Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 136: Here we are

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 136: Here we are

Rong Xue looked at Zhan Beitian warily, not believing he would take her to B City.

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything to her, when she didn’t come up, he just closed the door and starts the car.

When Rong Xue saw Zhan Beitian leaving, she became anxious and shouted: “Wait.”

She ran fifteen metres with the suitcase, before the car stopped.

Zhan Beitian put down the glass window and stared at her.

“Are you really going to take me to B City?” Rong Xue asks, uncertainly.

She doesn’t really trust the man who burned her hair but, the lure of B City is too great.

Because B City was their capital city, it was better than other cities and when they went to B City, they might have a secure life, otherwise, Zhan Beitian wouldn’t have told the team to go north to B City.

Zhan Beitian said bluntly: “Are you getting on the bus?”

   Rong Xue quickly threw two large suitcases to the left of the back seat and, ran to the right of the back seat and sat down.

   She didn’t sit in the front passenger seat, because she didn’t feel safe sitting in the same row as Zhan Beitian and was really worried that Zhan Beitian would do something to her again.

   Zhan Beitian starts the car and drives off, towards the West End.

   Rong Xue saw the car heading towards the West End, her heart is raised again, very worried that the Zhan Beitian will throw her into the pile of zombies.

   If she didn’t know who to rely on in K City, otherwise, she wouldn’t be in this car and now, she is desperate to get to B City quickly.

   Once she gets to B City and joins the big team and found a big backer, she will pay back the people who embarrassed her today, twice over.

Rong Xue could not help but clench her fists at the thought of what had happened before, even as her nails dug into her hands.

She looked at the man in the driver’s seat, the glint passed in her eyes and one day, she will make him fall under her skirt and lick her toes.

Rong Xue doesn’t dare show her emotions too clearly, drops her eyes quickly, doesn’t look ahead.

The car is speeding from zombie to zombie, soon leaving the West End, heading for the highway.

The moment the car is on the highway, Rong Xue is relieved.

On the way, the two men are silent, the car is quiet, after about two hours, the car enters the tunnel.

The tunnel was very dark due to a power cut, Zhan Beitian had to turn on his lights.

The tunnel is very long, after five minutes, the car is not out of the tunnel yet.

Rong Xue can’t sit still, the tunnel is dark and, there are zombies, not many but they are very ugly and when the headlights shine on their faces, it’s very scary.

“It’s a long tunnel.” she said to break the silence, because the atmosphere before was so frightening.

Zhan Beitian said in a quiet voice: “It’s over twenty kilometres long.”

“Oh.” Rong Xue saw that the tunnel was becoming less and less crowded and didn’t say another word.

A minute later, Zhan Beitian suddenly stops the car.

Rong Xue immediately gets nervous again and said: “Why are you stopping here?”

Zhan Beitian said without looking back: “I suddenly didn’t want to go to B City.”

Rong Xue: “…”

“I’ll drop you off here, next, you walk to B City yourself.”

“You’re kidding me.” Rong Xue raised her voice incredulously: “We’re only halfway down the tunnel and you’re letting me out?”

   She shouldn’t have trusted this man, as it turned out, for good.

   Even if she got out of the tunnel, she was still 600 or 700 kilometres away from B City, how could she get there without a car?

   Not to mention the many zombies, mutated plants and animals on the road.

   Zhan Beitian pulled out the car keys, walked out, threw Rong Xue’s luggage out, then, pulled Rong Xue out of the car.

   And then, back to the car.

   Rong Xue is not as strong as a man, she is pulled out of the car and falls to the ground.

   She scrambles to her feet, tries to open the door but, it is locked.

Rong Xue tapped anxiously on the door and shouted in fear: “Zhan Beitian, Zhan Beitian, open the door, it’s dark here, how can I stay here as a woman, I’ll die.”

Zhan Beitian did not say anything.

Rong Xue saw that Zhan Beitian was hard hearted, he did not budge and said hurriedly: “Zhan Beitian, are you not satisfied with my apology, then take me back, when I go back, I will beg Mu Yifan on my knees to forgive me, so that you will be satisfied. forgiveness, will that satisfy you?”

She didn’t mention Mu Yifan, at the mention of Mu Yifan, Zhan Beitian thought of what Zheng Guozong had said and suddenly, his eyes narrowed.

Rong Xue was furious, anxious and scared: “Zhan Beitian, what do you want before you open the door for me, if you want to scare me, then you have achieved your goal. You’re a big man, you’re so small minded.”

   Zhan Beitian heard this and sniggered.

   He has a small minded?

   If he was so small, he wouldn’t have held back until now.

   Think of all the evil things she’s done in her last life and how she’s teamed up with the King to kill him and now she’s just left here, she’s lucky.

   Zhan Beitian lowers the window.

Rong Xue’s eyes lit up, she said: “Zhan Beitian, open the door.”

Zhan Beitian stared at her sternly and said: “Rong Xue, if you’re lucky, come to B City alive, I’ll be waiting for you in B City.”

