Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 138: He Has Powers

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 138: He Has Powers

   Mu Yifan did not expect Zhuang Ziyue to suddenly use his mutant powers to hit him.

   He doesn’t react, a powerful wind blade strikes him on the head.

   The room falls silent, the two men look at each other in silence.

Zhuang Ziyue: “…”

Mu Yifan: “…”

   To be hit by such a powerful power and not die is a miracle and, not to feel the pain and not to see the brains and black blood spraying the room.

   It took several seconds, before he touched his head and was unharmed.

Zhuang Ziyue: “…”

   He had to do it in one blow to keep himself from going soft, so, he did it with all his might, on any mutant, it would have killed him in seconds.

   But, Mu Yifan was standing in front of him intact, not only was his head not split in half, not even a hair was lost.

   Mu Yifan lifted his hands and looked suspiciously at his palms.

   Suddenly he found that both hands were full of power and, a power flowed through his body, just as he had felt in his novels when he had powers.

At that moment, there was a banging at the door and someone shouted: “Mu Yifan, are you all right?”

Zhuang Ziyue heard this and quickly came back to his senses and used his wind powers again to slash at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan was shocked, out of reaction, he also raised his hand and swung it at Zhuang Ziyue and immediately, a powerful invisible force slashed at Zhuang Ziyue.

Zhuang Ziyue was not expecting Mu Yifan’s powers, so, not having had time to break it up, he was sent flying by it and with a thud, hit the wall hard.

On his chest, a big wound was made by the power, like a big knife and a lot of black blood spilled out.

However, the black blood soon stopped and the wound slowly recovers.

Zhuang Ziyue looked up at him in shock and said: “You have powers?”

And, like him, they were both wind powers.

Mu Yifan didn’t expect to use his powers either, he hurriedly asked: “Ziyue, are you alright?”

Zhuang Ziyue waited for Mu Yifan with red eyes and said: “You lied to me, you said you had no powers.”

“I didn’t lie to you.” Mu Yifan said helplessly.

   Before, there was no power in his body, so, he thought he was just a normal the senior zombie body with a consciousness.

   Without another word, Zhuang Ziyue threw another wind blade.

   This time, Mu Yifan doesn’t just stand there.

   As soon as it strikes, the figure shifts, it disappears and the next moment, it appears on the bed.

   And the blade hits the wardrobe and with a bang, the whole wardrobe is in pieces.

   The men outside hear a loud bang and bang on the door but Zhuang Ziyue’s powers hold them back, they can’t break in.

   Mu Yifan looked down at where he is standing, for a moment he feels a little surprised but, not really comfortable with the fact that he suddenly has powers.

   Next, Zhuang Ziyue threw a series of wind blades and eight wind blades.

   The eight blades are very powerful, as they are thrown, eight scratches are made on the floor and ceiling but Mu Yifan dodged them with speed.

   Soon, the room was a mess.

   Zhuang Ziyue, unable to hit Mu Yifan, rushes forward as fast as he can and pounces on Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan rolled over, grabbed Zhuang Ziyue, pinned him to the ground: “Ziyue, you give up, you can’t beat me.”

Without his powers, he would have been dead for sure.

But, with both of them now possessing powers and Zhuang Ziyue’s powers not being able to hurt him, then, Zhuang Ziyue was no longer a threat to him.

Because if Zhuang Ziyue hadn’t learned any fighting before the end of the world and had only gone to the gym to work out, Zhuang Ziyue would have been at a disadvantage in a fight with someone who had learned to fight.

In his novels, Zhuang Ziyue had suffered a loss because of this and later, learned fighting martial arts desperately to defend himself.

Zhuang Ziyue struggled to twist his body but showed no sign of being able to break free and sneered: “As expected of a special forces soldier, a great takedown.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

   Can he say that he didn’t use the fighting skills he learned in the army to capture the man?

   Zhuang Ziyue was tackled, only because he had learned self defence in reality.

   Of course, he was forced to do this by his youngest son Zhan Beitian, because he had been kidnapped as a child and after he was rescued, he was sent by Zhan Beitian to the Shaolin Temple every summer to train, so, on a normal day, he could barely handle two or three people but, when he met a strong opponent like a male, protagonist, he could at best fight with a man who had been kidnapped. protagonist, at best he can get by with a few moves but to take him down, he is out of his depth.

“Mu Yifan, if you are alive, yell.”

