Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 141: Where is my grandson

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 141: Where is my grandson

The zombies didn’t retreat and retreat and retreat again and again like before, this time, they left the secondary road honestly, one step at a time and went back to where they were before.

Mu Yifan leans over the steering wheel and lets out a deep breath, then, closed his eyes and rubs his brow.

Sun Zihao, Lu Lin and Zhan Beitian saw Lt Col Zhou driving up, they all get out of the car.

Lt. Col. Zhou was relieved to see them and said: “That was a close call, before, I really thought we were going to be buried in the zombie tide today, no one expected the zombies to suddenly turn away, it was strange to say the least!”

Zhan Beitian looked at Mu Yifan in the car and said lightly: “You were lucky, Commander Zhou.”

Lt. Col. Zhou smiled and said: “Are you going north to B City? Then let’s go together.”

While they were talking, Mu Yifan stepped out of the car and looked up at the mountains in the distance and had a vague feeling that there were thousands of intermediate and higher-level zombies staring at them.

If he was right, they were the ones leading the wave but from too far away, he couldn’t see what they looked like.

Besides that, he sensed that they were on the move, trying to attack.

Mu Yifan glared in the direction of the mountain, using the same thought that had driven them away, to give a hint to the zombies in the mountain, to get them to leave.

The zombies in the mountain, feeling the pressure of a higher level than theirs, took two sharp steps backwards.

One of the senior zombie, tapped the shoulder of the one next to him and said: “Zhuang Ziyue go, that one is superior to us, we can’t resist him with our current abilities.”

Another zombie said angrily: “Damn, Da-Jiaming is obviously a zombie, why is that zombie helping humans.”

   Zhuang Ziyue looked deep down the hill at the secondary road and reluctantly turned around, heading down the other side, the other zombies following suit.

   But, before he had taken three steps, Zhuang Ziyue stopped, raised his head sharply and roared like a lion in anguish, a roar that spread throughout the mountains.

   The zombies around him are infected, they too raise their heads to the sky and roar.

   Even the distant herd resonates, one by one, they raise their heads and roar, the roar is heard throughout the area, especially in the empty space, echoing back and forth, frightening the timid survivors into a cowering position.

“What’s with all the zombies? They’re not attacking again, are they?” asked a nervous survivor in Colonel Zhou’s group.

Commander Zhou heard the roar and said: “Major General Zhan, this is no place to stay, let’s get out of here.”

Zhan Beitian looked at Mu Yifan, who was carrying them and said indifferently: “Get in.”

   Sun Zihao jumped into the driver’s seat before Mu Yifan could ruin his life.

   Lu Lin gets into the passenger seat.

   Mu Yifan looked around and he can hear in the cries of the zombies, their resignation and anger and their reluctance to obey him.

   He frowned and then, turned around and sat down in the car.

   Zhan Beitian asks him with his eyes what’s wrong with these zombies.

   Mu Yifan shook his head, saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.

   The caravan moves north again and it is not until we are 20 kilometres away that the screaming stopped and everyone feels less scared.

   The rest of the way, without the zombies in the way, was smooth for the next few hundred kilometres or so, if we did encounter any, it was only a few in a pile, not many and the Exotics took care of them with ease.

   The Zhan Beitian team had to eat only dry food on the way and, because they didn’t go into the city, they took a big turn and went on, so, the journey became much longer.

   By the time we reached the B City area, it was two days later and we were all amazed by what we saw.

   All the plants and trees had become so tall and large and some had even mutated, that they did not recognise their original species.

The sky is blotted out by towering trees, giving them the impression of being in a forest.

“Speed up.” Zhan Beitian orders: “Fire mutants ready to attack.”

Lu Lin immediately picked up the loudspeaker and shouts to the team in front of him: “Speed up, fire mutants stay ready to attack.”

   Flowers and trees are afraid of flowers, so, after encountering the fire mutants, they all retreated a few meters and didn’t dare to move.

   Of course, it’s not that they’re afraid of them, it’s that they’ve only been mutated for a short time and they can’t use their strengths to block the fire attack yet.

   When they arrived at B City, it took them another half day.

   Outside B City, the walls had been erected thick and strong and, there were eight of them coming and going. And the sky, all covered with thin wire, to keep out the zombies and other flying creatures.

“It’s the capital.” The B City has become a walled city,” Sun Zihao said, looking in amazement at the walls that almost reached the sky.”

Lu Lin said: “It should be better guarded, otherwise, when there’s a wave of zombies, it’s impossible to resist.”

“I’m just curious, how did the people of B City manage to make such a big, thick, strong and many walls in such a short time.”

“There are so many mutants now, especially earth mutants, it’s not easy to build a wall with them around.”

After entering the first gate, the convoy had to get out and be checked, to make sure there were no wounds and then they were taken to the next area for half a day, to make sure there were no corpses, before they were released and, after paying half the food, they could enter the city.

