Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 143: This child is my own

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 143: This child is my own

   Mu Yuecheng took Mu Yifan up the lift to the top floor and kept glancing at the little baby sitting on Mu Yifan’s shoulder.

   Is this really his son’s son?

   But, this child must be two or three years old?

   How come I hadn’t heard Yifan mention this child before?

   And, the more he looked at the child, the more it looked like someone, he just couldn’t remember who it looked like.

Mu Qingtian saw Mu Yuecheng looking at him and with a twinkle in his eye, he quickly smiled sweetly at Mu Yuecheng and said: “Grandpa, hello.”

Mu Yuecheng’s hard heart immediately melted, he quickly held out his hand to the child and said: “Come here, let grandpa hold you.”

Mu Qingtian spread his arms, so that Mu Yuecheng could hold him.

Mu Yifan looked at the lights in the lift and said with a sigh: “I haven’t seen lights for a long time.”

Mu Yuecheng smiled and said: “You will be able to look up when you live here, by the way, what is this child’s name?”

Mu Qingtian immediately answered for Mu Yifan: “Grandpa, my name is Mu Qingtian.”

“Qingtian? Good name.” Mu Yuecheng was inexpressibly happy.

After leaving the lift, he said to the soldiers guarding the top floor: “Get some toys from the warehouse.”


Mu Yuecheng took Mu Yifan to his office, sat down on the sofa and asked: “What took you so long to get to B City?”

He had waited for over two months and had not seen his eldest son come to B City, he thought he had turned into a zombie.

Mu Yifan simply said: “There was some trouble on the way.”

Not wanting to mention the events of the last two months in front of Mu Yuecheng, he quickly changed the subject and said: “Dad is it true what Zhao Yunxuan said just now?”

The original owner had always known Zhao Yunxuan by her first name, so, he called her that too.

“What is it?” Mu Yuecheng looked at him suspiciously.

“She said that everyone in B City knows that you Mu Yuecheng only have one son and that is Mu Yihang and now everyone calls Mu Yihang First Young Master, they don’t even know I exist.”

Mu Yuecheng sank down abruptly and said: “Don’t listen to her nonsense, everyone in the army knows that I, Mu Yuecheng, have two sons but, some people in B City do think that I only have one son, after all, you haven’t shown up in B City yet In B City, over time, people think I only have Yihang as a son and I don’t bother to explain that much to them, when you come back, I’ll introduce you to them and then, the rumours will be dispelled.”

With this explanation, Mu Yifan felt much better.

Mu Yuecheng thought about what had just happened and said: “Your aunt did something wrong, I’ll ask her to apologise to you later at dinner and I’ll talk to her about it too.”

Mu Yifan nodded and asked: “Dad, did you tell us to sell our stocks to buy food and weapons? Then you should have prepared the rice again is there plenty of food now?”

Mu Yuecheng didn’t hide anything from him and said: “Well, we could feed the whole building for fifty years, why do you ask that question?”

“I’m just curious as to how you knew the end times were coming before?”

Mu Yuecheng wrinkled his brow and hesitated for a moment, before saying: “It’s a bit absurd to say, you won’t necessarily believe me when I tell you.”

He slowly recalled the events of that day and said: “It happened half a month before I returned to G City, suddenly someone called to tell me about the end times and asked me to sell my shares in the company and buy supplies. At the time, when I heard about it, I thought the guy was joking, so I didn’t take it seriously.”

“After that, the man made several phone calls to try to convince me and told me about the international news that hadn’t happened yet and then, told me to pay more attention to the latest news and in the next few days, I found out that the international news happened exactly as the man had said, as if he had It was as if he had the power of foreknowledge, both the time and the place were exactly as he said. After”

“… I began to half-heartedly advise you to sell your shares. Because, I thought that even if I spent all my money on supplies, even if the end times didn’t come, I could still sell them and get my money back, so that you and Mu Yihang and the rest of them could live without food and clothing and that’s why, I told you to buy supplies. That’s why I didn’t tell you where I got this information, it’s not very reliable.”

“By the way, the man also…”

Before Mu Yuecheng could finish his sentence, there was a knock on the office door, interrupting him.

“Come in.”

The man at the door got permission and pushed open the office door and said: “Admiral, the toys are here.”

Mu Yuecheng put the child on the floor and said: “Qingtian, will you go over there and play with the toys with Uncle Soldier?”

