Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 145: This nurse is really something

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 145: This nurse is really something

Mu Qingtian nodded and said: “It seems she doesn’t want us to spend too much time with Grandpa.”

“Yes.” The more Mu Yifan thought about it, the more suspicious the nurse looked: “I only spoke to Grandpa for a couple of minutes and she started to kick me out, as if she was afraid I would find out something.”

Besides, when it’s time to take the medication, it’s time to take it, why ask him to come in a few days later? Couldn’t he have come back later or tomorrow?

As long as he doesn’t disturb Grandpa’s rest, that’s all, so, he thinks the nurse is trying to keep him away from Mu Xiaohu.

Mu Yifan was suspicious but couldn’t prove anything.

When the kitchen staff came upstairs with the food, he pretended to get close to the kitchen staff and then said casually: “Just now, when I saw Dr Ye treat Yihang’s wound, I noticed that he was really good and the nurse who served my grandfather was also very good at serving him, I wonder what hospital they used to be from and who has the power to bring them here to treat us?”

The man in the kitchen laughed and said: “The medical staff here are all from B City Hospital No. 1, how can they not be good? After the end of the world, madam paid them to come and treat our team, madam is a very nice person.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

   Zhao Yunxuan is a nice person?

   If it was the real Zhao Yunxuan, he wouldn’t doubt it but if it was the Zhao Yunxuan of the book, he really had to guess that Mu Xiaohu had become what he was and that Zhao Yunxuan was behind it.

   And the fact that even the kitchen people are now speaking up for her, it’s clear that the whole building has been bought off by Zhao Yunxuan.

Once the kitchen people had left, Mu Yifan asked: “Qingtian, can I have some of the spring water in your space?”

He thought that no matter what was wrong with Mu Xiaohu’s body but, if he drank the spring water from the space, he would be more or less better.

“Yes.” Mu Qingtian quickly took a small bottle of water from the space and handed it to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan took the water with a message and when he found the opportunity, he gave it to his grandfather. Unfortunately, after waiting all afternoon, there was no chance of getting into Mu Xiaohu’s room.

By 6pm, Mu Yuecheng and Zhao Yunxuan had finally returned to the building in a fury and it was clear that no justice had been done to Mu Yihang.

Zhao Yunxuan was so angry that he couldn’t eat, especially with Mu Yifan on the table and lost his appetite and went downstairs to look after his son.

Mu Yifan took the opportunity to ask: “Dad, what happened when you went to the Zhan family, what did Old Commissioner Zhan say?”

Mu Yuecheng, holding back his anger, said in a cold voice: “We sat at the Zhan family for two hours and didn’t wait for Old Commissioner Zhan to come out, at about five o’clock, the Zhan family’s old man said that he had been in the house for two hours. Old Commissioner Zhan gave Major General Zhan, that’s Zhan Beitian out.”

He picked up the glass of water on the table, took a big sip and said: “Forget about them, I’ll go back to Lao Zhan tomorrow, I want the Zhan family to give the Mu family an explanation anyway.”

Mu Yifan thought about it and said: “Dad, I don’t think you should go.”

Mu Yuecheng looked at him and said: “What do you mean?”

“We have no proof that Zhan Nantian hurt Mu Yihang, what’s the point of you going to the Zhan family? Would the Zhan family be stupid enough to admit it? They’ll just ask you if you have any evidence, or say that Mu Yihang provoked him first and Zhan Nantian hurt him, then, didn’t you come all this way for nothing? Are you going to use force on the Zhan family? Besides, people on the outside won’t believe us, it’s better to find out why Zhan Nantian targeted Mu Yihang, or to find evidence that Zhan Nantian injured Mu Yihang.”

Mu Yifan said this, apart from telling the truth, to get his dad to stop holding him back, he didn’t want Old Commissioner Zhan’s impression of him to be Negative score.

Mu Yuecheng thought that made sense.

The first few times, they went to the Zhan family to try and take it out on Mu Yihang, it was because they had no evidence, that they lost every time, next time, they would have to find evidence before they went to the Zhan family to settle the score.

“I know what to do.”

Mu Yuecheng quickly changed the subject: “You went to see Grandpa today, how did it go? Did he react when he saw you?”

Mu Yifan was just thinking about it, so, when he heard Mu Yuecheng mention it, he replied: “Yes, when I talked about my grandson, his fingers moved, so, I thought I’d go with Dad tomorrow to see him again, if he saw us all together. If Grandpa saw us together, he might be feeling better.”

