Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 135: I’m Sorry

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 135: I’m Sorry

The crowd looked, the woman was holding a tape recorder and a small wiretap.

Chen Yan’s face changed.

Rong Xue looked even more pale, especially when she thinks of the conversation she had with Chen Yan outside the apartment building and her face turns almost pale.

She looked back, with a grimace on her face and glared angrily at the woman: “How dare you put that on me!”

The woman didn’t say anything, she just looked at her expressionlessly.

“I did it.”  Wang Jiu said out loud.

Rong Xue turns to Wang Jiu in anger.

Wang Jiu said: “I put it in when I was pulling you in, when I said the last word, when you weren’t looking.”


Mao Yu takes the recorder from the woman and asks: “Miss Rong Xue, does this recorder look familiar to you?”

Chen Yan and Rong Xue turned their eyes to the tape recorder in Mao Yu’s hand.

How could they not be familiar with it, it was the tape recorder that had been slipped into Rong Yan’s trousers.

Mao Yu pressed play.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Jiu’s voice came out from inside and said: “Aren’t you glad to see Rong Yan thrown out of the group?”

   At the sound, panic flashed in Rong Xue’s eyes.

   This is the conversation she had with Wang Jiu in the stairwell.

The voice on the recording is not very loud but you can hear who it is and it doesn’t take long to hear someone shout: “Rong Xue, there’s a lady named Chen looking for you.”

   After that, Wang Jiu on the recording spoke again, Rong Xue said angrily: “Go ahead then.”

   Then, there is the sound of footsteps, in the background, Rong Xue walks out of the apartment building and talks to Chen Yan.

   The recording goes here and Mao Yu turns it off.

   Everyone’s faces look strange as they hear Rong Xue on the tape admitting to framing his sister.

   Rong Yan is chilled to the bone.

   Mother Rong looks at Rong Xue with disbelief.

   She can’t believe it was her youngest daughter who set up her eldest daughter.

“Rong Xue, why did you do this? Do you know that Yan Yan is your own sister! Why did you set your sister up?” Mother Rong looked at Rong Xue with a sad face.

Rong Xue pursed her lips tightly, not daring to look at Mother Rong’s angry, sad face.

When Mother Rong saw that she did not explain, as if she had acquiesced to the recording, she was even more chilled, she stepped forward and grabbed Rong Xue’s hand and cried: “Rong Xue, tell me, what did Yan Yan do to you? Why did you set your sister up like this? She was expelled from the team.”

Rong Xue’s arm hurts from Mother Rong’s grip, she threw her arms in anger.

Mother Rong almost falls to the ground, luckily, Rong Yan was quick to catch Mother Rong and said: “Mum, are you alright?”

Mother Rong wiped the tears from her eyes, waved her hands and said in a muffled voice: “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Rong Xue, seeing the image of mother-daughter love, was very harsh and sneered: “Why do you think I’m targeting Rong Yan, I’ll tell you, it’s because you gave her all your motherly love but what about me, what did you give me? I didn’t know I had a real mother until I was seven, in primary school. In all the years you were away, did you ever visit me?”

Mother Rong said with a sad face: “You think I didn’t visit you? But, every time I went to the Rong’s house, the maids stopped me from entering and only after you went to primary school, did I have the chance to visit you at school.”

Rong Xue snickered: “It’s been so many years, you can say whatever you want.”

Rong Yan looked at Rong Xue with disappointment and said: “I didn’t think you would think that, if only, I should have listened to my father and stayed with him.”

Rong Xue’s face changed and he said: “What do you mean by that?”

Rong Yan looked at her expressionlessly and said: “Back then, when Dad and Mum divorced, he wanted custody of both daughters but Mum agreed to give Dad custody of one of them so that she wouldn’t split up with us. So, dad chose to leave me with the Rong family and let mum take you away but, mum didn’t want to make life difficult for you when you were just a year old because of the divorce, so she persuaded me to leave with her so that you could have a good life with the Yung family. And…”

“Yan Yan, you don’t have to say anything.”  Mother Rong cried out, covering her mouth in grief.

