Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 142: Your own grandson

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 142: Your own grandson

Mu Yifan took the little one to a golden building in the city centre.

The building was eighty stories high, before the end of the world and the branch of Mu Tech Conglomerate was located here.

Mu Yifan came here because in the novel, the Mu family used the Gold Building as a base for the Mu family, the first to fifth floors were used for their men to sleep, the sixth to 26th floors were used for the supplies they had recruited, the 27th to 74th floors were also used for their men to live. The 27th to 74th floors are also used for the residence of the men.

The people of the Mu family and those related to the Mu family live on the 75th floor and above. As for the ground floor, half of it is used as a car park, the other half is used as a canteen.

At this moment, at the entrance of the Golden House, three groups of soldiers are patrolling around the building, guarding the building and ten other soldiers are standing guard at the entrance, looking very serious, anyone entering the building has to go through a rigorous inspection by them.

Mu Yifan walked up to the entrance and is stopped by the soldiers.

“Identity card, please.” said the serious soldier who stopped Mu Yifan.

An identity card?

Mu Yifan looked at the people entering the building next to him and noticed that when they entered, they presented a black special material, the size of an ID card, with a person’s photo and name and number.

He asked: “I would like to ask, are you Admiral Mu’s men?”

The soldier looked him over and said: “Yes.”

Mu Yifan immediately identified himself to the soldier and said: “My name is Mu Yifan, I am Admiral Mu’s eldest son, I have come from G City to see him, could you please inform him for me?”

He was worried that the soldier would not believe him, so he took out his old ID card and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier simply glanced at his ID card and said: “Our Admiral only have one son, Mu Yihang, so, this gentleman, please leave here immediately.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

   Just by coming to B City more than two months late, Mu Yuecheng doesn’t recognize him as a son?

   But, if Mu Yuecheng really wanted to disown him, he wouldn’t have had to send a plane or send Zhan Beitian to pick him up, so, the disowning of his son, would have been done by Mu Yihang or by someone who really wanted to.

As Mu Yifan wondered how he could get inside the building to see Mu Yuecheng or wait outside for Mu Yuecheng to come in and out, a thin, sarcastic voice rang out: “Who is this? How come I haven’t seen this guy on the team?”

Hearing the voice of Zhao Yunxuan, Mu Yifan turned his head.

For a moment he saw Zhao Yunxuan approaching in all her finery, he almost wants to call her mother again but then he remembers that he is in a book now and that this mother wats him dead and quickly sinks his face.

The soldier who had stopped Mu Yifan immediately reported: “Madam, this man claims to be Admiral Mu’s son and wants to see Admiral Mu.”

Zhao Yunxuan laughed coldly and said: “Here comes another person who wants to impersonate our son to come here and mingle, in future, if you come across such a person again, just beat him up, don’t be too polite.”


Zhao Yunxuan looked at Mu Yifan with a sneer and said: “Beggar, find out about the Mu family before you come here to beg for money, now everyone in B City knows that Admiral Mu has only one son And, who in B City doesn’t know Mu Yihang First Young Master, you’re not even trying to cheat your way out, you don’t know what you’re doing, I’m here to advise you, don’t come here again, or, the soldiers won’t take it easy on you.”

Mu Yifan looked at her superior face and let out a deep breath.


It’s not nice to see this woman taunting him in the face of his real mother, I want to punch her in the face. And, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to acknowledge him as one of the Mu family.

Mu Yifan put Mu Qingtian on his shoulder and said: “Ms Zhao Yunxuan, need I remind you that you are only my father’s second wife, I’m sure many people in B City know that you are only my father’s second wife and when you married him, you didn’t make a big deal of it. When he came back, there was no big reception, just a registration at the Civil Registry.” After that you went back to the Mu family with my father and knelt down to the Mu family’s grandfather, my grandfather and promised to treat Admiral Mu’s ex-wife’s son well but that’s your attitude now?”

In the past, he would have thought that Zhao Yunxuan would have denied him, he would have found Mu Yuecheng but, after Rong Xue’s mishaps, he felt that there were things that needed to be resolved, as soon as possible.

   So, he thought the sooner he saw Mu Yuecheng the better, otherwise, Mu Yihang and Zhao Yunxuan might kill Mu Yuecheng before he knew he was in B City.

   Zhao Yunxuan’s face changes slightly when he hears about the past.

   Remembering the lengths she had gone to in order to marry Mu Yuecheng, she even got down on her knees and made a promise to the Old Master of the Mu family that she would treat Mu Yuecheng’s ex-wife’s child well.

   So, when she thinks of the past, she is very angry, she feels that she has suffered a great deal, even humiliation, for marrying into the Mu family.

   Mu Yifan looked at the young soldier standing behind Zhao Yunxuan.

   The young soldier’s name is surnamed Zhong, Zhong Xinliang and he often drives Mu Yuecheng’s car, so naturally he knows Mu Yifan.

Now when he saw Mu Yifan he does not say anything, even when he saw Mu Yifan, he looked away, he does not dare to come forward to clarify that Mu Yifan is Mu Yuecheng’s son.

