”

Chen Yan laughed and said: “It’s good that you didn’t admit it foolishly.”

Rong Xue suddenly sank down and said: “And you, what’s going on? Didn’t we agree not to come back to me when we’re done? Why are you here again?”

Chen Yan froze and said: “Didn’t you send someone to find me and ask me to come over, saying that there was something important to talk to me?”

Rong Xue followed suit and said: “I sent for you? I didn’t?”

Chen Yan suddenly wrinkled her brow, thought about it and suddenly her face changed: “No, we’ve been fooled.”

She turned around and headed for the door but had just taken two steps, when she was stopped by five soldiers.

“Miss Chen, Miss Rong, Major General Zhan would like to meet you.”

When Rong Xue heard that Zhan Beitian wanted to see them, she turned pale and her first thought was that she had forgotten to denounce them.

The two were led by five soldiers to the conference hall, they saw Zhan Beitian, Mu Yifan and Zheng Guozong, who was holding the baby, sitting on the sofa, Lu Lin, Mao Yu, Sun Zihao, Xiang Guo and Wang Jiu were standing behind them. at the back.

In addition and with the survivors of the group sitting here, there are twenty five of them, as if in a three room meeting.

Chen Yan spoke first and asked: “I wonder what Major General Zhan wants from me?”

Zhan Beitian looked at them without saying a word, a look that made them tremble.

Soon, someone rushed into the hall, crying anxiously: “Major General Zhan, Major General Zhan, our Yan Yan was really framed, please find out what happened and then expel her from the team, please?”

“I know she’s innocent,” Zhan Beitian said in a quiet voice.”

“Huh?” Mother Rong stares, noticing the seriousness of the atmosphere in the hall.

Just then, Rong Yan walks in.

The moment Rong Xue saw Rong Yan, her face changed again.

The bitch hadn’t left the apartment complex yet.

Mao Yu looked at Rong Yan in the doorway and said: “Now that we’re all due, let’s talk about yesterday’s tape recorder.”

Mother Rong asked: “Have you found the person who framed Yan Yan?”

“Yes.”  Mao Yu looked to Rong Xue and said: “Miss Rong Xue, do you have anything to say?”

Rong Xue’s face froze, she forced a smile: “What can I say, I don’t know who framed my sister.”

Mao Yu, seeing that she was still unwilling to admit it at this point, added: “Since Miss Rong Xue is unwilling to talk, I’ll say it straight.”

Rong Xue was so nervous, she stared at Mao Yu.

The others also look at Mao Yu.

“According to our investigation, the recorder that fell off Rong Yan’s body yesterday, was put into Rong Yan’s trouser pocket by Rong Xue.”


“What?” Mother Rong looked at Mao Yu with disbelief.

She was relieved to hear that her eldest daughter had been framed and the next moment, she heard that her youngest daughter had framed her, how could she accept this?

Rong Yan can’t believe it was Rong Xue either.

The others also look at Rong Xue in shock.

“You’re full of shi–  I didn’t put the tape recorder on my sister.”

Rong Xue said excitedly and then, looking at Wang Jiu, said: “Was it you, did you say something nonsense?”

Then, she looked at Zhan Beitian and said: “Major General Zhan, Wang Jiu can read minds but only with evidence can I be convicted, just by his words, he accused me of putting the tape recorder in my sister’s pocket, is this an investigation? Isn’t that a sloppy investigation?”

Wang Jiu hooked his lips and smiled: “Miss Rong Xue, I’m sorry, I don’t have the ability to read minds.”

“What… What?” Rong Xue was stunned.

Wang Jiu continued: “I was asked by Major General Zhan to test you by saying those words on the stairs.”

Rong Xue heard this, very glad he had not admitted it in the stairway and quickly regained his composure and said: “In that case, what makes Captain Mao say that I set my sister up?”

   Mao Yu looked at a woman next to her.

   The woman was the one who had sent Rong Xue upstairs to mop the floor.

   The woman agrees and immediately goes to Rong Xue and takes something out of Rong Xue’s pocket and brings it to Mao Yu.



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