When Mu Yuecheng heard the words ‘four generations together’, his displeasure was gone and he said happily: ‘Yes.”

   But, early the next morning, Mu Yuecheng had to go out.

   When he came back, he was in a coma due to Mu Yihang’s fever from the wound and he was so impatient, that he could not be bothered to see Mu Xiaohu with Mu Yifan.

   So, the matter dragged on for three days, until Mu Yihang woke up and Mu Yuecheng was relieved.

   Mu Yifan hurriedly found an excuse to drag Mu Yuecheng down to the 79th floor to see Mu Xiaohu while Zhao Yunxuan was downstairs taking care of Mu Yihang who had just woken up for breakfast.

   The nurse who was guarding Mu Xiaohu was the same middle aged woman from yesterday and when she saw Mu Yifan coming again, she quickly frowned.

   Since Mu Yuecheng was there, nothing was said.

As soon as Mu Yifan saw her he said: “Auntie Nurse, could you please bring in a glass of milk for my son?”

The nurse wrinkled her nose and said: “There’s no milk here.”

Mu Yuecheng immediately said: “Go and ask the soldier for a bag of milk powder.”

The nurse dared not contradict Mu Yuecheng, just strolled back out of the room, making sure nothing was out of place and ran for the lift.

In the room, Mu Yifan heard the footsteps leaving, quickly carries Mu Yuecheng and took the spring water Mu Qingtian gave him out of his pocket, pours it into the glass Mu Xiaohu is drinking from, then, took it to Mu Xiaohu who is sitting in front of the window.

When he had finished feeding the spring water, he put the glass down and said: “Grandfather, I have come to see you with my father, can you hear us?”

As soon as he had said this, the nurse who had gone out came back in a hurry.

“Admiral Mu, it’s time for the old man to take his medicine and, after taking it, he needs to rest.”

Again, these words.

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows and said: “There is something wrong with this nurse.

Mu Yuecheng furrowed his brow and said: “Why is it that every time I come in, I either have to take medicine, or rest.”

He grumbled a bit and then said to Mu Yifan: “We’ll come to see your grandfather later.”

There was more to come, Mu Yifan couldn’t let Mu Yuecheng leave so soon and when he got out of the room, he suggested: “Dad, let’s have breakfast here, when the milk powder comes up, so I can make the baby’s milk.”

Mu Yuecheng nodded.

The two men went to the lobby, the lift suddenly ‘dinged’.

Two middle aged men and two middle aged women emerge from the lift, as if they have travelled a long way, with tired faces.

Mu Yifan saw them and immediately shouted: “Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Second Aunt, Third Aunt, you’re back.”

The moment the four of them see Mu Yifan, they quickly smile happily.

The Mu family used to be looked after by Mu Yifan’s mother’s family and, before the end of the world, most of the Mu family worked at Mu Tech Conglomerate.

The B City branch was opened for them, so, the Mu family appreciated Mu Yifan’s fucking care and, after Mu Yifan’s mother died, did their best to run the company for Mu Yifan.

Mu Yuefeng said happily: “Yifan, you’ve finally come to B City, you don’t know how worried Third Uncle was about you? that something would happen to you on the way.”

Third Aunt said: “I told you Yifan was so good, you’ll be fine.”

Mu Yifan laughed and said: “I’m sorry to worry you aunts and uncles, I was delayed by something on the way, by the way, I’ve been here for three or four days, Third Uncle, what took you so long to get back?”

Second Uncle Mu Yuezhi sighed helplessly: “The towns around B City have almost been raided for supplies, we have to go far away to find supplies now, it took three or four days to get back and forth.”

Second Aunt also sighed: “No, supplies are getting harder to find now, from now on, I’m afraid we’ll have to find helicopters to find supplies elsewhere.”

As soon as she had finished speaking, she smelt a bad smell and said: “What is that smell, why does it smell so bad?”

Mu Yuecheng and the others smelled it too and covered their mouths and noses.

Mu Yifan knew it was the spring water he had fed Mu Xiaohu and said: “It smells like it’s coming from Grandpa’s room.”

He was the first to rush over and, deliberately slowing his steps, when he reached the door of the room, he heard the sound of ‘slapping’ from inside and the sound of angry curses saying: “You old man, why don’t you go to hell? If you die soon, I won’t have to take care of you.”

   Mu Yuecheng and the others who were following behind, heard the voices inside and their faces changed.

   Mu Yifan already thought that there was something wrong with the nurse, after hearing this, his anger increased, he used his wind powers and blew the door open.



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