Rong Yan looked at Mother Rong and said angrily: “Mum, if you don’t say anything, she doesn’t know anything, she always thinks you don’t want her.”

She looked at Rong Xue again and continued: “Do you know why Luo Jing is good to you? Do you really think that because she has no children, that she treats you like her own daughter?”

Rong Yan laughed coldly and said: “Don’t be naive, if it wasn’t for Mum’s concern that you wouldn’t have a good time in the Rong family, then, before she got out of the house, she made a deal with Dad to put all her shares in your name, at the time, Dad thought you were already in his custody. He agreed to do it because it didn’t matter whose name it was in, otherwise, how good do you think Luo Jing would have been to you?”

Rong Xue, hearing that her father had not chosen her, rushed to Rong Yan and said: “You’re nonsense, you’re nonsense, how could he not choose me.”

Rong Yan grabbed both of Rong Xue’s hands with his.

“That’s enough.” Zhan Beitian, who had not said anything, said in a quiet voice: “This is not the place for you to argue, if you want to argue, do it somewhere else.”

Four soldiers quickly stepped forward and held them back, stopping them from fighting.

Mu Yifan tightened his brow.

He was just writing about the family of the woman in question but didn’t realise there was so much going on inside.

Mao Yu looked at Chen Yan Dao: “Miss Chen, let me ask you, where did you get the recorder?”

Chen Yan said without thinking: “I found it.”

Mao Yu knew he couldn’t ask anything, so he said: “Since Miss Chen doesn’t want to talk, then please stay outside the team for a few more days.”

Chen Yan’s face lowered and she said: “Are you trying to put me under house arrest?”

“Miss Chen, you are too kind, we just want to see if your lover will come to your rescue, I’m sure you want to know how much your lover loves you, if he will put himself in danger for you. Or if he would sell his boss for you.”

Chen Yan said angrily: “If you already know that my lover took the recorder from me, why are you holding me prisoner?”

“We did guess who gave it to you, we just wanted to confirm it from Miss Chen, thank you for your cooperation.”

“You…”  Chen Yan was furious.

Zhan Beitian said to the soldier: “Send Miss Chen back.”


As soon as Chen Yan left, Zhan Beitian said to Rong Xue: “Apologise to Mu Yifan and, within half an hour, pack your things and leave.”

Mother Rong, this time not crying out for Rong Xue as she did for Rong Yan, wiped the tears from her eyes and with Rong Yan’s help, left the hall.

As if he had not heard what Zhan Beitian said, Rong Xue looked at the other survivors with disdain, raised his head proudly and turned to leave.

Instead, he was stopped by the soldiers.

“What are you doing?” Rong Xue exclaimed.

Mao Yu said: “The boss wants you to apologise to Mu Yifan.”

Rong Xue looked at Mu Yifan with contempt and said: “A homosexual…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a bolt of purple lightning struck Rong Xue, scaring her back several steps.

Immediately, a scorching smell came from the hall.

Everyone giggles as they see the top of Rong Xue’s head turn black and bare, only a few strands of hair are left at the back of her head where it wasn’t burned.

Mu Yifan can’t help laughing too.

Mu Qingtian giggles even more.

Rong Xue feels heat on her head and touches the top of her head, only to find that her pride and joy is gone!

“Aaahhhh!” she shouted in horror: “My hair, my hair is gone.”

Zhan Beitian looked at her coldly and said: “If you don’t apologise, your hair will be gone at the back too.”

Rong Xue met Zhan Beitian’s cold gaze, quickly stopped screaming, looked at the purple fire on Zhan Beitian’s index finger and shuddered.

Now she was alone and with tears in her eyes, she said: “I’m sorry.”

Zhan Beitian was not satisfied: “Who are you saying sorry to.”

“Mu Yifan, I’m sorry.”

“Speak up.”

Rong Xue took a deep breath and shouted: “Mu Yifan, I am sorry.”

Zhan Beitian was satisfied: “You can go now.”