Seriously, he didn’t want Rong Xue to die so soon, it would be too easy, it would be too easy for her.

“What… What do you mean?” Rong Xue looked at him incredulously: “What do you mean? You want me to die?”

For once she was truly frightened, her face filled with fear: “No, you can’t do this? What did I do wrong, to make you want to kill me? Yes, I framed my sister with a tape recorder and made the others think Mu Yifan was a zombie but, that’s not a crime and I didn’t do the whole thing, you should be looking for the person who did it.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t want to listen to her, starts the car and left.

Rong Xue, with her hand pulled against the window, falls to the ground because she is not as fast as the car and now, wearing only her summer clothes, she is covered in bruises.

She cried out to the car that was slowing down in front of her as she fell to the ground in pain: “Zhan Beitian, come back, Zhan Beitian, I know I was wrong, I was wrong, can’t I? Don’t you leave me here alone, I’m scared, I’m really scared.”

   The desolate scream does not move Zhan Beitian’s cold face, looking in the rear-view mirror, he saw the figure crawling in the darkness.

   Rong Xue saw the car getting farther and farther away, she used her fire mutants and hits the tyres, hoping to stop the car with a flat tyre.

   But, just as the fire was about to hit the tyre, suddenly, a metre-high block of ice emerges from the ground, blocking the incoming fire.

   Rong Xue’s heart suddenly went cold.

   Just then, there was a sudden rumbling sound under the ground.

   Prepare to be aghast and drive steadily.

   Rong Xue also hears the rumbling and becomes even more frightened, shouting, hoping that Zhan Beitian will turn around and take her back.

   The rumbling gets closer and closer, the ground rolled with it, Rong Xue starts a fire and looks around.

   She didn’t have to look, she was scared out of her wits.

   The ground was like a ribbon, it was tossing and turning like a wave and then, there were thin vine branches coming out of the ground, like the ghostly hands of hell and they rolled over Rong Xue’s body.

   Rong Xue trembled with fear, his pupils were wide open with dread and he shouted at the car that had stopped in front of him: “Help… Help, Zhan Beitian, help…”

   Zhan Beitian is motionless, by the light of the fire, Rong Xue is clearly seen under his legs, wrapped in vine branches.

   In his last life, he had heard of a tunnel a hundred kilometres from K City, with an old vine tree that sucked blood.

   If you don’t have a wound, the tree won’t hurt you but if you have a wound, then, even if you drive your car 20 kilometres away, it will keep chasing you.

   Like Rong Xue who just fell and was covered in bruises, how could the old vine have left her alone.

   Rong Xue attacks the branch with fire but, due to her lack of training, the fire is not very powerful, it hits the branch, it does not damage it at all and it does not set it alight.

“Zhan Beitian, come and save me, ah~”

Rong Xue screamed and was dragged deeper into the tunnel by the vines, with a resentful cry from afar: “Zhan Beitian, I will not spare you even as a ghost!  I won’t spare you even as a ghost.”

Once dragged away, there was no telling if he would live or die.

   Zhan Beitian looked at the calm ground, started the car again and left the tunnel, before nightfall and returned to K City.

   But, instead of going straight back to the flat block, he drove the car, in another direction and took a piece of white paper out of his pocket, with a map drawn on it, the final destination on the map, marked with the word ‘Chen Yan’.

   Half an hour later, he drove his car to the floor of Chen Yan’s house.

   Zhan Beitian is not looking for someone upstairs, he is sitting in the car waiting quietly for nightfall to arrive.

   When the hour hand on his wristwatch pointed to nine o’clock, there was finally a movement outside the car.

   A piece of the window guard suddenly falls from the floor below and hits the ground with a loud thud.

   Zhan Beitian glances upwards and saw the glass of Chen Yan’s room burst and a dark shadow drifts through like smoke, into Chen Yan’s room.

   The next moment, there is the sound of a fierce fight from above.

   However, the fight doesn’t last long and soon, there is a woman’s scream.

“It’s really happening.” Zhan Beitian slowly gets out of the car, without any intention of coming to the rescue.

Soon, the dark figure emerged again from the window of the room.

Zhan Beitian quickly used his mutated lightning and fire mutants, forming a net and covers the shadow.

The dark figure seeing a purplish light and looks back, a web of purplish lightning is woven around him.

He is startled, he threw a wind blade and shoots at Zhan Beitian, at the same time, he speeds up and dodges the net.

Zhan Beitian’s head tilted, he easily avoided the blade making it the wall behind him.

Immediately, a sharp cut like a chainsaw is left on the wall.

Zhan Beitian used his acrylic powers again, freezing Black Shadow’s feet and making the ice grow larger, weighing down Black Shadow, keeping him from flying.

Knowing that he is no match for his opponent, he used his wind blade again to slice the ice beneath his feet and as fast as he can, he escapes the danger.

Zhan Beitian looks in the direction of the Black Shadow’s departure, towards the apartment building and thought: No!



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