Mu Yifan knew at first sight that he had been warned by Zhao Yunxuan.

Zhao Yunxuan looked back, saw the survivors looking at them, straightens his face and said angrily: “Don’t you talk nonsense here. Soldiers, get rid of this man now, next time you see him, beat him to death.”


Mu Yifan suddenly raised a hand before they came forward, holding a pen in his hand and said: “Zhao Yunxuan, do you know what you just said, I have it all in this pen? All I have to do is play it back or give it to my father to hear, what do you think will happen? Are you sure you’ll still let them kick me out?”

Zhao Yunxuan’s eyes flashed with panic but, quickly regaining her composure, she gave a wink to the soldiers, signalling them to grab the pen before they removed the man: “Soldiers, do it now.”

Mu Yifan saw that Zhao Yunxuan did not take the bait and in a sudden flash, dodged the soldiers and came up behind Zhao Yunxuan, holding his silver spear to Zhao Yunxuan’s neck.

The crowd is stunned, they did not expect Mu Yifan to be so fast.

Zhao Yunxuan felt the coldness on her neck and was startled and said in fear: “Mu Yifan, what are you doing?”

She had bribed the soldiers guarding the gates of B City before Mu Yifan came to B City and told them to inform her when Mu Yifan returned.

In addition, to find out if Mu Yifan had powers, so, when she received the news, everyone on Mu Yifan’s team said that Mu Yifan had no powers.

That’s why, she had the audacity to taunt Mu Yifan without any fear but she didn’t expect, Mu Yifan to have powers.

Mu Yifan teased: “Didn’t you always call me a beggar before? How come you suddenly know my name and, it’s only one word away from your son…”

Zhao Yunxuan saw a smirk in the eyes of all those passing by and was mortified and annoyed.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhong Xinliang and said: “You have ten minutes to get my father to come down to see me, otherwise, I will scratch her face.”

Zhong Xinliang hesitated.

Zhao Yunxuan said angrily: “Go now, do you want me to get my face scratched?”

Mu Yifan pursed his lips and sighed inwardly.

Some people don’t need to be ruthless, they don’t know how to be afraid.

Zhong Xinliang immediately used his walkie talkie and contacts Mu Yuecheng, to tell him that Mu Yifan is here.

Mu Yuecheng was annoyed when he heard that Mu Yifan had asked him to go down to meet him personally, ask, who would ask the old man to meet the son, shouldn’t the son always meet the old man?

But, when he arrived at the door of the building and saw Mu Yifan holding a silver spear to Zhao Yunxuan’s neck, his face changed and he shouted: “Yifan, what are you doing? Why are you holding a spear to your aunt’s neck?”

Mu Yifan saw Mu Yuecheng and did not immediately put down his spear but said to Mu Yuecheng: “Father, tell the soldier at the gate, who am I to you?”

Mu Yuecheng was confused and said: “Of course you are my son, who else could you be?”

“But, the soldier at the gate said, you only have a son called Mu Yihang, yes, your second wife, said the same thing just now and kept calling me a beggar, said I came here to cheat and and steal but wouldn’t let me in to find you. And that, everyone in B City knows that Admiral Mu has only one son, Mu Yihang, the First Young Master of the Mu family. Finally, the soldiers had to drive me away from here, saying that if they saw me again, they would beat me.”

Mu Yuecheng looked coldly at Zhao Yunxuan and said: “Is that what you really said?”

Zhao Yunxuan looked pale and said: “Yuecheng, I didn’t, he was talking nonsense.”

“Ms Zhao Yunxuan, do you want me to play the tape recorder again for my father?”

Zhao Yunxuan immediately shut up and said nothing more.

Mu Yuecheng saw that she was admitting what she had said, her eyes showed anger but there were onlookers around, so she didn’t lose her temper.

He pointed to the soldier at the door and said: “Watch this, he is my son, my eldest son and my own son, get him an identity card as soon as possible, for access to the building.”

The soldier hurriedly said: “Yes.”

Mu Yifan quickly shouted: “Dad don’t forget your grandson, your grandson needs an identity badge too.”

It was then that Mu Yuecheng noticed that Mu Yifan had a handsome little baby sitting on top of him and, without crying or fussing, was holding Mu Yifan’s head very obediently.

He said in surprise: “My grandson?”

“Yes, your own grandson.”

Mu Yuecheng’s eyes lit up, he said to the soldier: “Get my grandson an identity card too.”


Mu Yuecheng looked at Mu Yifan again and said: “Can you let go of your aunt now?”

Mu Yifan withdrew his spear, tossed the pen in his hand at Zhao Yunxuan and said: “Here’s my recorder.”

Zhao Yunxuan hurriedly caught the tossed pen and spread his hands, his dignified face suddenly became distorted.

This is not a recorder, it’s just an ordinary biro (pen).

“Mu Yifan, you…”

Mu Yifan smiled and said: “I can think on my knees, how can I carry a recorder with me at all times, you’re the one who’s stupid enough to fall for it.”

Immediately, Zhao Yunxuan’s face was not only contorted but, it turned green with anger.



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