Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 144: Who did it first?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 144: Who did it first?

As soon as the elevator door opened, Zhao Yunxuan’s cries were heard, louder than the injured man’s screams: “Yihang, bear with me, your father will definitely get justice for you.”

Mu Yuecheng, hearing Zhao Yunxuan’s words, wrinkled his brow, walked quickly into the medical room and said: “Is Yihang alright?”

As soon as he entered he saw that Mu Yihang’s right thigh had a large chunk of his trousers torn, exposing the flesh and blood inside, even the white bone could be seen in the flesh.

Mu Yuecheng winced, he had the feeling that his leg would be ruined.

Zhao Yunxuan saw Mu Yuecheng coming and cried even louder: “Look at his thigh, how can it be alright. Yuecheng, you must give Yihang a piece of your mind.”

Mu Yihang, with Zhao Yunxuan’s voice in his ears, holding back the pain, frowning, said weakly: “Mum, can you be quiet?”

Since his return, Zhao Yunxuan has never stopped, doesn’t he know that the wounded need a quiet space to rest?

Dr Ye, who was treating Mu Yihang, was already tired of Zhao Yunxuan’s cries and when Mu Yihang spoke up, he said: “Madam, what the First Young Master needs most now is rest, so, please be quiet.”

Zhao Yunxuan quickly stopped crying and said: “Dr Ye, you have to stop Yihang’s bleeding.”

Dr Ye asked the nurse to clip the fabric that was stuck in the thigh wound and then to treat the wound.

Mu Yuecheng took advantage of Dr Ye’s small free moment, pulled the man to the medical room and asked: “How is Yihang’s condition? Is it serious? Will it affect my walking?”

Zhao Yunxuan, who came out from behind, heard this and immediately became furious: “Mu Yuecheng, what do you mean by that? Do you want your youngest son to be crippled, unable to walk, now that your eldest son has returned?”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Mu Yuecheng’s face looked chilled and his eyes accused: “Zhao Yunxuan, do you understand that Mu Yihang is also my son and who as a father wants anything to happen to his son? The reason I ask is to know the details, so that I can find a way to cure my son’s leg in a short time, so, don’t be so unreasonable, you’re delaying the treatment.”

Zhao Yunxuan listened and kept his mouth shut but, with a reluctant glance towards Mu Yifan.

Dr Ye quickly said: “The First Young Master is only superficially wounded, it doesn’t reach the bones, so, it won’t affect walking but, it will leave a scar on the thigh.”

Mu Yuecheng sighed in relief: “A little scarring is no big deal for a man, as long as he’s okay and, Yihang is my youngest son, the oldest is Yifan.”

He looked at Mu Yifan beside him and explained to Dr Ye, otherwise, when he heard Dr Ye mention First Young Master, he would have thought it was Mu Yifan who was injured and, it was time to correct everyone’s names, to avoid confusion.  to avoid confusion.

Zhao Yunxuan’s face was very ugly, grunts and turns her head away from them.

Dr Ye nods towards Mu Yifan and said: “Admiral Mu, I’ll go in first and give the… Second Young Master, check on the body.”

Mu Yuecheng asked the soldier who was with Mu Yihang: “Who started it this time?”

“It was the Young Master of the Zhan family, as soon as he saw the Great… s men, for no reason at all, immediately attacked with their powers.”

Mu Yuecheng’s eyes were filled with anger, he told his soldiers, to get ready, to go to the Zhan family and then, he told Mu Yifan: “Yifan, you come with me.”

   Mu Yifan was stunned.

   Let him go to trouble the Zhan family?

   How could that be!

   His future happiness lay with the Old Commissioner Zhan, he couldn’t go after him.


   Absolutely not!

   He hasn’t even shown himself, he’s given himself a bad review, will he ever be able to get along with his grandson?

“That’s… That’s not good is it?”

Zhao Yunxuan was upset when he heard this: “Mu Yifan, what do you mean? We’re going to seek justice for Yihang, your brother, so what’s wrong with that? Do you want the Zhan family to kill Yihang?”

Mu Yifan: “…”

   Didn’t you disown him as a member of the Mu family before?

   How come he’s now asking for justice for her son?

But Mu Yuecheng said: “It’s not good.”

Zhao Yunxuan said angrily: “Mu Yuecheng, what do you mean? Look at you, as soon as Mu Yifan came back, you have been defending him, not just to seek justice for your brother, what’s not good about that? It’s only when he doesn’t go that people talk about him, right?”