Mu Qingtian knew they had something to talk about, he nodded.

As soon as the boy left, Mu Yifan asked: “Dad, you haven’t finished what you were saying, what else did you say to the man before?”

Mu Yuecheng’s eyes twitched, he shook his head and said: “I can’t remember what I was going to say, by the way, what about the baby? I didn’t hear in my dreams that you had a child?”

Mu Yifan said vaguely: “I didn’t know before, I only found out later.”

   He wasn’t lying.

   It was only when the baby came out of his womb.

This immediately made Mu Yuecheng think that Mu Yifan was out on the town, that he had accidentally planted the seed.”

“Of course, I am very sure that this child is mine.” The last few words, Mu Yifan’s voice was heavily accentuated.

Mu Yuecheng said: “It’s good that it’s biological, don’t end up, raising someone else’s child.”

“Dad, I said this child is my own, I gave birth to it.” Mu Yifan made a point of repeating it twice.

“I know, I know, I believe it’s yours.”

“…” Mu Yifan knew Mu Yuecheng must not have understood what he was saying, so he changed the subject and asked: “Dad, do you have your blood pressure pills on you?”

Mu Yuecheng said with a baffled face: “I don’t have high blood pressure, why do I need it, do you want to take it?”

Mu Yifan said with relief: “It’s good that you don’t have high blood pressure, then I can just say so.”

“Say what?”

“Dad, this child is my own.”

“I know, right?” Mu Yuecheng looked at him strangely: “It’s yours, you don’t have to keep repeating it, do you? I said I believed you, well, I noticed that you’ve come back, you seem to have changed, you seem to have become more talkative.”

My son used to talk to him coldly, he would never repeat what he was going to say today.

Mu Yifan made a quick excuse: “There’s been a lot going on lately, it’s inevitable that his personality will change.”

After saying this, he immediately rolled his eyes, how did Mu Yuecheng change the subject.

Mu Yifan immediately added: “Dad, I’m telling you, when I say the baby is mine I mean it’s from my belly…”

“Report!” a calm, urgent voice interrupted Mu Yifan.

Mu Yuecheng looked at the soldier outside with displeasure and said: “What is it?”

“Admiral, First Young Master is injured.”

Mu Yuecheng dropped his face and said sternly: “Nonsense, my eldest son is still sitting here.”

The soldier looked at Mu Yifan and said: “This… It’s Yihang Young Master who’s hurt.”

“Yihang?” Mu Yuecheng was startled, he stood up abruptly and said: “You said Yihang was injured?”

He asked in a hurry as he walked towards the door: “How did he get hurt? He wasn’t scratched by a zombie, was he?”


Mu Yuecheng was relieved to hear that it wasn’t a zombie and said: “Then what happened?”

“He was injured by Zhan Nantian, the second grandson of Old Commissioner Zhan.”

Mu Yuecheng said angrily: “How could it be him again? Is Yihang badly injured?”

The soldier wrinkled his brow and said: “It’s pretty bad, his right thigh is almost a bloody mess.”

Mu Yuecheng drew a cold breath.

   Behind him, Mu Yifan heard that Mu Yihang had been wounded in the right thigh by Zhan Nantian, curious, he stood up, picked up his son who was playing with his toys and followed Mu Yuecheng into the lift.

“Dad, what’s going on between Mu Yihang and Zhan Nantian? Why did Zhan Nantian hurt Mu Yihang?”

Mu Yuecheng spoke of Zhan Nantian with indescribable resentment and anger: “Actually I don’t know what happened, when I asked Yihang, Yihang said he didn’t know Zhan Nantian at all., It was Zhan Nantian who came after him out of nowhere.”

“But, as far as I know, Zhan Nantian is a gentle and polite man, who never gets into trouble, how could he have hurt Mu Yihang for no reason?”

Mu Yuecheng also said with a baffled face: “The officers in the army speak for Zhan Nantian in the same way, even the people in B City, they say that Zhan Nantian is gentle and polite, if he is wrong, it must be Yihang who is wrong. It was Yihang’s fault that he was seen as an enemy. But Yihang wouldn’t admit that he’d ever messed with Zhan Nantian, he even swore on his knees in front of me that he didn’t know the man. When I thought about it, Yihang had been in G City before, there was no way he could have gotten into trouble with the warrior.”

Just then, the lift door ‘dinged’ and opened.



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