After leaving the quarantine zone, Mu Yifan is relieved and glad that there are no zombie detectors yet, otherwise, he would not have been able to blend into B City.

But, in a few months, when the detectors come out, it won’t be easy for him to get in and out of B City.

Mu Yifan got into his car and said to Zhan Beitian: “Now that I’m back in B City, I need to go home, I’ll see you in a few days.”

Zhan Beitian softened his voice and asked: “Do you know where to find me?”

“Yes, the Zhan family is easy to find, you can drop me off in the city centre, yes, son, I’ll take him home first, so my father can meet the grandson.”


When we got to the city centre, the caravan stopped.

Mu Yifan pushed open the door and said: “I’ll leave now.”

Zhan Beitian glanced at the two men sitting in front of him, without saying anything and nodded.

Mu Yifan took his left foot out of the car, suddenly, turns around and lunges at Zhan Beitian.

Sun Zihao and Lu Lin in front of them see this in the rear-view mirror, startled, turn their heads abruptly and say angrily: “Mu Yifan, what are you doing?”

Mu Yifan ignored them and gave Zhan Beitian a sharp chomp on the corner of his mouth saying: “Wait for me to come for you.”

Sun Zihao: “…”

Lu Lin: “…”


   They’re really blinding in love.

Zhan Beitian ticked the corner of his mouth and said: “Well.”

Mu Yifan chuckled softly: “Sultry.”

Sun Zihao: “…”

Lu Lin: “…”

They both stare, the first time they’ve heard someone call their boss ‘sulky’.

They couldn’t help but glance over at Zhan Beitian, not only was the boss not angry but, he was also looking at Mu Yifan in a doting manner.

“Don’t go around with other people when I’m not around.”

Mu Yifan ignored the two men who have been petrified and with these words, closed the car door and goes to Zheng Guozong to look for Mu Qingtian.

Zheng Guozong was very upset to learn that Mu Yifan was leaving and taking the child with him and said: “When are you coming to see me?”

He had no family in B City and his son was not with him, he just wanted Mu Yifan to come and see him more.

Besides, in the months he had spent together, he had come to think of Mu Yifan as his own son and if Mu Yifan hadn’t come home, he would have gone with him.

“I’ll have to wait until you’ve settled down to visit you, in two or three days’ time.” Trouble looked around, then, whispered in Zheng Guozong’s ear: “Keep an eye on Rong Yan for me, don’t let her get anywhere near Zhan Beitian.”

Zheng Guozong laughed and said: “You’re finally getting nervous.”

Mu Yifan smiled, took the baby, said goodbye to Zheng Guozong and waited for the caravan to leave, before he headed for the Mu family.

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan go their separate ways and lead the group straight back to the Zhan family.

The caravan had just stopped at the entrance of the Zhan family, when he saw his grandfather Zhan Guoxiong, assisted by the old butler, hurrying out of the courtyard.

“Master, take it easy, take it easy.”

Zhan Beitian immediately saluted him and asked: “Grandfather, are you well?”

Zhan Guoxiong smiled at the sight of his beloved grandson and said: “Yes, yes, yes, I’m better after seeing you back safely.”

When Zhan Beitian entered the city, he had already received the news, he had waited and waited and finally he had returned.

Mao Yu, Lu Lin, Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo immediately approached Zhan Guoxiong and saluted him: “Greetings, Old Commissioner Zhan.”

Zhan Guoxiong nodded with a smile, then, his eyes kept glancing behind them but he did not see the person he wanted to see.

He raised his white eyebrows in confusion and said: “Where is he?”

Zhan Beitian frowned: “Who?”

Zhan Guoxiong ignored him, walked right past them, came to the car where Zhan Beitian had been sitting, looked down, there was no one inside.

He turned around anxiously and said: “Where is my grandson?”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Zhan Guoxiong added: “Half a month ago, Fan Jinglong came back and told me, you already had a three-year-old son, why didn’t you bring him back?”

Then, he thought of something and said anxiously: “My grandson is not dead…”

“No.” Zhan Beitian interrupted his thoughts.

Zhan Guoxiong breathed a sigh of relief and said: “That’s good, that’s good, then where is he?”

He was looking forward to seeing his grandson, he had been looking forward to it for half a month, he hadn’t seen him, how could he not be disappointed.

Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow: “…”

Zhan Guoxiong’s old butler laughed and said: “Young Master, don’t whet the Master’s appetite, he’s been looking forward to seeing Little Young Master for a long time.”

“Yes.” Zhan Guoxiong glared at Zhan Beitian in displeasure.

Zhan Beitian said lightly: “My son has gone home with his mother.”

Mao Yu: “…”

Xiang Guo: “…”

Lu Lin: “…”

Sun Zihao: “…”

I hope Old Commissioner Zhan doesn’t have a heart attack when he found out the truth!



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