Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 140: The zombies are backing off

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 140: The zombies are backing off

   Zhan Beitian’s group travels ahead at 80 km/h for about five minutes and finally, a large group can be seen moving ahead from a distance.

   The numbers were huge, as far as the eye could see there were zombies.

   But, because of the distance, it looked to them like a sea of grey water slowly coming towards them.

   As they got closer, they all winced and shivered, thousands of zombies were lumbering along like ants on the ground.

   What’s more, the road ahead was blocked by the zombies, a wall of hundreds of them, there was no way for the vehicle to go across.

   A single order from Zhan Beitian on top of the vehicle and the soldiers in the vehicle in front of them quickly dismounted and expertly placed five small mortars on the ground and then skillfully loaded them at the muzzle, firing their curved smooth bore guns with trailing bullets.

   Instantly, five mortars fired in unison, five loud booms, a gaping hole in the wall of zombies blocking the road and the ground shook violently from the bombardment.

   The survivors, who had never seen anything like this before, huddled together in fear but, at the sight of the mass of zombies falling, were overwhelmed with excitement.

   Of course, only a tiny fraction of those blocking the middle of the road were removed, behind them, there were thousands more blocking the road.

   The soldiers fired hundreds of mortar rounds again, finally blowing the road wide open. They put the mortars away and return to their vehicles.

   Another group of soldiers, having climbed to the roof of the vehicle, are back on the road at speed.

   They proceed to shoot the small group of zombies in front of them with rifle grenades, widening the road ahead.

   The survivors see that the army has finally made a way through and have more hope for the road ahead, no longer as dead as before, fearing they won’t be able to break through the horde.

   But although a way out has been blown up ahead, the zombies are coming back on both sides and if they don’t get out of there quickly, the previously opened passage will soon be flooded with zombies again.

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! The rest of you will follow, as the cars pass over the corpses, please use your powers to the best of your ability, attacking the zombies on both sides, clearing the way for the cars to follow.”

   Mao Yu with his megaphone, repeating his words over and over, asking the mutants to be more conscious, not just to run for their lives.

   Thankfully, the mutants in front of us are not so selfish as to drive and attack the oncoming zombies. Some of the cars were driven by survivors, with the other mutants attacking the zombies and with this co-ordination, it was not as easy for the zombies on either side to get to them.

   However, it was the vehicles that had a hard time navigating the zombie carcasses, the potholes underneath made the vehicles go up and down, like a new group on an unrepaired pothole road and the survivors in the vehicles were constantly being thrown up.

   The car can’t get up to speed, it has to move slowly.

Suddenly, there was a ‘bang’ in the group, the crowd was startled and said: “What’s happening?”

Someone shouted anxiously: “There are some zombies on the ground that are still alive, they have scratched the tyres of our wheels.”

Mao Yu quickly grabbed his megaphone and shouted: “Ignore the tyres, get out of here, the mutants behind us, notice any living zombies underfoot, please help kill them.”

As soon as he said that, there was another ‘bang’, this time, even louder than before.

Many people looked over to where the sound was coming from and saw a car explode inexplicably.

Those who saw the car explode shouted out in fear: “The car is under attack, it’s the Walkers attacking us.”

At once, there is panic and the mutants in front of them have the urge to get out of here, so, not even fighting the zombies, they just speed up the car.

Mao Yu quickly shouted: “Everyone, please take it easy, everyone, please take it easy, show your courage to collect your supplies and fight back against the mutants, only by working together, can we get out of here safely.”

His voice was like a reassurance, everyone slowly settled down, more than a dozen mutants teamed up and attacked the Walkers, soon killing five or six of them.

Mu Yifan, in the car, grips the steering wheel tightly as he saw the Altered being killed, he has been driving since earlier, when we continued north.

Now he is still a normal survivor in the eyes of the others, Sun Zihao, they don’t know he has powers yet, so, they don’t ask him to get involved.

Zhan Beitian didn’t ask him to help either, he just sat in the car and drove.

But, when the zombie was killed, Mu Yifan felt the zombie’s cry of grief and, for a moment, he was confused.

In his capacity as a zombie, he should be helping the zombies, instead he was sitting in a human car, watching them die.

In the future, if the humans find out who he is, he may not be able to stand in the zombie world, like Zheng Guozong was in the novel, a traitor to the zombies.

Outside the car, the survivors work together, taking down many of the zombies and the group made their way through the zombie strewn corpses.

Zhan Beitian’s team passed all the survivors, before they started the car and left.

Lu Lin let the rest of his team go ahead of the others in the car, they followed at the end, a gesture that touched the survivors in the team.

The group looked behind them at the group of zombies that had gathered again and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wait.” An anxious voice over the loudspeaker, came from behind their convoy.

Lu Lin leaned back to look and saw that there was a group of people behind them who were about to be surrounded by zombies and was stunned and said to Zhan Beitian in the car: “It’s Colonel Zhou and the others, they haven’t left K City yet.”

Zhan Beitian, sitting in the passenger seat, frowned.

“Major General Zhan, please help us.” shouted Colonel Zhou as he killed the zombies around him, anxiously.

   Zhan Beitian opens the door, stands up and peers out of the car, looked in the direction of Commander Zhou and his men, his brow furrows.

   The zombies were close to the Colonel, if they tried to fire the mortar to clear the way, the Colonel would probably be hit by the mortar, or killed by the blast, so, it was not a good idea to fire the mortar.

Zhan Beitian to Lu Lin: “What’s the situation with the mutants on our team?”

Lu Lin said helplessly: “Our team was the last to go, Aga almost used up his powers to the end, now everyone is weak, they can’t do anything.”

The main thing is that the team had only gained their powers a month ago, they were not very high level, they had managed to survive for more than an hour and now they were all collapsed in the car, resting.

Zhan Beitian’s frown tightened, as he thought about whether to bombard again, he heard Sun Zihao on the other side saying excitedly: “Boss, look, the zombies have turned around and left.”

Lu Lin, who was also in the small private room, looked up and saw that the zombies that had surrounded Lt. Col. Zhou and the others had suddenly turned around and retreated.

Lt. Col. Zhou and his team and the group of survivors, drove away.

However, the zombies turn around and walk ten steps, then, inexplicably, turn around and walk towards Lt. Col. Zhou and the group and then, the zombies turn around and walk away again.

The Colonel and the others were startled and sped up the car.

“What happened to the zombies?” Lu Lin asked, puzzled.

“…” Zhan Beitian looked down from outside at the trouble in the car.

Mu Yifan was staring sideways, dead in the rear view mirror, when the zombies came up to attack them again, his eyes widened, his red eyes became sharper and more intimidating, staring at the zombies in the rear view mirror.

When he saw the zombies attacking Lt. Col. Zhou again, he suddenly roared, stepped on the accelerator, the car went from 40 to over 150, almost throwing Lu Lin and Sun Zihao off the road.

Sun Zihao sat back down and shouted: “Mu Yifan, what are you doing?”

Lu Lin shouted anxiously: “Brake, brake, you’re going to hit the car in front of you.”

At the sound of the voice, Mu Yifan came back to his senses and slammed on the brakes.

Zhan Beitian holds on with both hands, one foot on the seat, steadying himself.

Sun Zihao and Lu Lin not wearing seat belts, slam into the seat in front of them.

“Holy shit, Mu Yifan, get out of the car, I’ll drive. I’ll drive.” Sun Zihao rubs his forehead in anger.

Zhan Beitian said in a light voice: “The zombies are backing off.”

Lu Lin looked out and sure enough, the zombies were slowly receding like a tidal wave.



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