Rong Xue swept his hateful eyes over everyone in the room, clutching the top of his bald head and ran out of the hall.

At once, in the hall, everyone laughed again.

As the ‘show’ is over, the other survivors can’t stay in the hall, they all get up and leave.

Zheng Guozong grunted coldly and said: “Rong Xue is not a bad person to leave, at least she won’t make any more trouble, at least, it’s not too easy to let her go like that.”

Sun Zihao said: “I think it’s too easy for her too, to set up her own sister, she’s a scumbag. And that Chen Yan, she gave Rong Xue the recorder, would it be a bad idea to send her back like that?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything.

Mao Yu looked at Zhan Beitian, thought Zhan Beitian must have a plan in mind, so, didn’t say anything more.

“No, like when, if she hadn’t pushed Mu Mu, Mu Mu wouldn’t have gotten pregnant scare and then, fall unconscious for twenty days.”

Zhan Beitian’s face looked pissed and he said: “What did you say?”

Mu Yifan froze, not expecting Zheng Guozong to mention this.

Zheng Guozong looked at Zhan Beitian with suspicion and said: “Major General Zhan, didn’t you know?”

Mu Yifan quickly stopped him by saying: “Quack, you…”

Zhan Beitian interrupted in a cold voice: “Let Dr. Zheng finish his sentence.”

   Zheng Guozong quickly recounted what had happened in the granary.

   Since Mao Yu and the others were still there, he modified the story, changing the story from being lucky that Mu Yifan was a zombie, to being lucky that Mu Yifan ran fast, before it became a disaster.

   The wise Zhan Beitian, could not have guessed what happened, because Mu Yifan did not run away but collapsed on the ground.

   Zhan Beitian’s face was cold and the four Sun Zihao behind him, shuddered.

   He had thought that he had kicked Mu Yifan and that was what had caused Mu Yifan’s fetus but little did he know, Rong Xue had pushed Mu Yifan again.


Mu Yifan was about to say something but Zhan Beitian said: “You and Dr Zheng take Qingtian for a walk around the garden, I have something to discuss with Mao Yu and the others.”

Mu Yifan had to leave with Zheng Guozong.

They had not been gone long, Zhan Beitian got up and left the hall too.

Mao Yu is confused, didn’t he say he had something to discuss with them? Why did they leave again?

On the other hand, Rong Xue ran back to her room with a grimace and, in the bathroom, rinses the top of her head with water from the bucket.

Touching the top of her bare head, the hatred in her eyes grows, the eyes beneath the tear film glow like a beast, distorting her pretty face, gloomy, full of resentment and hatred.

Finished rinsing, she walked out quickly, found a turban in her trunk and wrapped the top of her head.

Rong Yan and the weeping Mother Rong, not looking at Rong Xue from the beginning to the end.

Rong Xue knows she can’t stay any longer, pulled out her suitcase and packs in all her things.

   As Chen Yan has been giving away a lot of things recently, her suitcase is not big enough, so she pulled out the suitcase belonging to Mother Rong. She emptied the box onto the floor and then, packed her own clothes into it.

   Rong Yan saw this and was furious and tried to scold but Mother Rong took her hand, shook her head and told her not to say anything.

   Rong Xue made sure that all her things are in the suitcase, immediately drags the two large suitcases and left the room.

   On the way down the stairs, the two large suitcases scrape against the stairs, making a clanging sound, causing many people to turn around.

Rong Xue’s story of framing her sister has spread throughout the apartment building, so, people who see her are pointing fingers at her, not much sympathy can be given to someone who has framed her own sister.

Rong Xue walked out of the building as if she didn’t see their stares, dragging her suitcase with her and left the apartment complex.

Just as she was about to find a place to live, a car horn sounded behind her.

Rong Xue looked back and a familiar SUV pulled up beside her. Then, the door on the driver’s seat is pushed open by the person inside.

She was stunned to see that it was Zhan Beitian inside.

Zhan Beitian said in a soft voice: “Get in, I’ll take you to B City.”



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