Mu Yuecheng gave her a cold stare and said: “Yifan is now safely back in B City, because Old Commissioner Zhan’s eldest grandson has been protecting him all the way. What do you think the outside world will think of us, the Mu family? I’m sure they will say that the Mu family is ungrateful, who will dare to cooperate and deal with the Mu family in the future?”

Zhao Yunxuan thought that this was a very serious matter and did not make any more noise, he looked away from the father and son.

Mu Yifan: “…”

He was looking for an excuse not to go but his dad found a good one.

Mu Yuecheng put on his serious face, he said to Mu Yifan: “You’ve just arrived in B City, have a good meal before you rest, I’ve prepared your room for you first thing, I’ll ask the soldiers to take you there, by the way, your grandfather is recuperating on the 79th floor, you go there first He’s getting sicker and sicker these days, you should spend more time with him, of all his grandchildren, you’re his favourite, he’ll be happy to have you around.”

Mu Yifan wondered, as far as his body could remember, his grandfather Mu Xiaohu had always been in good health, how could he have suddenly stopped.

“Wasn’t Grandpa always in good health? How could…”

Mu Yuecheng sighed: “Maybe it’s because of the effects of the end times, anyway, since the end times, his health is getting worse every day, the doctors can’t find anything wrong, it’s probably because he’s old, his body has become so weak.”

“OK, I’ll go and see grandpa now.”

Mu Yifan first took the child to the 79th floor to see Mu Xiaohu, accompanied by Mu Yuecheng’s soldier Wang Kun, the soldiers on the 79th floor did not stop Mu Yifan.

He saw that the seventy ninth floor was quiet and asked: “Don’t they live on this floor, my uncle and my uncle?”

Wang Kun replied: “They all live on this floor, only T’ang Young Master and the others live on the seventy eighth floor.”

“Then why haven’t you seen them?”

“They’ve all gone out with their teams to look for supplies.”

They went to Mu Xiaohu’s room, Wang Kun knocked on the door and soon, someone opened the door for them.

The person who opened the door was a middle aged nurse, who recognised Mu Yuecheng’s soldier Wang Kun, nodded and, looking at Mu Yifan, asked: “Are you…”

Wang Kun said: “He is the eldest son of First Young Master, Admiral Mu, Admiral Mu asked him to come and see the old lady.”

   The nurse was suspicious.

   Wasn’t Admiral Mu’s eldest son Mu Yihang? How could there be an older son?

   She didn’t dare ask more questions, stepped aside and let them in.

   Mu Yifan enters and saw Mu Xiaohu sitting in his wheelchair looking out of the window, so dazed that he is unaware that anyone has entered the room, just staring out of the window.

“Grandpa, I’ve come to see you.” said Mu Yifan as he walked up to Mu Xiaohu.

The Mu Xiaohu in front of him looked exactly like his real grandfather Mu Xiaohu, so, it’s hard to see the kind and friendly Mu Xiaohu in this state.

   Because both in reality and in this body’s memory, Mu Xiaohu was a very healthy old man with a lot of energy and I had never seen such a frail and old man before.

“Grandpa, I’m Yifan, do you remember me?”

Mu Yifan held the old man’s wrinkled hand.

The nurse behind him said: “He’s getting worse, he can’t remember anyone, First Young Master, you should leave him alone, let him get better.”

Mu Yifan continued as if he had not heard the nurse’s words: “Grandfather, I have brought my grandson to see you, Qingtian, say hello to Great Grandfather.”

“Grandpa, yes.”

As soon as Mu Qingtian’s tender voice fell, Mu Yifan felt Mu Xiaohu’s fingertips move and immediately he said excitedly: “Great Grandpa, did you hear what I said?”

The nurse suddenly stepped forward, pushing Mu Yifan away and said in a soft voice: “First Young Master, it’s time for his medication, you can see him again in a few days.”

Mu Yifan stared at the nurse with great displeasure: “I’ll talk to Grandpa when he’s finished his medication.”

“When he’s done with his medicine, he needs to rest.”

Wang Kun said: “First Young Master, let’s not disturb his rest, we’ll see him next time.”

Mu Yifan saw the nurse pouring out the various pills, wrinkled his nose and finally, for the sake of Mu Xiaohu’s health, he had to compromise and leave, going up to his room on the 80th floor with Wang Kun.

“First Young Master, I’ll get the kitchen staff to get you something to eat.”

As soon as Wang Kun left, Mu Yifan immediately put the child face to face with himself and said: “Qingtian, did you notice anything strange about the nurse?”



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