The man outside yelled again and then, an anxious voice was heard: “Boss, you’re back, Mu Yifan is in his room, he’s been attacked but, we can’t open the door and we’re afraid to use the bomb, for fear of hurting someone inside.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up when he heard that Zhan Beitian had returned.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of a chainsaw came from outside and soon, the door was cut open.

Zhuang Ziyue, pinned down, took advantage of the fact that Mu Yifan’s attention is on the door and with a sudden push, breaks Mu Yifan’s grip and leaps out of the window and, using his powers, soars into the air.

He looked into the room and said: “Mu Yifan, the next time we meet, we will be enemies.”

With those words, he turned and flew out of the apartment complex.

He had come to kill Mu Yifan while Zhan Beitian was with Chen Yan, now that Zhan Beitian was back, his chances of killing Mu Yifan were even lower.

So, it’s better to leave first.

And, he knew that Zhan Beitian was at Chen Yan’s house to catch him, if he didn’t leave, he would be caught.

“…” Mu Yifan goes to the window, looked at the distant dark figure, frowns tightly, his eyes are full of helplessness and sadness.

   Suddenly, there is a bang behind him, the door is sawed open.

Zhan Beitian saw the messy bedroom, came in with a rush, came to Trouble standing at the window and said: “Are you all right?”

Mu Yifan asked without looking back: “Beitian, do you have any paper money? I want to burn some paper money.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

   He had a lot of space, he could collect a lot of supplies but who would put paper money in space?

   Finally, he gave Mu Yifan a stack of white paper.

Mu Yifan took a basin from the bathroom and put it in front of the window and starts to burn the paper, murmuring: “Auntie and Uncle, I’m sorry.”

Although he is in a fiction but, in the face of these false and real characters, he still has feelings, otherwise, he wouldn’t like Zhan Beitian, would he?

So, hearing Zhuang Ziyue talk about him turning into a zombie and eating his parents is both shocking and sad and, he and Zhuang Ziyue will no longer be friends but enemies.

“Just now, it was Zhuang Ziyue who came.” said Mu Yifan to the man standing behind him.

Zhan Beitian said: “I know it was him.”

   He had gone to Chen Yan’s house, to guard Zhuang Ziyue.

   He had suspected Zhuang Ziyue since the murder of the mutant but had no proof, so it was impossible to go to Zhuang Ziyue’s house and arrest him.

   But when Chen Yan came to their apartment complex today, it suddenly occurred to him, Zhuang Ziyue might have killed him because Chen Yan had confessed about the tape recorder.

   And sure enough, he had caught him, only he didn’t think Zhuang Ziyue would use his wind powers to fly away to the apartment complex to kill Mu Yifan.

“He wanted to kill me because I turned him into a zombie, before he was conscious and bit his parents to death and swallowed their flesh one by one, so, he hated me.”

Whoever it was, would have hated him.

“…” Zhan Beitian went up to him and rubbed his hair.

Mu Yifan continued to burn the paper in his hand and when the fire in the basin was out, he said: “I have powers now.”

Zhan Beitian was stunned and said: “What powers? Why do you suddenly have powers?”

“It’s a wind power, how, I don’t know, anyway, it came out of nowhere.”

   Mu Yifan said this but in his heart, he knew that he didn’t have wind powers at all and that he had them when he was promoted to the senior zombie, they just didn’t come out.

   The reason it didn’t come out is simple, because his powers are so special, so special that they only show up when someone attacks him with them and so special that they don’t exist in the original novel.

   This was all learned after Zhuang Ziyue attacked him.

   At the time, when he was hit by Zhuang Ziyue’s ability, he felt no pain, nor did he suffer any damage and therefore, thought that he probably possessed a nullification ability.

   Nullification means that, no matter what power hits him, it has no effect, meaning that when it hits him, it is not offensive, only bullets or physical attacks can hurt him.

   Also, the reason he suddenly has powers after Zhuang Ziyue’s attack is that another of his powers may be a clone power, the ability to clone anyone who hits him and then, counterattack.

   However, if the next time he encounters a water power or other power, then his wind power will disappear and he will become a water power.

   In addition to this, the higher the level, the more powers he can gain at the same time, becoming a multi powered power user, so, the ability to replicate is not limited by the type of core, he can absorb any core energy.

   Therefore, he could not explain to Zhan Beitian what his powers were and why he knew so much about them.

   When the novel was written, these powers were actually intended for the male protagonist but because he felt that the male protagonist had been given too much power, almost invincible, he put them aside and did not include them in the novel.

   But to his surprise, these two perverted powers appeared in his body.



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